Crims Creek, Newberry County, South Carolina
Land Owners and Settlers

Submitted by Theresa M. Hicks to ONDQ Summer 1993,  pg 1-10.  Permission to use full content given Nov. 25, 2007.
Although my study of the early settlement on Crims Creek has not been exhaustive, I have gathered enough data to reconstruct the area to some degree and recount a little of the background of the settlers. It should be noted that land ownership does and did not always mean place of residence.

[CJ=Council Journal of South Carolina. The number preceding the ( : ) is the volume number; the number following the is the page number. Many of the references will be found in CJ 17:661—663; 671-672; others are in different volumes as noted.  QR=Quitrent. L & R=Lease and Release.]

The interpretation by someone else of the following names may be different from mine. Please consult the original document.

It is stated emphatically in the Minutes of the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, [Journal of the Commissioners... pp. 418-21] “. . .that the people in general would not be willing to go to any other part of America than South Carolina.” [Minutes, Wednesday, May 31, 1749] It is clear from this statement that any passage via Philadelphia at this time was only due to expediency, and the settlers had no intention of staying there. Those who did not come directly to South Carolina during this period of immigration remained only briefly in Philadelphia -— with a few exceptions, such as the Reverend John Gasser and, perhaps, a few others.

The person making the statement as to the destination of the immigrants was none other than Hans Jacob Riemensperger “late of Toggenburgh in Switzerland, now of Saxe Gotha in South Carolina.” He was on his third trip to bring Swiss and German Protestants and had been there this time about three years. In May, 1749, he was in London petitioning the Commissioners to defray the expense of their passage. There were, then, in Holland about 600 who had come via the Rhine, few of which “are able to transport themselves.” Some of those had arranged with a merchant in Holland to go to Pennsylvania. The rest, with their families, were destitute. These “Natives of five balliwicks of the Duchy of Wirtemberg” had disposed of their properties and were “being obliged to lye in ditches exposed to the open air without any shelter    “ at Helvoetsluys. They had come on down to Holland and had obtained a packet to go over to England. The master of the packet refused to take their baggage as it was not included in the order from his Majesty’s minister at The Hague! On Monday, June 5, 1749, Mr. Riemensperger told the Board that some of the 600 persons had come over into England. The rest were embarking from Rotterdam for England.
Early References on Crims Creek in S.C.

On Feb. 6, 1748 [CJ 17(1):155), Thomas Lever petitioned on behalf of his wife’s sister, Fryner (Freny.) Hawke, for 50 acres which was surveyed 17 March 1748 on Crims Creek (Plat 4:465). He stated that he had settled on Santee (Saluda) in the forks and had a wife who came with Mr. “Ramensperger” and had two children and also maintained his wife’s sister. He petitioned for 150 acres for himself which was surveyed on Saluda River, near Rawis Creek. [Plat 5:64].

George Dryer (as Fryer on Plat 4:466) had 100 acres surveyed 20 March 1748 on Crims Creek.

THE GRIFFIN, Captain Arthur, arrived in South Carolina from London. It was part of this group of “Palatines brought by Ramensperger” which became the nucleus of the settlement on Crims Creek. The following were able to pay their passage:

Frederick Mack...wife and 1 child...Palatine (CJ 17(2):657] ...15O acres N of Crims Creek near mouth 5 Jan. 749 [Plat 5:200).

Andreas Emmark...himself only...Palatine [CJ 17(2)]...50 acres 12 Feb. 1749 branch of Crims Creek [Plat 5:190].

Johannes Nicholas Prester (also as Presler) ...Palatine (CJ 17(2):663]...l50 acres 24 Nov. 1749, Crims Creek (Plat 5:199].

John Adam Epting...Palatine [CJ 17(2):663]...250 acres 28 Nov. 1749, Crims Creek (Plat 5:201]. [He was an Elder of a Dissenting Congregation (St. John’s) 27 June 1763.]

George Hipp...himself, wife and 3 children. Palatine [CJ17(2):657] ...250 acres 4 Dec. 1749, Crims Creek (Plat 5:187). As John Hipp on plat of Thomas Munich (Minnick) 1752 [Plat 5:331].

Michael Colfall (Kalfiell) . . .himself, wife and 2 children.. .Palatine (CJ 17(2):657].. .200 acres 12 Dec. 1749, near Crims Creek (Plat 5:187].

Jacob Hoffner...Protestant of Germany [CJ 17(2):712]...200 acres 16 Dec. 1749 on branch of Saluda River (Plat 5:211].

Conrad Shirer (Sherer)...Protestant from Germany [CJ 17(2):716]... 250 acres 20 Dec. 1749, Crims Creek [Plat 5:208].

