Newberry Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina
Newberry Memorial Gardens is a large cemetery.  It has been divided into smaller gardens (MAP), surveyed and photographed as such by Donna Brummett.

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C - D

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M - O

P - R


T - W

MacArthur, Jane C.  Chime Tower 2
MacArthur, Tommie Lewis Chime Tower 2
MacArthur, William H. Jr. Chime Tower 2
MacArthur, William Henry, Sr. Chime Tower 2
MacFarlane, Gaynelle  Berry Garden of Time
MacFarlane, Priscilla Garden of Time
MacFarlane, Robert Ogilvey Garden of Time
Mack, Anna G.  Fountain (one)
Mack, Annie Bessie Fountain (one)
Mack, Cora Hipp Chime Tower 4
Mack, Frances R.  Garden of Time
Mack, J. Wilson, Sr. Chime Tower 4
Mack, James Leroy Garden of Time
Mack, James T.  Fountain (one)
Mack, Mary D.  Garden of Time
Mack, Rufus Marion Garden of Time
Madasz, Frederick J., Sr. Garden of Honor
Maddox, Callie Franklin Chime Tower 1
Maddox, Vivienne Bodie Chime Tower 1
Maddox, Vivienne Dawn Chime Tower 1
Magbee, Emory A.  Chime Tower 2
Magbee, G. W.  Chime Tower 2
Magbee, Nora T.  Chime Tower 2
Magbee, Wilbur E.  Chime Tower 2
Malnati, Julio J. "J.J." Garden of Prayer (four)
Malnati, Margaret C. "Peg" Garden of Prayer (four)
Manley, A. Vance Chime Tower 4
Manley, Rosa Lee W.  Chime Tower 4
Mann, Richard Anthony, Dr. Garden of Prayer (four)
Marier, Violet R.  Garden of Devotion
Marlowe, Estelle E.  Chime Tower 1
Marlowe, Sanford L.  Chime Tower 1
Maronie, Shirley C.  Garden of Devotion
Marshall, Lizzie Gallman Garden of Prayer (two)
Marshall, Ruth Garden of Prayer (three)
Marshall, William J., Rev. Garden of Prayer (two)
Martin, Annie Florence Garden of Prayer (three)
Martin, Curtis B. "Doc" Garden of Prayer (two)
Martin, Ellis W., "Woody" Chime Tower 2
Martin, G. Ernest Fountain (one)
Martin, Genevieve K. Garden of Time
Martin, George Newton Chime Tower 2
Martin, George W. Fountain (one)
Martin, George W. Fountain (one)
Martin, Helen Bedenbaugh Garden of Time
Martin, Henry Chime Tower 1
Martin, Janie C. Whitaker Garden of Time
Martin, Jeannette Nimmons Fountain (one)
Martin, Jesse B Garden of Prayer (four)
Martin, Jesse Hammet Fountain (one)
Martin, Juliette N. Fountain (one)
Martin, Lillian Chime Tower 1
Martin, Lillian O. Shealy Fountain (one)
Martin, Lizzie K.  Fountain (one)
Martin, Lottie Hawkins Chime Tower 2
Martin, Marie S.  Fountain (one)
Martin, Mattie Lee Frick  Garden of Prayer (two)
Martin, Melzie S.  Fountain (one)
Martin, Mildred P. Fountain (one)
Martin, Mildred Renwick Chime Tower 2
Martin, Randy S.  Garden of Time
Martin, Reba D.  Garden of Prayer (four)
Martin, Richard A. Fountain (one)
Martin, Robert Ansel Fountain (one)
Martin, Robert Harry, Sr. Garden of Time
Martin, Ruby Louise Chime Tower 2
Martin, W. R. "Billy" Chime Tower 1
Martin, W. Rudolph Fountain (one)
