Bush River Baptist Church Cemetery
Newberry County, South Carolina
The Old Section of Bush River Baptist Church Cemetery located approximately 10 miles West of Newberry on Bush River Road.  This Cemetery is just before the Church on the left side of the road.
Surveyed by Donna Brummett 

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E - P

Q - Z


Name Dates Inscriptions/Notes
Adams, Eddie L. 11/25/1873--9/23/1902 husband of Maggie Davenport Adams
Anderson, H.P. no dates
Armstrong, John 1780--4/27/1815 age 35 years
Armstrong, Margaret M.  2/1814--9/25/1814
Batterree, Nannie 8/22/1844--3/5/1917
Blackburn, Stephen 7/29/1798--12/13/1834
Boyd, Minnie Workman 11/15/1856--5/23/1941 obituary
Brooks, E. P.  8/13/1883--10/12/1899
Brooks, Elihu A. 9/10/1836--7/9/1893
Brooks, John Wesley 10/24/1868--10/12/1874 son of E. A. & R. A. Brooks
Brooks, Maggie Lou 1/14/1881--7/30/1884 daughter of E. A. & R. A. Brooks
Brooks, Mary W.  12/13/1879--1/15/1895
Brooks, Millidge W.  11/5/1871--7/30/1894
Brooks, Nora A.  9/14/1873--6/30/1898
Brooks, Rebecca Ann Reeder 10/20/1849--8/19/1885 wife of E. A. Brooks and Daughter of William & M. A. Reeder
Brooks, William Wilson 12/29/1869--10/25/1872 son of E. A. & R. A. Brooks
Burton, Catherine C.  1/25/1818--7/29/1840 wife of John G. Burton
Burton, Infant Daughter 12/14/1836--1/18/1837 daughter of John & Catherine C. Burton
Burton, James W.  no dates son of John G. & Catherine Burton
Butler, Benjamin 12/21/1820--12/17/1861 husband of Lucinda Butler
Butler, Ephraim A.  12/20/1841--12/13/1862 Fell to rise no more on battlefield Fredericksburg, VA
Butler, Ephraim A.  4/22/1809--10/6/1851
Butler, Infant Daughter 3/7/1934--3/7/1934 daughter of Mary W. & Edward H. Butler
Butler, Lucinda 12/3/1810--11/211871 wife of Benjamin Butler
Buzzard, Hannah 12/29/1821--9/11/1854 Consort of Daniel Buzzard
Campbell, Mary F.  7/23/1859--9/20/1865 daughter of Thomas & Dollie H. Campbell
Cannon, Catherine M. Davis 11/18/1869--5/13/1893 wife of W. B. Cannon and Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Davis
Cannon, Charlie S.  10/11/1864--3/31/1866 Son of W. S. & T. C. Cannon
Cannon, D. C. no date stone is broken 
Cannon, David 2/27/1838--7/12/1851 son of Richard S. & Phebe Cannon
Cannon, David 10/30/1799--10/24/1869
Cannon, David W. 5/19/1847--12/7/1849
Cannon, George A.  1784--10/21/1835 "In the 51st of his age"
Cannon, George S.  12/21/1866-2/13/1867 Son of W. S. & T. C. Cannon
Cannon, George S.,Col. 8/14/1806--11/16/1888 husband of Sarah L. Cannon
Cannon, Hezekiah 6/1/1798--4/15/1817
Cannon, Infant daughter 1851--1851 daughter of Col. G. S. & S. L. Cannon
Cannon, Isaac 6/8/1759--8/9/1808
Cannon, Isaac P. 7/3/1836--9/4/1861 son of D. & M. Cannon; "He fell in service of his country in the bloom of life". 
Cannon, Isaac P., Dr.  10/11/1802--3/13/1839
Cannon, John W.  3/3/1816--1/31/1839
Cannon, Martha 2/22/1808--9/24/1849 wife of David Cannon
Cannon, Mary 4/8/1788--5/15/1835 wife of Richard S. Cannon
Cannon, Mary Frances 5/10/1842--7/29/1849 daughter of Richard S & Phebe Cannon
Cannon, Richard S.  10/1/1788--1/30/1844
Cannon, Richard S.  12/13/1846--3/24/1864 son of Col. GS & S.L. Cannon
Cannon, Samuel 2/3/1796--12/31/1826
Cannon, Sarah 2/25/1891--10/29/1892 "Little"; daughter of W. B. & C. M. Cannon
Cannon, Sarah 2/9/1766--9/24/1840
Cannon, Sarah  9/19/1796--4/3/1817 wife of Richard S. Cannon
Cannon, Sarah L.  6/10/1814--7/13/1895 wife of Col. George S. Cannon
Cannon, William  11/19/1786--6/24/1857
Cannon, William S.  4/19/1836--11/11/1868
Carwile, Elizabeth 3/1/1793--12/3/1848 wife of J. S. Carwile
Carwile, John Schuyler 2/17/1786--11/8/1852
Chalmers, David W.  1822--10/14/1825 age 3 years
Chalmers, Hiram R.  1816--10/11/1825 age 9 years
