Bush River Baptist Church Cemetery
Newberry County, South Carolina
The Old Section of Bush River Baptist Church Cemetery located approximately 10 miles West of Newberry on Bush River Road.  This Cemetery is just before the Church on the left side of the road. 
Surveyed by Donna Brummett, March 2011

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Name Dates Inscriptions/Notes
Ferguson, William Dorroh 12/28/1870--4/15/1871 son of John W. & Mary D. Ferguson
Gary, Alice B. 11/7/1872--3/9/1950 wife of J. Craig Gary
Gary, Bettie 6/6/1848--7/8/1857 eldest daguther of Hillary W. & Sally C. Gary
Gary, Catherine 12/17/1779--4/7/1824 wife of James Gary
Gary, Charles 1733--7/1808 age 75 years.
Gary, Charles G.  1/26/1806--10/12/1835
Gary, Children no date no names; marker is 18' x 9'
Gary, Dorsey L. 2/9/1833--5/4/1887 husband of S. Jane Craig Gary
Gary, Elizabeth E.  4/7/1815--9/13/1873
Gary, Elizabeth Louisa 9/7/1845--10/18/1907 daughter of J. K. & Rebecca Gary
Gary, Franklin J.  7/10/1817--9/19/1826 son of Jesse & M. Gary
Gary, George A.  1830--10/27/1835 died in 5th year
Gary, George W.  3/26/1810--8/169/1840 son of West & Frances Gary
Gary, Hetty 5/7/1814--2/24/1831
Gary, Hillary Sinclair 11/13/1860--3/3/1861
Gary, Hillary W.  12/13/1813--7/18/1861
Gary, J. Craig 8/12/1856--10/29/1914 husband of Alice Gary
Gary, James 2/25/1777--1/17/1832
Gary, Jesse 10/22/1782--1/30/1843 husband of Mary Gary
Gary, John C.  12/9/1841--1/7/1865 son of Dr. John K. & Rebecca Gary; Died of disease aggravated while in service of his country in the 3rd South Carolina Regt. A.N.VA. During the campaighs of 1861 & 62.
Gary, John K. , Dr. 3/8/1808--3/30/1880 short bio
Gary, Laura Ann 5/4/1833--4/19/1863
Gary, Malinda 2/19/1807--6/29/1827
Gary, Margaret H. 3/8/1899--5/6/1973
Gary, Mary 6/14/1782--10/11/1842 wife of Jesse Gary; married 5/5/1800
Gary, Mary 2/20/1803-4/19/1816
Gary, Mary Adaline Frances 6/22/1831--1835 daughter of Dr. John K. & Rebecca Gary
Gary, Mary Frances 2/6/1839--10/16/1840 daughter of Dr. John K. & Rebecca Gary
Gary, Milton F.  6/28/1821--10/14/1826 son of Jesse & M. Gary
Gary, Rebecca 11/25/1810--4/23/1887
Gary, S. Jane Craig 4/12/1832--9/10/1933 "His Wife"; wife of Dorsey Gray
Gary, Sara J. 4/26/1893--2/18/1973
Gary, Thomas W., Capt. 9/24/1839--11/21/1869 Co. B 3rd SC Regt. ANV; CSA Flag on Marker; obit
Gary, West Capt. Unknown--4/16/1814
Gibson, Infant 11/13/1857--11/13/1857 Babe of Moses R. & Rhoda A. Gibson
Glasgow, Annie Bell 8/13/1899-9/3/1900 daughter of J. K. & A. B. Glasgow
Glasgow, Mattie A.  6/4/1838--2/20/1892
Glasgow, Richard S.  1/24/1865--12/3/1882 son of Spencer L & Martha A. Glasgow
Glasgow, Sarah 1857--9/15/1858 age 1 year 8 months & 16 days; daughter of S. L. & M. A. Glasgow
Glasgow, Spencer L.  1/7/1825-6/23/1870
Glasgow, William Spencer 6/25/1867--9/27/1870 son of S. L. & M. A. Glasgow
Goggins, Barnett J. 5/14/1850--3/25/1872
Goggins, Eustacia 1/18/1818--11/24/1883
Goggins, Joseph 5/15/1806--11/23/1866
Goggins, Rebecca A 12/25/1842--9/23/1877
Griffin, Christopher 5/26/1793--1838
Griffin, Elizabeth 8/19/1809--10/21/1845 wife of Gen. C. B. Griffin; "This monument her bereaved husband has bared as a feeble token of the love cherished towards her while living and would humbly desire to endure through time.  Here lies my dear and loving wife my only bosom friend.  I hope in heaven to see her face when this life do end."