Martin, William E., "Geebee" Chime Tower 2
Martin, William J.  Garden of Time
Mason, Nellie F.  Chime Tower 1
Mason, William A., Jr. Chime Tower 1
Masters, James Chime Tower 3
Masters, Louise B.  Chime Tower 3
Mathis, Frances Juanita Garden of Time
Mathis, William, "Dub"  Garden of Time
Matthews, Claude V.  Chime Tower 4
Matthews, Clinton B.  Fountian (two)
Matthews, Mary J.  Chime Tower 4
Matthews, Maude H.  Fountian (two)
Matthews, Moses L. Chime Tower 1
Matthews, Paul Derrill Garden of Honor
Matthews, Virginia Ellis Chime Tower 1
Mauger, Timothy David Garden of Prayer (three)
Maw, Edward James Garden of Prayer (four)
Maw, Leila F.  Fountain (one)
Maybin, Eugene, Sr.  Garden of Prayer (three)
Mayer, Katherine L.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Mayer, Malcolm Garden of Prayer (two)
Mayer, Stan Adam Garden of Prayer (two)
Mays, Mattie S.  Chime Tower 3
Mays, Robert C.  Chime Tower 3
Mayson, James Mark Faith Masoleum
Mayson, Lizzie Beggs Faith Masoleum
Mazza, Alifair W.  Chime Tower 1
Mazza, James V.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Mazza, Laura A.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Mazza, Louis F. Chime Tower 1
McArthur, Francis J. Garden of Prayer (four)
McArthur, Jeanne J.  Garden of Prayer (four)
McArthur, Kenneth Francis Garden of Prayer (four)
McCall, Rosie Harris Garden of Prayer (one)
McCall, Winston Frank Garden of Prayer (one)
McCants, Leon E., Sr. Veteran Garden
McCants, Norma Parsons Veteran Garden
McCarley, Iola C.  Chime Tower 2
McCarley, Sidney C.  Chime Tower 2
McCarley, William Ray Chime Tower 2
McCartha, Lucy Bradley Chime Tower 3
McCarty, Cal T.  Fountian (two)
McCarty, DeWitt W.  Veteran Garden
McCarty, Ethel S.  Chime Tower 2
McCarty, Henry B Chime Tower 2
McCarty, Janie C.  Veteran Garden
McClain, Fred W.  Fountian (two)
McCoig, Betty Childers Meade Garden of Prayer (three)
McCoig, Ralph B. Garden of Prayer (three)
McCollum, Billie Ann Chime Tower 3
McCollum, Cynthia Elizabeth Chime Tower 3
McCollum, Damie Ann Tower Mausoleum
McConnell, Catherine L.  Fountian (two)
McConnell, Connie M.  Chime Tower 1
McConnell, Edward F.  Fountian (two)
McConnell, Frank H.  Chime Tower 1
McCullough, Eakie Garden of Prayer (three)
McCullough, Frances H.  Garden of Time
McCullough, Harold Guy Garden of Time
McCullough, John E.  Chime Tower 1
McCullough, Kathryn Chime Tower 3
McCullough, Loraine Chime Tower 3
McCullough, Mabel R.  Garden of Time
McCullough, Mary Frances L.  Chime Tower 1
McCullough, Paul Leonard Chime Tower 3
McCullough, Rebecca P.  Garden of Prayer (three)
McCullough, Samuel Guy Garden of Time
McCullough, Thomas P.  Garden of Time
McCutcheon, E. F. "Shotsie" Garden of Prayer (two)
McCutcheon, Lucille Johnson Garden of Prayer (two)
McDonald, Michael G. "Mike" Garden of Prayer (one)
McDonald, Walter R., Sr. Garden of Prayer (two)
McDonald, Wilma S.  Garden of Prayer (two)
McElroy, Horace Wayne "Red" Garden of Time