Andrew Riste...Palatine (CJ 17]...l50 acres 28 March 1750, branch of Crims Creek (Plat 5:197].

Johannes Kuller...[CJ ].7]....450 acres 31 March 1750, Crims Creek [Plat 5:193].

Johannes Dreyer (as Freyer/Treyer)...350 acres 4 Apr. 1750, Crims Creek [Plat 5:193].

Christopher Hendrick Hoppold...[CJ 17 and CJ 29 Nov. 1750]...50 acres 5 April 1751, Crims Creek [Plat 5:231]. ..had warrant granted 24 Oct. 1749 for 50 acres in or near Saxagotha by absence of Mr. Fairchild is run out of date.

Christopher/Christian Remenstein/Ramenstein...Palatine (CJ 17(2):671]. ..100 acres 10 Apr. 1750, near Crims Creek (Plat 5:192].

Johannes Jacob Leitzenger (Cannons Creek).

John Rahl/Rall (between Rawis & High Hill. Mr. Lewis Fincy paid his passage).  Johannes Rish/Rich. . .himself, wife, and 4 small children. (Fork of Broad and Saluda).

Christopher Saltzer...himself and wife... (NE by Broad River).

George Ludovick Finck...(S side of Saluda (Congaree).

Hans Michael Swagert. Johannes Circus. Andreas Cranmer. John George Watchter. John George Buchheart. Andreas Swachierbach. John Conrad Beck. John Titerly. Conrad Buchmiser. John Curner. Verner Almer. John George Lapp. Michael Looser. George Gottlieb. Nicholas Dirr...(Wateree Creek).

Margaret Burkmayer. Joseph Vorsner. Clemens From. Eva Knoll.  Hans George Scheick . . . Protestant from Germany. . .wife and 3 children.. .250 acres (Rawls Creek). (Plat 5:258]

Passengers on the GRIFFIN, Captain Arthur, from London who could not pay their passage:

Charles Leopold Schuber. . . Petition of Leopold Schubert.. . bound 2 years to Patrick Hind...he married a Wife named Dorothy Lanter. (CJ 18(2):502] 3 Dec. 1751. 100 acres 5 Aug. 1752, Crims Creek [Plat 5:261]. (Land between Charles L. Schuber and Andreas Hoilman described as Michael Bauch’s land.)

Hans Fingerlin...50 acres [CJ 22).

Hans George Frantz. . . from Switzerland. . .himself and wife. 100 acres NE on Broad at Mouth of Bookman’s Crk., near Nichols Crk. [Plat 5:178].

Peter Heer (Herr)...German. 200 acres waters of Cannons Crk. [Plat 5:200].

Elizabeth Herr...50 acres [CJ 22)...Eleazer Branch of Cannons. [Plat 6:29].

Hans Jacob Hogheim. . .German Protestant. . .wife.. .100 acres Broad River S of Hollingshead Crk. [Plat 5:182].

Ann Maria Ruffin.. .Eleazer Crk. N of Saluda. . .50 acres. [Plat 5:183]

Fred Christian...5O acres [CJ 22).

John Charles Haintz...Bound to Alex. Frazier ...50 acres (CJ 22].

Maria Anasa Harmon. . . Indentured 4 years to Arch. Scott. Wants to settle now near her father...50 acres (CJ 21 Pt. 2).

Anna Maria Herman.. .Bound by Col. Beall to Mrs. Loyd. Served her time. . .50 acres [CJ 20
Pt. 2].

Michael Jacklen. . . Bound to Cornelius Vangelder, blacksmith, near Ashley Ferry...50 acres (CJ 21, Pt. 2].

John Joos with his brother. . . Bound to Estate of Joseph Wragg. . . served 4 years...50 acres [CJ 22].

Samuel Joos ...Bound to John Wragg 4 years...50 acres (CJ 22].

John Chris. Kieders Kiet . . . had agreed with Mr. “Reimensporgher to come.” Was bound by Col. Beal to Mr. John Boyde. . .wife and 1 child: John Godlif 4 years old.

Christiana Kammell...servant 4 years to Samuel Stevens...50 acres [CJ 23]. John Martin Kumber. . .50 acres.

Christopher Pleneis.. .Bound out. . . lately married Mary Enoy who came on ELIZABETH...1 child Christopher 1 year old. (CJ 24].

John Rieb ...since married and has 1 child...150 acres [CJ 22]. Certified from Hannah Pachalbell widow of Theod. Fred.

Ursula Ruffen...50 acres (CJ 22].

Gabriel Schwartz.. .Bound to Mr. Justin Stoll, blacksmith.. .50 acres [CJ 22].  Philip William Smith. . .Bound to Rev. Joachim Zubly who assigned him to Mr. Tobler. Now free. Has married and has 1 child. [CJ 21 PT. 1].

