1906 & 1907 Observer
Newspaper abstracts by Edith Greisser
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Y. M. C. A. – officers elected, page 8, Observer 1/23/1906

Yarborough, W. P. Rev. is holding revivals at Mollohon Mills, page 8, Observer, 6/19/1906

Yarborough, Y. P. Rev. left for his home in Leesville, Observer 6/26/1906, page 8

Yates, Richard – ex governor – BIO – Photograph, Observer 8/21/1906, page 7

Yeates, Jim was convicted of the murder of Marshall Freeman and sentenced to 99 years in the Penitentiary in GA, Observer 6/4/1907, page 5

Yoe, Thomas J. of Greenwood arrested for arson in Ninety-Six, Observer 12/18/1906, page 8

Yopp, Elizabeth Miss of Columbia was robbed of a week’s wages, Observer 12/14/1906, page 1

Youmans, Leroy F. Attorney General of SC died at his home in Columbia at age 72 years. Observer 12/7/1906, page 8

YOUNG & DILL of Due West SC lost $9,000 in value to a fire, Observer 11/19/1907, page 8

Young, Andrew who was a butler of a ‘Club’ in Greenville was arrested for violating the dispensary law, Observer 8/10/1906, page 2

Young, Augustus left Prosperity to attend the Jamestown Exposition, Observer 8/9/1907, page 8

Young, B. T. name was drawn to be a juror in the Court of Common Pleas beginning June 17, Observer 6/4/1907, page 8

Young, C. S. Rev. of Paint Lick KY visited his sister Mrs. E. P. McClintock of Newberry, Observer 8/9/1907, page 8

Young, Cal colored of Anderson, was fined $100 for selling liquor, Observer 7/27/1906, page 5

Young, Calhoun elected as an alternate delegate for the Republican State Convention, Observer 8/7/1906, page 8

Young, Cilla colored was struck by a trolley in Spartanburg and killed, Observer 11/16/1906, page 1

Young, E. E. Mrs. left Prosperity to attend the Jamestown Exposition, Observer 8/9/1907, page 8

Young, E. L. a Newberry College student attended inter-collegiate Bible Study Conference at Clemson, Observer 11/9/1906, page 8

Young, Eloise Elizabeth applied for scholarship to Winthrop College, Observer 7/10/1906, page 8

Young, Frank colored was shot and killed by Allen Foster colored in Young Township in Laurens County. Observer, 7/19/1907, page 1

Young, Georgie Miss of GA will teach Bethel School in Pomaria, Observer 10/19/1906, page 5

Young, Haynie colored died suddenly in Newberry on 4/13/1907, Observer 4/16/1907, page 8

Young, J. C. was the NY Agent of the Southern Express Company which had been robbed of $18,000, page 2, Observer 1/9/1906

Young, John 20 years old colored was shot and killed by Wes Black colored, Observer 6/26/1906, page 3

Young, John of Clinton was a guest at a dance in honor of the Misses Sharp of Pendleton, Observer 7/31/1906, page 8

Young, John of Spartanburg was robbed at gunpoint and beaten. He died from his injuries, Observer 12/10/1907, page 1

Young, Lana Copeland Mrs. of Clinton visited Miss Lula Mosley of Prosperity, page 5, Observer 3/30/1906

Young, Lillian Miss of GA is the Principal of St. Luke’s School, Observer 9/3/1906, page 5

Young, Louisa colored of Laurens shot and killed Buck Stone colored and shot Mary Herron alias Bullock, colored, Observer 9/11/1906, page 2

Young, Lovelace colored was killed by Robert Jeter colored at a Church in Union, page 1, Observer 5/15/1906

Young, McBeth was elected Mayor of Union, page 4, Observer, 5/4/1906

Young, N. H. is sawing lumber for the purpose of building a new residence, page 5, Observer 3/23/1906; N. H. Young was elected as a delegate of the State Reunion of Confederate Veterans in Columbia on May 16, 17, 18, page 4, Observer 4/3/1906; He was elected to the office of Treasurer for the Prosperity Masons for the coming year, Observer 12/20/1907, page 1

Young, R. A. Rev. will return to Erskine College to complete his course in the Theological seminary, Observer 9/6/1907, page 8

Young, Rosa Mrs. wife of Dr. J.P. Young of Richburg died Tuesday after a brief illness. She was the oldest daughter of Judge Ira B. Jones of Lancaster and was about 27 years old. She was survived by a husband and three children, page 8, Observer 3/23/1906

Young, Roy of Fairfax visited John Pat Wise of Prosperity, page 5, Observer, 6/19/1906

Young, S. M. was a committee member for arrangements at the ceremony and celebration at Bethlehem Church on Emancipation Day 1906, page 8, Observer 1/2/1906

Young, S. Mrs. of Little Mountain, visited S. J. Kohn’s family, page 4, Observer 2/16/1906

Young, S. W. Mrs. of Little Mountain is the sister of Mrs. C. C. Barrier of Prosperity, Observer 10/19/1906, page 5; She was visited by her sister Mrs. C. G. Barrier, Observer 2/15/1907, page 5

Young, S. W. was elected Director of the LITTLE MOUNTAIN OIL MILL & FERTILIZER CO. at the stockholders meeting, Observer 6/26/1906, page 8; He was elected as a Director at the annual stockholders meeting of the Little Mountain Oil Mill Co. Observer 6/18/1907, page 8

