Newberry Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina
Newberry Memorial Gardens is a large cemetery.  It has been divided into smaller gardens (MAP), surveyed and photographed as such by Donna Brummett.

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Name Date Inscriptions/Notes
Sanford, Infant Son 4/25/1925--4/25/1925 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Sanford
Sanford, J. Clifton 1890-1976 husband of Nannie M. Sanford
Sanford, Nannie M.  1893--1980 wife of J. Clifton Sanford
Sanford, Rachel Kennedy 8/17/1911--5/11/1996 wife of William Earl Sandford
Sanford, William Earl 9/13/1926--Unknown husband of Rachel Kennedy Sanford
Satterwhite, Dorothy L. no dates wife of F. Haynard Satterwhite
Satterwhite, F. Haynard 1914--2001 husband of Dorothy L. Satterwhite
Schroder, David Pitts 10/12/1904--6/19/1972 SC CWO US Navy, World War II
Schroder, Maude B.  8/30/1905--11/17/1985 wife of William E. Schroder
Schroder, William Edgar 8/31/1895--11/13/1961 husband of Maude B. Schroder;  SC Cpl. Co. K 118 Inf. World War I
Sease, Eugenia K. "Genia" 10/5/1909--8/29/1996 wife of Robert T. Sease
Sease, Heyward C., Jr. 6/14/1962--6/6/1999 son of Heyward and Shirley Sease, Sr.
Sease, Heyward C., Sr. 1/4/1935--2/20/2003 husband of Shirley Frances Brown Sease; Sp. 4; US Army
Sease, Robert T. 6/15/1901--2/13/1991 husband of Eugenia K. "Genia" Sease
Sease, Shirley Frances Brown 9/14/1936--3/19/2004 wife of Heyward C. Sease, Sr., "In God's Hands"
Sessoms, Christine E.  10/3/1918--6/12/1968 wife of George R. Sessoms
Sessoms, George R.  9/15/1914--9/9/1990 husband of Christine E. Sessoms
Sessoms, Jack Rufus 6/12/1941--1/18/1981  
Sessoms, Judith H. 4/16/1939--3/28/2000 wife of W. Ross Sessoms
Sessoms, W. Ross 12/6/1937--Unknown husband of Judith H. Sessoms
Seymore, Mary Dominick 1906--1976 wife of Wyly Hoyt Seymore
Seymore, Wyly Hoyt 1897--1983 husband of Mary Dominick Seymore
Shealy, Callie L. 1/7/1913--12/5/1994 husband of Pansy W. Shealy
Shealy, Donald Ray 1932--1972 husband of Elizabeth D. Shealy;  Mayor of Little Mountain, SC  1971--1971
Shealy, Elizabeth D.  1939--Unknown wife of Donald Ray Shealy
Shealy, Eva C.  1912--1990 wife of Jacob H. Shealy
Shealy, George Benet, Jr. 5/31/1961--6/24/1961 grave moved to St. John's Lutheran Church cemetery in Walhalla, SC.
Shealy, Jacob H.  1913--1997 husband of Eva C. Shealy
Shealy, Mildred E.  1911--1999 wife of Willie Ray Shealy
Shealy, Pansy W. 8/18/1916--3/12/1994 wife of Callie L. Shealy
Shealy, Willie Ray 1908--1976 husband of Mildred E. Shealy
Sheely, Barbara Hendrix 3/29/1940--Unknown wife of Louis Augustus Sheely
Sheely, Louis Augustus 1/27/1935--6/1/2000 husband of Barbara Hendrix Sheely
Shorten, Madeline F.  1/20/1922--9/1/2002 wife of Paul F. Shorten
Shorten, Paul F.  5/4/1917--8/4/1983 husband of Madeline F. Shorten
Sims, Louise Rikard 11/8/1927--12/7/2001 "Baby"
Singley, Bobby C. 9/22/1938--2/3/2002 husband of B. Gail Singley
Singley, G. Gail 12/9/1940--Unknown wife of Bobby C. Singley
Singley, Infant Daughter 1/13/1967--1/13/1967 Daughter of Gail & Bobby Singley
Sleigh, Lizzie G. Beckman 3/29/1919--7/12/1988 wife of William Ruben Beckman; "Our Mother"
Slight, George Bobb 7/14/1920--8/4/1988 US Army, World War II
Smith, Burley L.  3/24/1896--4/1/1951 husband of Julia C. Smith
Smith, Carolyn Higgins 1923--1983 wife of Robert Lee Smith
Smith, Julia C.  3/27/1897--11/2/1987 wife of Burley L. Smith
Smith, Marvin R.  12/9/1924--8/16/1972  
Smith, Ossian Irvin 2/14/1951--2/14/1951  
Smith, Paul W.  11/20/1910--3/24/1959  
Smith, Robert Lee, Jr.  1/14/1954--8/23/1974 Registered EMT Amb Emerg. Rescue, Inc.; "An Angel in my house a saint within my gate, always loving but never knowing until the hour is to late. Auf wiedersehen my love."
Smith, Robert Lee, Sr. 1918--Unknown husband of Carolyn Higgins Smith
Spivey, Michael Anthony 5/3/1971--5/3/1971 "Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep."