McElroy, Lottie Bowers Garden of Time
McEntire, Cecil O.  Chime Tower 2
McEntire, Florence B.  Fountain (three)
McEntire, George Leroy Fountain (three)
McEntire, J. Norris Fountain (three)
McEntire, James Ralph Fountain (three)
McEntire, Kathryn Amick Fountain (three)
McEntire, Louise M.  Chime Tower 2
McGaha, Evelyn Price Garden of Prayer (two)
McGaha, Ralph Garden of Prayer (two)
McGaha, Teena M. Garden of Prayer (two)
McGuire, Jane Henderson Garden of Prayer (three)
McHargue, Constance Armfield Chime Tower 2
McKay, Herman Chime Tower 3
McKay, Roman Alexander Chime Tower 3
McKinney, George Lester Chime Tower 1
McKinney, Vera K. Chime Tower 1
McLain, Florida W.  Garden of Prayer (four)
McLain, Geta O., Sr. Garden of Prayer (four)
McLemore, Margaret Garden of Prayer (three)
McLemore, Thomas R., Sr.  Garden of Prayer (three)
McMahan, Courtney Leigh Fountain (three)
McMeekin, Connie F.  Chime Tower 1
McMeekin, J. D  Fountian (two)
McMeekin, James Osborne Fountian (two)
McMeekin, Robert A.  Chime Tower 1
McMeekin, Thelma B.  Fountian (two)
McPhatter, Maedelle Garden of Devotion
McPhatter, Willie H.  Garden of Devotion
McSwain, Lee, Jr. Garden of Prayer (two)
McSwain, Margaret P. Garden of Prayer (two)
McWhirter, Richard I Veteran Garden
McWhirter, Sarah H.  Veteran Garden
Merchant, Alma M. Chime Tower 1
Merchant, Andrew J.  Chime Tower 2
Merchant, Dorothy S. Fountian (two)
Merchant, Elizabeth Jane Chime Tower 4
Merchant, Furman O.  Chime Tower 4
Merchant, Henry Clay Chime Tower 2
Merchant, Henry W.  Chime Tower 4
Merchant, Jennie Ballard Garden of Prayer (two)
Merchant, John C. Chime Tower 1
Merchant, Lizzie C.  Garden of Time
Merchant, Manning Garden of Time
Merchant, Margaret Sanders Chime Tower 2
Merchant, Maude K. Chime Tower 2
Merchant, Nannie Belle Quattlebaum Chime Tower 2
Merchant, Norris LeGrande Garden of Prayer (two)
Merchant, Robert Lee Chime Tower 2
Merchant, Robert Lee Jr. "Bobby" Chime Tower 2
Merchant, S. Roland Chime Tower 2
Merchant, Woodrow Fountian (two)
Merrill, Angele I.  Chime Tower 1
Merrill, Charles L.  Chime Tower 1
Merritt, Nettie B.  Chime Tower 4
Merritt, William B., Jr.  Garden of Honor
Merritt, William B., Sr. Chime Tower 4
Metts, Annie C.  Chime Tower 1
Metts, Carroll B.  Garden of Prayer (one)
Metts, Daniel C.  Chime Tower 2
Metts, Debra R.  Garden of Prayer (one)
Metts, Haskell Everett Garden of Prayer (one)
Metts, Margaret Q. Chime Tower 2
Metts, Nancy R.  Garden of Prayer (one)
Metts, Thomas W.  Chime Tower 1
Metze, Johnnie C.  Fountian (two)
Metze, Joyce Ann Fountian (two)
Metze, Mary Frances C.  Fountian (two)
Meyers, Robert M.  Fountain (three)
Milford, John B. Garden of Prayer (two)
Milford, Vera H.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Miller, Birdie Huntley Garden of Time
Miller, Bradford Jevon Chime Tower 4
Miller, Byrd G.  Fountain (one)
Miller, Eskel "Eck" Norton., Jr.    Garden of Prayer (two)
