Andrew Turner

Annals of Newberry, Part Two by John A. Chapman, page 575-76

Son of Mary Houston and William Turner, was born in Newberry District on the 25th of July, 179J. At the age of seventeen he enlisted under Captain Gillespie in the war of 1812. On returning from the war he was associated with his maternal uncle, Wiliam Houston, in merchandising at a place called "Houston." Near by stood, at that time, Gilder's Creek Church, Presbyterian. Now all is changed; only the cemetery marks the spot.

Some of the best families in the State lived in that section at that time, viz.: Parson Renwick, the Glasgows, the Wrights, the Dugans, descendants of an old Revolutionary family, the Tolands, Andersons and Boyds.

In 1829 William Houston removed with his family to Alabama. Andrew Turner continued to merchandise; and, at the same time, he superintended a small farm. In 1831 he married Maria Marian Dugan, third daughter of Elizabeth Lemon Wright and William Dugan. One child was born to them, Mary Elizabeth; named for her two grandmothers. In 1833 Andrew Turner removed to his residence, "Forest Hill," on Indian. Creek, thirteen miles north of the town of Newberry.

In 1837 his wife died at the early age of twenty-four years, leaving an only child, to whom he devoted his long widowed life. He was a man of strong integrity, firm in his friendships, very fond of his home, and had the respect and confidence of all who knew him. He was a director of the Newberry Bank during the "times that tried men's souls."

Andrew Turner died the last year of the war at his resi­dence, "Forest Hill," at the age of three-score and ten, on the 3th of October, 1864. He left an only child, Mary Elizabeth, who in 1853 married William Clement Gilliam, a member of an old Virginia family of English descent. Mr. Gilliam died shortly after their marriage, on August 9, 1854, much beloved by his neighbors, leaving an only son, William Clement, who is now a practicing physician in New York City.