Decendants of Peter Dickert
Newberry County, South Carolina
contributed by Dena Thomason-Whitesell

Descendants of Peter Dickert

Peter  Dickert was the son of Andreas. He was born 01 May 1686 in Mannheim, Germany, and died 21 May 1779 in South Carolina.  He married Christina Sophia Kalbrunner 10 Jan 1729/30 in Leimen, daughter of Johann Kalbrunner and Magdalena.  She was born 06 Apr 1710. Peter Dickert died at the age of 93 yrs., 20 dys. Immigration: 1752, Arrived in Charleston, South Carolina aboard the Cunliffe

Peter Dickert s
ettled in Crims Creek, South Carolina. Served as a Justice of the Quorum and Justice of the Peace.  Obtained land grant from the King of England for St. John's Lutheran Church at Pomaria, Newberry, South Carolina in 1763, served as an Elder.

German Settlers in Colonial SC: Dickert, Peter (1752). Leimen 69181, Landkreis Rhein-Neckar-Kreis Baden-Wurttemberg. Died 21 May 1779, age 93 yrs., 20 dys. (St. John's Lutheran Church records, Charleston, SC). A resident in 1731 of Leimen, later a citizen. He was the son of Andreas Dickert, a citizen of "Unternheim" (probably Undenheim near Oppenheim). He married 10 January 1730 in Leimen, Christina Sophia Kalbrunner, born 6 April 1710, daughter of Johann Philipp Kallbrunner and wife, magdalena. Children:  (1) Maria Magdalena, born 15 October 1733; (2) Anna Barbara, born 17 March 1736; (3) Johann Michael, born 19 April 1739; (4) Susanna, born 28 January 1742; and (5) Catharina, born 20 September 1749.  Peter Fickhart (Dickert), on Cunliffe, 1752, wife and four children: Magdalen 19, Barbara 16, Michael 14, and Susanna 11. 300A, Camping Cr. of Saluda R.

Children of Peter Dickert and Christina Kalbrunner are:
i.    Mary Magdelene Dickert, born 15 Oct 1733 in Mannheim, Germany; died 14 Apr 1817.  She married (1) Henry George.  She married (2) John Caloff.
ii.    Anna Barbara Dickert, born 17 Mar 1735/36 in Mannheim, Germany.  She married John George Oswalt.  Married
John George Jr.  Oswalt  m. After 1752. John Oswalt father: John George Oswalt Sr., b. Rotterdam, Germany. John Jr siblings: Christopher b. Abt. 1727, Mathias b. Abt. 1733, Michael b. Abt.  1736

iii.    Johann Michael Sr. Dickert, born 19 Apr 1739 in Mannheim, Germany; died 1811.
iv.    Susannah Dickert, born 28 Jan 1741/42 in Mannheim, Germany; died Abt. 1805.  She married (1) Thomas Harris.  She married (2) Jacob Wirth.
v.    Catharina Dickert, born 20 Sep 1749.


Johann Michael Sr. Dickert

Johann Michael Sr. Dickert (Peter, Andreas) was born 19 Apr 1739 in Mannheim, Germany, and died 1811.  He married Mary Margarita Seigler Abt. 1769, daughter of John Seigler and (--?--).  She was born Abt. 1747.

State of So. Carolina, Newberry County. Jacob Cromer of Newberry County, planter, for five shillings to Michael Dickert and Conrod Suber now Elders of the Presbyterian Congregation, a lot of land containing one acre wheron there is now a Church Builded for the use Benefit and Behoofs of the said Presbyterian Congregation, part of a tract of 150 acres originally granted unto John Miller 13 May 1768 recorded in Book DDD page 198...2 October 1790 (A German Reformed Church in Newberry County, SCMAR Vol. VIII, No. 3, Summer, 1980 ).

The German Reformed Church in Newberry County, South Carolina was probably located near Broad River a few miles west of St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, Newberry, South Carolina Since St. john's was originally a Reformed congregation, likely these members formed a new church. Peter Dickert was an elder of St. John's church in 1763, along with John Adam Epting, to whom the land where St. John's church now is, was granted (SCMAR, Vol. III, Summer 1980, p. 151).  Will of Michael Dickert Senr.

Census: 1790, Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, M637_11. Males 16 yrs. & upward: (1), under 16 yrs (1), females (3).

Military service: Revolutionary War, served under the command of Colonel Silas & Colonel Beard in Pickens Brigade as Quartermaster, April 22, 1781-May 7, 1782

Children of Johann Dickert and Mary Seigler are:

i.    Eve Margaret Dickert, born Abt. 1780; died 03 Apr 1811 in South Carolina.

ii.    Michael II Dickert, born Abt. 1762; died Abt. 1836.

iii.    Christopher Dickert, born Abt. 1766; died Abt. 1810 in South Carolina.

iv.    Peter Dickert, born Abt. 1773; died 04 Sep 1854 in Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina.

v.    Hannah Dickert, born Abt. 1782.  M1: John George Stockman, b. abt 1783 and died in Perry Co., Alabama. His parents were Peter Stockman & Catherine Epting.  M2: George Stockman SR.