Abraham Speidel... Bound to Arthur Elliott.. .50 acres [CJ 22]. Elizabeth Meyer...married Abraham Spyle (sic). [CJ 25:31].

Martin Styger...Bound to Outerbridge and Samuel Newman...5O acres (CJ 22]. [I believe his grant was in what became Williamsburg Co. — Martin Steiger. Some members of the Steiger family took the surname Cooper.]

John Vandalas...Bound to Joseph Child...50 acres. (CJ 22].

Daniel Burkenaker/Burkmeyer...Served his time.. .50 acres. [CJ 24].

John Hendrick Welcher...Protestant from Germany [CJ17:692)...50 acres 20 Apr. 1750/51, branch of Crims Creek [Plat 5:191).

Mr. Riemensperger received the bounty for 132 free and indentured German Protestants. (See CJ 22 October 1749.]

It is obvious that we have not located all of the passengers on the GRIFFIN, but not all of the settlers on Crims Creek came with Riemensperger; and, as noted above, all of the passengers on the GRIFFIN did not have land surveyed on Crims Creek. Some settlers on Crims Creek came by other routes:

Mary Ann Seaman. . .50 acres 1 Feb. 1749, near waters of Crims Creek (Plat 5:199]. On ST. ANDREW, Captain Brown.

Martin Keynott (also as Kynett, Kynot, Kynock, Kennet). 26 January 1749 Petition of John Keynott in behalf of himself and his brother Martin. . . came with his parents, father and mother are both dead in service of Mr. Middleton .brother also out of his time being 15 years old. Martin Keynott.. .50 acres 17 March 1749, near Crims Creek [Plat 5:194]. John Keynott. ..50 acres 21 March 1749, near Crims Creek [Plat 5:194]. Memorial of Martin Keynott for 50 acres 23 July 1771 in Saxagotha. . . chain of title to grant to John Keynott 27 Aug. 1751. They came in Capt. Brown with their parents.

Andrew Holman.. .CJ 6 March 1749/50. . . “lately come from Philadelphia from Rotterdam.. .Capt. Brown. . . intended to come to this province and unjustly carried to Philadelphia. . . has wife and 5 children. . .wished land in the fork of Broad and Saluda where he has planted 3 sorts of wheat.” 350 acres 22 March 1749, Crims Creek [Plat 5:184]. Dead by 27 June 1763, widow Hollman on plat of St. John’s Church.

Mary Tissot. . . settler on Broad River.. . has a servant and slave. . . also petitioner expects her three brothers from England. . . one hath a wife and settle near her...Warrant for 350 acres (CJ 2 Jan. 1749]... Warrant for 350 acres. 100 acres 22 March 1749, near Broad River between Cannons and Crirns Creek (Plat 5:471]. Petition 6 Sep. 1749 [CJ 17(2):598]...herself, 1 negro, 2 children. . .200 acres. 200 acres 9 Sep. 1749. [Plat 5:471) Grant 200 acres 30 Aug. 1755.

Francis Varambout. . .4 negroes for whom he has no grant. . .6 Sep. 1749 [CJ 17(2):601]. 200 acres 9 Sep. 1749, Broad River, North of Crims Creek (Plat 5:410]. Declaims right to grant on 2 Apr. 1752. William Raiford. 200 acres East by Broad River. 9 Sep. 1749 (Plat 5:410]. Originally surveyed for Francis Varambout 9 Sep. 1749. Later owned by Peirson (Pearson) [Plat 19:436].

John Cuons/[Counts]. . .landed at Philadelphia.. .wife and 5 children [CJ 17(1):299] 21 April 1749. 350 acres 1 Dec. 1749, branch of Crims Creek [Plat 5:210]. Referred to as John or Johannes Kounts on surrounding plats (12:99, 12:51, 18:37).

Francis Helo. . .belonged to Col. Alexander Vandendusser’s Co. . . .carpenter ...was lately disbanded...wife and 3 children. [CJ 17(2):751). 9 Dec. 1749. ...250 acres 7 March 1750, branch of Crims Creek (Plat 5:235]. Owned by Hans Windle Hallman in 1753 [Plat 12:51].

Daniel Gardner.. . in Capt. Bogg with his brothers Hendrick and Godf red being landed at Georgia. (CJ March l749]...50 acres 14 March 1750, branch of Crims Creek [Plat 5:196]. Land owned by Frederick Hartley as of 26 Nov. 1756 by plat of Jacob Sohn (6:80) Henry Hertley on plat of St. John’s Church (8:346). Godfreid Gardiner. . .50 acres 11 May 1750, branch of Crirns Creek near mouth [Plat 5:228].

