Newberry County Unrecorded Wills and Deeds
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Abstracted by Mary DeVore Dawkins (ONDQ Spring 1992, pg 1-11)
Copies of originals may be obtained through the Probate Office in Newberry, SC or through the Old Newberry District Genealogical Society

ALEWINE, THOMAS: LWT 1855 - daughter Jane Mozier; son William, deceased; daughter Dorothy Abrams; Grandchildren. Executors: William Hatton, William Ruff, and Thomas Rutherford.

BAILEY, EDWARD S: LWT April 1861 ­ brother William A Bailey; wife Ann Thomas Bailey; Executors: Silas Johnstone, Moses T Owens and friend

BAILEY, EDWARD S: LWT 1872 - Wife, Ann T Owen; no children mentioned. Other benefactors: Margaret; Sarah, Emma L Owen, Susan A Forde, Edmund E Jackson; Nieces and father of great-nephew, Russell Jackson. Executors: E E Jackson and Silas Johnstone

BISHOP, NANCY: LWT 19 Nov 1858 - Beneficiaries, Anne E Bishop, Lenora S Bishop, James A Bishop, Thomas M Bishop, Dora E Bishop. Witnesses: Jared smith, J C Bishop, and J W Smith.

BOOZER, Mrs ELVIE E: LWT 17 Oct 1929 - Husband, James W Boozer; son, Cecil E Dominick. Witnesses: Lilla West, Fred Gilbert, and J Y McFall.

BOOZER, GEORGE BURDER: LWT 24 Nov 1864 - Son (minor) James C Boozer; Daughters, Madora E Boozer, Sarah H Boozer, Jane C Boozer, Mary A Boozer. Second wife, Lavinia C Boozer, lately Lavinia C Ruff. witnesses: John Coate, A M Bowers, H W Rikard.

BOOZER, LAVINIA C. RUFF: LWT 11 Noy 1864 - son John S Ruff; Brothers: John Wand Christian H Suber. Husband: George Burder Boozer. Witnesses: Eliza P Pelot, Margaret Sondley, Mary A Suber, and Rebecca Welch.

BOOZER, NANCY CAROLINE: LWT 01 Noy 1863 - Legatees: sisters, Margaret & Rosannah Boozer; after their deaths, property sold, divided among 7 brothers: Henry, F W, George, John, David, and W W Boozer. witnesses: John Hair, George Dominick, Allen Hawkins.

BOOZER, ROBANNAH: LWT Nov 1863 - Legatees: sister, Margaret and Nancy Caroline. Remainder of viill exactly as one above (Nancy Caroline. Boozer's) , including same executors & witnesses.

BOOZER, TIMOTHY: LWT 23 May 1863 - Wife, Nancy. Children not named except son, Burr A Boozer, the executor. Witnesses: P H Dennis, W T Wright and Burr Ramage.

BRIDGES, WILLIAM: LWT 19 Jan 1853. Wife, Nancy. Eight children: including Caroline, deceased; Nancy wife of Timothy Boozer, Temperance wife of James. P Hughey. Sons not named. witnesses: Simeon Fair, James Baxter, and J A Johnson.

BROOkS, SIMON: LWT 20 Jan 1880 - Wife, Amelia. Henry Workman, resident. of plantation. Heirs other than wife omitted intentionally. Witnesses: J M Hughes, Elijah Wells, Robert ?????

BROWN, GERTRUDE: LWT 20 Aug ,1919 - Admin: husband W Nebit Brown. No others named . Witnesses: W H Wallace, M H Rickard, & H C Holloway.

BURTON, MARY: Request Judge J B Fellers to send her will to her at Longshore,SC, by way of W G Peterson, so she can make changes.

BEARD, STEPHEN: Sold to Catharine Griffin 100 acres on 27 Aug. 1868. Agreement, he would work place, look after her until her death and place would revert to him.

CALDWELL, ANNA: LWT 9 June 1852 - Sister, Nancy Caldwell. witnesses: James Chalmers, John P Kinard, Thomas A N Chalmers.

