Newberry Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina
Newberry Memorial Gardens is a large cemetery.  It has been divided into smaller gardens (MAP), surveyed and photographed as such by Donna Brummett.
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T - W

Kanipe, Bertha S.Garden of Prayer (two)
Kanipe, George A. Garden of Prayer (two)
Keane, Ann TGarden of Prayer (four)
Keane, Edward M.Garden of Prayer (four)
Keith, ChristianGarden of Prayer (one)
Keith, RileyGarden of Prayer (one)
Keitt, Mary HelenChime Tower 1
Kelly, Margaret FullerGarden of Prayer (two)
Kelly, Phillips Thomas, Jr.Garden of Prayer (two)
Kennedy, Jordan Aveleen "Peanut"Garden of Prayer (one)
Kennedy, Marie L. Faith Masoleum
Kennedy, Mark D. Garden of Time
Kennedy, MildredGarden of Prayer (four)
Kennedy, William A. Faith Masoleum
Kenney, Octavia DarbyFountain (three)
Kenney, William DresserFountain (three)
Kennington, Charles L.Fountain (one)
Kennington, Mary B.Fountain (one)
Kentnor, John H.Garden of Prayer (one)
Kentnor, Judy SlighGarden of Prayer (two)
Kerley, Kenneth B. Garden of Prayer (four)
Kerley, Marie S. Garden of Prayer (four)
Kerly, Kenneth NormanGarden of Prayer (four)
Kerns, Frank Jean-Marie II "Chuck"Veteran Garden
Kesler, Danie ClaytonGarden of Prayer (four)
Kesler, Dessie KilgoreGarden of Prayer (four)
Kesler, Henry AdamGarden of Prayer (four)
Kesler, Jack R. Garden of Prayer (four)
Kesler, Jackie HarrelsonGarden of Prayer (four)
Kesler, John EdmondGarden of Prayer (four)
Kesler, Vivian K.Garden of Prayer (four)
Kibler, Allene SchumpertChime Tower 3
Kibler, Alvin SidneyChime Tower 1
Kibler, Annie LeeFountian (two)
Kibler, Betty B. Chime Tower 3
Kibler, Burr JamesFountain (one)
Kibler, J. LelandChime Tower 3
Kibler, Jacob AlvinChime Tower 1
Kibler, John JacobFountian (two)
Kibler, Lola Mae S. Fountain (one)
Kibler, Malcolm LelandChime Tower 3
Kibler, Nannie Lou C. Chime Tower 1
Kiker, Bennetta WickerFaith Masoleum
Kiker, John William Faith Masoleum
Killian, Ettie Julia AdamsFountian (two)
Killian, Junis Boyd, "JB"Fountian (two)
Kinard, Alonzo HayneChime Tower 2
Kinard, B. SmithTower Mausoleum
Kinard, Blanche N. Garden of Time
Kinard, JackVeteran Garden
Kinard, James T. Chime Tower 2
Kinard, Janie L. SuberVeteran Garden
Kinard, Lera DominickChime Tower 2
Kinard, Marthanne B. Fountian (two)
Kinard, Mary Articia Richardson Chime Tower 2
Kinard, Mary N. Garden of Time
Kinard, Myrtle A.Chime Tower 2
Kinard, Timothy "Tim" CasperGarden of Prayer (one)
Kinard, William HoraceChime Tower 2
King, Anna H. Veteran Garden
King, Eula MaeChime Tower 3
King, Eva H. Fountian (two)
King, Ezzie K. "Peggy"Chime Tower 4
King, Irma BradleyGarden of Time
King, James H. Chime Tower 3
King, James MiltonChime Tower 4
King, James W. Fountian (two)
King, Jenell S. Fountian (two)
King, Jerry RichardGarden of Time
King, Leland E. Veteran Garden
King, Marion EugeneGarden of Honor
King, Patricia BrownGarden of Honor
King, Pearl E. Fountian (two)
Kirby, Charles W. Fountain (three)
Kirby, Charlton L. Chime Tower 1
Kirby, Dorothy MitchellChime Tower 1
Kirby, Gladys D. Fountain (three)
Kirby, Lillie L. Fountain (three)
Kirby, Ralph J. Fountain (three)
Kirkpatrick, PollyFountian (two)
Kirkpatrick, William R. "Kirk"Fountian (two)