Margaret Kenner. . . in Capt. Brown. . . served 5 years with Mrs. Carsen and Mrs. Duckat [CJ 6 March 1749/50]. ...50 acres 27 March 1750, branch of Crims Creek (Plat 5:192]. Owned by John Sweetenbergh as indicated on plat of St. John’s. Peter Crim...(as Peter Crem)...prays for 250 acres (CJ 6 March 1749/50). ...250 acres 30 March 1750, Broad River at mouth of Crims Creek [Plat 5:220]. John Adam Schwerdfeger. . . Petition of John Abraham Schwerd Afeger, from Prussia.. .hath been over 3 years, has wife and one child at Congrees (sic — Congarees)... in the flax trade...(CJ 15:42]...200 acres 4 August 1750, Broad River, North of Crims Creek (Plat 5:176].

William Michael. . . came by way of Philadelphia. . . Ship of Messrs. Hopes of Rotterdam...came in Capt. Hazieton directly here...[CJ 15 May 1750]. 50 acres 5 April 1751, Crims Creek [Plat 5:247].

Baltis Class.. .hath a wife and 2 children (CJ 2 May 1750].. .200 acres 13 April 1751, North of Crims Creek [Plat 5:221]. Memorial of Baltis Class 24 Aug. 1765 for 200 acres above Congarees. Resurveyed 14 May 1772 for Charles Leopold Shubard [Plat 19:436].

Adam Hauber. . . came on JUDITH, Capt. James Cowen, Corn. .. . sold his time as a servant to John Hamilton, Esq. Petitioned for land with wife 26 April 1751. ...100 acres 20 Sep. 1751, branch of Crims Creek [Plat 5:234]. Owned by William Saur in 1770.

Frederick Schaffer. 50 acres 15 Dec. 1751, Crims Creek [Plat 5:260].

Benjamin Gregory. . . Petition of John and Benjamin Gregory. . . John was lately arrived from New Jersey with son Benjamin. . . Benjamin came from East Jersey 12 months was last May. . . intended for Flower Trade. . . hath aged father and wife and 4 children. (CJ 17(2)] 3 Oct. 1749. 350 acres 3 Aug. 1752, Broad River and Crims Creek [Plat 5:79]. [John Gregory, an old man, came from East Jersey May, 1748 and petitioned in 1749 that his 50 acres be included with his son Benjamin’s land, Benjamin Gregory’s land being laid out in 1750 on Crims Creek; Richard Gregory of East Jersey asked in Feb. 1749, for 300 acres on Wateree Creek for himself, wife and 4 small children, 278 acres being laid out for him at the junction of Wateree Creek and Wateree River. John Gregory had sons, John and Richard. See Townsends History of South Carolina Baptists.]

George Reison. . . Petition of George Reiser. . . had the misfortune to come with Capt. Crawford who landed him with the rest at Cape Fear... (CJ 18(2):287] 3 Sep. 1751. 50 acres 22 Aug. 1752, Crims Creek [Plat 5:255].

Casper Fulger (Tugler)...came with “Remensperger, Capt. Watharn about 9 years ago and hath lived with Herman Geger [CJ 4 Dec. 1750]. 50 acres 24 Sep. 1752 [Plat 5:226].

Henry Fulger (Tugler)...came with “Rernensperger” and hath lived with Herman Geger. [CJ 4 Dec. 1750]. ...50 acres 24 Sep. 1752 [Plat 5:226].

Francis Huet. . .from Rotterddam in Capt. Russell’s ship.. .wife and 2 children:  Jacob 10, Catherine 2 & 1/2. [CJ 20(2)]. 200 acres 3 Nov. 1752 [Plat 5:337]. Adam Summer. . . from Rotterdam on board of Capt. Mason [to Philadelphia and almost immediately came on the EDINBURGH/EDENBOROW/EDINBOUROUGH) Capt. Russell’s ship.. .wife and 3 children: Adam 8, Henry 6, Magdalena 4. [CJ 20(2)]. 250 acres 4 Nov. 1752, branch of Crims Creek [Plat 5:338].

Additions to Crims Creek Settlement after 1752

George Michael Stearl/Sterle. 150 acres 6 Nov. 1752, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:487]. On UPTON wife and 1 child Maria Catherina 10. [CJ 20]

John Adam Witt. 250 acres 7 Nov. 1752, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:489] On UPTON wife and 3 children John Peter 11, Christopher 10, Jno. Moses 8.  [CJ20)

Melchior Hoffman. 20 acres 8 Nov. 1752, Crims Creek. [Plat 5:486]. On UPTON wife and 2 children Anna Catherina 4 & 1/2, Albert 3. (CJ2O]

John Michael Gadringer. 200 acres 8 Nov. 1752, Crims Creek. [Plat 5:485). On UPTON wife and 2 children Anna Christina 4, Cath. Fred. 2. (CJ2O]

George Frederick Knoble. 50 acres 9 Nov. 1752, Crims Creek [Plat 5:486]. On UPTON. (CJ2O]

John Mazer. 50 acres 9 Nov. 1752, Branch of Crims Creek. [Plat 5:488] On UPTON.. .“being invited over by his relations.” Later owned by Henry Mittscut in 1771 and then by George Shoemaker in 1772.

