Marriage Index 1911 - 1939

The State, Dec. 17, 1911

  • Prosperity, Dec 16 - Invitations have been received here for the marriage of Miss Evelyn Beatrice Peele to Alden F. Pugh Tuesday afternoon, December 26, at Brightsville. Mr. Pugh is a graduate of Newberry college. He has been engaged in teaching for several years. He is a son of T. T. Pugh and brother of Rev. W. E. Pugh of Florence.
  • Prosperity, Dec. - Iniviations have been issued to the marriage of Miss Della Bowers to Joseph E. Hunter Wednesday, December 27, in Grace Lutheran churach at 7:30 o'clock. Miss Bowers is the daughtrer of Maj. and Mrs. L. S. Bowers. She is a graduate of Elizabeth college at Charlotte, N.C. and very popular in the social affairs of Prosperity. Mr. Hunter is professor of mathematics at Clemson college.

The State - July 9, 1922

  • Newberry, July 8 - Miss Rosalyn Hipp, whose marriage to A. J. Bowers, Jr., was a prominent society event of Thursday evening, was guest of honor at several delightful parties the past week. Thursday afternoon Miss Julia Kibler complimented her with six tables of bridge at her home on Main street, decorating her rooms with pink dahlias and marigolds, their color combination being carried out in all of....

The State - Sept. 26, 1915

  • Hodges, Sept. 25 Mr. And Mrs. N. P. McSwain announce the approaching marriage of their only daughter, Ruby, to J. Forrest Lominack of Newberry. The wedding will take place October 6.

The State - December 2, 1892

  • Yesterday morning at 9 o'clock at the residence of the mother of the bride at the corner of Richland and Marion streets, Miss Willie Richards was united in marriage to Mr. Preston Cannon, a son of Dr. Cannon of Newberry. The wedding was a quiet and very pretty one. The young couple left on the morning train for their future home in Newberry.

Charleston Courier - February 14, 1807

  • Married, on Thursday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Buist, Mr. William Scott, merchant, to Miss Mary Boyd; both of this city

Spartanburg, Sept. 5 - Dr. William C. Gilliam and Miss Fannie Jones Blake were united in marriage at the home of the brides parents last night. Their wedding was without a doubt the prettiest home wedding ever celebrated in this city. Owing to the ill health of the bride's mother, only the most intimate friends of the couple were invited to be present.

As the clock struck 9, Mr. Harold Doubleday, of Tryon, N.C., rendered a delightful flute solo, whose sweet strains drifted into Mendlessohn's wedding march, Mrs. Warren DuPre accompanying him on the piano. In the meantime, ten bridesmaids, gowned in pink satin and each bearing a pink holder, formed in line in the dining room, at the first chord of the inspiring march, passed through the sitting room into the parlor. They entered in the following order and as each couple reached the center of the room they separated, one going to the right, the other to the left of the bay window; Misses Bessie Jones, of Edgefield and Carrie Speights, of Greenville; Misses Margaret Cofield and Louise Henneman; Misses Rhetta Leftwich and Eva Petty; Misses Kinie Duncan, of Union, and Margaret Law; Misses Fay Twitty and Myra Whitney, of Tryon. Miss May Lillie Blake, the maid of honor and sister of the bride, entered next, along. She was gowned very daintily in white silk and carried a bouquet of white lillies. The bride, upon whom all eyes were turned, came next leaning on the arm of her father. She is a very handsome woman and looked regal in her wedding robes. The groom met her in the center of the room and together they walked to thebay window, where Bishop Duncan stood. The scene was almost bewitching. Soft pink lights from countless waxen tapers lent a brightness to the scene that seemed a good omen.

Bishop Duncan pronounced the ceremony assisted by Rev. W. W. Rogers. After congratulations were extended a sumptous supper was served.
Miss Blake has a multitude of friends here, for she possesses those womanly qualities that endear her to young and old. She has been very active in charity and church work and will be much missed.

Dr. Gilliam is a native of Newberry. He graduated at Wofford college and at the University of Virginia and then went to New York, where he graduated in medicine. After spending several years there he went abroad where he remained for five years. Returning home he settle in Ocala, Fla., where he now engages in the practice of his profession during the winter. He spends his summers at Saluda, where he owns a beautiful cottage.

