Newberry Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina
Newberry Memorial Gardens is a large cemetery.  It has been divided into smaller gardens (MAP), surveyed and photographed as such by Donna Brummett.
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MacArthur, Jane C.  12/28/1917--1/24/2000 wife of William H. MacArthur, Jr. Yes
MacArthur, Tommie Lewis 4/6/1901--11/9/1983 wife of William Henry MacArthur Yes
MacArthur, William H. Jr. No dates husband of Jane C. MacArthur Yes
MacArthur, William Henry, Sr. 11/16/1892--11/18/1962 husband of Tommie Lewis MacArthur Yes
Magbee, Emory A.  1909--1967 husband of Nora T. Magbee Yes
Magbee, G. W.  8/19/1920--6/22/1963 SC. Sp5 US Army, World War II, Korea Yes
Magbee, Nora T.  1908--1993 wife of Emory A. Magbee Yes
Magbee, Wilbur E.  10/25/1925--2/6/1963 SC S Sgt 4642 Support SQAF, World War II, Korea Yes
Martin, Ellis W., "Woody" 1916--1983 husband of Ruby Louise Martin Yes
Martin, George Newton 1906--1981 husband of Mildred Renwick Martin Yes
Martin, Lottie Hawkins 5/13/1925--Unknown wife of William E. "Geebee" Martin Yes
Martin, Mildred Renwick 1905--1980 wife of George Newton Martin Yes
Martin, Ruby Louise 1917--Unknown wife of Ellis W. "Woody" Martin Yes
Martin, William E., "Geebee" 3/29/1920--4/24/2007 husband of Lottie Hawkins Martin Yes
McCarley, Iola C.  7/20/1893--4/26/1968   Yes
McCarley, Sidney C.  12/7/1891--9/7/1957 SC Capt US Army, World War I & II Yes
McCarley, William Ray 12/30/1938--1/18/1961   Yes
McCarty, Ethel S.  1903--1972 wife of Henry B. McCarty Yes
McCarty, Henry B 1897--1966 husband of Ethel S. McCarty;  World War II Yes
McEntire, Cecil O.  10/26/1909--12/19/1962 husband of Louise M. McEntire;  SC Tec 53545 ORD Med Maint Co., World War II Yes
McEntire, Louise M.  11/28/1911--4/13/1990 wife of Cecil O. McEntire yes
McHargue, Constance Armfield 1917--2002   Yes
Merchant, Andrew J.  8/31/1886--1/9/1970 husband of Maude K. Merchant Yes
Merchant, Henry Clay 4/11/1963--4/11/1963 son of Robert Lee & Margaret S. Merchant Yes
Merchant, Margaret Sanders 1929--1994 wife of Robert Lee Merchant Yes
Merchant, Maude K. 2/28/1890--4/8/1959 wife of Andrew J. Merchant Yes
Merchant, Nannie Belle Quattlebaum 1904--1981 wife of S. Roland Merchant Yes
Merchant, Robert Lee 1922--2006 husband of Margaret Sanders Merchant Yes
Merchant, Robert Lee Jr. "Bobby" 9/2/1952--8/24/1968   Yes
Merchant, S. Roland 1902--1981 husband of Nannie Belle Q. Merchant Yes
Metts, Daniel C.  1916--1990 husband of Margaret Q. Metts Yes
Metts, Margaret Q. 1917--2009 wife of Daniel C. Metts Yes
Miller, Ethel Ellisor H. 7/20/1915--3/27/1981 Licensed Practical Nurse Yes
Miller, Evelyn S.  6/27/1905--9/11/1980 wife of Vance Elbert Miller Yes
Miller, Inez D.  1878--1968 wife of Ira A. Miller Yes
Miller, Ira A.  1875--1970 husband of Inez D. Miller Yes
Miller, Vance Elbert 8/31/1895--11/21/1970 husband of Evelyn S. Miller; SC PVT US Army World War I Yes
Moran, James Henry "Jr" 10/19/1943--6/19/1986   Yes
Moran, Jerome Lynn, "Jerry" 11/4/1944--10/24/1961   Yes
Morris, Ernest 10/23/1897--4/23/1990 husband of Lillian S. Morris Yes
Morris, John M., Jr. 7/27/1922--7/9/1943 Lt. Yes
Morris, John M., Sr. 4/22/1881--3/19/1965 husband of Lillie Epps Morris Yes
Morris, Lillian S. 6/8/1905--10/18/1979 wife of Ernest Morris Yes