Andreas Thomas/Andrew Thomas. 150 acres 21 Nov. 1752, Branch of Crims Creek.  [Plat 5:487) On UPTON wife and child George 6. [CJ 20]

Christopher Siss/Siess. 250 acres 21 Nov. 1752, Crims Creek. [Plat 5:488]  Foreign Protestant on UPTON, Capt. John Gardiner from Rotterdam. . .settling with his family among his relatives in the fork. . .wife and 3 children Mary Catherina 12, Dorothy about 7, Catherine about 2. (CJ2O]

George Eglisberger/Egliberger/Eichelberger. 50 acres 22 Nov. 1752, Branch of Crims Creek. [Plat 5:485] On UPTON [CJ2O]

Alexander Andrew Bower/Bowers. 50 acres 10 Dec. 1752, Crims Creek. [Plat 5:484] On UPTON. (CJ2O]

Margaret Breshter. 250 acres 10 Dec. 1752, near Crims Creek. (Plat 5:484] On UPTON 4 children Margarita 22, Mathias 18, Elizabeth 14, Jacob 14. [CJ2O]  Later owned by William Houseal in 1773. See Memorial of Jacob Terrer 24 Mar. 1774.

John Neizelhalt/Geiselhalt. 250 acres 11 Dec. 1752, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:333]. On CALEDONIA, Capt. Alex. Harvey. Children Mary Anne 14, Mary Barbara 7, Mary 2. (CJ2O:449-450] Referred to as John Geiselhalt on plat 9:250; referred to as John Kessle on plat of Conrad Emick (Plat: (Bundle)].  Deceased by 1770. QR paid by widow Anna Maria Neiglehart.

Thomas Munich/Minick. 250 acres 11 Dec. 1752, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:331) Foreign Protestant under Capt. Gardiner from Rotterdam, wife and 3 children Mary Katherine 12 & 1/2, Geo. Bathlrn. 10 & 1/2, George 6. [CJ2O]. Owned by Bartholomew Minnick in 1770 and Thomas Minnick in 1772. [Plats 18:37 and 21:214].

Catherine Wertz. 50 acres 12 Dec. 1752, Branch of Crims Creek. (Plat 5:332].  Later owned by John Miller. [Plat 21:214].

George Henry Wertz. 150 acres 12 Dec. 1752, Branch of Crims Creek. [Plat 5: 333].

Margaret Michin. 100 acres 12 Dec. 1752, near Crims Creek. (Plat 5:331] On CALEDONIA 1 child Christian Hany 6 weeks. Johannes Michen petitioned for Margarita [CJ2O].

Hans Martin Petter/Jetter. 50 acres 13 Dec. 1752, Branch of Crims Creek.  [Plat 5:336] On CALEDONIA. (CJ2O]

John Sheley. 400 acres 14 Dec. 1752, near Crims Creek. (Plat 5:332) On CALDEDONIA, Capt. Harvey from Rotterdam. Children Barbara 14, Elizabeth 12, Ursula 9, Mary Ann 8, John Windle 7, Margaret 6. (CJ2O:452]

Benjamin Epele. 50 acres 14 Dec. 1752, Branch of Crims Creek. [Plat 5:336] On CALEDONIA. QR paid by Martin Hook in 1769.

Conrad Emick. 150 acres 16 Dec. 1752, Branch of Crims Creek. (Plat: (Bundle) From Upper part of Germany on UPTON wife and child Wemick 5 years. [CJ2O]

Peter Bikkell. 200 acres 18 Dec. 1752, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:483] On UPTON wife and 2 children Andony 5, Caspar 2. [CJ2O] Resurveyed 1773 for Joachim Bulow. [Plat 13:484]

Tobias LeCrown. 200 acres 18 Dec. 1752, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:489] On UPTON wife and 3 children Frederick 5, Margaret 2 & 1/2, Eliz. 3 months.  [CJ2O]

Daniel Beyle. 200 acres 19 Dec. 1752, Crims Creek. [Plat 5:464] On UPTON wife and 2 children John Phillip 14, Charlotta 9. [CJ2O]

Conrad Roodt. 200 acres 19 Dec. 1752, Crims Creek. [Plat 5:486] On UPTON wife and 2 daughters Ursula 12, Margritta 4. [CJ2O)

Christian Joiscesel/Jeserel. 50 acres 11 Jan. 1753, near Crims Creek. (Plat 5:499] On CALEDONIA. (CJ 21]. Later belonged to George Stoudmyer.

