Tragedies of Newberry County, South Carolina
South Carolina Genealogy Trails

March 28, 1984 - Tornado hits Newberry County
Anna Tribble Hanged for the Murder of her new born Babe
Henry Baxter is Killed by a White Man in Newberry
The Killing of John L. Lyles by James Thomas
James C Banks Shot Down By Butler Banks - The house of Butler Banks Burned Down and His Wife and Little Children Left Out in the Cold Without Shelter - contributed by Dean Long
Bloody Work in Newberry; Butler Banks Proves Himself a Very Bad Man; He Resists Arrest at the Hands of Four Men, Stabs Two of Them, and Puts the Quartette to Flight
A Fiendish Outrage - brief news article written in The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, LA about the Butler Banks incident
James B. McClary attempts to kill his family
The Murder of James S. Gilliam
Henry Gilliam - Murders his Wife
The Murder of David Waters
The Murder of James Cureton
The Death of Calvin Cozier - Private Cozier was murdered while trying to protect white women from harrasment presented by Negro soldiers.
Tornado Stories from the past - Garmany school destroyed in 1915 and other stories
March 29, 1907 Newberry Fire
Young Prosperity Man Accidentally Shot Last Saturday - death of Harold Hawkins
Murder of Eugene Leavell - Mr. Leavell was murdered over a dispute on hiring a teacher in 1906
People of Newberry, SC, Terrorized by a Band of Fire Bugs - 1883
The Hanging of Touney Lyles - for the rape of a white woman in 1897
Executions - names, dates and some stories about those that have been executed for crimes committed in Newberry County between 1802 - 1933

Four Men Terribly Mangled - boiler explosion kills four at Dr. W. M. Dorron's place., August 1890

A Passenger Train Falls Through a Trestle near Columbia, S.C.  - November 12, 1870
Murder in a Colored Church - Rev. Young Reeder murdered in his church
Simeon Young and wife wounded - Kuklux visited
Walt Faulkner's Murder - was he Kuklux?
"Dink" Gantt Charged with Killing Uncle - Mark Gantt is Shot to Death - Nephew Denies Guilt
Death of N. P. Abrams


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