Kitchen, John M. Fountain (three)
Kitchen, Mark S. Garden of Prayer (four)
Kitchen, Melody H. Garden of Prayer (four)
Kitchen, Rosa Lee M. Fountain (three)
Kitchin, Candace JohnsonVeteran Garden
Kneece, ClarenceVeteran Garden
Kneece, HopeVeteran Garden
Kneece, Jordan CorinneVeteran Garden
Kneece, Mattie K. Veteran Garden
Koon, Agnes HippChime Tower 2
Koon, Blondell HammGarden of Prayer (two)
Koon, Clarence R. Garden of Time
Koon, Donlay RayGarden of Prayer (two)
Koon, George WileyChime Tower 4
Koon, Harold E.Chime Tower 4
Koon, James L. Garden of Honor
Koon, James L., Sr. Chime Tower 2
Koon, James Lee, Jr.Veteran Garden
Koon, John E. Garden of Time
Koon, Julia K. Chime Tower 4
Koon, Margaret S.Garden of Time
Koon, Nora TaylorChime Tower 4
Koon, Ruth K.Garden of Honor
Koon, Ruth M., R.N. Fountain (one)
Kunkle, Fred H. Garden of Time
Kunkle, Ida GeorgeChime Tower 2
Kunkle, James WillieChime Tower 2
Kunkle, Maedell MooreGarden of Time
Kunkle, Marian F. Garden of Prayer (one)
Kunkle, Winifred E. Garden of Prayer (one)
Kyzer, Annette MooreChime Tower 1
Kyzer, Annie L. Chime Tower 2
Kyzer, Catherine S. Chime Tower 1
Kyzer, Claude W. Fountain (three)
Kyzer, Clyde J. Chime Tower 2
Kyzer, E. BallengerChime Tower 1
Kyzer, Evelyn D. Chime Tower 2
Kyzer, Furman G. Chime Tower 2
Kyzer, James AlexanderChime Tower 1
Kyzer, Lisa AnnChime Tower 1
Kyzer, Mary J. Fountain (three)
Kyzer, Michael JamesChime Tower 1
Kyzer, Nathan O. Chime Tower 2
Kyzer, Pearl S. Chime Tower 2
Laird, Brunell C. Chime Tower 4
Laird, David L. Chime Tower 4
Lake, Annelle R. Garden of Prayer (one)
Lake, Charles L.Chime Tower 2
Lake, Harvey D. Fountian (two)
Lake, Leray H.Chime Tower 2
Lake, Marjorie B. Fountian (two)
Lake, Walter T.Garden of Prayer (one)
Lamb, FrancesGarden of Prayer (four)
Lancaster, Bobby H.Chime Tower 3
Langford, DorothyFountain (three)
Langford, Lyda Rae K.Fountain (three)
Langford, Robert J. Fountain (three)
Lathrop, Floyd W. "Shorty"Fountain (one)
Lathrop, George RayChime Tower 2
Lathrop, Infant SonChime Tower 2
Lathrop, Lula Pauline GrahamChime Tower 2
Leaphart, Annie L. Fountain (three)
Leaphart, Heber J. Fountain (three)
Leaphart, Lillian S. Fountain (three)
Leaphart, Miriam R. Garden of Time
Leaphart, William H.Garden of Time
Leaphart, Willie H.Fountain (three)
Leavell, John W. Chime Tower 1
Leavell, Julette W.Chime Tower 1
Leavell, Steve WestChime Tower 1
Lee, Annie BelleChime Tower 1
Lee, HowardChime Tower 1
Lee, James C. Garden of Honor
Lee, John CliffordChime Tower 3
Lee, John, C., Jr.Chime Tower 3
Lee, Newby E. Garden of Time
Lee, Newby Franklin "Frank"Garden of Time
Lee, Rachel RavenscraftChime Tower 3
Lee, Ruby CromerVeteran Garden
Lee, Russell W. Veteran Garden
Lee, Ruth C. Garden of Honor
Lee, Sally ClaryChime Tower 3
Leitzsey, Gilda WaitesVeteran Garden
Lemmons, Mary SueChime Tower 2
Lemmons, Mary Sue M. Chime Tower 2
Lemmons, MildredChime Tower 2
Leonhardt, John L. Chime Tower 2
Leonhardt, Lillie D. Chime Tower 2
Leopard, Cecil F. Veteran Garden
Leopard, Charles E. Chime Tower 4
Leopard, Curtis J. Chime Tower 2
Leopard, Eva J. Chime Tower 4
Leopard, Floyd H. Chime Tower 4
Leopard, HaroldChime Tower 2
Leopard, Herman AlfredVeteran Garden
Leopard, Jinnie L. Veteran Garden
Leopard, Lila M.Chime Tower 4
