John Calamese George Clary James Davenport David Dreher
Ora Calamese Henry Clary Lillie Mae Davenport Oscar Lee Dreher
Alan J. Caldwell James B. Clary Mildred Davenport E. A. MD Dreskin
B. C. Caldwell John Clary Mr. Davenport Robert L. Driggers
Baby Ruth. Caldwell Robert Clary Ophelia Davenport Edwin B. Dublin
Bessie Caldwell Robert M. Clary Palace Davenport Arthur Duckett
Carrie Caldwell Mr. Claude Rob Davenport Morgan Duckett
Claude Caldwell J. P. Cleveland Tommy Davenport R. M. Duckett
Cleveland Caldwell D. N. Coate Adam Davis Tommie Sue Duckett
Edy Caldwell R. T. Coates Annie Davis Johnny Dudly
Ernest Caldwell Ellen Coats Asa Davis James O. Duffie
Forest Caldwell G. Chesley Coats B. M. Davis C. A. Jr. MD Dufford
Hart Caldwell . Carrie Davis C. A. Jr. MD Dufford
Hattie Caldwell Ralph Coats Charlie Davis H. L. Dukes
J. C. Caldwell W. F. Coats Eugene Davis Ira Dunbar
J. W. Caldwell W. F. Coats Furman Davis B. E. Duncan
Jas. A. Caldwell W. C. Cochran Henry Davis Collie Duncan
Jim Caldwell Johnnie Cockrell Heyward S. Davis L. E. Duncan
Junior Caldwell Catherine Coleman J. R. Davis G. W. Dunn
Junney Caldwell Gene Coleman Jack Davis W. A. Dr. Dunn
Neill Caldwell Jacob Coleman James Davis Carroll Eargle
O’Dell Caldwell Jess Coleman Jim Davis Walter Easler
Otis Caldwell Ollie Coleman John Davis .
Sanford Caldwell Pauline Coleman John R. Davis Shirley Nichols Mrs. Eaves
C. D. Calloway Jennifer Darlene Collier John T. Davis Mr. Echo
Mary Camel Julia Carole Collier John W. Davis Chris Mike Economos
D. P. Campbell Annie Collins Lewis Davis Mr. Edgins
. . Lucinda Davis .
Henry Campbell Fred Collins Maggie Bell Davis Paul Junior Edgins
Lewis Campbell Ola Collins Marcellus Davis James Edwards
S. C. Campbell Robert Jr. Collins Morris Davis John L. Edwards
Steven Campbell Doug Connelly Smith Davis Cannon Eichelberger
Willie Campbell James Connelly Will Davis Henry Eichelberger
Beatrice Cannon Mr. Connelly William Edgar rd Davis James Eichelberger
Claudia Cannon Mark Conner Ben Dawkins Laura Eichelberger
David Cannon Mark A Conner Bo Dawkins Will Eichelberger
Gus Cannon Mr. Conner Earl Dawkins Sam Eigner
Guy Alfred Cannon Diane Patricia Connor Elbert Dawkins William Eigner
Harriet Cannon Tab Connor Emmanuel Dawkins Jake Eleazer
Henry Jr. Cannon Drayton Cook Fitz B. Dawkins C. J. Elkins
Inelle Cannon J. H. Jr. Cook H. W. Dawkins Earl Ellison
James Cannon J. Howard Jr. Cook Henry Dawkins Lee Ellison
Jeff Cannon Joseph Cook Henry Lee Dawkins Ned Ellison
Milton Cannon General Lee Cooper John Earle Dawkins Rufus Ellison
Munt Cannon James Barto Cooper Lillie Mae Dawkins Tump Ellison
Robert Cannon Judge Cooper Mae F. Dawkins Cecil Edward Elsmore
Thomas J. Cannon L. R. Cooper Mr. Dawkins Ray Elsmore
Walter Cannon Mary Cooper Pete Dawkins Frank Epps
Willie Cannon Robert Copeland Wade Dawkins James Epps
