The Martin Family

Annals of Newberry, Part Two by John A. Chapman, page 616-17

In writing the history of Edgefleld I found a family of seven brothers named Martin, all brave men, and good and true Whigs. Hoping to be able to connect my old friend, J. Newton Martin, with a family so loyal and true, I inquired of him whether he was able to tell me anything about t.hem, or whether they were connected. He said that so far as he knew there was no connection. He then told me that his grandfather, Patrick Martin, with his wife, who was a Miss Gordon, came from County Antrim, Ireland, about the year 1785. The Blairs, who were their neighbors in Ireland, came over at the same
time and settled in the same neighborhood in Newberry County. Patrick Martin's first wife, Miss Gordon, brought him three children: one daughter, who died on the way over and was buried in mid ocean, and two sons, John and Alexander, who settled in Abbeville County. His second wife, Agnes Strait, whom he married in the year 1789, was also from County Antrim. Their first son was born in 1790. William Martin, the father of J. Newton and John B., lived and did business as a merchant at Newberry for many years, where he died. His brother, the father of Mrs. Jane A. Long and Jonathan G. Martin, I never knew. Newton Martin and John were both good soldiers during the war. Patrick Martin died August 24th, 1813;
Agnes Martin died February 15th, 1841; John B. Martin
died at Newberry, April 18th, 1890, born June 16th, 1839.