CHALMERS, EBENEZER PRESSLEY: LWT 15 April 1861 - Wife, Eliza Virginia. Chalmers; no chilqren yet. Witnesses: John O Peoples, John L Remick, and William B Lane.

CHAPMAN, NOAH L: LWT25 Nov.1896 - Sister,Cumnmings B Swygert, legatee. . Also neighbor and friend, William Johnson and wife Haley. Daughter, Anna/Mrs George A Riser token legacy. Executors: Captain George S. Swygert. Certificaton of competence: W A Dunn, M.D. witnesses: Alice.M Cannon,W A Dunn M.D., Thos W Holloway.

CHAPPELL, JAKES B: LWT 05 Aug 1861 - Wife Martha E.; no issue. Ex: Moses ,Anderson. witnesses: L. I. Lane, John F Golding, A J Peterson.

CLINCH, ANDREW: LWT 12 Sep. 1850. Children: Mary, Andrew, Elizabeth, Polly. EX: John & Andrew Kinard. Winesses: ???? Wicker, Henry Wertz, and George G DeWalt.

DeWALT, SPENCER: LWT 04 May 1885 - Wife, Abby 1/3-. remainder. Executor: George A Kinard. Own children.

DOMINICK, ELIZABETH: LWT 19 Ju? 1892 - Estate left to son, W Creighton Dominick. Other children omitted from will, daughter Nancy wife of Simeon P Taylor, daughter Mary wife of Newton Mills; daughter Edith C wife of Ezekiel W Taylor, son Henry P Dominick, son George W Dominick. Witnesses: P E Wise, J L Hunter, and W W Fulmer.

DOMINICK, GEORGE: Deed of 26 July 1895 for 10 & 1/2 acres sold to Jacob H Boozer.

DOMINICK, JESSE: LWT 11 Oct 1867 - Wife Elizabeth; adopted daughter Ulrica Amanda Taylor. Property to wife, then adopted daughter, then to children of Ulrica Amanda. Jacob W Dominick named trustee for Ulrica Amanda. Wi tnesses: P W Counts, S T Taylor, J C Counts.

DUGAN, STEPHEN: LWT1 Dec 1869 - Harriet Davis and children, Sam Blair (son), Letty Turner (daughter) legatees. witnesses: Peter Renwick, Ein Blair, and Drayton Wicker.

EPTING, JOHN C: LWT 06 Sep 1935 - 125 acres in farm Newberry County, bounded by lands of W M Chapman, H B Clark, Mrs M C Epting, G Irving Epting, and James Cununerlander. Legatees: wife, and children: Harry D Epting, G Irving Epting, Claude D Epting, Edna Richardson, Alice Epting, Marie Haithcock,children of deceased daughter Daisy Shealy. witnesses: I H Reaves, H L Dukes, and H C Holloway.

FELKER, JACOB: LWT 06 Jan 1864 - Wife Katherine, Son William Felker and other children: Reuben, Peter, Nancy and ???? Executor: Joel B Heller. Witnesses: G Joseph, Dr J D Cannon, and W H Ringer.

GRIERSON, WILLIAM H: LWT 22 Nov 1867 - Estate to wife, Eustatia Caroline Grierson. Wife, Executrix. Witnesse: John W Ferguson, Warren G Peterson, C H Williams. Deposited by Williams, 23 Nov 1867.

GILLIAM, POLLY: LWT 19 Sep 1848 - Estate left to son,William P Gilliam, except two negroes (Caroline & Charlotte) left to granddaughters: Mary E Gilliam and Libby Drucilla Gilliam. Witnesses: B I Ramage, W F Robertson, and P B Ruff.