Morris, Lillie Epps 10/19/1890--5/5/1988 wife of John M. Morris, Sr. Yes
Morse, Alma S.  11/4/1888--11/1/1974 wife of Simeon Jacob Morse Yes
Morse, Chris C. 1910--1980 wife of George W. Morse Yes
Morse, George W.  1914--1982 husband of George W. Morse Yes
Morse, Margaret L.  7/31/1917--3/7/1969   Yes
Morse, Reginald George 7/22/1934--3/58/1967 SC CWO 129 Assault Heli CO Korea, Vietnam AM Yes
Morse, Simeon Jacob 12/27/1887--11/2/1958 husband of Alma S. Morse Yes
Murrah, Cleo Rodgers 6/7/1893--5/10/1983 wife of Harmon G. Murrah, Sr. Yes
Murrah, Harmon G. , Sr. 9/5/1894--1/9/1972 husband of Cleo Rodgers Murrah Yes
Nichols, Eugenia Kinard 8/8/1916--12/11/1989 wife of George Robert Nichols Yes
Nichols, George Robert 3/10/1910--7/3/1970 husband of Eugenia Kinard Nichols Yes
Nobles, Irene B.  8/10/1920--Unknown wife of Walter Dudley Nobles Yes
Nobles, Walter Dudley 12/6/1909--1/8/1964 husband of Irene B. Nobles Yes
O'Dell, Helen M. 8/2/1913--6/19/1997 wife of Robert C. O'Dell Yes
O'Dell, Jesse Caldwell 9/5/1926--1/24/1992   Yes
O'Dell, Robert C. 1907--1982 husband of Helen M. O'Dell Yes
O'Dell, Russell Patrick 1/29/1968--1/31/1968   Yes
Oxner, J. Marvin 1904--1987 husband of Jennie C. Oxner Yes
Oxner, Jennie C.  1904--1984 wife of J. Marvin Oxner Yes
Perdue, Sallie M. 11/20/1896--12/20/1996 wife of William M. Perdue  Yes
Perdue, William M.  6/12/1892--4/4/1964 husband of Sallie M. Perdue Yes
Perry, Sudie H.  6/5/1918--Unknown wife of Thomas B. Perry Yes
Perry, Thomas B.  8/18/1913--7/24/1965 husband of Sudie H. Perry Yes
Phillips, Elve K. 1916--2006 wife of S. Frank Phillips Yes
Phillips, S. Frank 1909--1988 husband of Elve K. Phillips Yes
Poole, Rebecca 1903--Unknown   Yes
Prevatte, Helen Lominick 12/12/1945--4/5/2004   Yes
Pyle, Timothy Wayne 3/13/1966--3/13/1966   Yes
Quattlebaum, Alton Calvin 10/26/1904--11/15/1994 husband of Annie Belle Quattlebaum yes
Quattlebaum, Annie Belle Harmon 9/12/1905--5/4/1988 wife of Alton C. Quattlebum Yes
Quattlebaum, Irene Jefferson "Jim" 6/2/1910--10/30/1993 husband of Pauline Schumpert Quattlebaum Yes
Quattlebaum, Lavina Bell 3/27/1927--12/6/1977   Yes
Quattlebaum, Pauline Schumpert 10/18/1910--12/25/2006 wife of Irene J. "Jim" Quattlebaum Yes
Reese, Daisy Irene 1899--1966   Yes
Reeves, Eugene 1912--1967 husband of Eva Mae Reeves Yes
Reeves, Eva Mae 1912--1969 wife of Eugene Reeves Yes
Reeves, Evelyn Williams 4/29/1919--10/6/2005 wife of Thomas Holly Reeves; Beloved wife and mother Yes
Reeves, Terry Dianne 11/18/1946--4/9/1989   Yes
Reeves, Thomas Holly 7/22/1919--9/26/1988 husband of Evelyn Williams Reeves; Tec 4 US Army; World War II Yes
Reighley, Charlotte Ann 2/22/1954--10/6/1961   Yes
Reighley, David Allen 2/3/1918--2/3/1970 husband of Eugenia Senn Reighley; SC Highway Patrolman Yes
Reighley, Eugenia Senn No dates wife of David Allen Reighley Yes
Renwick, Charles Toland 7/13/1923--4/22/1994 husband of Virginia O. Renwick Yes
Renwick, Ethel Marie 7/22/1954--7/27/1967   Yes
Renwick, Marcellus A., Jr. 12/11/1900--10/6/1990 US Army, World War II Yes
Renwick, Virginia O. 1/22/1935--Unknown wife of Charles Toland Renwick Yes
Rice, Annie Lee 5/14/1896--6/23/1976 wife of Donald Roy Rice Yes
Rice, Donald Roy 11/13/1896--10/22/1963 husband of Annie Lee Rice Yes
Rinehart, Ezra C., "Buck" 5/14/1920--9/3/1976 husband of Jonelle P Rinehart Yes
Rinehart, Fletcher H.  1909--1974   Yes
