Common Pleas of the Court
Newberry County, South Carolina

Full complete records can be obtained from the South Carolina Department of Archives,  listed under Newberry County — Mixed Provenance. 

John Bonds & wife vs. Rie Finny & wife
Thomas Stark died intestate and was possessed of a tract of land containing 100 acres on a branch of Gilders bound by Thomas Stark, Jeremiah Stark, Harmon Davis, and vacant lands. Also a tract containing 150 acres being part of a tract containing 300 acres originally granted to Thomas Stark, Sr. also on Gilders Creek. Thomas Stark was survived by a daughter Nancy who married John Bonds. Other heirs not named. The land to be sold. Plat included. (Box 2, Folder A-46)
William Brown, Sr., deceased
Partition from the heirs and next of kin of  William Brown, Sr. died intestate, 19 October 1821,  possessed of a tract of land on Indian Creek containing 180 acres bounded by lands of Robert McKee, Jacob Hipp, William McAtier, and Thomas Boyd. (Re-survey showing it contained 191 acres.)  William Brown, Sr. was survived by a widow Polly Brown and children: Jane the wife of Nathan Neighbors, Mary the wife of James Neighbors, Fanny the wife of Elijah Hipp, Sally the wife of Stephen Hipp, Summer the wife of James Fisher, Peggy the wife of Isaac Patterson, John Brown, Andrew Brown, and William Brown. It was ordered that 74 acres be laid off for the widow and the remaining be sold. Plat included. (Box 1, Folder A-22)

Moses Butler vs. George Goggans
13 October 1801
Moses Butler was married to Mary Lewis, who was the widow of Stephen Lewis, all of Newberry District. Stephen Lewis died 17_ and was possessed of a tract of land during his lifetime containing 81A more or less on the waters of Bush River. Stephen was survived by his widow Mary and a minor son James Lewis. The property was to be sold. (Box 2, Folder A-35)

Samuel Caldwell and others
 22 October 1822
James Caldwell, Esq., deceased, possessed of a tract of land containing 1550 acres. on the waters of Little River adjoining lands of Dr. John W. Simpson, F. B. Higgins, Esq., Robert Malone, Daniel Jacobs, Richard P. Poole, Andrew ?, dec’d, William Phillips, John G. Brown, Esq., Timothy Goodman, dec’d, Samuel Waldrop, and James Gilliam. James Caldwell was survived by a widow Elizabeth, who has since died, and the following children:  Samuel Caldwell, James Caldwell, William Caldwell, George F. Caldwell, John Caldwell, Frances the wife of Hugh Dixon, Rebecca the wife of James Sprowll, Mary the wife of James Young, Robert Caldwell, and Elizabeth Caldwell — the last 2 being minors. Hugh Dixon was the guardian of the minor children. (Box 1, Folder A-23)
John Casey vs. Elizabeth Casey, Jacob Rhodes, & Thomas Davis
March 1811
General Levi Casey died in 1807 intestate with a tract of 75 acres on Hunting Fork a branch of Indian Creek, being a tract originally granted to James Hughes, and a tract containing 100 acres on the drafts of Enoree River and Duncan’s Creek on a small branch called Casey’s branch, originally laid out to James McCracken, and a tract containing 715 acres on Duncan’s Creek and Enoree River. Levi Casey left a widow, Elizabeth Casey and the following children: John Casey, Liner the wife of Jacob Rhodes, Nancy the wife of Thomas Davis, and four minors — Elizabeth Casey the younger, Levi Casey the younger, Jacob Casey, and Samuel Casey. Thomas Duckett appointed guardian of minors. Land was divided between heirs. 3 plats included. (Box 1, Folder A-16)
William Cater vs. Daniel Cater
October 1810
James Cater died in 1800. He had a tract of land on Enoree River bounded by John Epps, Levi Casey, William Neighbours, and Peter Braselmann containing about 187 acres. James left the following children: William Cater, Daniel Cater, Mary the wife of John Davis, Elizabeth the wife of Israel Davis, Elener the wife of Lewis Williams, and Joseph Cater a minor. Petition for a guardian for the minor Joseph Cater who is residing in Kentucky names Thomas Duckett as guardian. The land to be sold by the sheriff on the 1st Monday in May 1811. (Box 1, Folder A-15)