The happy pair left on the midnight train for the West. They will be absent several weeks and will visit the National Park before returning home. (The State - September 7, 1894)


November 19th, 1885, Mr. Andrew C. Thomasson and Miss Texie Elizabeth Wilson were married at the home of the bride's father, Mr. Hugh Carter Wilson, By Rev. Manning Brown.

The bridesmaids were Miss Elia Wilson (Mrs. H. S. Graham), Miss Elisabeth Sloan (Mrs. J. J. H. Brown), Miss Banna Buzhardt (Mrs. C. O. Buzhardt). The groomsmen were were Mr. H. S. Graham, Mr. James Cromer and Mr. John Wilson. All of these have passed on.

On November 19th Mr. and Mrs. Thomasson will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary quietly at home and will be glad to have their relatives and friends come by and speak to them. This is also the 77th anniversary of Mrs. Thomasson's birth and the 23rd will be the 80th anniversary of Mr. Thomasson's birth.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomasson were born and reared in Newberry county, having moved into town at the beginning of this century. They have three children, Miss Maggie Thomasson, Andrew C. Thomasson, Jr., and Mrs. M. P. Davis, all of Newberry.

It is a wonderful thing for a couple to live to celebrate their golden anniversary for few reach this event.

From this hour the pledge is given, From this hour my soul is thine; Come what will, from earth or heaven, Weal or woe, thy fate be mine. (unknown/undated newspaper clipping)

Newberry 1946

Miss Eva James Davis and Roland Augustus Wherry were married Sunday, June 23 at 12:30 p.m. at Central Methodist Church with the Rev. H. C. Ritter, Pastor, performing the ceremony. Mrs. J. E. Wiseman, organist rendered the wedding music.  The bride wore a white suit, with matching accessories and an orchid corsage.  Mrs. Wherry is the charming and attractive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Davis of Newberry.  Mr. Wherry is the son of Mrs. W. A. Wherry of Newberry.  Following a wedding trip the couple are making their home in Newberry. (unknown/undated newspaper clipping)

The Newberry Observer - Oct 14, 1938
Miss Thomasson
Weds Aiken Man

Mr. A. C. Thomasson of Newberry announces the marriage of his daughter, Miss Maggie V. Thomasson to Mr. Fred G. Hartler of Aiken. S. C. The wedding took place in Aiken last Sunday afternoon, October 9th, with the Rev. Jerone Morris, pastor of the Baptist church, officiating. Miss Thomasson for the past nine years has been secretary and treasurer of the Newberry Insurance and Realty company and before that was connected with the J. A. Burton Insurance agency. Mr. Hartler is a very successful business man of Aiken, being connected with the Naval Stores, distributors of rosin and turpentine. A large number of friends here will regret to learn that the marriage will take Miss Thomasson from the city to Aiken, where the couple will make their home. Miss Thomasson was very active in civic work here. She was treasurer of the Red Cross chapter and was especially active in church affiliations.

Dickert, Wyche married Miss Blanche Dickert on 3/11/1920 at the Parsonage of the 1st Baptist Church of Newberry SC officiated by Rev. E. V. Babb. The bride was the daughter of J. L. Dickert. Observer 3/16/1920, p8 (contributed by Edith Greisser)

Newberry Observer, 2/21/1889
February 17, 1889, by Rev. W. C. Schaeffer, Mr. Wiley Koon to Miss Eilen Vaughn-both of Newberry.
February 14, 1889 by Rev. H. T. Sloan, D. D., of Abbeville, Dr. Wistar c. Brown to Miss Lizzie Chalmers, daughter of the late Thos. B. Chalmers-both of Newberry County.

Cheatham, Amanda Mrs. of Abbeville District married William White of Newberry District on July 18, 1850 officiated by Rev. J. C. Vaughn. Laurensville Herald 8/16/1850, p3, abstracted by Edith Greisser.

Observe 50th Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mayer

Newberry - (Special) - Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mayer of Pomaria observed their 50th wedding anniversayr November 30 and also attended a meeting of the Spanish American War Veterans and Auxiliary held in Rock Hill.  Mr. Mayer is 79 and Mrs. Mayer is 72.