Eve Margaret Dickert

Eve Margaret Dickert  (Johann Michael Sr., Peter, Andreas) was born Abt. 1780, and died 03 Apr 1811 in South Carolina.  She married John Adam Jr. Folk [parents Jacob Sr. Folk & Catherine Epting.] 23 Oct 1798 in Newberry District, South Carolina.  He was born 07 Mar 1770, and died 21 Dec 1844 in South Carolina. They are buried at Folk-Busby Cannon Graveyard, .5 mi E,  Pomaria,

State of South Carolina, Newberry County. Know all men by these presents that I, Andrew Loretz, Minister of the Dutch Presbyterian Congregation in Newberry County and Other places do hereby certify that I have this day Joined Eve Margarett Dickert in holy Matrimony unto John Folk according to our rule and profession Certifyed by me this 23d day of October 1798 (SCMAR, Vol. VIII, No. 3, p. 151,Summer, 1980).

Marriage: 23 Oct 1798, Newberry District, South Carolina
Source: SCGenWeb Archives Marriage Records
Child of Eve Dickert and John Folk is:
i. John Adam III Folk, born 05 Feb 1799; died 05 Jul 1855 in Newberry County, South Carolina.  
He married (1) Catherine Hentz.  She died in Age 32 years, 5 months, 26 dys.  He married (2) Christinia Cannon 27 Jul 1840 in Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina.  She was born in South Carolina, and died in South Carolina. He is buried at the Folk Family Graveyard, 1 mile N, Pomaria, Newberry, South Carolina

Notes for John Adam III Folk:
LDS Film #24170 filed 7/23/1857: Christina Folk vs. John D. L. Folk, H. M. Folk, H. H. Folk, executors of John H. Folk.
Bill for Account and Relief              
Attorney: Irby
On 6/27/1840 a prenuptial contract was made between Christina Cannon (owner of 7 slaves) and John A. Folk (owner of 14 slaves). The agreement stated that at their death their own slaves were to be delivered to the children of their previous marriage and not to the spouse. The marriage occurred 7/27/1840. During the marriage the husband John A. Folk, used all the slaves of both parties to his own use. He died July 1855 with a will and named as his executors his sons John D. L. Folk, Henry M. Folk and Hamilton H. Folk. The executors refused to turn over the slaves to Christina Folk and so she petitioned the Court to act in her behalf. The marriage contract was included in the papers (Newberry County, SC Equity Records 1845-1867 by Edith Greisser, Box 48, No. 14, pg. 101).

Children of John Folk and Catherine Hentz are:
i. John David LaFayette Folk, born 15 May 1825 in South Carolina; died 06 May 1858 in South Carolina.  Burial: 1858, Folk Family Graveyard, 1 mile N, Pomaria, Newberry, South Carolina

ii. Henry M. Folk, born in South Carolina.
iii. Hamilton H. Folk, born in South Carolina.

Christopher Dickert

Christopher Dickert  (Johann Michael Sr., Peter, Andreas) was born Abt. 1766, and died Abt. 1810 in South Carolina.  He married Christiana Kesler, daughter of William Henry Kesler.  She was born Abt. 1779.
Notes for Christopher Dickert:
"Michael Dickert, Reuben Reid and wife Elizabeth and minors Adam and Henry Dickert, vs Simon Wicker and wife Christiana. Bill for partition. Filed 7 May 1818.
Christopher Dickert died intestate leaving widow Christiana (who remarried Simon Wicker). Children: 1) Michael Dickert 2) Elizabeth Dickert married Reuben Reid 3) Adam Dickert 4) Henry Dickert.
Christopher Dickert died possessed of 200 acres bounded by Simon Wicker, George Clyne, Martin Kinard, James Hughey, and Adam Wicker. "Newberry County, SC Equity Records 1818-1844 by Sandra J. Lee, M.D., p7, (Box 1 Package 16).

Christopher Dickert is shown:
Census 1: 1800, Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, M32_50, line 31, p. 72.  Males: under 10 (2), 10-15 (1),  26-44 (1). Females:  under 10 (1), 10-15 (1), 26-44 (1).
Census 2: 1790, Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, M637_11. Males of 16 yrs & upwards (1), males under 16 yrs (1), females (1).
Census 3: 1810, No males over 10 listed in this census. Census taker reports Christina & children (Christopher possibly decreased at this time).
Death Fact: Not listed in 1810 Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina census with wife Christina

Children of Christopher Dickert and Christiana Kesler are:
i. Elizabeth Dickert, born Abt. 1800 in South Carolina; died Abt. 1852.  She married Reuben Reid, 11 Aug 1816, son of Joseph Reid.; born 1785 in South Carolina; died 1837 in Laurens Co., South Carolina. Reuben Reid was a Teacher.
Submitted by Elaine Lewis Lester - According to a book by Jesse Walton Reid, HISTORY OF THE FOURTH REGIMEN VOLUNTEERS, his father Reuben Reid was a teacher who traveled in SC, NC, and TN.  J.W.'s grandfather, Jose Reid, had left Virginia not long before Reuben was born. in 1814, following discharge from service in the War of 1812, Reuben began a school in  Ne? Co., where he met his future wife, Elizabeth Dickert. They married in 1???, had 5 children: Lucinda b. 1819, Matilda b. 1821, Jesse Walton b. 1???, Zillah Elizabeth b. 1826, Reuben Christopher b. 1837 - just months before his fathers death (according to J.W.  book). Irving Reid was living in Hart Co., Georgia, with several children in 1891 when this book was written.
ii. Henry Dickert, born Abt. 1808 in South Carolina; died 17 Mar 1895 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
iii. John Adam Dickert, born Abt. 1810 in South Carolina; died 02 Dec 1853.
iv. Michael Dickert, born in South Carolina.