Miller, Ethel Ellisor H. Chime Tower 2
Miller, Evelyn S.  Chime Tower 2
Miller, Grace Young Garden of Honor
Miller, Gussie B.  Chime Tower 4
Miller, Helen S.  Garden of Prayer (one)
Miller, Inez D.  Chime Tower 2
Miller, Ira A.  Chime Tower 2
Miller, J. Frank Fountain (one)
Miller, J. Simeon Chime Tower 4
Miller, James E.  Chime Tower 1
Miller, James L Garden of Prayer (one)
Miller, Joe Hoyt Chime Tower 1
Miller, Joe M.  Chime Tower 1
Miller, Samuel Ewell Garden of Time
Miller, Seabell P. Chime Tower 1
Miller, Syvilla R. Garden of Prayer (two)
Miller, Vance Elbert Chime Tower 2
Miller, Wannamaker M.  Veteran Garden
Miller, Willie Clabon Chime Tower 4
Miller, Willie Riley Chime Tower 4
Mills, A. Carol Chime Tower 3
Mills, Adam DeWitt Veteran Garden
Mills, Betty S.  Chime Tower 1
Mills, Carolyn Longshore Chime Tower 1
Mills, Douglas P. Chime Tower 1
Mills, Edith D.  Chime Tower 1
Mills, Elizabeth Louise Chime Tower 1
Mills, Elon Woodrow Veteran Garden
Mills, Evangeline Garden of Devotion
Mills, Fay Shealy Chime Tower 1
Mills, Floyd Simpson Chime Tower 1
Mills, H. Loy Fountain (one)
Mills, Henry F.  Veteran Garden
Mills, James W.  Chime Tower 1
Mills, Janie S.  Fountain (one)
Mills, Johnnie Lee Chime Tower 4
Mills, L. V.  Veteran Garden
Mills, Leland W.  Veteran Garden
Mills, Lillie Mae H. Chime Tower 4
Mills, Marjorie C.  Veteran Garden
Mills, Marzelle B.  Veteran Garden
Mills, Nettie Barnes Fountian (two)
Mills, Polly H.  Veteran Garden
Mills, Rufus L.  Chime Tower 1
Mills, Ruth Meetze Chime Tower 3
Mills, Sarah J.  Veteran Garden
Mills, Sunie W.  Chime Tower 3
Mills, Vera M.  Garden of Devotion
Mills, Virginia Bouknight Tower Mausoleum
Mills, W. Walter Chime Tower 1
Mills, Wayne Earl Chime Tower 4
Mills, William Leslie, Dr. Tower Mausoleum
Mills, Willie L.  Fountian (two)
Mills, Wyman H.  Garden of Devotion
Millstead, Alice Roton Chime Tower 1
Millstead, C. T. "Tuffy" Chime Tower 1
Millstead, Thomas L., Jr.  Veteran Garden
Mims, Mary E. Spratt Chime Tower 1
Mims. Carl Wesley Chime Tower 1
Mincy, James W.  Garden of Prayer (four)
Minick, Billy P. Garden of Prayer (one)
Minick, Dolly M.  Garden of Devotion
Minick, Jeanette C.  Garden of Prayer (one)
Minick, Mildred W.  Garden of Honor
Minick, Reuben M. Garden of Devotion
Minick, W. Meadors Garden of Honor
Minor, Annie Grey Chime Tower 1
Minor, Nathan A.  Chime Tower 1
Mintzer, Toni Klebold Chime Tower 3
Mitchell, Bettie Durst M. Smith Fountian (two)
Mitchell, Dorothy N. Fountian (two)
Mitchell, Ralph L.  Fountian (two)
Mitchell, Rayon McKinley Fountian (two)
Mitchell, Thomas Lester Fountian (two)
Mitchell, Victoria Murrah Fountian (two)
Mize, Eugene Chime Tower 4
Mize, John H.  Garden of Devotion
Mize, Juanita D. Garden of Devotion
Mize, Marie R.  Chime Tower 4
Monts, Henry Calvin Veteran Garden
Monts, Mary Louise F  Veteran Garden
Moon, Carrie Mae Wheelis Fountain (one)
Moon, Fred Kibler Fountain (one)