Chalmers, James, Capt. 1782--9/25/1862 age 80; member of ARP Church 30 years Ruling Elder at Head Spg.
Chalmers, Jane 1814--10/14/1825 age 11 years; 
Chalmers, Jane, Mrs.  4/11/1791--6/25/1875 wife of Capt. James Chalmers
Chalmers, Mary A.  3/6/1805--9/18/1874
Chalmers, Priscilla 1780--4/9/1817 age 37 years 
Chalmers, William B.  1802--9/3/1835
Chappell, Flora Brake 1/19/1885--1/30/1885 daughter of  W. Q. &  R. E. Chappell
Chappell, Wash Floyd 5/22/1883--5/20/1887 son of M. Q. & R. E. Chappell
Clark, Catherine 1786--2/15/1860 age 74 years 1 month and 24 days
Clark, Elizabeth 8/26/1808--8/21/1813
Clark, George 1775--4/23/1835 age 60 years
Clark, Infant Son no dates son of R.P. & S. A. Clark
Clark, James W.  11/24/1819--9/16/1836
Clark, John H. 7/6/1817--5/3/1836
Clark, Louisa 9/8/1814--2/19/1834
Clark, Richard P., Dr.  12/30/1814--12/6/1894 husband of Sarah A. Piester Clark
Clark, Sarah A. Piester 3/3/1830--12/26/1900 daughter of Jasper & Margaret Piester and wife of Dr. R. P. Clark
Cleland, Arthur A.  3/22/1882--12/12/1869 husband of Olive Cleland
Cleland, Dollie P. 8/7/1883--9/2/1965 wife of R. X. Cleland
Cleland, Edith Workman 6/3/1911--9/6/1919 daughter of A. A. & O. W. Cleland
Cleland, Olive Workman 2/2/1880--2/15/1953 wife of Arthur Cleland
Cleland, R. X.  7/13/1868--7/4/1948 husband of Dollie Cleland
Coates, Sarah Ann 2/12/1827--7/16/1827
Cole, Bailey 1/2/1797--9/20/1865
Cole, Jane 9/15/1796--10/6/1871 wife of Bailey Cole
Cole, John A.  6/3/1831--11/8/1862 CSA Flag on marker
Cole, William Unknown--3/23/1802 age 33 years
Crisp, Daniel Wheeler 2/28/1899--9/10/1900 son of J. H. & C. B. Crisp
Crisp, Eunice Whitmire 5/20/1889--8/1/1905 daughter of J. H. & C. B. Crisp
Crisp, Sarah Harmes 12/28/1900--6/22/1902 daughter of J. H. & C. B. Crisp
Davenport, Bettie L. Chandler 1/31/1840--6/24/1915 wife of Jefferson Davenport
Davenport, Elizabeth Chandler 8/26/1894--5/14/1922 daughter of T. J. & Fannie M. Davenport
Davenport, James H.  1845--1901 husband of Louisa Davenport
Davenport, Jefferson 3/26/1828--6/4/1899
Davenport, Jefferson Davis 2/9/1861--3/26/1880 son of Jefferson & Bettie L. Davenport
Davenport, Louisa Adella 1847--1922 wife of James H. Davenport
Davenport, Ola 9/24/1891--7/24/1903
Davenport, William Jefferson 1/9/1896--9/18/1896 son of T. J. & F. M. Davenport
Davis, Asa P. 4/15/1820--8/4/1893
Davis, Catherine Mangum 3/13/1814--5/6/1860 wife of Capt. A. P. Davis & Daughter of Rev. Daniel and Linny Mangum
Davis, Frances Workman 8/10/1844--1/10/1921 wife of J. T. Davis
Davis, Infant 1854--1854 Infant of Capt. A. P & C. M. Davis
Davis, Joshua T. 4/8/1847--8/2/1901 CSA Flag on marker
Davis, Mary J. Williams 5/12/1871--12/17/1952 wife of William Patton Davis
Davis, Mary Linda 11/11/1878--5/23/1895 daughter of J. T. & E. F. Davis
Davis, Matilda Satterwhite 10/30/1835--11/17/1901 wife of Asa P. Davis
Davis, Sallie Reeder 6/13/1876--8/11/1889 daughter of J. T. & E. F. Davis
Davis, William Patton 2/5/1866--12/21/1947 son of Capt Asa Davis & Matilda Satterwhite Davis; husband of Mary J. Williams Davis; buried at Hopewell Methodist Church Cem near Joanna
Davis, William W.  1/3/1872--10/9/1872 son of J. T. & E. F. Davis
Dorroh, David Griffin 6/23/1858--8/16/1884
Dorroh, James William 8/27/1842--7/4/1864 Co. C 3rd SCV 6/1/1861 wounded at battle of Wilderness 5/6/1864 died at Birksbille.
Dorroh, Lucretia 11/7/1823--2/10/1888 wife of Dr. William M. Dorroh
Dorroh, William M., Dr. 10/25/1818--12/10/1897
Dorroh, William Pinckney 5/27/1846--7/27/1864 voluneered in Co. E. Hampton Legion May 1, 1864, killed at Deep Bottom
Duckett, Edna A. Workman 1/12/1844--2/12/1928 wife of John A. Workman; after his death, married Thomas J. Duckett
Duckett, Thomas J. 1/12/1844--2/12/1928 2nd husband of Edna A. Workman Duckett

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