Aaron Cates vs. T. T. Cureton
Robert Cates died intestate 22 September 1820. He was survived by a widow, Sarah Cates, and the following children: Aaron Cates, Asa Cates, Betsey the wife of Robert Cooper, Jehu Cates, Allen Cates, Robert T. Cates, John S. Cates, Nancy the wife of Jacob Dun, and Polly Cates.(Box 1, Folder A-20)
Yourrith Cates, Patan Parodien & Betsy his wife, John Kidd & Fanny his wife, & others vs. Robert Cox and Peggy his wife
October 1813
Petition to divide the estate of John Baskett, dec’d, containing 174 acres. Lands bounded by that of William Swift, Richard Watts, R. Steward, and others. John was survived by a mother Yourrith Cates, and brothers and sisters: Robert Cox and Peggy his wife, John Kidd and Fanny his wife, Phebe Williams the widow of Seth Williams, Pleasant Baskett, Thomas Middleton and Nancy his wife, and Patan Parodien and Betsy his wife. Land to be sold on the 1st Monday in December 1813 by the sheriff. (Box 1, Folder A-14)
Hannah Coats died June 1816 leaving a widow Hannah Coats and the following children:
Edny who married Christopher Hughens, John Coats, Jehu Coats, Polly Coats, Betsy Coats, and Henry Coats. (Box 1, Folder A-9)

Mason Cole vs. Jesse Cole
October 1816
John Cole died in Newberry District and left the following children: Mason Cole, William Cole, Jesse Cole, John Cole, Reuben Cole, Polly Cole, Betsey Cole, and Crawford Cole. (Box 1, Folder A-10)
Jonathon Davenport & wife vs. William Eastland (and others)
Filed 14 March 1817 
Hezekiah Eastland, William Eastland, and Joseph Eastland are trying to prove that Thomas Eastland was of sound mind when he wrote his will. James Fernandis had annulled the will for reason of insanity. The jury found that Thomas Eastland was of sound mine. (Box 1,FolderA-1)

Caty Fellows vs. Michael Kinard. Partition
George Fellows died intestate in Newberry District and was possessed of a tract of land containing 501 acres on Crims Creek bounding lands of John Kibler, Henry Werts, Harmon All, and others. George was survived by the following children: Caty, John, Mary, George, Betsy, Michael, Christena, and Molly Fellows. Caty Fellows was over 21. John and Mary Fellows were under 21 and over 14. George, Betsy, Michael, Christianna, and Molly Fellows were under 14. John and Mary Fellows asked that Michael Kinard by appointed their guardian ad litem. The younger children also asked that Michael Kinard be appointed their guardian ad litem. The land was divided among the children. Plats included. (Box 2, Folder A-33)

James Fleming & wife vs. John Maxwell, adm. of Joseph Reagan
Joseph Reagan died intestate possessed of a tract of land containing 779 acres with the exception of 50 acres laid off by him to Alex Jay. The land was located on Beaverdam branch, waters of Saluda River adjoining lands of Dan’l Stewart, Capt. Werts, Levi Shepherd, Robert Nealey, Henry Cromer, and David Waters. Joseph Reagan was survived by Beulah the wife of John Maxwell, Sophia the wife of James Fleming, Carey McClure, Sarah Anne McClure, and Joseph McClure (children of Elizabeth the wife of William McClure — both of whom pre-deceased Joseph Reagan) all three infants under 14, and Elizabeth Reagan (daughter of Carey Reagan, deceased) an infant under 12. At a court in Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio on 2nd Monday in Nov. 1823, Elizabeth Reagan, aged 12, minor orphan of Carey Reagan, chose Alexander Jay her guardian. It was decided the tract be re-surveyed (found to contain 729 acres without the 50 acres previously
mentioned). The land was divided as follows: 340 acres to John Maxwell and Beulah his wife; 389 acres to James Fleming and Sophia his wife; and reimburse the other descendants. Plat included. (Box 2, Folder A-48)

James Gary vs. Rebecca Reeder
September 1824
Thomas Reeder died intestate possessed of a tract of land containing 163 acres on waters of Little River adjoining lands of Stephen Herndon, J. W. Tinsley, J. S. Carwile, Robert Mann, Elisha Alewine, John Floyd, and James Davenport, dec’d. Thomas Reeder survived by widow Rebecca Reeder and the following children: Catharine the wife of James Gary (Catharine has since died leaving her husband James and children Lavinia and Elizabeth — both under 21), Mary the wife of Jesse Gary, Elizabeth the wife of Newman Gary, Melinda the wife of Daniel Mangum, David C. Reeder, Thomas C. Reeder, William Reeder, Nancy the wife of Killis Anderson, and infants Oswell Reeder, Morning Reeder, Susan Reeder, and Louisa Reeder. The land was sold. 1 plat included. (Box 1, Folder A-24)