GILLIAM, WILLIAM PINCKNEY: LWT 23 Apr 1878 - Codicil 27 Apr 1880 two-thirds of exceedingly large estate left to only surviving daughter, Libby Drucilla Gilliam Cromer wife of John A Cromer. One­third of two plantations left to grandchildren Ellen E P Smith Suber, Robert Gilliam Smith, William Pinckney Smith, children of deceased daughter, Mary E Gilliam Smith whose husband, James N Smith, to be guardian of boys. One son of Libby and John A Cromer was William Pinckney Cromer. Executors: John A Cromer, Dr George A Setzler. Witnesses: Lewis W Simkins, Mary E Hinson, Thomas S Moorman. Between 1878-1880, sold "Polly Gilliam" plantation and his
"mother's place" and bought John Glymph place and Dr Brennan place. Witnesses: William R Hentz, I C Bowler, Thomas Moorman. Division the same.

GLOSTER, JESSE: Free man of color. LWT 28 Jul 1842 - Born a slave, bought himself free at age 37 (age 67 now). Bought daughters Edney and Sallie from John B McMorris at $850.00 each in 1829 & 1830. Owned 70 acres, to be sold, profits used by Judge Belton O'Neal and Rev. Thomas. Means (? ) to get daughters & grandchildren out of state to freedom. Wished he'd had time to earn freedom for his other children. Executors: Judge O'Neal, Rev. Thomas Means(?) Witnesses: Thomas Johns, G G Scott, Daniel DeWalt

GRIFFITH, CATHERINE: Agreement of 27 Aug 1868 - land purchased from Stephen C Beard, allowing him to live there and work the 100 acres of land; and look after her the rest of her life. At her death, place would be left to him.

GRIMES,ISABELLA: LWT 05 Jan 1864 - Children: Lucinda, Eliza, James, Sarah. Grimes and Albert Grimes.

HAMILTON, EDWARD: LWT 09 Nov 1878 - Legatees: wife Lumanda Hamilton and two children: G. J Hamilton and Mary Jane Hamilton, share and share alike. Ex: son G J Hamilton. Witnesses: George S Mower, E P Chalmers, and James F Kilgore

HARRINGTON, NANCY: LWT 16 Jan 1855 - Deceased husband, Young John Harrington. Children: Elizabeth Wilson, Harriet N Pope, Nancy H Pope, Virginia Moorman, William H Harrington, James F Harrington; deceased children: Spence C Harrington, John C Harrington, Mary B Pope. witnesses: John B Carwile, Sebastian Kraft, W W Calmes. Spencer's widow: Mary B Harrington.

HARRINGTON, WILLIAM H: LWT 02 Sep 1859 - Wife, Elisa A Harrington. Children: Helen, Morriot, Harriet, Hugh, Young, Belton and Sally. Executors: John B Carwile, Silas Johnston. Request to be buried by first wife, Sarah Strother Harrington. Witnesses: William W Houseal, C P Pope, and George S Jones.

HELLER, JOHN: LWT 19 Nov 1858 - Wife, Mary Heller. Daughters, Nancy & Elizabeth Heller, all well taken care of. Nancy, illegitimate, probably daughter of Minerva Katharine Ringer. Ex: Joel Heller. Witnesses:Thomas H Alewine, Ivy Cromer, William F Lominack.

HELLER, SALLIE: Affidavit, 28 Dec 1857, by Mrs. Ellen Suber, declaring self as witness to solemn gift of young slave girl, Mary Ann, by her grandfather John Heller to Sallie, daughter of John's son, Joel B Heller and wife Eliza. Signed before clerk and magistrate Burr J Ramage.

HINSON, MARY E:. LWT 01 Aug 1900 - House, furniture, silver table were bequeathed to Mrs A R or A B Campbell. Executor: WW Hodges. Witnesses: H H Eddy, W S Dobbins, J W D Johnson.

HIPP, JOHN A: LWT 10 Dec 1853 - Legatees, wife Eve Hipp and sons John A Hipp, George Hipp, David Hipp (by first wife) children Catherine Jane, Middleton, and Adam Hipp. Elizabeth Swittenburg to be given 1/2 a child's share as one of his legitimate children. Executors: three oldest sons. witnesses; Robert Maffett, Walter H Hunt, John C Higgins.

HUNTER, MARY ANN ELIZABETH: LWT 04 Sep 1854 - Husband, Henry M Hunter, legatee and executor. No children mentioned. Two deceased brothers of Mary Ann Elizabeth are James Payne and Livingston Payne.