Rinehart, Jonelle P.  9/9/1917--11/8/2001 wife of Ezra C. Rinehart Yes
Rister, James Berley 6/6/1897--5/22/1988 husband of Louise M. Rister Yes
Rister, Julius B. 1903--1982 husband of Lousie S. Rister Yes
Rister, Louise Christina Merchant 6/17/1904--2/4/1984 wife of J. Berley Rister Yes
Rister, Louise Ophelia Schumpert 4/2/1915--4/11/1997 wife of Julius B. Rister Yes
Robertson, Ervin E. 8/20/1919--2/19/1986 husband of Reba C. Robertson; Maj. US Army, World War II & Korea Yes
Robertson, Reba C.  1/5/1920--9/5/1990 wife of Ervin E. Robertson Yes
Rodgers, Pascal M.  1900--1985 husband of Sallie M. Rodgers Yes
Rodgers, Sallie M.  1906--1983 wife of Pascal M. Rodgers Yes
Rowe, Genevieve H.  8/29/1920--6/26/1964 wife of George V. Rowe Yes
Rowe, George V.  9/30/1918--12/17/1971 husband of Genevieve H. Rowe Yes
Rowlette, David 4/15/1907--9/21/1963 husband of Mary E. Rowlette Yes
Rowlette, Mary E.  3/25/1917--Unknown wife of Mary E. Rowlette Yes
Ruff, Bessie S.  10/7/1907--12/31/1930   Yes
Ruff, Gladys Morris 2/3/1900--11/1/1988   Yes
Ruff, James O. 6/16/1925--12/8/1985 US Coast Guard; World War II Yes
Ruff, John H. 4/11/1902--5/22/1974   Yes
Sanders, Richard Frasier 8/31/1922--Unknown husband of Ruth Doris Armfield Sanders Yes
Sanders, Ruth Doris Armfield 11/20/1921--3/11/1991 wife of Richard Frasier Sanders Yes
Saville, Ralph D. 6/20/1909--11/28/1973 husband of Rebecca P. Saville Yes
Saville, Rebecca P.  4/18/1917--7/28/1974 wife of Ralph D. Saville Yes
Sawyer, Ernestine Rinehart 6/10/1911--4/1/2000   Yes
Schumpert, Gladys B. 4/20/1915--8/15/1972 wife of Ray E. Schumpert Yes
Schumpert, Ray E. 1/18/1911--7/17/1988 husband of Gladys B. Schumpert Yes
Senn, Doyle Wayne 1956--2010 McSwain/Evans Funeral Home Marker Yes
Senn, John R.  1930--1974 husband of Julia Dominick Senn Yes
Senn, Julia Dominick 1932--2009 wife of John R. Senn Yes
Senn, Wendi Elizabeth 9/2/1975--9/2/1975   Yes
Setzler, Annie H.  1896--1971 wife of Gustave "Gus" Setzler Yes
Setzler, Gustave, "Gus" 1891--1972 husband of Annie H. Setzler Yes
Shannon, Samuel P.  7/2/1916--7/3/1991   Yes
Sharpe, Robert Gene 1957--1957   Yes
Shealy, Alice H. 11/5/1889--12/9/1975 wife of Berley C. Shealy Yes
Shealy, B. Eugene 2/17/1912--4/9/1973 husband of Gladys E. Shealy;  Sheriff of Newberry County 1969--1973 yes
Shealy, Berley C.  12/27/1888--1/11/1972 husband of Alice H. Shealy Yes
Shealy, E. Otway 4/26/1908--9/3/1969 husband of  Ina Mae Wise Shealy Yes
Shealy, Ellie Ruth Wessinger 2/8/899--10/9/1976 wife of Heber C. Shealy Yes
Shealy, Frank W.  1909--1987 husband of Viola W. Shealy Yes
Shealy, Gladys E.  6/16/1915--6/7/1989 wife of B. Eugene Shealy Yes
Shealy, Harvey E.  1920--1998 husband of Katherine K. Shealy Yes
Shealy, Heber C.  8/11/1898--4/5/1983 husband of Ellie Ruth Shealy Yes
Shealy, Henrietta Perry 4/12/1921--Unknown wife of  Simon L. Shealy, Jr. Yes
Shealy, Ina Mae Wise 7/3/1911--6/25/2003 wife of E. Otway Shealy Yes
Shealy, J. Gordon 6/6/1915--8/19/1992 husband of Rosa Lee B. Shealy Yes
Shealy, Katherine K.  1920--2004 wife of Harvey E. Shelay Yes
Shealy, Keith Wayne 4/28/1935--7/3/2010 Veteran of Korean War, obit Yes
Shealy, Lester 5/20/1890--8/13/1965 husband of Vesta Morse Shealy;  SC Wagoner Co. G 105 AMNO TN, World War I Yes
Shealy, Luther Clebron 1/5/1910--8/31/1991   Yes
Shealy, Nannie K.  8/3/1909--3/14/1974   Yes