Thomas Gilbert, Israel Chandler, Lydia his wife, & others vs. Nathan Thomas
Ann Gilbert died intestate and was possessed of a tract of land containing 100 acres. She was the widow of Caleb Gilbert, deceased. The tract was on Beaverdam Creek in Newberry Distict  adjoining lands of John Maxwell, Capt. Wm. Beardon, John Plunket, and others. Ann was survived by Thomas Gilbert, Lydia the wife of Israel Chandler, Joseph Gilbert, Sarah the wife of Patrick McNary, Synthia the wife of Jacob Lewis, Philip Gilbert, and Anne the wife of Reason Reagin. The land was to be sold. (Box 2, Folder A-45)

Daniel Goodman & others vs. Thomas Goodman & others
Joseph Goodman died in Newberry District possessed of the following tracts of land: one tract containing 140 acres conveyed from Isaac Grant to Joseph on a branch of Saluda; tract of 280 acres originally granted to Bartlet Brooks; a tract of 21 acres conveyed by James Cobb to Joseph bounded by said Joseph Goodman’s land, Benjamin Cobb’s land, and Howel Cobb’s land; a tract of 300 3/4 acres conveyed by William Stripland to Joseph on a branch of Saluda River bounded by the said Joseph and William Stripland; tract of 212 acres on Saluda River bound by Benjamin Taylor’s, Joel Abney’s, William Stripland’s, and Joseph Goodman’s land. Joseph Goodman was survived by a widow Huldy Goodman, the administratrix of the estate, and the following children: Daniel Goodman, Benjamin Goodman, Duke Goodman, James Goodman, Joseph Goodman, Amelia Goodman, Elizabeth the wife of William Summers, Tabetha the wife of Caleb Lindsey. Thomas Goodman petitioned to be guardian of Amelia Goodman who was a minor under 14. The lands were to be sold. (Box 2, Folder A-29)

George Hendricks & wife vs. Samuel Hughens
Robert Hughens died intestate in Newberry District and was possessed of a tract of land at his death on the Beaverdam in Newberry District containing 110 acres. Robert Hughens was survived by the following heirs: George Hendricks and Peggy his wife, James Hughens, Jane Hughens, and Robert Hughens - (James, Jane & Robert were minors). The tract of land was sold. (Box 2, Folder A-31)

John Holly & others
Thomas Waters died intestate and was possessed of the following tracts of land: 226 acres in Edgefield District on waters of Cloud’s Creek bounded at the time of the original survey by lands surveyed for John Anderson, James Donald, and Moses Kirkland, originally surveyed for Thomas Waters 28 June 1788; tract of 50 acres in Newberry District, part of a tract originally granted to James Watkins, conveyed from him to John Watkins, and by John to Thomas Waters on White’s Branch, bounded presently by lands of Michael Suber, Benj. Lindsay, and George Bald. Thomas was survived by a widow Mary Waters who has died, and the following children: Philemon Waters, David Waters, John Waters, Thomas
Waters, Lydia the wife of David Richardson, Rosannah the wife of John Holly, and Ann the wife of William Marchant. Since the death of the said Thomas Philemon Waters one of his sons died leaving children: Thomas Waters, Harriet the wife of John Herbert, Esq., Jonathan D. Waters, and Eliza Waters. The son of David Waters has also died leaving a widow Elizabeth since intermarried with Edward Stephens and the following children: Mark Waters, David Waters, Daniel M. Waters, and Mary Anne Elizabeth Waters. Also the son John Waters has died intestate leaving a widow Mary and the following children: Allen Waters, Lydia Waters, Mary Waters, and Jane Waters. Also the daughter Ann Marchant died intestate leaving her husband Wm. Marchant and a child West Marchant. On re survey the 2 tracts contain 231 acres and 34 acres. The tracts were to be sold. (Box 2, Folder A-30)

Elizabeth James (widow of John James) vs. William Rutherford & James McMorris
Filed 15 March 1809
Elizabeth James petitioned the court to receive her 1/3 of the 100 acre tract of land belonging to her deceased husband John James. Plat included. (Box 1, Folder A-3)