HUTCHINSON, DAVID FRANKLIN: LWT 12 Nov 1864 - Wife Jeannette F Hutchinson, executrix: Daughter, Mary E Hutchinson. Witness: M D Suber, I M Brooks, Simeon Fair.

JOHNSTON, CARY: LWT 01 Oct 1863 - Legatees: mother Sarah Johnston. Sisters: Sarah Ann Johnston, Rebecca Moates, Matilda Thrift. Brothers: John Johnston, George W Johnston. Executor: Henry Burton. Witnesses: Josiah Stewart, John C Stewart, Burr Ramage.

JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH: LWT 11 Oct 1864 - Legatees, sister Jennette Johnson Hutchinson & her daughter Mary Hutchinson; brother, Isaac Johnston. Executor: Isaac Johnston. Witnesses: R C Wright, John A Harp, and N F Butler.

LAKE, E P: LWT 11 Feb 1870 - Legatee, wife Eliza A M Lake. Executor, friend Maj C H Suber. Witnesses: Thomas M Lake, John Coate, William Lake. Also, previous will of 20 May 1868, same provisions, same executor. Witnesses: Thomas M Lake, James H Dennis, and A B Pitts.

LANE, WILLIAM H: LWT 09.Nov 1895 - Legatees: friend M A Carlisle ($200.00); brothers: James J Lane, and John C Lane (property). Executor: James J Lane. witnesses: R C Carlisle, E A Carlisle, J G Rice

LONG, HENRY A: LWT 18 Dec1863 - Legatee: wife Mary Ann Long for self and children; to be divided share & share alike, when youngest is twenty-one. Witnesses: F B Higgins, M W Miller, and W S Harris.

KIBLER, JACOB: LWT 16Apr 1862 - Legatees: wife Matilda C Kibler, Langston Stockman, Wily Stockman, Lavinia Stockman, each 1/4 after his wife's death; also divided between Samuel Moore, Martha Moore and Deborah Moore children of deceased Ellen Moore. Wife named executrix. Witnesses: Johnston, Knotts, and Simeon Fair.

KINARD, LOUISA: LWT 1865 - Legatees: mother Hassie Kinard, after her death to cousin, Walter Koon. $1.00 to her sister, Elizabeth Evans. Deceased father of Louisa Kinard was Henry Kinard. Ex: Walter F Koon. Witnesses: E P Lake, John Evans, I S Hair.

MARCUS, WARREN: LWT 08 Feb 1877 - Legatees, minor children, Angeline & John Marcus. Angeline living with Eliza B Gaines. Older children, one by name of Cornelius Marcus. Witnesses: Lautena Jones,Charles L Gary & Dennis Moates [negro family]

MATHIS, WILSON: LWT 12 Feb 1908 - Legatees, son W W Mathis, Daughter Sallie Johnken. Witness: J A DeWalt, Wesley Rutherford & Press Senne [negro family]

MERCHANT, NICKOLAS B: LWT 04 Apr 1883 - Legatees: wife Louisa M Merchant. sons and daughters (no names) - to be provided for if estate so allowed without detriment to wife. Executrix: wife. Witnesses: A G Maybin, A J McCaughrin, and O LSchumpert.

McMorris, THOMAS H: LWT 24 Sep 1923 - Legatees: wife Pliney McMorris. Sister Janie Gary and children of him and Phiney. Brother Henry McMorris to be guardian of any minor child. Witnesses: E J Green, E M Cook, and H C Holloway.

MORRIS, GEORGE H: LWT 01 Feb 1892 - Legatees, wife Dolly Morris and HER children, Samuel Morris, George H Morris, Amelia Hawkins, Keziah Bowers, William Capers Morris, Elizabeth Bowers, Nancy Morris, Ennis Morris. Witness: P W Counts, P B Warner, W I Counts.

MORRIS, ROSANNAH: on 06 Nov 1871 Probate Judge J C Leahay acknowledges request of Rosapnah Morris for her will in order that she can make changes. Witnesses: William Hatton, Henry Koon, William D Boland. Hatton signs receipt of will, 06 Nov 1871.