Leopard, Ruby LongVeteran Garden
Leopard, Ruby MeltonChime Tower 2
Leopard, Ruth M. Chime Tower 2
Lester, Francis WiseFaith Masoleum
Lester, Fred VoightFaith Masoleum
Lester, George P.Garden of Prayer (two)
Lester, John S. Fountian (two)
Lester, Mary Lou W. Chime Tower 1
Lester, Reba S.Garden of Prayer (two)
Lester, Sara CothranChime Tower 4
Lester, William J. Chime Tower 1
LeValley, Virginia M. Fountain (one)
LeValley, William E. Fountain (one)
Lever, Colie E.Garden of Prayer (one)
Lever, Fannie R. Garden of Prayer (one)
Lever, Kenneth WayneGarden of Prayer (four)
Lever, Lila L.Fountain (one)
Lever, Margie B. Chime Tower 4
Lever, Ollie C. Chime Tower 4
Lever, Vernon E.Fountain (one)
Lever, Vickie Ann R. Garden of Prayer (four)
Lewis, Bertie AvonChime Tower 1
Lewis, Bessie M. Chime Tower 1
Lewis, David M. Chime Tower 1
Lewis, Infant SonGarden of Time
Lewis, J. StanleyChime Tower 1
Lewis, Leah Mayfield BellChime Tower 1
Lewis, Mary S. Garden of Time
Lewis, Thomas EarlFaith Masoleum
Lewis, William F. Garden of Time
Lewis, Willie FayeFaith Masoleum
Lindler, Claude E. Veteran Garden
Lindler, Dollie S. Chime Tower 2
Lindler, Emma C.Veteran Garden
Lindler, Irene F. Chime Tower 2
Lindler, J. EarlChime Tower 2
Lindler, James C. Chime Tower 2
Lindler, John LomasChime Tower 3
Lindler, Joseph L. Veteran Garden
Lindler, Lila Mae S. Chime Tower 3
Lindler, Myrtle McCarthaVeteran Garden
Lindler, Narves S. Veteran Garden
Lindler, Patricia RoweVeteran Garden
Lipscomb, Beatrice S. Chime Tower 2
Lipscomb, Elizabeth AnnChime Tower 2
Lipscomb, Eugene L.Chime Tower 2
Lipscomb, HowardChime Tower 2
Lipscomb, Mabel A. Chime Tower 2
Lipscomb, Margaret AnnChime Tower 2
Lipscomb, Robert BruceChime Tower 2
Lipscomb, Tracy LynnChime Tower 2
Lister, Robert GlennChime Tower 4
Lister, Sara C. Chime Tower 4
Littlejohn, Thomas C., JrFaith Masoleum
Livingston, Allie A. Fountian (two)
Livingston, Alton Otis, JrChime Tower 2
Livingston, Annie B. Veteran Garden
Livingston, Bettie S.Faith Masoleum
Livingston, Carl EdwardFountain (one)
Livingston, Charles R.Garden of Prayer (four)
Livingston, Clarence R. Veteran Garden
Livingston, David N. Chime Tower 4
Livingston, Doris MartinFountain (one)
Livingston, H. EarlGarden of Time
Livingston, HilliardGarden of Prayer (four)
Livingston, Irma P. Faith Masoleum
Livingston, J. ParisChime Tower 3
Livingston, James N., "Chick" Garden of Prayer (four)
Livingston, James OmerlChime Tower 2
Livingston, Jeff A.Chime Tower 1
Livingston, Jimmy DaleGarden of Prayer (one)
Livingston, John M. Veteran Garden
Livingston, Judy CookGarden of Prayer (four)
Livingston, Lola D. Chime Tower 1
Livingston, Mary C., "Tiny" Garden of Time
Livingston, Mavis F. Veteran Garden
Livingston, Mildred K., "Millie"Garden of Prayer (four)
Livingston, Ned TroyVeteran Garden
Livingston, P. T., Jr. "Pete"Faith Masoleum
Livingston, Phyllis ShealyGarden of Prayer (one)
Livingston, Preston S. Faith Masoleum
Livingston, R. DianneChime Tower 4
Livingston, Ruth W. Chime Tower 2
Livingston, Sue W.Veteran Garden
Livingston, Thomas H. Fountian (two)
Livingston, Velda Lydia LownChime Tower 2
Lominack, Will SethGarden of Prayer (four)
Lominick, Arvid RayGarden of Prayer (four)
Lominick, Bennie WalterGarden of Honor
Lominick, Doris S. Garden of Prayer (four)
