Two Caspers, Two Families 
Newberry County, South Carolina

Written by Teresa Barley and used here with her permission....

Many researchers of the Byerley family have long confused the two Casper Byerley's and at one time I was among them, believing that my ancestor first migrated to Pennsylvania and then on to South Carolina.  I ignored some important information that shed doubt on this and believed that the facts presented by others to me were true.  But now after years of research I have concluded that the two Caspers are two distinct individuals, who never crossed paths in America. Whether they are related and crossed paths in their homeland has yet to be determined.  Let's examine the facts surrounding the two men.

It is believed that the Caspar Philip Byerly who lived in Pennsylvania migrated to America aboard the ship "Recovery", which landed in a Pennsylvania harbor October 23, 1754. Based on information contained in E.W.S.

Parthemore's book Genealogy of the Parthemore Family 1744-1855, published in 1885, Caspar was born in 1727 and died on November 7, 1794 in Lancaster County , Pennsylvania.  His wife's name was Catherine.  She was born in 1735 and died in 1797.  They are buried in an old graveyard at Shoop's Church, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  Casper Byerly resided in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, when the 1790 census was taken.  Jacob Byerly, his son, was born March 9, 1768, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Jacob married Maria E. Parthmore on December 4, 1790.  Other possible children of Caspar and Catherine include Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary, Michael and Phillip.

Caspar Byerley of South Carolina migrated to America aboard the ship Caledonia arriving in October of 1752.  He petitioned for land in November 1752, almost 2 years before the other Caspar Byerly arrived aboard the ship "Recovery" in Pennsylvania. On the petition his name was listed as John Caspar Beyrle.  Later South Carolina land records has his name as Gasper Philip Byerly and Casper Philip Byerley.  In his will, his first name was spelled with a "C."  In the 1790 census he is listed in the 96th District of Newberry County, South Carolina.  He sold land in January of 1802, which implies that he was still living.  

Given the various ship, census, and land records, I believe that these two men are distinct men who migrated to different areas of America, two years apart.  Given that they both had the same name, it is very likely that they were related in their homeland.  How they were related remains to be determined.

........contributed by Carrie Fichtl

I.  Gasper Byerley, Sr., was born in Germany. He first lived in Charleston S.C.  He settled near Pomaria, in Newberry Co., S.C.  His Will was probated there 12 March 1804.  The original is now at the S.C. State Archives in Columbia.

Articles can be found on the Byerley family in the book Annals of Newberry County, South Carolina, by Chapman and ONeal, first edition 1859, and in the Newberry County heritage book.  Names show Berley or Berly spellings.  The heirs listed in the Will are:

1.  Sibert (or Syke) Byerley.

2.  Gasper Byerley, Jr.  In the probate records, there is a paper stating that Gasper Byerley of Tennessee sent one of his sons to S.C. to collect his share of the estate.

3.  Harmon Byerley.  He is listed in the Chapman and ONeal book , but not in his father Will.

4.  Martin Byerley.

It is generally believed that these were the children of Gasper, Sr., and his first wife.  Gasper, Sr. married a second time to Mary Easter (Oester).  There is a book called The Dutch Fork, by O.B. Mayer, which names the Berlys as one of the families in that section of Newberry County.  This fork is described as the fork between the Broad and Saluda Rivers, an area of German settlement going back to about 1735.  One of the first churches in the area is St. John Lutheran church, established about 1754.  The Lutherans were good record keepers and if the church records could be found they might have some information about the family. 

Those believed to be the children of Gasper Byerley, Sr., and his second wife are:

5.  John Byerley m. Barbara Werts.  Buried in the Berley Cemetery 1 and 1/2 miles south of Pomaria, S.C., are John Berley, d. 15 June 1855, age 67, and Barbara Berley, d. 11 June 1854, age 70.

6.  Frederick Byerley

7.  Elizabeth Byerley

8.  Mary Byerley.  She is probably the child listed as Magdalena in her father's Will.  Maria Magdelena was a very common name among early German American women.

The first two generations of the family in South Carolina are family well documented, thanks mainly to Gasper, Sr., Will.  We are not so fortunate, apparently in dealing with the early Byerleys of Tennessee. Mrs. Wayne Watkins of Rockford, in Blount County, Watkins cousin by marriage, has talked to some of the Blount County Byerleys, and she was told that most of their early family records were lost several years ago in a fire.  She was also told that Gasper, Jr., lost most of what he had in bad business deals, which is probably why no will or estate papers are on file for him in Blount or Knox County.