Mrs. Mayer is the former Miss Maggie Roberts of Monticello in Fairfield County.  They were married November 30, 1905, and are the parents of one son, Malcolm Mayer, and they have one grandson. [contributed by Linda Lyles]

Newberry Herald, Dec. 5, 1877
Nov. 7th 1877, by the Rev. Cornelius Boozer, Mr. G. H. Domnick of Newberry Co., to Miss Lizzie Trotter, of Edgefield.
Nov. 7th, 1877, by Rev. Cornelius Boozer, Mr. S. M. Domnick, of Newbery Co., to Miss Lizzie Mathis, of Edgefield.
Nov. 29th, 1877, by the Rev. J. A. Sligh, at the residence of the Bride's mother in Smokey Town, Mr. John Epting, of Lexington Co., to Miss Ella Cook, of Newberry Co.

The Herald and News April 14, 1911
On Sun. morning, April 9, 1911, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. E.P. Whitman, at Helena, by the Rev. James D. Kianrd, Miss Eliza Idalia Dennis and Mr. John Cousins, both of Newberry county. Their home is at Colony.

The Newberry Herald and News, Oct. 16, 1884
At St. Luke's Oct. 9, 1884, by Rev. J. Hawkins, D.D., Mr. James W. Boozer and Mrs. Euphemia E. Schumpert. All of Newberry County.

The Newberry Herald and News, Oct. 9, 1884
In Charleston, Sept 27, 1884, at the residence of L.K. Probst, G. W. Verdery, of Augusta, Ga., and Beulah R., youngest daughter of C.L. Addison of Charleston, SC.
Oct 2, 1884, at the Lutheran parsonage by Rev. J. Steck, D.D., assisted by Rev. J.F. Probst, Mr. Geo. C. Probat, of Camilla, Ga., and Miss Lillie Antoinette Steck, of Newberry, SC.

The Newberry Herald, Jan. 3, 1884
Married Jan. 1st, 1884, by the Rev. Luther Broaddus at the residence of Mr. Packer - Miss Lida C. Davis of Newberry to Charles B. Arnold, Jr., of Orange Lake, Florida.
On the 9th inst., at the church, near Chappells, by the Rev. A.A. Gilbert, Mr. J.W. Simmons, formerly of Chappells, now of Greenwood, to Miss Dempie S. Boazman.
Dec. 19, 1883, by Rev. Harrison Fowler, Mr. J. Drayton Dillard to Miss Addie Adair-both of Laurens County.
Dec. 20, 1883, by Rev. Harrison Fowler, Mr. Samuel M. Duncan, of Liberty Hill, to Miss Mamie, daughter of Capt. Thompson Conner, of Jalapa.
Dec. 20, 1883, by Rev. Harrison Fowler, J.J.C. Odell to Miss Fannie Ray, daughter of Gaines Ray.
Dec. 20, 1883, by Rev. Z.W. Bedenbaugh, at the residence of Mr. Thos. W. McCollough, Mr. Walter Harmon to Miss Texanna Cromer-both of Newberry County.
Dec. 20, 1883, by Rev. Manning Brown, Mr. Thos. Dennis to Miss Ella - Longshore, daughter of Mr. Levi F. Longshore.
By the Rev. Wm. G. Neville, at the family residence, Stoney Point, Abbeville Co., SC, Dec. 19, 1883, Mr. B.A. Early, of Darlington, SC to Miss Annie J., daughter of Col. C.C. Law.
By the Rev. J. H. Coltion at the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. J.T. Crane, of Laurens County, SC, to Miss Nannie Beachem, of Abbeville, SC.
At the residence of G.M. Stone, Dec. 29, 1883, by Rev. R.N. Pratt, Mr. James Vermillion to Miss Anna Stone, all of Abbeville County, SC.
At the residence of B.F. Smith, Dec. 20, 1883, by Rev. R.N. Pratt, Mr. Charlie Richey to Miss Mattie Smith, all of Abbeville County, SC.

The Newberry Herald, Feb. 21, 1884
On the 17th, inst. by Rev. J. Steck, D.D., at the residence of Miss Polly Gauntt, Mr. Marion Lindsay to Miss Fannie Lindsay, all of Newberry.

Newberry Observer, Jan 5, 1940
Prosperity, Jan 4-A marriage of interest to their many friends was that of Miss Mary Edith Swygert and W. Lindsey Bedenbaugh which took place at the Lutheran parsonage in Lexington on Sat., Dec. 30, at 6:30 pm The Rev. Arthur B. Obenschain, D.D. officiated. Mrs. Bedenbaugh is the attractive daughter of Mrs. G. A. Swygert and the late Mr. Swygert of White Rock. She attended ? high school. Mr. Bedenbaugh is the son of Mrs. Amelia Bedenbaugh and the late J. Willie Bedenbaugh of Prosperity. He is a graduate of Stony Hill high school in the class of '37.