Lominick, George R. Chime Tower 2
Lominick, George RenwickChime Tower 2
Lominick, James RichardFountian (two)
Lominick, Mary Martha HicksonFountian (two)
Lominick, Mary R. Chime Tower 2
Long, Barbara JamesGarden of Prayer (three)
Long, Carl E. Veteran Garden
Long, Della A. Fountain (three)
Long, Earl W. Garden of Time
Long, Edward N.Chime Tower 2
Long, Elizabeth GnannChime Tower 2
Long, Era EnlowChime Tower 1
Long, Ethel F. Chime Tower 2
Long, Eunice H. Garden of Devotion
Long, Fannie H.Chime Tower 4
Long, Faye H. Garden of Prayer (two)
Long, Faye VanceFountain (three)
Long, Frances S. Chime Tower 2
Long, George RalphGarden of Prayer (three)
Long, Gerald V. Garden of Prayer (two)
Long, Gladys Lucille BallentineChime Tower 4
Long, H. LeilaFountian (two)
Long, H. ThomasGarden of Prayer (two)
Long, Homer F. Chime Tower 4
Long, J. RobertChime Tower 2
Long, James T., Sr.Fountain (three)
Long, John LutherChime Tower 4
Long, John Thurrell, Sr.Chime Tower 1
Long, Jonas I., Sr. Fountain (three)
Long, Jonas Irby, Jr. Veteran Garden
Long, Juanita HunterChime Tower 4
Long, Judith DoyleGarden of Prayer (two)
Long, Kenneth Earl, "Ken"Garden of Time
Long, L. EdgarChime Tower 4
Long, Lillian D. Garden of Time
Long, Luther EvansFountian (two)
Long, Luther HubertChime Tower 4
Long, Luther KennethChime Tower 2
Long, Martha Adella C. Fountian (two)
Long, Mollie W. Chime Tower 2
Long, Nancy N.Chime Tower 4
Long, Ora LeeVeteran Garden
Long, Oscar DoyleChime Tower 1
Long, Oscar W. Chime Tower 1
Long, Paul H. Chime Tower 4
Long, Pearl A. Veteran Garden
Long, Ralph E. Garden of Devotion
Long, Richard S. Veteran Garden
Long, Ruby B. Veteran Garden
Long, Sandra OpheliaChime Tower 4
Long, Thomas M.Chime Tower 2
Long, Tochie C. Chime Tower 1
Long, Vera Lawson Garden of Prayer (two)
Longshore, Bobby RayVeteran Garden
Longshore, Earline M. Garden of Time
Longshore, Ernest C., Sr.Chime Tower 1
Longshore, Ethel StemeransGarden of Prayer (three)
Longshore, Forrest W. Veteran Garden
Longshore, Frances SpottsChime Tower 1
Longshore, Fred B. Veteran Garden
Longshore, Henry W. Chime Tower 1
Longshore, Hugh F., Jr.Garden of Time
Longshore, Irby Lee, Jr.Veteran Garden
Longshore, Irby Lee, Sr. Veteran Garden
Longshore, James M. Chime Tower 4
Longshore, John T. Fountain (three)
Longshore, Karen AnnFountain (three)
Longshore, Larry L. Chime Tower 1
Longshore, Laura MontsVeteran Garden
Longshore, Louise HarmonFountian (two)
Longshore, Louise T.Veteran Garden
Longshore, Margie C. Chime Tower 4
Longshore, Mary B. Veteran Garden
Longshore, Mary H. Veteran Garden
Longshore, Patsy P. Veteran Garden
Longshore, Ruby S. Chime Tower 1
Longshore, Ruth M.Fountain (three)
Longshore, Thomas EdwardFountian (two)
Longshore, Willie E. Veteran Garden
Looney, Carroll E. Fountian (two)
Looney, Herbert J., Jr.Fountian (two)
Looney, Herbert J., Sr.Fountian (two)
Looney, Judith R.Fountian (two)
Looney, Mable E. Fountian (two)
Lovelace, Bessie R. Garden of Time
Lovelace, Marvin C. Garden of Time
Lowe, EldonGarden of Prayer (three)
Lowe, Guyneth HoggeGarden of Prayer (three)
Lunsford, Clara SinclairChime Tower 4
Lunsford, LloydChime Tower 4
Lybrand, Rebecca ShealyFountain (three)
Lybrand, Willie TeechieFountain (three)

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