Moon, Fred Tutt Fountain (one)
Moon, Marvin Joshua Chime Tower 1
Moon, Virginia Dehihns Fountain (one)
Moon, W. Corinne Fountain (one)
Moone, Johnny Byress Garden of Honor
Moone, Katie Miller Garden of Honor
Moore, Betty M. Chime Tower 1
Moore, Butler A. "Skinner" Chime Tower 1
Moore, Cleve Bertis Garden of Prayer (four)
Moore, David Ray Garden of Prayer (four)
Moore, Edna Coats Fountain (three)
Moore, Elizabeth Singley Chime Tower 1
Moore, Ethel S.  Chime Tower 1
Moore, Evelyn C.  Faith Masoleum
Moore, J. Boyce Chime Tower 1
Moore, James Ruey Garden of Prayer (two)
Moore, Joseph Otto Chime Tower 1
Moore, Louise N Chime Tower 1
Moore, Martha D.  Veteran Garden
Moore, Milton W., Dr.  Faith Masoleum
Moore, Minnie L.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Moore, N. Robert Chime Tower 1
Moore, Olin Danie "Redd" Garden of Prayer (four)
Moore, Robert Everett Fountain (three)
Moore, Robert F. Veteran Garden
Moore, Rosalyn Shealy Chime Tower 1
Moore, Shirley Hatcher Garden of Prayer (four)
Moose, Carolyn M.  Veteran Garden
Moose, Harry Edwin Veteran Garden
Moran, Irene H.  Garden of Prayer (four)
Moran, James Henry "Jr" Chime Tower 2
Moran, Jerome Lynn, "Jerry" Chime Tower 2
Morgan, Claudine W.  Garden of Devotion
Morison, David Walker Garden of Honor
Morris Dorothy B.  Fountain (three)
Morris, Boyd Neal Fountain (three)
Morris, Boyd W.  Fountain (three)
Morris, D. M.  Veteran Garden
Morris, Dempsey  Chime Tower 4
Morris, Dorothy B.  Fountain (three)
Morris, Ernest Chime Tower 2
Morris, Frank Aaron Chime Tower 4
Morris, Geraldine Veteran Garden
Morris, Helen D.  Garden of Prayer (one)
Morris, James T. "Tim" Garden of Devotion
Morris, Jewel W.  Chime Tower 4
Morris, John M., Jr. Chime Tower 2
Morris, John M., Sr. Chime Tower 2
Morris, Lillian S. Chime Tower 2
Morris, Lillie Epps Chime Tower 2
Morris, Myra Geneva Fountian (two)
Morris, Naomi Garden of Prayer (four)
Morris, Olin Robert Garden of Prayer (one)
Morris, Oscar B. "Bunk" Fountain (one)
Morris, Pinkney O. Garden of Devotion
Morris, Ruth Sligh Garden of Devotion
Morris, Sara E.  Fountain (one)
Morris, Sara R.  Chime Tower 3
Morris, Virgil S.  Veteran Garden
Morris, Wayne L.  Fountain (three)
Morse, Alma S.  Chime Tower 2
Morse, Chris C. Chime Tower 2
Morse, George W.  Chime Tower 2
Morse, Margaret L.  Chime Tower 2
Morse, Reginald George Chime Tower 2
Morse, Simeon Jacob Chime Tower 2
Moseley, Elizabeth Hove Garden of Prayer (two)
Moseley, Maurice M. Garden of Prayer (two)
Mosley, Norman Lee Garden of Prayer (one)
Mundy, Wanda Ard Garden of Honor
Murphy, Bruce Elaine M. Faith Masoleum
Murphy, Edwin Faith Masoleum
Murrah, Cleo Rodgers Chime Tower 2
Murrah, Harmon G. , Sr. Chime Tower 2
Murray, Allen Watts Fountain (three)
Murray, Elizabeth Woodle Fountain (three)
Murray, John R., Jr. Garden of Honor
Nabors, James C.  Fountian (two)
Nabors, Jimmie Jeanes Fountian (two)