Young, Virginia Mrs. editor of the Fairfax SC newspaper died of pneumonia, Observer 11/6/1906, page 1

Young, W. H. Dr. of Clinton was stricken with paralysis, page 1, Observer 1/5/1906

Young, Wash alias John Dillard was tried for murder of Dan Fuller near Mountville in Dec. 1904. He was arrested in Newberry County while being worked on a chain gang and taken to Laurens for trial. Observer 9/27/1907, page 8; He was captured about 12 miles from Newberry by the sheriff. He had been working in Little Mountain under the name of John Dillard. He was taken to Laurens jail, Observer 5/7/1907, page 8

Young, William a crippled peddler of Washington DC became heir to $5 million, Observer 8/20/1907, page 4

Youngblood, Frank Y. of West End was now a fugitive from justice. He was originally a mill man but most recently a fireman for the Southern and rooming in Columbia with R. L. Crooks, an engineer. Youngblood found Crooks bank book from Newberry. He made out checks to himself through a bank in Columbia, forging Crooks’ name to the checks. Forgery was suspected and a warrant was out for his arrest, Observer 5/28/1907, page 8; He was seen in a buggy passing Kinards and Goldville on his way to Clinton, Observer 5/31/1907, page 8; J. L. Lyles, an engineer gave some interesting side lights on the character of Youngblood, Observer 6/25/1907, page 8

Zeigler, D. G. was mortally wounded by Eugene Hogan Jr. in Sumter, page 5 Observer 3/27/1906; He was victim of assault and battery with intent to kill. His assailant did not appear for sentencing, page 1, Observer 4/17/1906

Zeigler, Wayman was mortally wounded by J. R. Martin and Wallace Whitworth at Iva, Anderson County SC, Observer 11/8/1907, page 2

Zimmerman, Daniel was accused of forgery, conspiracy and uttering forgery, Observer 3/1/1907, page 1; Sentenced to 3 years in the penitentiary, Observer 3/5/1907, page 1

Zimmerman, Helen Miss spent Sunday with Miss Alice Hornsby, page 8, Observer 4/10/1906; She was the daughter of Rev. S. H. Zimmerman and the former Miss Lizzie Simpson Jones. She was the sister of Simpson, Samuel, Marie Zimmerman, Observer 11/1/1907, page 8

Zimmerman, J. H. of Spartanburg died from a bee sting, page 1, Observer 6/5/1906

Zimmerman, J. H. Rev. was appointed to Newberry Circuit 1865 and held service at the Rutherford Campground with a squad of soldiers from the garrison on Sunday. Observer 1/29/1907, page 1

Zimmerman, Marie Miss spent Sunday with Miss Alice Hornsby, page 8, Observer 4/10/1906; She was the daughter of Rev. S. H. Zimmerman and the former Miss Lizzie Simpson Jones. She was the sister of Simpson, Samuel, Helen Zimmerman, Observer 11/1/1907, page 8

Zimmerman, S. B. Rev. of Newberry began his duties as field agent of Columbia College, about his past performance, page 5, Observer 1/5/1906

Zimmerman, S. H. Mrs. spent Sunday with Miss Alice Hornsby, page 8, Observer 4/10/1906

Zimmerman, S. H. Rev. financial agent for the Columbia College was suffering at his home in Elmwood Park with typhoid fever, Observer 10/22/1907, page 8; He was critically ill with typhoid fever, Observer 10/25/1907, page 8; All hope of his recovery has been abandoned, Observer 10/29/1907, page 8; He died at his home in Columbia on 10/30/1907 of typhoid fever. Burial was in Elmwood Cemetery; bio – born 3/1/1861, son of John H. and married 184- to Miss Lizzie Simpson Jones daughter of the late Rev. Simpson Jones. Survived by wife, 4 children: Simpson, Marie, Samuel, Helen, etc., Observer 11/1/1907, page 8

Zimmerman, Sam of Columbia visited Claude Smith, Observer 7/6/1906, page 8; He returned to Columbia, Observer 7/17/1906, page 8

Zimmerman, Samuel was the son of Rev. S. H. Zimmerman and the former Miss Lizzie Simpson Jones. He was the brother of Marie, Simpson, Helen Zimmerman, Observer 11/1/1907, page 8

Zimmerman, Simpson J. graduated from SC University this week, Observer 6/11/1907, page 8

Zimmerman, Simpson was the son of Rev. S. H. Zimmerman and the former Miss Lizzie Simpson Jones. He was the brother of Marie, Samuel, Helen Zimmerman, Observer 11/1/1907, page 8

Zobel, C. J. was drawn for Grand Juror of the January Court of General Sessions of Newberry, page 8, Observer 1/23/1906

Zobel, Sallie C. Miss daughter of the late Julius Zobel died yesterday morning at her home in Hyatt Park in Columbia. She was survived by a mother, four brothers, and one sister. Services were in Columbia at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, page 8, Observer, 5/22/1906

Zoble, C. J. bought a 1 story brick store on West Main St. from the Summer Bros., Observer 1/25/1907, page 8

Zoble, Hattie Mrs. of Columbia visited Mrs. Louisa Zobel at Helena, Observer 8/27/1907, page 8

Zulcher, Eddie J. of Chicago arrived and was in charge of the kitchen at the City Café, Observer 12/7/1906, page 8

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