Henry Dickert

Henry Dickert (Christopher, Johann Michael Sr., Peter, Andreas) was born Abt. 1808 in South Carolina, and died 17 Mar 1895 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  He married Sarah Frances Wicker Abt. 1824, daughter of John Wicker and Katherine (--?--).  She was born Abt. 1811, and died 17 Mar 1895 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Census: 1840, Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, Roll 514, Book 1, line7. Males: 10-15 (1), 30-40 (1). Females: under 5 (1), 5-10 (1), 10-15 (2),  30-40 (1).

Children of Henry Dickert and Sarah Wicker are:
i. William M. Dickert, born 28 Aug 1825; died 25 Jan 1902.  Burial: Enon Baptist Church Cemetery, Easley, South Carolina. Married to: Catherine Bryant, b. April 3, 1833, d. August 27, 1914. Burial - Enon Baptist Church Cemetery, Easley, South Carolina
ii. ? Dickert, born Bet. 1825 - 1830.
iii. Mary A. Dickert, born Abt. 1838.  She married Robert Taylor; born Nov 1833.
iv. Nancy C. Dickert, born Bet. 1836 - 1841; died 11 Apr 1929 in Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina.

John Adam Dickert

John Adam Dickert (Christopher, Johann Michael Sr., Peter, Andreas) was born Abt. 1810 in South Carolina, and died 02 Dec 1853.  He married Harriet Wicker Abt. 1840, daughter of Daniel Wicker and Mary Cromer.  She was born Abt. 1825.

Children of John Dickert and Harriet Wicker are:
i. Mary Elizabeth Dickert, born 16 Aug 1841; died 20 Sep 1923 in South Carolina.  Burial: 1923, Lebanon Methodist Cemetary, 5 mile NE, Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina
ii. Susanna Dickert, born Abt. 1847.
iii. Hulda Rebecca Dickert, born 01 Aug 1849; died 23 Jan 1919.  Marriage Fact: John Calvin Crumpton, b. August 9, 1859, d. October 2, 1931
iv. William A. Dickert, born 25 Dec 1852; died 20 Jul 1908 in South Carolina.  Burial: Beth Eden Lutheran Church Cemetery, 6 miles N,  Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina.  Marriage Fact: 1) Mollie McCullough Wicker, b. March 2, 1839, 2) Mary Lyles Abrams
v. Emma Ellen Dickert, born 01 Feb 1854; died 08 Apr 1908.

Peter Dickert

Peter Dickert (Johann Michael Sr., Peter, Andreas) was born Abt. 1773, and died 04 Sep 1854 in Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina.  He married [Abt. 1797] Anna Maria Stockman Abt. 1797.  She was born to Peter Stockman & Catherine Epting in 07 Apr 1776, and died 19 Apr 1850.

Notes for Peter Dickert:

Commission to Benjamin Buckannon, Samuel Wood, John Ruff, Thomas Bausket, & James Wood, to make partition. Commissioners sworn before Peter Dickert, J.P., 16 Apr. 1808 (SCMAR, Vol. III, Winter 1975, No.1, p. 11).

Peter Dickert subscriber to will of Jacob (his X mark) Cromer. Proved October 25, 1831

Peter Dickert subscriber to will of Jacob (his X mark) Setzler. Proved  July 10 - 1839

Peter Dickert is shown:

Census 1: 1820, Bucks Co., Nockamixon, PA, M33_100, p. 40.  Males: to 10 (2),  16-18 (1),16-26 (2) females  to 10 (1), 45-c (1).

Census 2: 1810, Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, M252_61,  p. 160. Males: under 10 (2), 10-15 (1),  26-44 (1).  Females: under 10 (2),  16-44 (1).


Children of Peter Dickert and Anna Stockman are:

 i.    John Jacob Dickert, born 25 Jul 1798; died 07 Dec 1848.

 ii.    John Charles Dickert, born 25 Jul 1801; died 23 Oct 1848 in Texas.

 iii.    Catherine Dickert, born 06 May 1805; died 04 Jul 1886. She married John Huff, b. March 5, 1798, d. November 20, 1870

iv.    David Daniel Dickert, born 06 Oct 1808; died 11 Dec 1848.

v.    Elizabeth Dickert, born 12 Jul 1811.

vi.    Andrew Gramling Dickert, born 28 Mar 1813; died 1904 in South Carolina.

vii.    George Howard Dickert, born 18 Jun 1819 in South Carolina; died 19 May 1879 in South Carolina.


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