John Johnson & others vs. Nancy Johnson
Robert Johnson, late of Newberry Distict, at his death was possessed of a plantation containing 150 acres originally granted to Thomas Johnson as 175 acres, bounded by lands of Jehu Johnson, Charles Leopard, James Motes, and James Smith. Nancy Johnson was the widow of Robert Johnson. Children of Robert Johnson were John Johnson, Allen Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Henry Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Daniel Johnson, and Polly Johnson (last four being minors — the first 2 minors are over 14 and the last 2 minors are under 12).  John Johnson was guardian of the minors. The land was to be sold on the 1st Monday in May 1817. (Box 2, Folder A-42)

William Kerr & Esther his wife vs. James Boyd & others
March 1820
John Barlow died intestate with 2 tracts of land, one containing 194 acres and the other adjoining and containing 151 acres. He was survived by a widow Elizabeth Barlow and a child Peggy Barlow. Peggy later married Archibald Boyd. Peggy died shortly after intestate leaving her husband and a child James Boyd. Archibald then married Esther. Archibald Boyd died intestate in August 1816 with a tract of land containing 430 acres bound by lands of William Bridges, John Tidmore, Stephen Bowers, James Young, and others. He was survived by a widow Esther Boyd and children James Boyd (child by 1st wife), Eliza Boyd, Sarah Boyd, Molly Boyd, Alfred Boyd, and Joseph Young Boyd. Esther later married William Kerr. The tracts of land to be sold on the 1St Monday in December 1820. (Box 1, Folder A-17)

Jane Lester & others vs. Jas. D. Lester
Peter Lester died intestate possessed of a tract of land containing 223 acres adjoining lands of James Lester, Jonathan D. Waters, Daniel DeWalt, and Jane Lester. This was later resurveyed and found to contain 191 1/4 acres.  Peter was survived by a widow Jane Lester and the following children: Sally the wife of George Harmon, Peter R. Lester, James D. Lester, Mary the wife of Thomas Morris, Willis Lester, Rhody the wife of Julius Williamson, Vincent Lester, Simpson Lester, Cindillera Lester, Jane Lester, and Martha the wife of George Thomas (both since deceased leaving a child George Thomas). Simpson Lester, Cindilera Lester, Jane Lester and George Lester are minors. Plats included. (Box 2, Folder A-44)

Allen Liles & wife & others vs. Nancy Henderson & others
Nathaniel Henderson died intestate in Newberry District and was possessed of a tract of land containing 260 acres on Enoree River bounding lands of Samuel E. Kenner, Esq., Col. Benjamin Maybin, Charles Liles, and David Sims. Nathaniel was survived by a widow Nancy Henderson and the following children: Matthew Henderson, Hannah the wife of
Allen Liles, Drusdila the wife of Akillis Liles, Richard Henderson, Jemima Anderson, William Henderson, and Nancy Henderson the younger. The last 2 are infants, one over 14 and the other under 12. The land was to be sold. Plat included. (Box 2, Folder A-32)

John Lindsey, Faura M. Lindsey, Elizabeth Lindsey, her husband John Lindsey (Bush River) vs. James Lindsey & others.
Caleb Lindsey died intestate and was possessed of a negro woman Ailse and her 3 children: Emily, Oney, and Liley and
partition of these negroes have not been made. John Lindsey, Faura M. Lindsey, Elizabeth Lindsey and her husband John Lindsey (Bush River), James Lindsey, Joseph G. Lindsey, James M. Lindsey, Elsey Lindsey, and Caleb H. Lindsey (all minors under 21) all heirs of Caleb Lindsey. It was ordered the negroes be assigned to James Lindsey by consent of John Lindsey (son of Caleb Lindsey) who owned of the negroes and by James paying remaining heirs for their half. (Box 2, Folder A-41)

