William Valentine Henry Grady Welch L. Pope Wicker Fred Wilson
Maggie Vance Robert A. Welch Minnie Lee Wicker Hester Wilson
William Jr. Vanlue Arthur W. MD Welling O. C. Wicker J. H. Wilson
Claude Pinkney Vaughn Dr. Welling Perry O. Wicker J. W. Wilson
Hayne Vaughn Charles Wells Thomas J. Wicker Jack Wilson
Joe H. Vaughn James Willie Wells William J. Wicker James Wilson
Frank Vicars Jim Wells Sheriff Wier James Eddy Wilson
Adam Viele Willie James Wells Ben Wilbanks Joe N. Wilson
Mrs. Vines Bennie Werts Charles Wilbanks John Mack Wilson
Travis Waddell Clarence Werts Fred Wilbanks Leroy Coroner Wilson
Heyward Wadsworth Eugene R. Werts Elizabeth Wilkes Magistrate Wilson
Jerry Wadsworth Euston Werts Shep Williams Orange (alias Judge) Wilson
Marjory Wadsworth Haskell Werts Aggie Williams Samuel C. Wilson
Austin Wagner Hubert Werts Bennie Williams Eddie Windbush
J. T. Wahl A. E. Wertz Cephus Williams Marc Winner
Peggy Cromer Waites Jordan Wertz Charlie Williams Clyde Wise
Clifford H. Waits Bruce Wessinger Chris Williams Cornell Wise
Ralph Waldon Jackie Coleman Wessinger E. A. Mrs. Williams Ed Wise
Ada Waldrop Dessa Rae Wesson Ephraim Williams George Wise
Dave Waldrop James M. Wesson Essie Williams Herman Wise
John Waldrop John Wesson Frazier Williams Lillie Annie Mae Wise
Hattie Bell Walker John H. Wesson Fred Williams Maxine Wise
James Walker H. B. West Hampton Williams Pete Wise
Johnnie Walker J. B. West Henry Williams Roosevelt Wise
Binum Wall Perry E. West Horace Williams W. B. Wise
Bob Wallace William Roscoe West Ida Williams Clarence Wofford
Hack Wallace Arthur West James Williams B. F. Wood
Hub Wallace Carrie B. Wheeler James A. Jr. Williams Martha Wood
John Wallace Clarence Wheeler Jeff Williams Vera May Wood
John Beardsley Wallace Emma Julia Wheeler Jesse Albert Williams Bluford Workman
John H. Wallace Henry Wheeler Jessie B. Williams Louella Workman
Lucille Wallace James Samuel Wheeler Jimmy Williams Mack Workman
Mr. Wallace Mary Wheeler Joe Heyward Jr. Williams Clarence Worthy
Mrs. Wallace Myrtle Delores Wheeler John Williams Dewey Worthy
D. E. MD Waller Verne Wheeler John A. Williams Monroe Mrs. Worthy
J. T. Walling J. B. Whelcher Julia Williams Nelson Worthy
William Walter Willie Wherry Laura Williams Jimmy Wright
Ed Walton H. D. Whitaker Levi Williams Mary infant of Wright
Frank Ward D. G. White Lola Mae Williams Hattie Wyatt
George Wardsworth Mr. White Luke Williams James Wyatt
Grady Douglas George Whitener Malinda Williams alias Boyd Jim Wyatt
N. B. Warren Guy Whitener McKinley Williams Noah Wyatt
N. B. Jr. Warren Hattie Whitener Mose Williams James E. Yarbrough
James Wates Morris Alexander Whitley Nathan Williams Forrest Griffith York
Callie Watson Robert W. Whitlock Quincy Williams Edward Young
Mary Alice Watson Clara Whitman Rebecca Williams Edward Jr. Young
Nathaniel Watson (Watkins?) Charles G. Whitmire Rufus Williams Frances Young
James Watts Dave Whitmire Shep Williams Hanie Maria Young
Mr. Watts Ralph Whitner Thomas Williams James Young
Robert Watts Albert Whitney Warren Williams

Lindsay Young

Robert Watts Alton Wicker Wealthy’s child Williams Vinnie Bell Young
Geo. D. Way Buster Wicker Willie Lee Williams William’s child Young
George D. Way Claude Wicker George Willis Willie Young
Juanita Robinson Weehunt D. W. Wicker Alice Wilson
Ernest Hamm Wehunt David Wicker Amelia’s Wilson


Fred Weir Ernest Wicker Arthur Wilson
Fred J. Weir F. Orlando Wicker Arthur Wilson
R. S. Weir George Wicker Charley Wilson
Frank Welch Jewel Donald Wicker Ella Wilson

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