B. S. Jr. MD Cardwell Ruth Corder Willie Dean Charles H. MD Epting
E. S. Cardwell G. L. Corley Luther Deas Chas. H. MD Epting
E. S. Jr. MD Cardwell E. G. Cotney Clarence B. Dehart Eugene Epting
R. G. Carr E. G. Cotney William E. Jr. Dehihns George A. Epting
Bessie Jones Carroll Archie Counts Ben Dembo Lucile Etheridge
J. W. Carroll Ira Counts Dave Dembo Dave Evans
W. J. Carroll J. C. Counts John Dendy H. T. Evans
William Jesse Carroll Jamous Counts Love’s baby Dendy Herman Evans
Christopher J. Carter John Counts J. T. Dennis
S. G. Carter John W. Counts O. F. Dennis
Susan Carter Love Counts P. M. Dennis
William Carter Mary Counts E. Dubose Jr. MD Dent
Bluford Carwile Net Counts George Derrick
Clarence Cary Rosalee Counts J. H. Derrick
C. C. Cash Zebediah Counts W. C. Derrick
Mr. Catoe Betty Kathleen Cranford Abner Dewalt
Leo Caturo . Adam Dewalt
Jennings Cauthen Starr Lucinda Crapp Albert Dewalt
E.P. Chalmers Tom Crawford Albert Lee DeWalt
Eliza Chalmers Edward Crenshaw Carrie DeWalt
Hillery Chalmers Mr. Crenshaw Fannie DeWalt
Sallie infant of Champion Osteel Mrs. Crenshaw George Dewalt
Dan F. Chandler Robert Crenshaw Mattie Dewalt
Whit Chaplain Toy Crocker Rosa Lee DeWalt
Emmanuel Chaplin Kevin Leroy Croker Perry Diamond
B. V. Chapman T. Coley Cromely W. T. Dickert
Curtis O. Chapman Carl Cromer Mark Dill
Eloise Chapman Charlie Cromer Mary Dillard
Jeannette Chapman Colie Cromer James Dillard
Killian Chapman Edwin Cromer Mary Dillard
R. C. Chapman George Cromer S. A. Dillard
T. C. Chapman Harrison Cromer Tom Dillard
Buford S. Dr. Chappell Horace (Tip) – Cromer George Diner
. J. Fred Cromer Frederick Mrs. Dipner
R.E. Charles Jim Cromer W. D. Diver
Ed Thyrus Cheek Mattie Blanche Mrs. Cromer Annie Coleman. Doares
Adam Chick T. L. Cromer W. A. Doares
Henderson Chick Bobby L. Crooks Dock
Ike Chick Carrie Crooks John Doe
Will Chick Robert Crooks Andrew (Goodney) to Dominick
George Childers T. P. Crooks Bettie Dominick
James Childers Meredith Crosson George Dominick
Mark R. Childers Jesse Crouch Ira Dominick
Bobby G. Chrisley Jess Crow James E. Dominick
Jane Christian Jack Crump John Dominick
Andrew Clark Nancy Crump John J. M. D. Dominick
Charlie Clark L. L. Culbreath Roy H. Dominick
Dan Jr. Clark Lynn Culbreath Willie Mack Dominick
Edward Clark Casper L. Cunningham W. F. Donald
Henry (Alias FLUTE CLARK) Clark Lizzie Cunningham Ed Dooley
Howard Clark Mary Cureton Buddy Doolittle
Iselia Clark Fat Curry Jim Dorroh
Jasper Clark Purvis Curry Robert Dorroh
Jim Clark Willie Curry Joe Doster
Musco Clark James Curtis Anderson Douglas
Pink Clark James W. Dailey James Howing Douglas
Ray Clark W. T. Dallas "Po" Dowd
Roland Clark Henry Dandy John D. Dowd
Rossie May Clark John Dandy Lucenia Downes
Luke Clarke Berthena Danielson Bennie Downing
Frank Clary Tammy Darnell Charles Drawdy

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