Jasper Abrams and Robert P. Fair

Annals of Newberry, Part Two by John A. Chapman, page 610-11

At a meeting of the Quitman Riflemen, held near Fairfax Court House, Virginia, on the 29th of September, 1862, the
following Tribute of Respect was unanimously adopted: Although our late friends,
Jasper Abrams and Robert P.
Fair, were by sickness forced to obtain a discharge from
the service - and thus to sever their connection with our Corps - the sad news of their death has excited within us
deeply painful emotions. Nearly all of the last days of their earthly probation were spent in our ranks, and their labors
were consecrated to the service of their country. Becoming soldiers at an early age their patriotism glowed with all the
fire of youth. With no vain ambition to gratify, their service was pure and unselfish-unalloyed with those baser passions
that oftentimes urge men after military fame and glory. Though they espoused a sacred cause with characteristic
modesty, they yielded to its support their best energies, their firmest resolve and even life itself; stricken down in
the morning of life, bright hopes have perished and two brave and youthful spirits have been summoned from this,
we hope, to a better world.
May we not prove indifferent to those oft-repeated warnings, to prepare for that life which is beyond the grave; "for in an
hour we know not, the Son of Man cometh."
Resolved, that we are deeply pained at the untimely death of our late friends and fellow soldiers,
Jasper Abrams and Robert Fair; yet, as is our duty, we now submissively to the will of our great, good and wise God.

Resolved, that we will cherish their memory and emulate their virtues.
Resolved, that we sincerely sympathise with their respective families
in this their sad bereavement, and trust that they may find consolation in Him "who tempers t.he wind to the shorn Iamb."
Resolved, That a copy of this tribute be sent to the families of the deceased, and that it be published in the Newberry papers.