Elizabeth Longshore & minors Charlotte & Levi Longshore vs. Sarah Longshore, John Longshore, Levi Longshore, Polly Longshore, Wade Longshore, & Sarah Longshore
Levi Longshore died intestate and was possessed of 2 tracts of land. One containing 150 acres adjoining lands of Robert Longshore, John Galloway, James Stephens, and Daniel M. Waters. Parts of this originally granted to Matthew Brooks in 1774 and Wm. Nelson in 1773. This was later resurveyed and found to contain 183 acres. Another tract containing 67 acres adjoining lands of William Ragin, Reason Ragin, Cara Gilbert, Abner Adkins, and Henry Boozer, Sr. Originally granted to James Cassells for 170 acres in 1786.  This was later resurveyed and found to contain 60 acres. Levi Longshore was survived by a widow Sarah and the following children: Euclidus Longshore (who has since died intestate leaving a widow Elizabeth Longshore and children Charlotte and Levi Longshore), John Longshore, Levi Longshore, Polly Longshore, Wade Longshore, and Sarah Longshore. Sarah Longshore appointed guardian of last four children and George Boozer, Esq. appointed guardian of Charlotte and Levi Longshore. 183 acres tract was sold to the widow and the 60 acres tract was sold to John Longshore. Plats included. (Box 2, Folder A-43)

Johnston Lowry & Rosannah Lowry vs. Alexander Lowry, adm. of Wm. Lowry & Robert Lowry
Rosannah Lowry was the widow of Patrick Lowry, deceased. Rosannah’s sons Robert Lowry and William Lowry were possessed of a tract of land containing 289 acres on Gilders Creek and bounded by lands belonging to Robert Glasgow, Richard Finney.  Robert and William are deceased leaving no wives or children. Survived by the mother, brothers Alexander Lowry and Johnston Lowry, and Johnston Lowry — the son of a deceased brother Joseph Lowry. The land to be sold. John Toland petitioned for guardianship of Johnston Lowry. He stated Joseph Lowry was his brother-in-law. Johnston was under 14. (Box 2, Folder A-47)

James D. B. McCool & others vs. Ann Chapman
September 1807
Samuel Chapman, deceased, at the time of his death possessed a tract of land containing 200 acres.  Samuel was survived by a widow Ann Chapman (also referred to in attached plat as Nancy) and two children: Charity the wife of James D. B. McCool and Abigail who married Isaac Collins. The land was divided between the heirs.(Box 1, Folder A-19)

Ning Mullican & others vs. Ephraim Davenport, Moses Gibson & Anna his wife
Isaac Davenport died intestate with 340 acre. He was survived by a widow Elizabeth Davenport and the following children: Ephraim Davenport, Anna wife of Moses Gibson, Susan wife of Ning Mullican, Elizabeth the wife of Valentine Braswale, Rhuga the wife of Joseph Gilbert, Keziah the wife of Caleb Gilbert, David Davenport, Ruth Davenport and two grandsons, the children of Rebecca and William Stephens — James Stephens and Isaac Stephens - both minors under 14. Plat included. (Box 1, Folder A-13)

William Presnel, wife, & others vs. Etheldred King, administrator of Patrick Quotemus
21 November 1799
Patrick Quotermus died and was possessed of two tracts of land containing about 500 acres. Patrick died leaving no wife or children. Patrick died 10 April 1796. He was survived by 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Mary Quotermus married William Clark. Sarah Clark married in 1784 to William Presnel. James Quotermus his brother has since died leaving 2 minor children: Sarah Quotermus and Betsey Quotermus. (Box 2, Folder A-36)

Elizabeth Pope vs. Gabriel Anderson
2 April 1806
Joseph Rutherford, deceased, was survived by the following distributes: Elizabeth Pope and her children: Ruth the wife of George Barrett, Sarah Rutherford, and Mary Rutherford. (Box 1, Folder A-21)

John Rinehart and wife vs. John Chapman & Wm. Chapman, administrators of Fred. Kinard, dec’d. 
January 6, 1816
Petition of John Kinard and Elizabeth his wife sheweth that Frederick Kinard of Newberry District, died on 3 December 1811 intestate, leaving a widow Elizabeth who has since married John Rinehart, and five children: William, Frederick, Sally, Elizabeth, and Caty — all minors. William and Frederick are over 14 and the last three are under 14. Frederick Kinard was possessed of 3 tracts of land in Newberry District. One tract containing 331 acres bound by lands of John Hipp, John Byerly, Adam Rinehart, John Werts, and others. Another tract containing 75 acres bound by lands of Jacob Haltedwhanger, John Hardman, and Henry Summer. Another tract containing 142 acres bound by lands of John Hardman and others. The land was divided among the heirs. Plats included. (Box 1, Folder A-27)