George Jaesesel. 50 acres 11 Jan. 1753, near Crims Creek. (Plat 5:496] On CALEDONIA. [CJ 20]

John Domine/Dominick. 150 acres 11 Jan. 1753, near Crims Creek. (Plat 5:495) On CALEDONIA wife and 1 child Michael 8. [CJ2O] 200 acres 14 May 1772.  Between Crims and Camping Creek. (Plat 14:42].

Margaret Froudenmeyer. 50 acres 11 Jan. 1753, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:498].  Owned by John Stoudmyer in 1762.

Robert Lang. 100 acres 28 March 1753, near Crims Creek. [Plat 5:498].

Joseph Reighter. 300 acres 21 Apr. 1753, Branch of Crims Creek. [Plat 12:136]. Owned by John Fulmer in 1771. (Plat 13:171]

John Gangell/Gungle. 300 acres 28 May 1753, Branch of Crims Creek. (Plat 7:486). Wife and 2 children. [CJ 21 PT 1]. Certified for Peter Rickert on June 5, 1764.

Benedict Kuhn/Keetin. 150 acres 13 June 1753, near Crims Creek. [Plat 12:51) On UPTON wife & 1 son George Adam 8. (CJ2O] Frederick Coon on Plat 6:318 in 1758.

Paulus Moterhold/Motterhold. 200 acres 14 June 1753, Branch of Crims Creek.  [Plat 12:113] On ELIZABETH wife and 2 children John Paul 6, John George 2.  [CJ21]

Andrew Meyer. 400 acres 5 Oct. 1753, near Crims Creek. (Plat 12:99] On CALEDONIA wife and 6 children Ursula 17, Worley 16, Johanna 14, Jacob 12, Barbara 6, Andrea 4. [CJ2O)

Frederick Snipe(s). 100 acres 5 Nov. 1753, near Crims Creek. [Plat 12:155] On ANNE.. .wife. (CJ21] Later owned by Jacob Fulk. (Plat 19:425]

Ulrick Burghard. 150 acres 15 November 1753, near Crims Creek. [Plat: Bundle]  On ANNE wife and 1 child Mary 13. [CJ21]. Later owned by John Adam Setzler.  [Lexington Co. Deed M:244]

Michael Petebay/Peterbaugh/Pitebog/[Bedenbaugh]. 100 acres 16 Nov. 1753, near Crims Creek. (Plat 12:127] On CALDEDONIA, Capt. Alex. Harvey. [CJ21]  Referred to as one Peterbaugh on plat of Abraham Chapman; as Pitebog in CJ.

Herman Noulfer/Nouser. 300 acres 11 Feb. 1754, near Crims Creek. [Plat 12:123]. Deeded to Martin Singley by L & R 4 & 5 Aug. 1761. (Memorial 11:155]. Martin Singley to Henry Kountz 150 acres 27 & 28 June 1764.  (Memorial 11:155].

Daniel Ebb. 250 acres 11 Feb. 1754, near Crims Creek. (Plat: Bundle) On ELIZABETH wife and 3 children Daniel 18, Barbara 13, Magdalen 8. (CJ21].  Owned by Jacob Farr in 1773. (Plat 13:484).

John Gasper/Gassert. 50 acres 14 March 1754, Fork of Crims Creek. (Plat: Bundle]. Referred to as Rev. Jno. Gassert on plat of St. John’s Church. From Switzerland. . . Hearing of George Smoak and that he wanted a minister for the Fork of the Broad & Saluda. . .went to Pennsylvania and preached for an old minister there one year. . .to preach to two churches one low in the Fork the other higher up...1 servant. (CJ 22]. See John Crebs (var. sp.) on Camping Creek as the servant who came with him. See also History of the Lutheran Church in S. C.

Jacob (John) Sohn. 50 acres 26 Nov. 1754, Crims Creek, Sol Br. [Plat 6:80].  Lately from Maryland [CJ 22].

Eberhard Volmer/Everhart Fulmer. 300 acres 21 April 1755. (Plat 8:636] On CALEDONIA, Capt. Harvey, wife and 4 children Catherine 20, John 18, Mary 6 & 1/2, Jacob 9. [CJ2O].

Frederick Aberlien. 200 acres 30 June 1757, Branch of Crims Creek. [Plat 6:273].

Michael/Melchior Lohner/Lonner. 153 acres 13 Feb. 1758, near Crims Creek (Plat 6:318]. 100 acres 15 Feb. 1763, near Crims Creek. (Plat 7:400]. Part of resurvey for Martin Kynock (var. sp.) in 1771. [Was this the tract of Meichior Loyner which adjoined St. John’s?]