NEAL, JOHN M: LWT 10 April 1862 - Legatees, wife Frances P Neal. Witnesses: William N Davidson, W P Hunter, W G Peterson.

0 ' NEAL, MARY: LWT 11 Feb 1887 - Legatee: nephew George Flugna Matthews. Executor: same witnesses: Sampson Pope, Helen Pope and J W Gary.

OXNER, HENRY: LWT 21 Nov 1856 - Deposited: 15 Sep 1960. Wife Mary Oxner. Legatees: wife, daughter Harriet Caroline and Eliza Oxner Brown wife of David Brown. Granddaughter, Jane Hancock. Executors: John F Glymph. John McLean. witnesses: R R Pratt, A W Wicker, and A J Oxner.

PETERSON, JAMES E: LWT 02 May 1864 - Legatee: wife Nancy Peterson. Executrix: same witnesses: Nathan F Johnson, John Whitman, Yates C Myers.

PHIFER, JOHN LOCKE: LWT (copy) fromConcord NC. Legatees: Mother­Mary Adeline Phifer. Sister Sallie W, Phifer, David R Phifer, children of brother George L Phifer & wife Rosa S Phifer, Lou, Lila, Rosa, Daniel, John, Emma Phifer. John Locke Phifer was very wealthy merchant and land holder. $15,000 bequests to brothers & sistere 28 Jan 1880. Copy sent to Newberry on his death and proof of will, 11 Dec 1885.

PITTS, CHESLEY: LWT 22 Jul, 1851 - Legatee: niece, Huldah Watts (minor). Under certain conditions, education for poor and indigent children to be provided with trustees: Reuben, G Pitts, Andrew Workman, Richard Reeder. Executors: Reuben G Pitts. Witnesses: Cornelius Workman, David Pitts, and H D Mangum. Deposited 01 Aug 1885.

PITTS, JOSEPH: LWT 23 May 1863 - Legatees: wife Mary E Pitts 1/3 all his children 2/3. Executor: William Pitts (father). Witnesses: Richard P Clark, Richard C Chapman, Silas Johnstone.

POPE, CHARLES P. LWT - legatees: nephew Sampson Pope Esg and wife Helen Pope. Executor: Sampson Pope. Witnesses: M N Gary, James M Baxter, Jesse W Gary.

POPE, WILLIAM HENRY: LWT 25 Jan 1864 - Legatee: wife Cinthia W Pope. If issue, to be divided according. to laws of state. Witnesses: W H Harrington, W W Calmes, James M Baxter.

PRICE, ELENOR (widow): LWT 03 Apr 1867 - Legatees: son John Price, Daughter-in-law Ruther Price. Granddaughter: Joannah Price. Daughter: Jane Mathis. Son: Morgan Price. Daughter: Elizabeth Darby.
Grandson: John M Mathis. Son: Thomas J Price. Four small children of son. Thomas: John, William, Simeon & Caroline Virginia Price. Executor: son Thomas J Price. Witnesses: T W Caldwell, J E Caldwell, Joseph Caldwell.

REEDER, WILLIAM: LWT 22 Oct 1863 - Legatees: wife. Margaret Suzannah Reeder and 2 daughters not named. Daughters Trustee: George S Cannon. Executor & trustee for wife, Madison F Workman. Witnesses: James
Speer, Henry Hendrix, David Cleland.

RODELSPERGER, PETER: LWT 13 Apr 1861 - Unmarried, in Charleston, "eve of departure to seat of the war". Legatees: Frances A Fisher (daughter of friend, possibly brother-in-law, Frederick Fisher), remainder of estate to his sister, Elizabeth Fisher wife of Adam Fisher of Henback, Krirs Deiburg Groszhogthum Hepen Darmstadt, Germany. Executor: Silas Johnstone (good friend). witnesses: John B carwile, David E Ewart, .T W Blease.

ROGERS, MARY: LWT 11 Jan 1921 - Legatee: son Victor Rogers. Executor, Victor Rogers. Witnesses: Esther Cozene, --- , B V Chapman.

