Spanish-American War
Newberry county, South Carolina

Confederate veterans of Newberry County organized the James D. Nance Camp in 1893 with Captain Jesse Wistar Gary as the commander; Dr. R. C. Carlisle as lieutenant commander; J. F. J. Caldwell as 2nd lieutenant commander; Thompson Connor as 3rd lieutenant commander; C. F. Boyd as adjutant; Dr. Sampson Pope as surgeon; Rev. E. P. McClintock as chaplain; G. F. Long as treasurer and N. H. Young as color sergeant.

Captain William Smith Langford, a graduate of The Citadel in the class of 1894, organized the Newberry Guards. The members of the unit volunteered for service in the Spanish-American War, left Newberry by train for Columbia on May 3rd, 1898. This group of volunteers was mustered into service May 11, 1898. They remained in camp till June 6, 1898, when it was moved as a part of the 1st SCVI to Chickamauga Par, Georgia. It remained at Camp George H. Thomas, Georgia till July 28, 1898, then moved to Camp Cuba Libre, Panama Park, Florida on July 29, 1898, staying there till September 24, 1898 at which time they went to Columbia, South Carolina. They furloughed for 30 days, mustering out of service at Columbia, South Carolina November 10, 1898. The chief mustering officer was Ezra B. Fuller, Captain 7th United States Calvalry.