Someone in the family did ask Mr. Will Parham, a genealogist of some note in this area, who worked in Blount County in the 1920 and 1930 to research and do a report on the early history of the family.  Mr. Parham final report was reportedly lost in the fire and he did not keep a copy, but his research notes on the family are at the McClung Historical Collection on Market Street in Knoxville.   Mr. Luther Crass, a Byerley descendent who lived near Lenoir City, also did a lot of research on the family.  He is now deceased and his work was turned over to a descendent.  I am told that his Byerley material is also in the McClung Collection.

Entry Book for 1806-1807, Knox Co., Tennessee, p. 112: Entry #309.  Survey made for Elizabeth Blackburn 23 April 1807, 183 acres, 2 rods, 37 poles, occupancy, in Sevier Co., on waters of Boyd Creek.  Deputation Robert Wear, Esq.  Assigned to Jasper Byerley Dec. 1807 for $500.  Witnesses:  Alex Preston and Wm. McGaukey (sic, possibly a garbled form of the name McConkey).  Execution February Session 1808, Sevier County Court.

II.  Gasper Byerley, Jr., according to the 1850 census of Knox County, he was b. in S.C. and was 104 years old!  A notation in the margin states that he raised a certain number of bushels of wheat that year and died some time after in the William Watkins household (household in which he was enumerated).  This page of the census is dated 13 Dec. 1850, but the year date may have been 1849.  I am told that the taking of the census began in the fall of the preceding year.  However, I have seen a lot of censuses that apparently ran past the official deadline.

Gasper (or Jasper) Byerley and his wife Mary signed the family Bible of William and Margaret (Byerley) Watkins.  They signed as witnesses to William and Margaret's wedding.  They were living in Blount County when William and Margaret married on March 21, 1827.

The 1850 census gives Mary's age as 83 and her place of birth as S.C.  There are Moore families in Newberry County.  In 1850 Gasper Byerley was living with William and Margaret Watkins. 

1.  David Byerley b. ca. 1790 d. 29 Oct. 1873, buried in Cemetery at the Shady Grove Baptist Church in Knox County, Tennessee.  He married in Blount County, Tennessee, on 22 Nov. 1817 to Mary Mariah Johnston.  David is in the 1860 census of Roane County and the 1870 census of Monroe County, P.O.  Eve Mills, which is now in Loudon County, near the Loudon County line.

2.  Nicholas Byerley - sold some land in Blount County in 1821.  No further dates

3.  Michael Byerley b. ca. 1798 married Blount Co., TN. 22 August 1828 to Sarah Smith.

4.  Jacob Byerley b. ca. 1799 m. 3 Nov 1824 to Sarah Brown and settled in Rhea Co., TN.

5.  Lucy Byerley b. ca. 1804 m. Knox Co., TN., 15 March 1826 to Samuel Watkins, who was the brother of William Watkins.  They lived in the Harrisen Community in Hamilton Co., TN.

6.  James Byerley b. 12 June 1807, d. 13 July 1881, according to his biographical sketch in Goodspeed History of Tennessee, published 1887.  He married in Blount Co., TN. 9 Dec 1830 Hallelujah Yarnell; married (Mary) Elizabeth Skaggs.

7.  Isaac Byerley b. 12 June 1807, d. 1875, m. (1) Blount Co., TN. 25 Feb. 1834 to Mary (Polly) Hobbs; m. (2) 18 Oct. 1840 Blount Co., Malinda French.

8.   Margaret Byerley b. Tennessee 27 April 1811, d. Loudon Co., TN. 21 Jan. 1898, bur. Watkins Family Cemetery, South of Loudon.  She m. Blount Co., TN. 21 March 1827 to William Watkins.

9.  Martin Byerley b. ca. 1816 m. Blount Co., TN., 6 Dec. 1836 to Polly Roop.

There is another piece of information about:
Gasper and Mary Byerley, I am told are buried in unmarked graves on a farm off Rankin Ferry Road near Louisville.  I haven been there, but one of the Blount County Byerleys took Mrs. Wayne Watkins to the Cemetery.  She told me they have to walk across a pasture field and climb through fences in order to get there.  I believe she told me that none of the graves had tombstones.

Jim Watkins -  a Byerley researcher

The original will of Casper Byerly, Sr., is found to be in a very damaged state; however, the transcriber has put down here what seems legible and understandable.  The actions in the Estate accountabilities add more clarity to Casper's will.