Henry Seithman. 100 acres 26 July 1762. Crims Creek. [Plat 7:270].

Martin Singley. 1761 from Herman Noulfer/Nouser. 300 acres. Henry Kountz.  1764 from Martin Singley. 150 acres.

Peter Dickert/Rickert/Fitchcart. 300 acres 5 June 1764, Branch of Crims Creek. (Plat 7:486]. This was original survey for John Gangell/Gungle and was certified for Peter Dickert. Peter Dickert was an Elder of a Dissenting congregation (St. John’s) 27 June 1763.

John Adolph Legrown. 100 acres 25 June 1765, between Cannons and Crims Creek.  [Plat 8:99].

Jacob Maurer/Morrow/Mower. 150 acres 2 Dec. 1766, Branch of Crims Creek.  [Plat 18:63]. From Germany on BRITTANIA from Amsterdam. Eliz’h. Maurer 25.  17 Oct. 1766. (CJ32]

Charles Leopold Shubert. 125 acres, 30 Sept. 1767, Crims Creek. (Plat 9:313].  200 acres 10 Oct. 1770. (Plat 19:436]. 200 acres 14 May 1772, near Crims Creek [Plat 19: 436]. Resurvey of land granted Baltis Class.

Ann Elizabeth Herring. 100 acres 30 Sep. 1768, Branch of Crims Creek. [Plat 15:418]. From Germany in BRITTANNIA from Amsterdam (CJ 32].

George Keehee. 100 acres 11 Oct. 1768, Branch of Crims Creek (Plat 17:390].

Abraham Chapman. 100 acres. 1 Oct. 1768, near Camping Creek (Plat 14:58]. 47 acres 18 Dec. 1768, near Crims Creek. (Plat 14:58].

Peter Setzler. 200 acres 24 June 1769, Crims Creek. [Plat 11:174]. From Germany in BRITTANNIA from Amsterdam. (CJ 32].

John Erret. 100 acres 14 May 1770, near Crims Creek. [Plat 15:49]. German Protestant on the FRANKLAND 13 Feb. 1766. (CJ 32]

Nicholas Martin. 121 acres 15 May 1770, S of Crims Creek. (Plat 18:37]. On BARCLAY, Capt. John Brown from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes. See Biographical Sketch of this Minister in A History of the Lutheran Church in S.C.

Adam Sumer. 300 acres 12 Feb. 1771, near Crims Creek (Plat 9:35] and [21:209]

John George Herring. 100 acres 7 June 1771; 100 acres 11 Jan. 1773, near Crims Creek. (Plat 15:418]. From Germany in BRITANNIA (CJ 32].

Martin Kynock (var. sp.). 150 acres 14 Aug. 1771, near Crims Creek. (Plat 17:532).

Thomas Bee. 200 acres 20 Sep. 1771, Crims Creek. [Plat 13:171].

John Dominick 200 acres 14 May 1772 between Crims and Camping Creek. (Plat 14:420].

Frederick Shiffer. 50 acres 14 May 1772, near Crims Creek. (Plat 19:426).

Frederick Sheffer. 200 acres 15 May 1772, Crims Creek. [Plat: 19:425]

John Adam Summer. 300 acres 29 June 1772, near Crims Creek. (Plat 21:214].

Mattis Reighnart. 100 acres 19 July 1773, Branch of Crims Creek. (Plat 20:62]

William Ballentine. 50 acres 10 Nov. 1772, Branch of Crims Creek. [Plat 13:119).

Mary Black. 100 acres 11 Feb. 1773, near Crims Creek. [Plat 13:231].

John Fulmore. 100 acres 12 Feb. 1773, near Crims Creek. [Plat 15:229].

Joachim Bulow. 200 acres 12 May 1773, near Crims Creek. [Plat 13:484].  Originally surveyed for Peter Bikkell.

Jacob Terrer. Memorial for 2 tracts 24 March 1774. One for 125 acres between Broad and Saludy Rivers, Berkeley Co. originally part of 250 acres. . .chain of title to grant to Margaret Breshter of 2 Jan. 1754 and one for 150 acres on Santee River, Craven Co.

St. John’s Church, Pomaria

John Gasser is said to have been the first pastor of St. John’s, Pomaria. On 2 April 1754, the petition of John Gasser, “present minister of the Gospel in the Fork of Saluda” requested permission to make a collection for the support of a minister and a school master. Upwards of 40 persons signed the petition. Council postponed action. On the plat of St. John’s Church, he is referred to as Rev. John Gassert. See also History of the Lutheran Church in South Carolina: “The Rev. John Gasser, as late as 1755, came to Switzerland as a Reformed minister in the forks of the Santee.”