Company B, First South Carolina Volunteers

Abrams, J. W. Private Transferred in from Company L; photo
Aldridge, Robert Private  
Allen, Walter Private  
Aull, B. M. 2nd Lieutenant  
Aull, Herman    
Best, William M. Private  
Blakely, Ab    
Blats, Jno. W. Private  
Blats, William E. Sergeant  
Bodie, Middleton S. Private  photo
Boulware, George Pierce   Nov. 22, 1877-Jun. 15, 1937, buried New Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Silverstreet, SC
Boyd, Joseph E. Private  
Bradburn, P. M.    
Bright, Jno. O. Private  
Brown, Jno. H. Private  
Brown, Alsa D. Private  
Brown, Jno. L. Private  
Bullington, Walter B. Private  
Caldwell, Edward R. Private  
Cannon, Charles O. Private  
Cannon, Jno. P. Corporal  
Cassidy, James O. Private  
Chapman, Jeffery D. Private photo 
Clapp, Frank J. Private  
Cockrell, Joe    
Cockrell, Robert T. Private  
Coleman, A. T.    
Coleman, J. T.    
Cook, Alonzo J. Sergeant  
Cook, George B.   Sept. 12, 1854-May 16, 1925 - buried @ Colony Lutheran Church Cemetery
Cooley, Joseph B. Private  
Cooley, Jno. D. Private  
Copeland, William O. Private Transferred in from Company G
Corley, Edward    
Cromer, Charlton T. Private Aug. 20, 1879-Aug 1, 1953, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery, E-6, Newberry; photo
Daniels, Julius Guy Private or 2nd Sergeant Jan. 18, 1877-Oct. 31, 1916 WOW, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery, B-2, Newberry
Daniels, J. W.    
Davis, Edward A. Private Transferred in from Company G
Davis, John H. Corporal  
Dawson, Robert R. Private  
Denson, Jesse L. Private  
Dreher, John E. Private  
Duncan, James C. Quartermaster Sergeant 27 years old, Stenographer from Newberry. Enrolled May 5, 1898 - Mustered in June 2, 1898; photo
Edwards, Joseph L. Private  photo
Eison, Julius   Dec. 27, 1875-Jan. 22, 1924, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery section 5, Newberry
Ezell, George C. Private  
Farrow, William W. Corporal  Sep. 11, 1873-Jan. 19, 1925, buried @ Rosemont A-7, Newberry; photo
Finger, Robert Private  
Folk, Levi E. Private  
Folk, Thomas N. Private  
Foster, Jno. A. Corporal  
Fuller, Richard J. Corporal  
Garrison, Rowland. H. Private  
George, Jesse T. Private  
Glenn, W. P.    
Gray, Frank. P. Private  
Grise, Elijah S. Private  
Griffith, Jno. E. Private  
Henderson, James, L. Private  Dec. 31, 1880-Jan. 15, 1919, buried @ Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Newberry
Henderson, Zack R. Private  
Hinson, Henry H. Private  
Hipp, Malcom D. Private  
Hipp, Wilbur C. Corporal s/o J. J. Hipp, Buried at St. Pauls' Lutheran Church Cemetery, no death date noted on burial records
Holmes, Clayton F. Private  
Holt, W. W.    
Hooper, James E. Private  
Hughes, Herbert   Transferred to Hospital Corps. July 28, 1898
Huitt, W. F.    
Hunter, W. H. Drummer Dec. 28, 1863-Apr. 25, 1912, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery B-2, Newberry
Hutchinson, E. C.    
Johnson, Pope Duncan Private Nov. 18, 1877-Oct. 9, 1968, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery, A-8, Newberry; photo
Jones, G. C. Quarttermaster  
Keith, Joseph H. Private  
Kilgore, J. J.    
Kilgore, Andrew Corporal  
Kinard, Jno. M.   Died of consumption
Kirkpatrick, David V. Private  
Lancaster, Milton C. Corporal  
Langford, William S. Captain  
Langston, Jno. F.    
Livingston, J. A.    
Livingston, William T. Private 1872-1938, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery A-8, Newberry
Longshore, James J. Private  
Lorrick, T. W.    
Lovelace, Lais L. Private  
Lyons, James S. Private  
Madden, J.    
Martin, Charley    
Martin, Perry M.   Discharged
Matthews, W. S.    
Matthis, Clarence E. Private  
Mayer, Jno. Private  photo
McCafferty, Jno. A. Private Transferred to Ambulance Corps
McCafferty, J. W.    
McCarty, Samuel P. Private  
McGahee, Thomas C.   Discharged
McGee, Andrew T. Private  
McGee, C. W.    
Medlock, Silas L. Corporal  
Mims, Charles P. Private  
Mitchell, Thomas S. Private  
Mittle, David    
Moore, George Private  
Morrison, Robert A.   Transferred to Company G
Mower, F. D. 4th Sergeant  
Nelson, James W. Private  
Nicholson, Jno. C. Private  
Norris, Robert Corporal  
Ouzts, Jno. E. Private  
Paysinger, Samuel H. Private Apr. 7, 1865-Mar. 3, 1933 - buried @ Colony Lutheran Church Cemetery
Pearsall, Vinal Vancel Private Nov. 1, 1877-Oct. 19, 1940, buried @ Silverstreet Lutheran Church Cemtery, Silverstreet, SC; photo
Pearson, Thomas J. Private  
Perry, Martin   Discharged
Pope, T. H. 1st Sergeant  
Potter, Samuel D. Private  
Prather, W. W.    
Price, F. L.    
Reddish, Eddie P. Private  
Reeder, Earnest M. Private  
Reeder, J. C.    
Reeder, William C. Private 1877-1918, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery C-1, Newberry, SC
Renwick, J. E.    
Renwick, J. S.    
Roberts, Roberts L. Private  
Robertson, William M. Private  
Roebuck, Thomas. M. Private  
Ross, Herbert A. Private  
Sanders, Earle Corporal  
Schumpert Aumerle Private  
Shackelford, R.    
Sheppard, David E. Corporal  photo
Simmons, Henry L. Private  
Sligh, Edwin B. Private  photo
Sloop, F. K.    
Smith, George F. Quartemaster Sergeant Dec. 3, 1869-Mar. 22, 1926, buried @ Mt. Pleasant Cemtery; photo
Smith, S.    
Spearman, R. S.    
Spehl, Theodore H. Private  
Stevenson, Miles   Discharged
Stewart, Casper C. Private  
Stewart, Thomas O., Jr. 3rd Sergeant or 2nd Lieutenant ??  
Strickland, Luther    
Suber, George B. Private  
Swindler, Thomas W. Private May 21, 1876-May 12, 1945, buried @ West End Cemetery, Newberry, SC; photo
Swindler, William O. Private  
Thompson, W.    
Tiller, J. J.    
Tilson, William A. Private  
Tribble, C. Jefferson Private  
Wall, George Private  
Wallace, H. A.    
Wallace, Miles A. Private  
Wallace, W. E.    
Ward, S. M.    
Wearn, George F. 1st Sergeant Apr. 1, 1871-May 28, 1845, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery B-3, Newberry
Wearn, Richard H. 1st Lieutenant  
Weeks, James K. Private Mar. 19, 1879-Sep. 8, 1902, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC
Werts, William B. Private  
White, Harry T. Private 28 yrs old, Painter from Newberry, Enrolled May 3, 1898 - Mustered in May 11, 1898. Transferred from Company B to the Regimental Band; b. 10/19/1869 d. 9/8/1900; buried @ Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC
Williams, Carleton Private  
Williams, Thomas G. Private Marker placed at Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery - no dates; photo
Wise, William B. Private  
Wix, William S. Private  
Wood, Landy Corporal  
Yarborough, William P. Private  
Yeargin, Marion (Marvin)   Discharged

