Louisa Glasgow
contributed by Hazel Gates

Pomaria Negro Woman Marks Her 111th Birthday Today

by Mrs. A. H. Counts

Newberry, May 14 - (Special) - Louisa Glasgow will celebrate her 111th birthday, Sunday. She was born May 15, 1838, in the Pomaria section of Newberry county near Peak. She and her parents were slaves of General Henry Koon, whom she fondly refers to as "Ole Boos."

She has lived in that section all of her life and is well versed in the history of the community. She has an excellent memory for a person her age, and her hearing is good. Although her eyesidght isn't very good, she was piecing some scraps for a quilt when this correspondent called on her near Peak, at the home of her 58-year-old grandson, Ben Carter with whom she is living at present.

Aunt Lou, as she is known throughout the community, is the mother of 15 children, only three of whom are living. She has 158 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

She is the oldest member of st. Marks A.M.E. church which, according to her, is the oldest Negro church in Newberry county. She recalls vividly the building of the first church 85 or more years ago. It was built of hand hewn logs. However, prior to the building of the church, services were held under a brush arbor at a place known as Keitt's stand. The first church was destroyed by fire and the present one erected shortly afterwards.

Aunt Lou has always been deeply interested in the work of her church. She is a charter member of the Ladies' Aid society and has spent much of her time working for its development and success. In 1923 she organized the juveniles in the church because of the sad plight of five motherless children in her community who came to her for food.

The juveniles of St. Mark's church celebrated their 26th anniversary Sunday, May 8th, and also honored their founder, Aunt Lou, on that occasion.

In speaking of her eyesight, Aunt Lou said that she went to an eye specialist several years ago to be fitted with glasses, but he told her that he did not have any suitable for a person over 100 years old. However he could give her a pair for looks, to which she replied that she did not want to look any better.

She has a keen sense of humor and, with her store of knowledge of things that have happened during her life, is an interesting talker. She was in her late twenties during the period of the Confederate war. She says that she used to be able to recall the names of 100 slave owners.

Aunt Lou has a hearty appetite and is able to visit among her relatives. However, she spends most of her time at home. She made a trip to Newberry several weeks ago to have her picture made.

Aunt Lou has a sister, Frances Elizabeth Counts, who lives in the same community and is about 115 years of age. She is well known throughout the community as Aunt Chat. Aunt Lou says that she doesn't know what year her sister Chat was born but that there were two children between then, and she believes that she is 115. She does know that she was born in June. These sisters have a brother who died at the age of 103.

These sisters are believed to have established something of a record with their combined ages of 226 years.

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