Griffin, Dr. William 12/12/1831--Unknown Charlotte Court House
Jason, John 12/23/1823--12/20/1854
Johnson, Ira 4/20/1812--8/30/1879
Johnson, Mary E. Smith 12/1/1843--6/3/1866 wife of Dr. J. P. Johnson & Second daughter of William & Ruthy Smith
Johnson, Miriam 1837--1925
Johnson, Rosa Lilla 12/25/1880--10/20/1832
Johnson, Sarah Ella 4/27/1875--12/18/1877 daughter W. R. & M. M. Johnson
Johnson, W. R.  10/20/1842--2/17//1884 CSA Cross
Johnston, Bluford N. 4/23/1842--8/7/1887
Johnston, Charles H. 10/11/1840--9/22/1886
Johnston, Martha E. 6/8/1844--4/4/1896
Johnston, Martha L. 1/12/1852--1/21/1895 wife of C. G. Johnston
Johnston, Nancy Elizabeth 1/15/1844--9/19/1879 wife of C. G. Johnston
Johnston, Sallie E.  5/22/1870--7/23/1891 daughter of C. G. & N. E. Johnston
Jones, Joshua 1776--4/18/1808 age 31 years 7 months and 21 days
Leavell, Addi 11/11/1808--11/6/1843
Leavell, Bettie 3/19/1861--10/24/1862 daughter of J. R. & E. J. Leavell
Leavell, Elizabeth  2/6/1783--1834 died in the 51st year of her age
Leavell, Elizabeth J.  2/14/1823--7/25/1885 wife of John R. Leavell
Leavell, Frances 1780--1/15/1857 wife of John Leavell, Esqr; age 77 years
Leavell, James Teague 1816--1/1/1894 age 78 years
Leavell, James Teague 6/17/1851--8/6/1852 son of J. R. & E. J. Leavell
Leavell, John Rowland 11/24/1820--2/6/1900 bio
Leavell, John, Esqr 1757--5/1826 age 69 years
Leavell, Judson Beasley 6/17/1856--7/26/1857 son of J. R & E. J. Leavell
Leavell, Margaret  1763--11/4/1805 wife of John Leavell, Esqr; age 42 years
Leavell, Margaret J.  9/15/1813--8/20/1869 daughter of John & Frances Leavell
Leavell, Mary 1787--6/6/1852 Consort of William Leavell of L.D.; age about 65 years
Leavell, Mary 7/27/1788--1827 died in the 39th year of her age
Leavell, Mayer Cannon 11/2/1859--1/8/1873 son of J. R. & E. J. Leavell
Leavell, Rhoda Unknown--6/5/1841 age 8 years
Leavell, Richard A.  12/8/1842--11/30/1863 1st born of J. R. & E. J. Leavell; fell at Knoxville, Tenn. 