Will of Casper Byerly, Sr.

Box 3:     Estate 18:    
Casper Byerly  1804

Jno Hipp
Jno Moritz Hartmann, ex

In the Name of God Amen, I Casper Byerly Senr of the State of S. Carolina and Newberry District, Being very sick and week of Body but of perfect mind and memory, Than........., Calling to mind the mortality of my Body and Know............for all men make and ordain m.....tament, that is to say.........Principally and first of all, ..........commend my Soul into the.......of Almighty God that gave.....  I Recomend to the Earth.....Buried in Decent manner,.........tion of my Executors, nothing.......Doubting but at the Gineral.....tion I shall Receive the Same the Mighty power of God.......Touching Such worldy estate whereas it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give, Demise, and Dispose of the Same in the following manner & form

First   I give and bequeath to my well Beloved Daughter Elizabeth Byerly one Nigroe wench  Named Sall, Two cows & Calfs to be hers & her heirs.

Secondly  I give to my beloved son John Byerly a Nigroe Boy named Peter, one Sorril Horse  called Paushia? to be his & his heirs.

3ly     I give to my son Frederick Byerly one Nigroe child named of the Increase of the above   Named Sall if any their should be--Also one Horse as Note of Hand from John Hipp also one hundred acres Land to be Divided Between him & his Brother John Byerly Each 50 acres.

4thly     I give to my beloved Daughter Margreta one Nigroe girl named Milly, one cow & calf.

5thly     I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Byerly one Nigroe wench named Doll and if  said wench should have any more increase she to give one child to my Daughter Magdelana

6thly     I give to my beloved Daughter Magdelana one Cow & Calf and one Nigroe child if so be the above named Doll Increases hereafter

7thly     I give to my Son Martin five shillings sterling an also a Nigroe girl Named Begg on  proviser he gives to my Sons Namely Sibert & Casper Byerly one Child to each of the  increase of Said Nigroe Begg.  Also I give unto my Son Casper Byerly five Shillings           Sterling to be his portion out of my Estate.

     Also, I give unto my Son Sibert.........Shillings Sterling to his portion of my Estate.

     I give to my beloved................ik Byerly to have...............Share in the to Live      in my........Dwelling House as long as he See Cause.

Newberry County S.C. - Estates

Box 3, Pkg. 18.                                                  3-18

1804     Gasper Byerly  (Bierly, Burley)  John Hipp, Executors
John Moretz (Maurice) Hartman
LWT     12 Jan 1804     Bk. E, p. 59     Proven, 12 Mar 1804
     -Eliz Byerly, dau.;          negro, cows.
     -John Byerly, son;           negro and horse
     -Fred Byerly, son;           negro increase of Sal, horse, note on John Hipp; half of 100 acres left to him and other half to John, his brother.
     -Margareta Byerly, dau.;      negro, cow.
     -Mary, wife;                negro Doll.
     -Magdalina, dau.;           cow & increase of negro.
     -Martin Byerly, son;           negro girl, issue to brothers Sibert & Gasper.
     -Gasper Byerly, son;           5 shillings.
     -Sibert Byerly, son;          5 shillings.
     -Hermon Byerly, son;      negro, & equal share in wagon with John & Fred Byerly.
     -------------Byerly; to live in my dwelling house as long as sees cause.
     -Executors:  John Moretz Hartman, John Hipp.
     -Wittnesses:  Peter Dickert, Henry Farr, ________  ________(German Sig.)

State of Tennessee, Blount County 26 Sept 1827
     Gasper Byerly gives power of attorney to his son, Michael Byerly.  Wishes to obtain negro  as given to me in my father's will.  
     Guardian Bond 2 Apr 1804 $1500.00
     -Gasper, Martin & Harman Byerly; bondsmen
     -Gasper Byerly, guardian of John Byerly, minor.
Order of sale 2 Apr 1804.  at premises of dec.
W.A.     12 Mar 1804
     Michael Kinard, John Counts, Jacob Counts, John Folk.
App.       29 Mar 1804
     farm tools, furniture, books, animals, loom

Sale     -2 Apr 1804
     Adam LaGrone, Jr., John Counts, John Loner, Peter Johnston, John Folk, Martin Sheely, Vendel Sheely , Sr., Martin Byerly, Mathias Sheely, Michael Kinard, Jr., Christian Cromer, Lorantz Feagle, Casper Byerly, Jacob Epting, Sr., John Hipp, John Minick, Jacob Jumpert, Jacob Hewet, Thomas Dawkins, Geo. Stockman, Peter Dickert, Geo. Sligh Koon, Sibert Byerly, Mary Byerly, Gasper Byerly, Michael Carl.