Thomas Scott, Willis Davenport & Wife vs. William Goggans and Daniel Scott, executors of Charles Scott, dec’d 
March 4, 1816
Charles Scott died possessed of a tract of land in Newberry District containing 116 acres more or less bounded by lands of James Thomas and others. Charles was survived by the following children: Daniel Scot (Scott), Thomas Scot (Scott), Mary the wife of Willis Davenport, Nancy Scot (Scott), Jemima Scot (Scott), Elizabeth Scot (Scott), and Charles Scot (Scott), the last 4 being minors and under the age of 21. The commissioners agreed that Daniel Scott pay the other siblings for their part of the land. Plat included. (Box 2, Folder A-37)

Nancy Shell & others vs. Thomas Hardy & others
Nancy Shell, formerly the wife of John W. Hardy, dec’d and lately the wife of Lemmon Shell, dec’d, and her three children Hamblen, James, and William Hardy applied for a writ of partition to divide all that plantation or of a tract of land formerly the estate of Thomas Hardy, Sr. and lately the estate of John W. Hardy deceased containing 384 acres more or less in Newberry on Tyger River and bounded by lands of Eli Gordon, Randolph Crenshaw, Nathaniel Teakie, Jesse Hunter, and Thomas Hardy. The petition of Daniel Epps sheweth that his sister Nancy Shell has applied for a partition of a tract of land that involves her three minor children: Hambling Hardy, James Hardy, and William Hardy of whom the last 2 are under 14. Hambling wishes Daniel Epps to be appointed his guardian ad litem. Daniel Epps also accepts the guardianship of the other 2 children. This guardianship was granted. Thomas Hardy, Jr. purchased the other half of the plantation. He stated that Nancy can choose either half she wishes. She chose the 200 acres tract to the southeast. This half was to be sold at auction. A plat is included. (Box 2, Folder A-40)

Honorius Shepard & wife & others vs. Samuel Rodgers
Filed October 1813
Gassaway Rogers died and left the following children: Patsy who married George Nichols, Peggy who married Honorius Shepherd, Polly who married Peter Saterfield, Holly who married James O’Dle, Gassaway Rogers, Sally who married Joseph Shettle, Linah who married Thomas Shepherd, John Rogers, Rachel who married Reginal O’Dle, and Samuel Rogers. (Box 1, Folder A-7)

Benj. Stubbs & Bathsheba his wife vs. Jacob Gaunt & others
Joseph Gaunt, late of Newberry Distict died intestate and was possessed of a tract of land containing 250 acres in Newberry Dist. adjoining lands of John Morgan, Jacob Gaunt, Joel Smith, Gasper Peaster, & Samuel Gaunt. Joseph was survived by a widow Bathsheba who has since married Benjamin Stubbs and the following children: Jacob Gaunt, Israel Gaunt, Walter Gaunt, Elizabeth Gaunt, Eli Gaunt, Elijah Gaunt, Joseph M. Gaunt, Elisha Gaunt, John Gaunt, Samuel Gaunt, and Casey Gaunt (the last 8 being infants under the age of 21). The land was divided with one part going to Benjamin and Bathsheba Stubbs and the balance to be sold. Plat included. (Box 2, Folder A-38)

Michael Suber & wife & Thomas Reid vs. Major F. Gray
25 September 1815
Daniel Reid died intestate and was possessed of 3 tracts of land containing 300 acres more or less. He was survived by the following children: Polly the wife of Michael Suber, Thomas (of full age), William and Nancy (both minors under the age of 21). The property was to be sold. (Box 2, Folder A-39)

John Taylor & others vs. John Edwards & wife & others
October 1821
Anthony Taylor died with no wife or children and owning 43 2/10 acre. He was survived by a mother Elizabeth Taylor; brothers: William Taylor, John Taylor, George Taylor - minor under 21,  sisters: Sarah wife of John Edwards, Polly wife of William Stripling, Elizabeth wife of Howell Wallace, Nance wife of James Wadkins, and Frances Taylor - minor under 21. (Box 1, Folder A-11)

Mary A. E. Waters vs. Patrick C. Caldwell
February 1825 Roll 5075
Mary A. E. Waters, an infant under the age of twenty-one, who by her next friend and guardian ad litem Edward Stephens, sued Patrick C. Caldwell for trespass. The land was in Newberry District on a branch of Bush River, adjoining lands of Patrick C. Caldwell, Powell Cooper, and Robert R. Nance, containing 100 acres, being part of a tract of land originally granted to Sarah Duncan. Jury found for Mary for $400. (Box 1, Folder A-26)