John George Loeff (variant spellings), Minister, arrived on the ELIZABETH from Rotterdam with 319 Protestants to settle in New Windsor. [CJ 21 PT 1. 31 Jan. 1753]. A Brief History of Saint John’s Lutheran Church Pomaria, South Carolina lists John G. Luft as the second pastor of that church. Dr. Ramsey records him as the first minister of the Lutheran congregation in Charleston, but the Synod’s History questions this. He is identified as being “German Reformed.” According to the Synod’s History, “John Henry (sic) Luft is one of the most elusive characters in the colonial period. His ashes rest in St. John’s Pomaria.” John George Loeff, Minister had 50 acres Congrees (sic — Congarees) (CJ 22], and as noted above, several of the passengers on the ELIZABETH had grants on Crims Creek.

“Heinrich Burchard Gabriel Wortmann was the successor of Mr. Friedrichs at Charlestown.. .he is said to have succeeded Mr. Luft at St. John’s Pomaria....” [Synod’s History] According to the history of St. John’s, Pomaria, the Reverend Luft was succeeded by Waterman, also identified as “German Reformed.” This was, undoubtedly, the Reverend Heinrich Burchard Gabriel Wortmann/ Wartmann/Wordxnann who had held pastorates in Pennsylvania and Virginia and is also identified as being “Lutheran.”  Christian Theus, Joachim Bulow, Froelich, Ludwig (Lewis) Hocheimer, John Nicholas Martin, and Frederick J. Wallern also served as early ministers at St. John’s, Pomaria.

In 1763, the congregation of St. John’s, Pomaria was diverse enough to allow for Lutheran leadership (John Adam Epting) and Reformed leadership (Peter Dickert) who secured a Bounty Grant of land for the church.

Although the Rev. Wallern, a Lutheran, was one of the ministers who helped to organize the Unio Ecciesiastica or Corpus Evangelicum (Evangelicorum) or Union of Churches — as it was variously called — in 1787, there is no record that either of his congregations of St. John’s, Pomaria or St. Paul’s joined the group of 15 churches - 9 of which were predominately Lutheran and 6 of which were predominately Presbyterian (Reformed). The Reverend Frederick Joseph Wallern was not much of a joiner as the Synod history suggests. He was probably the Joseph Wallen enumerated in 1790 in Newberry County not too far from George and John Egglebarger (Eichelberger/Eigleberger). He had married in 1789 Mary Ursula Eichelberger, the widow Stairley, and the daughter of George Eichelberger, Sr. and Elizabeth Catherine Shealy Eichelberger.

As recounted in JACOB HARMON ET AL VS. GODFREY DREHER ET AL (decision 1843), we have a glimpse of these earlier events:
The Rev. Mr. W., one of the ministers who had assisted in forming the Ecclesiastical Union, was the minister of a Lutheran Church, called St. John’s; but part of the congregation living at an inconvenient distance from this church, it was determined to erect a new one for their accommodation. A survey of one hundred and twelve acres of land, on which St. Peter’s Church (now in controversy) was erected was made, and a grant obtained to certain persons for the same, in “trust for the incorporated Church of St. Peter’s, on Camping Creek, and to their successors, trustees of the said church,”... This was done in anticipation of an Act incorporating the church, which was passed 17th December 1794; and at the same time, the congregation of St. John’s was incorporated. The Rev. Mr. W., officiated as minister in these churches from 1794, for several years, not accurately fixed by the testimony. Mr. W. was succeeded by a series of Ministers, as Pastors of St. Peter’s, but during his pastorship, neither of his churches ever became united to any Synodical body.

“The Petition of Sundry Inhabitants Minister Elders and Members of a Christian Congregation Residing in that part of Orangeburgh and Ninety Six Districts called the fork of Broad and Saluda Rivers.. .“ was made to the House of Representatives in 1794 “to Incorporate them under the Name and Denomination of the German Lutherian (sic) Congregation of S:t: John, in the fork of Broad and Saluda Rivers,...” (General Assembly Petitions 1794 #20). Those signing:


The Trustees of St. Peter’s, Camping Creek in 1794 were:

As will be noted, some of these are on the list for the incorporation of St.
John’s Pomaria.

In 1798, the ownership of the glebe lots and other lots in the Town of Saxe Gotha was being disputed because someone was trying to secure a new grant for this property. The case went on for a number of years. The conclusion was that the change in power because of the revolution in America—— from the crown of Great Britain to the freemen of America——made no difference. The case involving the Town of Saxe Gotha may have prompted the resurvey and deed of William Summer to Uriah Mayer, William Chapman, and Nicholas Summer, Elders, Trustees, and Wardens of St. John’s Church, Pomaria, in 1826/1827.

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