Accounts Paid by Estate
     -Charles Crenshaw, Public & poor tax 1803 -1807 paid by estate of Gasper Byerly, dec., 1808 Public & Poor tax $0.75 by Fred. Byerly & $0.41 by Margaret Byerly.
     -E. Brenan, collector; Direct tax, 12 Distr. S.C. 1806 $2,08
     -Samuel Lindsey, OND, 1804 & 1805 & 1808 & 1810
     -Fred. Jos. Wallern, funeral fees.  Rec. per me Dutch fork 28 Jul 1804
     -Sibert Byerly, 5 shillings, 8 Feb 1806
     -Geo. Lever, 12 shillings 7 pence on account of Harmon Byerly, 16 Sep 1805
     -Martin Byerly, 2 wagon wheels in 1805
     -H. Ruff, $23.50 on account. Paid 1805
     -Michael Kinard, for liquor & estate fees.
     -Dr. Henry Smitz, medicine, turned in 9 Jul 1804
     -Henry Ruff, 1802-1804 for wine, nails, sugar, thread, pipes.
     -Jacob Counts, smithwork, paid 1805
     -Herman Byerly, for money paid to John Wesinger on my father's account which he owed   him in Charleston, cash paid Thomas Means & Mr. Lever. 1803
     -Magdalina X Byerly, 5 shillinag as willed to me.  1805
     -Eliz. Byerly, all debts due.  No date.
     -Mary X Byerly, all debts due.  1804
     -Martin Byerly, 5 shillings willed to me.  1805
     -Herman Byerly, 3:12:7 and negro, 1805
     -Margaret X Byerly, negro & cows, 1809
     -Fred. X Byerly & John Byerly, all papers belonging to estate, 1810.
     -Gasper Byerly, 6 Apr 1806 â€Å“I give up all claim to my father's estate in regard to the 5    shillings that he willed me.  I am satisfied but the money is not received by me.
     -John X Byerly & Gasper Byerly, $15.37 in full amount willed by deceased, 1805.
     -Gasper Byerly, 1804, negroâ€Å“Peter" & horse.
Summer & Mayer vs. John Hipp & Moritz Hartman
     -Paid John A. Houseal for Summer & Mayer $50.00 in part of said judgement, 7 Feb 1809
     -Paid Y.J. Harrington, for my court costs.
     -Paid Stark Pe, attorney.
     -Paid Benj. Long, my fees in said suit, $5.67 in 1808
     -Adam X Seigler, attending 7 days in court by subpoena.
     -J. McKibben, my fees in case, 1807.                 Paid by Mary Byerly.

State of Tennessee District south of French Broad & Holston in pursuance of the law in such case made and provided and by virtue of a deputation from Robert Wear Esq.  Surveyor General for the District Aforesaid surveyed for Elizabeth Blackburn April 23rd, 1807 one hundred and fifty three acres two roods 37 poles of land claimed and held by right by occupancy situate in Sevier County on the waters of Boyd Creek bounded as above described and represented by the prepared plat given under my hand this 12th day June 1807
Evens Jas Hamilton LCC(? what are these letters)          Jm Brickey

A drawing of the property site is included in original copy with scale 40 chs to an inch.   309
Mag V 5 E  True meridian

I Elizabeth Blackburn for and in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars to me in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do hereby assign         the within survey of land to Gasper Byerly in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 7 day of December 1807    test?      Wm McGaughey}               Elizabeth Blackburn       Seal
          Alex Preston
State of Tennessee....................Sevier County Court February Session 1808
This was the execution of the above survey or transfer of land being duly proven in open court by the oath of William McGaughey and Alexander Preston the subscribing(?) Witness thereto and the same is admitted to Record          test?   
                              Sam'l? Wear  CSC?  

   I am a descendent of David through Michael - his daughter Nancy Elizabeth, was my great grandmother.  She married Hiram Levi Roe in Tennessee.  Levi's father was Robert the son of Levi who bought property on the Tennessee River (and in it - an island) in the southwestern part of Knox County in very early 1800s.  The Roes came from around Rowan County in North Carolina--on the coast where William Roe had an Inn in very early 1700s. I believe there is still a little town called "Roe".  If anyone has anything to add to this family, please contact me - Carrie

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