Newberry Observer, Jan 5, 1940
Lumpkin-Pope Wedding In Trinity Church
[a very lengthy write up...]
Attracting wide social interest was the wedding of Miss Mary Waties Lumpkin and Thomas Harrington Pope, Jr., of Newberry, which took place at 8 o'clock last evening in Trinity Episcopal church. The Rev. Louis C. Melcher, rector, officiated in the presence of a large assemblage of relatives and friends.....James M. Bergen, organist, furnished the wedding music....The senior ushers were William J. Murray, Jr., and H. Gordon Kenna, and the other ushers were Mason Gibbes, Dr. Strother Pope, Ellison Smith, Jr., of Lynchburg and John Lumpkin.  Albert McCaughrin of Newberry, Richard Arnold, Jr., of Greenwood, Alvan Lumpkin, Jr., brother of the bride, Wilton Earle, Jr., of Greenwood, John Gregg McMaster, Jr., and Henry Woodward, Jr., were the groomsmen. 
The bridesmaids, Misses Jean Diescher of Pittsburgh, Pa., Mary Chapman Walker of Charlotte, NC, Mamie Thomas, Sophie Ellison, Lucy Lewis and Jane Preston, wore sky-blue starched lace dressess...The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, Judge Alvan Moore Lumpkin, was exquisite....Frank B. Gary, Jr., cousin of the bridegroom, was the best man. Mrs. Alva M. Lumpkin, mother of the bride, wore.....
Receiving with Judge and Mrs. Lumpkin were the bride and bridegroom, the bridegroom's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Pope, Sr., of Newberry, and Mrs. Eugen B. Gary of Newberry, grandmother of the bridegroom. Mrs. Morris Lumpkin and Mrs. J. Waties Thomas greeted the guests.
Assisting in receiving....Miss Caroline Thomas, Miss Kate Waties, Mrs. David Ellison, Mrs. Wilmot Brown, Mrs. Gordon Kenna, Mrs. Angus Bird, Mrs. Mortimer Cosby, Mrs. P. H. McDonald, Mrs. Robert Cain, Mrs. Arthur Simons, Mrs. Warren Irvin, Mrs. E. B. Glenn, Mrs. William Shand, Mrs. William Rose, Miss Charlotte Cain, Mrs. Eliza Briggs, Mrs. Rhea Preston and Mrs. Qujitman Marshall. Presiding at the punch bowls were Mrs. Hugh Wilson, Mrs. J. D. Fulp, Mrs. Thomas Pearace, Mrs. Campbell McLain, Mrs. A. L. Wardlaw and Mrs. Jack Pringle. Pouring coffee were Mrs. G. Trez Pressley, Mrs. Mason Gibbes, Miss Zadi Geulledge, Mrs. Hope Lumpkin, Mrs. Bryan Lumpkin, Mrs. Frank Parker, Mrs. Calvin Bruton, Mrs. Jack Melton and others.
Serving refreshments were Misses Elise McLain, Julia McLain, Anne McKay, Annie Lee Moore, Jerry Williams, Jennie Willodene Rion, Kathlee Kenna, Blanche Bell, Mary Tompkins, Cary Bryan, Betty Marshall, Jane Marshall, Margaret Cain, Mary Hull Kaminer, Gavle Johnson, Kitty Bird, Isabel Sloan, Frances Allison, Patty Roof, Barbara Lemmond and Doll Hunt.
Mrs. Pope the only daughter of Judge Alva Moore Lumpkin and Mrs. Lumpkin of this city, her mother being the former Miss Mary Sumter Thomas. She is the granddaughter of John Peyre Thomas, Jr., and the late Mary Waties Thomas, and of the late Colonel William Wallace Lumpkin and Annie Caroline Lumpkin, originally from Georgia. ....

Newberry Observer, Jan 5, 1940
Of much interest is the wedding of Miss Mary Jane Hunter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Hunter of Prosperity, and Francis Stephen Urban of Toledo, Ohio, and Andrews, which took place at 10 o'clock Thurs. morning, Dec. 2, at St. Francis de Sales rectory. The Rev. Thomas J. Mackin, pastor of St. Francis church, officiated, in the presence of the immediate families and a few close friends....Miss McRee Hunter, cousin of the bride and maid of honor, wore county rose access....Alex Urban of Toledo, Ohio, brother of the bridegroom, was bestman. Mr. Urban is a graduate of the University of SC, class of 1939. He is now teaching in the Andrews high school. Immediately after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Urban left for Toledo to spend the holidays with the former's parents. Upon their return they will make their home in Andrews.