Leavell, Sarah Cecilia 12/5/1866--11/18/1868 daughter of J. R. & E. J. Leavell
Leavell, William  1785--7/12/1857 husband of Mary Leavell; age 72 years
Livingston, Andrew J., Sr. 10/22/1843--10/21/1906 Sgt. Co. B 3rd S.C. Regt., lost right leg in battle at Wilderness, VA. 5/6/1864
Livingston, Andrew J. Jr. 12/28/1879--9/16/1888 son of A.J. & E.M. Livingston
Livingston, Corrie E.  1871--8/13/1876 daughter of A. J. & E. M. Livingston
Livingston, Elvira Matilda 9/16/1846--7/4/1912 wife of Andrew J. Livingston
Livingston, Infant  no dates infant of A. J. & E. M. Livingston
Livingston, Robert E. 9/8/1884--11/17/1943 husband of Sunie J. Livingston
Livingston, Sarah Viola 5/11/1872--4/23/1901 wife of John N. Livingston
Livingston, Sudie Eliza 2/24/1909--9/25/1911 daughter of Robert E . & Sunie J. Livingston
Livingston, Sunie J.  1/18/1883--1/10/1978 wife of Robert E. Livingston
Livingston, Thomas M. 10/18/1866--2/3/1882 Oldest child of A. J. & E. M. Livingston
Livingston, William Henry 4/24/1905--5/2/1905 son of John N & Hattie K. Livingston
Mangum, Bela R.  10/8/1809--4/9/1891
Mangum, Daniel, Rev. 5/24/1788--9/25/1852 husband of Malinda Mangum; "Left wife & 3 children, joined B.R.B. Church 1/12/1822, Called to the Ministry 1/7/1826 to the pastorate of the church 5/12/1827
Mangum, Infant daughter 5/30/1864--5/30/1864 daughter of J. B. & S. Mangum
Mangum, Infant son 2/12/1860--2/17/1860 son of J. B. & S. Mangum
Mangum, James Daniel 6/24/1856--6/18/1869 son of J. B. & S. Mangum
Mangum, John B. 9/23/1819--5/15/1878 son of Daniel & Malinda Mangum
Mangum, Johnnie C.  11/28/1851--8/24/1865 son of B. R. & N. C. Mangum
Mangum, Malinda 7/19/1788--1/18/1893 wife of Rev. Daniel Mangum
Mangum, Nancy C.  9/13/1819--1/25/1887
Mangum, Susan 10/13/1830--6/25/1876 wife of John B. Mangum
McCraw, Ann Unknown--5/11/1816
McKetrick, J.  1786--8/11/1831 Married 1/21/1813; age 45 years
McKitrick, Fannie Lou 10/4/1873--3/16/1888 daughter of J. W. & M. S. McKittrick
McKitrick, John W.  5/27/1823--12/31/1847
McKitrick, Maggie Ellen 3/1/1887--4/30/1905 daughter of T. W. & Susan McKittrick
McKitrick, Mary Susan 12/15/1881--2/20/1908 daughter of J. W. & M. S. McKittrick
McKitrick, William Hugh 10/1/1870--1/23/1873 son of J. T. & L. R. McKitrick
McKittrick, Eleanor Anabel 11/23/1874--5/18/1877 daughter of J. T. & L. R. McKittrick
McKittrick, Etta 2/13/1857--7/21/1921 wife of J. M. McKittrick
McKittrick, Infant Daughter 1/18/1915--1/23/1915 daughter of T. G. & Mattie McKittrick
McKittrick, J. W.  Unknown--8/11/1881
McKittrick, James William 10/17/1846--1/5/1926 CSA Cross
McKittrick, Jesse 11/25/1884--9/19/1885 son of J. T. & L. R. McKittrick
McKittrick, John Laurence 8/16/1887--7/31/1908 son of J. T. & L. R. McKittrick
McKittrick, Lina Pearl 11/19/1895--6/1/1896 daughter of J. T. & L. R. McKittrick
McKittrick, Mary Lou 8/8/1892--4/10/1909 daughter of J. T. & L. R. McKittrick
McKittrick, Mary Susan 6/18/1847--2/8/1897 wife of J. W. McKittrick
McKittrick, Nancy Elizabeth 8/18/1871--8/13/1872 daughter of J. W. & M. S. McKittrick
McKittrick, Obed Eugene 5/23/1890--1/28/1894 son of J. T. & L. R. McKittrick
McKittrick, Sarah Elizabeth 12/29/1872--8/26/1894 daughter of J. T. & L. R. McKittrick
McKittrick, Twin Children 12/11/1915--12/11/1915 children of T. G. & Mattie McKittrick
Muckle, Rachel 8/31/1834--8/27/1835
Muckle, Richard 8/11/1814--9/27/1831
Muckle, William C.  7/7/1820--8/28/1822
Neel, Kittie C. Williams 2/5/1843--7/14/1862 Consort of Thomas M. Neel and Daughter of J. P. & E. A. Williams
Pickens, Calvin 1870--8/30/1972 son of JW and Unknown Pickens
Pitts, Elizabeth 11/8/1824--12/24/1862
Pitts, Hulda E. P.  1842--8/30/1844 age 2 years, 1 month & 22 days; only daughter of Milton & Mary C. Pitts 
Pitts, Mitton 4/10/1820--1/22/1845 husband of Mary C. Leavell Pitts; married 8/10/1841
Proctor, Dorothy R. 1875--1967

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