Company G, Second South Carolina Volunteers

Company G, 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry was organized at Newberry, South Carolina. By August 19, 1898 it was mustered into service at Camp Lee, Columbia, South Carolina by Captain Ezra B. Fuller, 7th United States Calvary moving to Jacksonville, Florida September 15, 1898 by rail being assigned to duty with the 7th Army Corps. From there it was moved by rail to Camp Onward, Savannah, Georgia on October 21, 1898, then by water to Havana, Cuba on the U.S. Transport ROUMANIAN on January 3, 1899. They left Havana, Cuba for the United Sttes on March 23, 1899, encamped at Camp McKenzie, Augusta, Georgia till April 19, 1899 when the company was mustered out of service by Lieutenant Ellwood W. Evans, 8th United States Calvary.

Silas J. McCaughrin - b. 1865 d. 1927, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC

1st - Edward C. Horton
2nd - Robert F. Dukes

1st - Caldwell E. Fant, b. 1876 d. 1916, buried @ Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC
QM - George S. Noland
John L. Finley
Morgan T. Mooney
Owens P. Saxon
Andrew B. Stoudemire

Jackson J. Abrams
George H. Ballentine
Herman P. Aull
Ollie O. Eargle
William J. Miller
Edward A. Groves
Wilbur C. Hipp
Abe Pearlstine - Discharged
Leonard B. Cummings
George F. Turner

Snyder J. Parrott
Watson M. Connor

James N. Sligh
James S. Chalmers
Kimble P. Bailey
Arthur J. Bair
John J. Barrs
William (Willie) W. Barrs
Wilson (William) A. Boyd
Elmo (Elmore) G. Bramlet
Charlie H. Broughton
Frank J. Byrd
Samuel B. Cauble
Kisler Collins
Julius J. Conally
John C. Connor
George B. Cook
John Davis - buried @ West End Cemetery, row 4, no dates on marker "John Davis, Co. G 25 C Inf. Sp. Am. War"
Ransom Dewitt
William J. Dewitt
Will Divver
Frank W. Fant - buried @ Rosemont Cemetery, "Frank W. Fant, Husband, Co. G. 2 SC Inf. Sp. Am War" unable to read dates
Claude P. Finley
Giff H. Finley
James Falke
Charlie E. Glenn - Discharged; b. Dec. 28, 1873 d. Mar. 8, 1920; buried @ Whitmire Cemetery, Whitmire, SC; " Charles E. Glenn Pvt. 2 SC Inf. Sp. Am War"
James O. Glenn - b. Aug. 28, 1875 d. Dec. 23, 1928; buried @ Whitmire Cemetery, Whitmire, SC, "James O. Glenn, Pvt. 2 SC Inf. Sp. Am War.
John D. Glynn
William M. Glynn
John L. Goers (Goff) - Discharged
Arthur Haney
Patrick H. Hargrove
James W. Hawkins - Discharged
Armand P. Hinson
James F. Hinton
William O. Huiett
William O. Jordan
Robert L. Kibler
David M. Malone
William D. Maybin
James G. Miller
Madison D. Milan
William H. McGarvey
George A. McKinney
Leon M. Myers
Henry Pitts
Ford Roper
William J. Sloan
William J. Smith
Hugo S. Spell
George J. Spotts (Spatts) - marker in Baxter Cemetery, Newberry,kSC, "George J. Spotts, Co. G. 2 SC Inf. Sp. Am. War" no dates
Walter A. Syfrett - Discharged
Edgar W. Teague
John H. Todd
James R. Tucker
Thomas F. Turner
Jasper Ulmer
Jas. B. Watson
Joseph (Jas.?) A. Watson
Thomas H. Watson
George G. Wilson
James M. Wilson
Hugo W. Weathers
John H. Whetsell (Whitsell)
George J. Wilson
Thomas Woodall
Joseph Wood

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