Newberry Observer, Jan 5, 1940
The marriage of Miss Ruth Kinard and Wilbur Henry Chapman, which took place Wed. afternoon, Dec. 27th at five o'clock at the home of the bride's parents was characterized by simplicity and beauty. The candles were lighted by Ernest and Nathan Kinard, nephews of the bride. The wedding music was rendered by Mrs. Maude Ramsey. ... The ceremony being performed by the Rev. M. M. Brooks, pastor of the bride. During the ceremony Mrs. Ramsey played softly, "I Love You Truly." Only close friends and relatives witnessed the ceremony. ...Mrs. Chapman is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Kinard of Newberry. Mr. Chapman and the late Mrs. Chapman of the county. After a short wedding trip the couple will make their home on McKibben street this city....

The Newberry Herald and News, April 12, 1893
On last Tuesday afternoon, April 4, 1893, in McCaughrinville, Rev. Mr. Daugherty officiating, Mr. J. M. Davis and Miss Lilla McGowan were united in marriage. The bride was attired in a handsome gown of cream cashmere, with trimmings of silk,, ribbon and lace and made a fine appearance. They were attended by four couples.
Miss Mattie McGowan, sister of the bride, in cream cashmere and lace, with Mr. Henry Werts.
Miss Josie Davis, sister of the groom, cream albatross, silk and lace, with Mr. B. J. Dobbins.
Miss Eliza McKinley, cream cashmere and lace, with Mr, J. R. Brown.
Miss Maggie Graddick, cream cashmere, silk and lace, with Mr. A. P. Hurt.
At the close of the ceremony the wedding party enjoyed a very nice and bountiful dinner, which was interspersed with pleasant chat.

The Newberry Herald and News, April 12, 1893
March 29, 1893, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. S. L. Nease, Mr. J. H. Stockman and Miss E. F. Summers- both of Newberry County.
April 6,1893, by Rev. S. L. Nease, Mr. C. B. Swittenberg and Miss M. J. Summer-both of Newberry County.

The Newberry Herald and News, Oct. 13, 1887
October 6, 1887, in Columbia, S. C, by Rev. N. M. Woods, Mr. Junius E. Chapman, of Orlando, Fla., and Miss Annie Kinkead, of Columbia, S. C.
October 9, 1887, at 5 p. m., by Rev. R. D. Smart, at the residence of Mr. T. F. Harmon, Mr. Reuben S. Maybin and Miss Mary Harmon-both of Newberry.
October 6, 1887, by Rev. J. A. Sligh, Mr. John C. Kibler, of Newberry County, and Miss Janie Slice, of Lexington County.
September 25, 1887, by Rev. J. D. Bowles, Mr. Henry Oxner and Miss Mary Holley, all of Edgefield County.

The Newberry Herald and News, Feb. 28, 1902
Feb. 23, at the resident of Magistrate J. W. Williams, Mr. J. H. Wallenseed and Miss Fannie Werts, daughter of Mr. J. Burr Wert, were united in marriage. magistrate J. W. Williams officiated.

The Newberry Herald and News, Feb. 28, 1902
Wed. evening at 9 o'clock at the home of the bride in Brooklyn, Rev. E. P. McClintock united in marrige Mr. John P. Aldreidge and Mrs. Ida Hunter. Their many friends wish them a long life of much happiness.

The Newberry Herald, Feb. 16, 1876
February 1st, by Rev. J. M. Carlisle, assisted by Rev. W. K. Breeden, Rev. D. D. Dantzler, of SC Conference, to Miss Frances G. Cook, of Bennettsville, SC.

The Newberry Herald, February 9, 1876
On Sunday, Feb. 6, by the Rev. Claudius H. Pritchard, at the residence of Mr. D. M. Ward, Mr. E. W. Thomasson and Miss Sallie E. Golding.

Newberry Herald and News, October 23, 1884
At Harmony church on thursday October 9th, 1884, by Rev. D. D. Dantzler Mr. D. Charlton Smith and Miss Lizzie L. Christian, all of Edgefield County.
October 19th, 1884, by Rev. Z. W. Bedenbaugh, Mr. Beauregard Thomasson to Miss Rosanna Hogge.


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