Nabors, Marie M Fountian (two)
Name Garden
Name Veteran Garden
Neal, Doyle Edgar Chime Tower 4
Neal, Eddie Gene Chime Tower 4
Neal, Irene W.  Garden of Prayer (one)
Neal, Mary Nell Mills Chime Tower 4
Neal, Rosa Lee Chime Tower 1
Neel, Camilla Anne Bowers Garden of Prayer (three)
Neel, Gladys B.  Faith Masoleum
Neel, John C.  Faith Masoleum
Neel, Richard Clark, "R.C." Garden of Prayer (three)
Neel, Richard Clark, III Garden of Prayer (three)
Neelands, Peggy W. Garden of Prayer (four)
Nelson, Dick O.  Garden of Time
Nelson, George Cleveland, Jr. Veteran Garden
Nelson, Gloria P. Veteran Garden
Nelson, Irene S. Garden of Time
Newsom, Grace A.  Veteran Garden
Newton, Daniel R.  Garden of Time
Nichols, Athalene E. Chime Tower 3
Nichols, Doris W  Chime Tower 3
Nichols, Eugenia Kinard Chime Tower 2
Nichols, George Robert Chime Tower 2
Nichols, Harriet Slice Garden of Prayer (four)
Nichols, James Edwin Garden of Prayer (two)
Nichols, Ray James Chime Tower 3
Nichols, Sayra Waits Garden of Prayer (two)
Nichols, Wilbur A.  Garden of Prayer (four)
Nivens, Infant Garden of Time
Nobles, Claudia H.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Nobles, Elbert Leonard Veteran Garden
Nobles, Irene B.  Chime Tower 2
Nobles, Luther H. Veteran Garden
Nobles, Marie C.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Nobles, Martha Banks Chime Tower 1
Nobles, Mildred S.  Veteran Garden
Nobles, Ricky Joe Veteran Garden
Nobles, Walter Dudley Chime Tower 2
Nobles, William H, Sr. Garden of Prayer (two)
Nobles, William H., Jr., "Bill" Garden of Prayer (two)
Noe, Clara L.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Noe, Ellen Y. Faith Masoleum
Noe, Harry L.  Garden of Prayer (two)
Noe, Julian M  Faith Masoleum
Norris, Barney E. Chime Tower 1
Norris, Barney E.  Chime Tower 4
Norris, Carolyn Wilson Garden of Time
Norris, Claude Garden of Time
Norris, Earl Garden of Time
Norris, George Garden of Time
Norris, Jackson "Jack" Garden of Time
Norris, Mildred Lorick Garden of Time
Norris, Mildred M.  Chime Tower 1
Norris, Ruth C. Garden of Time
Norris, William C.  Garden of Time
Oakley, Austin R.  Veteran Garden
Oakley, Christa M.  Veteran Garden
O'Dell, Helen M. Chime Tower 2
O'Dell, Jesse Caldwell Chime Tower 2
O'Dell, Robert C. Chime Tower 2
O'Dell, Russell Patrick Chime Tower 2
O'Quinn, Dorothy Maner Garden of Prayer (two)
O'Quinn, Gerald Camlin Garden of Prayer (two)
Oswald, Grace S.  Faith Masoleum
Oswald, Grover A.  Faith Masoleum
Oswald, Judith G.  Fountain (three)
Oswald, Mary Elizabeth Andrena Thomasson Chime Tower 1
Owens, Etta M.  Garden of Honor
Owens, George R.  Garden of Honor
Oxner, Asa Calvin Chime Tower 4
Oxner, Ernest Leland Tower Mausoleum
Oxner, Frances Bogg Tower Mausoleum
Oxner, George Thomas Veteran Garden
Oxner, J. Marvin Chime Tower 2
Oxner, Jennie C.  Chime Tower 2
Oxner, Kate Holcombe Chime Tower 4

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