Spratt, Carlene B. 11/27/1901--2/20/1986 wife of Rober F. Spratt
Spratt, Rober F. 6/7/1894--11/5/1971 husband of Carlene B. Spratt
Springfield, Mary E.  1936--1983  
Stoudemire, J. Carl 12/8/1905--8/7/1967 husband of Louise F. Stoudemire
Stoudemire, Louise F.  3/7/1913--3/18/2001 wife of J. Carl Stoudemire
Stribble, Eula Mae H.  8/16/1925--5/7/1998 wife of G. Lindsey Stribble
Stribble, G. Lindsey 8/27/1925--7/11/1971 husband of Eula Mae H. Stribble
Swindell, Carlos A. 1/9/1918--5/29/1970 husband of Ernestine G. Swindell; TN. Tec 5 SVC Co. Eur CN AFF Div, World War II
Swindell, Ernestine G.  3/18/1925--Unknown wife of Carlos A. Swindell
Thomasson, Andrew Carter 6/2/1890--9/6/1955  obit
Thomasson, Edward Arthmur 8/22/1916--11/4/1986 husband of Madge C. Thomasson; T Sgt. US Army Air Corps, World War I; obit, bio
Thomasson, Madena Floyd Scott 6/11/1893--3/24/1971  obit
Thomasson, Madge C.  1923--Unknown wife of Edward A. Thomasson
Tribble, Thomasina L.  10/12/1947--2/7/2008 Funeral Home Marker
Turner, Howard F.  1/22/1910--12/9/1995 husband of Ruby Lee L. Turner
Turner, Ruby Lee L. 2/7/1912--9/7/2004 wife of Howard F. Turner
Vaughn, Beulah Mae Morris 3/5/1896--5/6/1966 wife of Herman W. Vaughn, Sr.
Vaughn, Bonnie L.  8/3/1926--3/20/2006  obit
Vaughn, Herman Willie , Sr. 9/14/1896--11/11/1973 husband of Beulah M. Vaughn
Vaughn, Lester Morris 10/13/1935--4/10/2006 husband of Nancy B. Vaughn; Member of the Fire Dept.; obit
Vaughn, Mary Claire R.  11/29/1937--3/14/1959  
Vaughn, Nancy B.  12/15/1938--Unknown wife of Lester M. Vaughn
Wallace, Jessie J.  1900--1972 wife of W. Clarence Wallace
Wallace, W. Clarence 1891--1974 husband of Jessie J. Wallace
Waters, Annie G. 8/9/1886--12/18/1975  
Waters, Fred C.  2/14/1911--8/30/1983  
Watts, Melinda Faye Mills  2/26/1953-3/9/2005 wife of Otis W. Wicker, III
Watts, Otis W., III 4/8/1950--Unknown husband of Melinda M. Watts
Werts, Ada Lou W.  11/27/1896--8/20/1983 wife of Claude W. Werts, Sr.
Werts, Claude W., Sr. 3/13/1898--2/26/1972 husband of Ada Lou W. Werts
Wheeler, Ernest V. 4/16/1897--9/23/1972 SC Pvt. Co. M53 Pioneer Inf. World War I
White, Faye L.  1936--Unknown wife of Joseph K. White
White, Iona Poteat 1911--2000 wife of Joseph H. White
White, Joseph H. 1907--1977 husband of Iona Poteat White
White, Joseph K.  1930--Unknown husband of Faye L. White
Wicker, Alton 1/15/1925--Unknown husband of Mary R. Wicker; World War II
Wicker, Curtis Duane 1/3/1926--7/15/1960 husband of Majel Ruth Hawkins Wicker
Wicker, E. Robert 1/2/1918--3/7/1981 husband of Mary Lou L. Wicker
Wicker, Ernest Oliver 4/24/1895--1/4/1969 husband of Viola G. "Ola" Wicker
Wicker, Furman Carl 1928--1989 2nd husband of Majel Ruth Hawkins Wicker
Wicker, George Ralph 9/2/1915--7/1/1999 husband of Ruby Caldwell Wicker
Wicker, Harry W 9/22/1918--8/18/1996  TEC 4, US Army, World War II;  "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Wicker, Homer L. 5/4/1921--8/7/1982 husband of Lula Mae E. Wicker; US Army, World War II
Wicker, James Keith 8/11/1950--1/17/1990  
Wicker, Lula Mae E.  8/8/1925--9/20/1995 wife of Homer L. Wicker
Wicker, Majel Ruth Hawkins 7/20/1926--12/25/1999 wife of Curtis D. Wicker; obit
Wicker, Marion E. 1920--Unknown husband of Naomi C. Wicker
Wicker, Mary Lou L.  3/5/1927--Unknown wife of E. Robert Wicker
Wicker, Mary R.  6/17/1924--2/4/1972 wife of Alton Wicker
Wicker, Minnie Inez Livingston  9/7/1897-9/28/1971 wife of Otis C. Wicker
Wicker, Naomi C.  1928--2007 wife of Marion E. Wicker
Wicker, Otis Clyde  5/19/1905--12/25/1965 husband of Minnie Inez Livingston Wicker
Wicker, Paul Oliver 7/19/1953--9/14/2010 obit
Wicker, Ruby Caldwell 7/27/1915--Unknown wife of George Ralph Wicker
Wicker, Viola G. "Ola" 8/19/1897--1/21/2000 wife of Ernest O. Wicker
Wilson, Helen S.  1919--1996 wife of I. D. "Rusty" Wilson
Wilson, I. D. "Rusty" 1918--1991 husband of Helen S. Wilson
Wilson, Maude 11/8/1940--11/5/2010 obit
York, Stephen Wayne 11/4/1965--10/5/1966  

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