More Newberry County, South Carolina  Information

Thurston U. Vaughn - a criminal
Newberry County Families - family trees, family stories, family photos & more (submitted by YOU)

The Pen of Charlie Senn - Charlie has written many short stories about Newberry County and it's residences.

Newberry County Officeholders


Newberry County 1911 Map

Newberry County Map
County Council and Precincts Map 
Ebenezer Methodist Church, Maybinton - Register of Members
Church Conferences - misc. church meetings
Newberry Municipals - photos of the old jail and police department, Chamber of Commerce members for the years 1920's & 30's, volunteer fire department.
Freedman's Savings and Trust Records
Men of the Time - taken from the book by the same name by J. C. Garlington, 1902
Newberry Hotel - list of occupants from January 1876-March 1877
Newberry Opera House
Newberry Business Rating by R. G. Dun (later became Dun & Bradstreet), 1928, 1929
Officer Down - three civil servants who died in the line of duty. Included are their news stories and obituaries.
Officer Forrest Krell - news articles related to his death and funeral
Old Postcards 
Old Time Physicians of Newberry County - taken from "Annals of Newberry"
Passport Applications from Newberry County residences - 1795 - 1925 
Physicians and Surgeons of the United States - by  William Biddle Atkinson, March 1878. List of physicians mentioned in Mr. Atkinson book that reside in Newberry, on or before 1877.
Quaker's of Bush River - by John Belton O'Neall
2002 Newberry County Calendar
Selected Polling Places for Newberry County, South Carolina - 1826
State Hospital Admissions from Newberry County - many Newberry County residence listed in this database starting at year 1828 and ending at year 1926.
Times and Gazette, August 9, 1830 - abstract stories/articles that appeared in this paper
Twentieth Century Sketches - Newberry County Men: "Twentieth Century Sketches of the South Carolina Conference M. E. Church, South" by Watson B. Duncan
The Re-interment of the Buzzard Family - this well know families burial plot was moved in 2001.  A discovery was made in that at least three of the family members were buried in metal caskets known as Fisk Metallic Burial Cases. Within this article, you will find a link to the history of this casket.
Irish Settlers and Revolutionary Soldiers At Newberry -  by Michael J. O'Brien, 1913
Born in Slavery - selected Slave Narratives from Newberry residences
Thomas Keitt against The New York Times
Old Wiseman Hotel - picture and some history
Naturalization - Intent of Citizenship - Index of Individuals who applied for citizenship
Naturalization Records - transcribed records by Edith Greisser
Summer Brothers Building
History of the Newberry Police Department - by Edith greisser
History of the Newberry Fire Department by Edith Greisser
Rural Newberry Fire Departments - by Edith Greisser
History of the Newberry County Court Houses - by Edith Greisser & Jim Clamp
History of the Newberry Jail - by Edith Greisser
History of the Newberry Sherrifs - by Edith Greisser
History of Chain Gang - by Edith Greisser
History of the Immigration Society - by Edith Greisser
History of the Newberry Hospital - by Edith Greisser
Peoples Hospital - contributed by Edith Greisser
Old Joe
John D. Shealy
Bush River Quakers Monthly Meeting - Birth, death & marriage records presented at the montly meetings
1915 (Newberry) Clemson College graduates
1825 Mills Atlas
Historical Markers of Newberry County
Slaves and their Masters
Newberry Choir
Dawson Letter
Stagecoach Inn
Newberry Postal Service
Newberry Town & Street Names


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