Shealy, Rosa Lee B. 11/17/1918--Unknown wife of J. Gordon Shealy Yes
Shealy, Simon L., Jr. "Toot" 10/7/1920-6/26/2000 husband of Henrietta Perry Shealy; World War II Yes
Shealy, Vesta Morse 3/5/1898--8/6/1968 wife of Lester Shealy Yes
Shealy, Viola W.  1913--1996 wife of Frank W. Shealy Yes
Sheely, Barnette Wilson 7/9/1910--4/8/2006 wife of Lonnie A. Sheely, obit Yes
Sheely, Lonnie A.  6/11/1906--4/25/1966 husband of Barnette W. Sheely Yes
Singley, Geraldine L. 9/20/1922--8/24/2007 wife of James Augustus Singley; obit Yes
Singley, James Augustus 2/18/1923--6/19/1967 husband of Geraldine L. Singley Yes
Singley, Steven Augustus 2/3/1943--1/21/1969   Yes
Slaton, Claude 1/4/1898--8/30/1964 husband of Hazel R. Slaton Yes
Slaton, Hazel R.  7/28/1899--11/10/2001 wife of Claude Slaton Yes
Sligh, Baby Girl 1967--1967   Yes
Sligh, James Edward, Sr. 1/31/1918--5/21/2000 husband of Mildred Perdue Sligh Yes
Sligh, John R. "Bobby" 11/29/1927--11/9/2001 husband of Margaret Fuller Sligh Yes
Sligh, Margaret Fuller 10/22/1929--Unknown wife of John R. "Bobby" Sligh Yes
Sligh, Mildred Perdue 10/15/1924--Unknown wife of James Edward Sligh, Sr. Yes
Smith, Daisy B.  10/4/1894--3/5/1976 wife of Lindsay D. Smith Yes
Smith, Doris H.  11/19/1921--5/18/1960   Yes
Smith, Elise McElroy 1919--2009 wife of Harold E. Smith, obit Yes
Smith, Fredrica A.  4/22/1918--7/11/1995   Yes
Smith, H. C.  1915--2009 h/o  Lauretha P. Smith; Recipient of Purple Heart, obit Yes
Smith, Harold E. 1917--1977 husband of Elise M. Smith Yes
Smith, Hoyt Lindsay 9/6/1919--2/4/2010   Yes
Smith, Janie M.  1/4/1894--11/11/1967   Yes
Smith, Joseph F. 4/1/1904--9/9/1966 husband of Ola S. Smith; SC Com. US Navy, World War II Yes
Smith, Julia Ruff 11/2/1916--2/3/2002 wife of William W. Smith Yes
Smith, Julian Gray 1902--1979 husband of Mary E. Smith Yes
Smith, Kathleen S. "Kay" 11/22/1922--4/30/1970   Yes
Smith, Lauretha P. 1918--Unknown wife of H. C. Smith Yes
Smith, Lindsay D.  8/27/1891--11/2/1982 husband of Daisy B. Smith Yes
Smith, Mary Iola Ellisor  3/20/1908--12/15/1975 wife of Julian C. Smith Yes
Smith, Miriam Edna 12/11/1961--12/15/1961 Infant daughter of Mark & Mathilda Smith Yes
Smith, Ola S.  7/19/1902--3/27/1998 wife of Joseph F. Smith Yes
Smith, Pearl B. 5/30/1901--7/22/1990   Yes
Smith, William W  8/6/1913--2/13/1966 husband of Julia Ruff Smith Yes
Somers, Clarence O.  2/1/1893--9/20/1980 husband of Maggie P. Somers; US Army, WWI Yes
Somers, James O. 10/8/1932--12/18/1942   Yes
Somers, Maggie P.  6/6/1909--3/21/1981 wife of Clarence O. Somers; "Our Beloved Mother" Yes
Spotts, Foster B.  8/28/1904--7/21/1958   Yes
Spotts, Frances Hunt 4/13/1914--3/8/2010   Yes
Spotts, Mary E.  1908--1972   Yes
Square, Kinard-Gilliam No dates   yes
Stilwell, James V. 6/4/1903--11/25/1971 husband of Sarah D.Stilwell Yes
Stilwell, Sarah D.  10/17/1907--5/6/2004 wife of James V. Stilwell Yes
Stockman, Clara K.  1908--Unknown   Yes
Stockman, J. Andrew 12/5/1910--2/10/1974 husband of Mary K. Stockman Yes
Stockman, Mary K. 1/1/1915--8/12/1996 wife of J. Andrew Stockman Yes
Street, Carrie 12/16/1875--12/18/1943   Yes
Stutts, Helen Sease 1902--1965 wife of Robert T. Stutts Yes
Stutts, Robert T. 12/13/1906--10/30/1970 husband of Helen Sease Studds;  NC Major US Army, World War II Yes

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