Annals of Newberry, Part Two by John A. Chapman, page 657-58

John Counts, a descendant of the original Kountze family of Germany, married Elizabeth Eichelberger on May 15, 1810. They both died while their son George was yet a child, and he was reared by Philip Sligh, a man whose life was full of many similar noble acts. This son is now known as George A. Counts, Jr. He married Harriet Cromer, and they have quite recently celebrated their goldren wedding, at which all their children were present - five sons and six daughters, as
follows: Elizabeth, wife of John W. Monts; Fannie, wife of Isaiah Haltiwanger; Mary, wife of A. D. Haltiwanger; John A.;
Lenora, wife of A. H., Wheeler; Texanna, wife of Capt. John F. Banks; Janie, wife of G. Burt. Reagin; Walter P.; Ernest O., principal of the Prosperity High School; Henry P., a Lutheran minister at Haralson, Ga,; William A., now principal of the Mt. Tabor High School. All the sons have also married.
George A. Counts, Sr., now familiarly known as "Little George" Counts, to distinguish him from Geo. A. Counts, Jr., came to Newberry from Lexington County. He also descended from the German family, Kountze. The baptismal name of his wife was Susannah Singley. Of their children the marital names of the daughters are Caroline Long, Mary Miller, Louisa Sheely. Two sons, Jacob C. and Andrew M., are also married. .J. Luther, the eldest Ron, is dead - a widow and several chil­dren surviving him.