Spence - Caldwell - Montgomery

Capt. James Spence was the son of William Spence, who - years before the Revolutionary war, came from Ireland with his father, Andrew Spence, and two brothers and two sisters, all children of a first wife. Andrew Spence married again, a Miss Caldwell, sister of the celebrated "Devil" Joe Caldwell,­ who was one of General Marion's Scouts during the Revolution. Mrs. Esther Spence Montgomery was a daughter of this second marriage - half aunt of Capt. James Spence.
Capt. James Spence commanded a company in the war with the Creek Indians, and was within hearing of the sound of the gun's at the battle of the Horse Shoe Bend, where the Creeks were routed and so badly defeated by the Americans under General Jackson. Captain Spence was under a General Milton. After his return from the war he married Betsy Cannon, a half-sister of Abel Cannon and of Mary Wilson, wife of Elder Jimmy. He had only two sons, Milton and Wm. Harrison; the older named for General Milton and the younger for Old Tippecanoe - grandfather of Benjamin - who, at the time he was in the service, was fighting the British and Indians in the Northwest.
Several Spences were in Captain James' company; Robin, an uncle of James, and also John Spence, a cousin. An uncle of the present John Spence was fifer of the company.
WilIiam Harrison Spence died early. Milton Spence died in the last year of the war between the States. He served some time with the State Troops. These were sons of Capt. James Spence, who died in December, 1864.
Of the family of Captain Spence only two granddaughters were living in 1892, who owned the homestead of their grandfather, but lived on the place settled by their father, Milton Spence.
Some of the descendants of
"Devil" Joe Caldwell yet live in Newoerry. John F. McCleland and his sister, Mrs. Caroline Boozer, are his grandchildren. Thomas Q. Boozer and Mrs. W. T. Jackson are great-grandchildren. "Devil" Joe was distantly related to the family of Robert T. Caldwell. [Annals of Newberry, Part Two by John A. Chapman, page 617-18]