RUFF, Dr. J M H: LWT 24 Sep 1862 - 3rd Regt, Co E, SCV; in state of Virginia. Legatees: two infant daughters, Jeanette Amanda Ruff and Florence Lavinia Ruff. His mother Jeanette Amanda Ruff to be their guardian. In case of her death, his sister, Jeanette H Ruff to be guardian. Witnesses: J E Cofield, J F Atkison, T M Lake, W H Suber.

SCURRY, MARY H: LWT 10 Oct 1861 - Legatees: Children 1) Elizabeth A Glen wife of William G Glen, 2) Jane W Glen wife of Daniel C Glen, 3). Susan P: Mitchell wife of McKendry Mitchell, 4) Grave R Scurry, 5) Lucy S Scurry Witnesses: John T Peterson, Elijah Martin and John C Stewart.

SENN, DENNIS A: LWT 27 May 1864 - Legatee: wife, Martha Jane Senne Children at her death. Division if -she remarried. Property (mostly negroes), held together with brother George W Senri, to be divided. Witnesses: Isaac N Gary; James McClung, and Burr Ramage.

SENN, ELIZABETH: LWT 26Dec 1859 - Legatees: two youngest children, George Senn and Mary Senn Executor: George Senn. Witnesses: E M Lake, Johnston Pitts, and Noah Martin.

SETZLER, GEORGE: LWT 04 Jan1859. Legatees: present wife Martha and her children by him. If over $356.21 each; some of remainder to go to daughters, Mary S E and Sarah E Setzler by former wife, who each received that amount, from their grandfather, Martin Suber. One Daughter, Buana Elizabeth must have trustee appointed. Executor: Maj. Jacob Epting. Witnesses: W F Metts, W, B Bell, and L J Jones

SETZLER, THOMAS I: LWT 26 May 1923 - Legatees: wife and children. Executrix: wife. Witnesses: B V Chapman, A J Bowers Jr, and H C Holloway.

SITZGRAVES, ELIZABETH JACKSON: 11 & 14 Dec 1858 - Verbal will, testaments, petition for settlement. Niece and adopted daughter Williamette Henderson to receive estate after the Col.'s lifetime. Williamette was wife of Thomas H Henderson. Mrs Lyles, Mrs Henderson, Dr, Nims in attendance. In case Williamette died without heirs, brother and nieces and nephews to inherit: brother John S Noland, John Noland and Frances Noland McCants, children of a deceased brother would inherit. Petition filed by Johnston for John S Sitgraves vs George S Noland and others. Testimony also by Robert W Gilliam. Date 11 & 14 Dec 1858.

SMITH, JACOB: LWT 26 Oct 1878. wife Mary, one-half. Remainder to Summerfield Gary son of ~arY'ssister, Jane Gary., witnesses: John A Chapman, J G Martin, and L E Jones.' (colored)

SMITH, SARAH: LWT 25 May 1846 - Legatee: chiefly, son Jacob C Eichelburger, personal estate, home place of 238 acres. Much negro property to be divided among other children or their heirs. Executor: son Jacob. Witnesses: H M and L M Eichelburger, Levi R Livingston. LWT signed Sarah Smith.

SMITH, SPENCER F: LWT 09 Apr 1862 - Legatees: wife Ellen G smith. Children. Witnesses: G L Scott, John O Peoples, and Henry Whitmire.

SPENCE, MARY: LWT 28 Jan 1868 - Legatees: two daughters: Isabella Birge and ELizabeth E Young, share and share alike, and to their children. At this date ELizabeth Young had no children witnesss: James M Baxter, G G DeWalt, E PLake. Executor: D Mower.

STOCKMAN, LANGDON P: LWT 11 Jul 1863 - Legatees: widow and children to have his share of plantation on which he lives. Remainder belongs to heirs of deceased brother, Wily M Stockman. His mother, sister & children of a deceased sister, Nellie to be allowed to live there as before so long as they wish. Witnesses: Henry Rikard, Richard E Chapman, William H Houston?.

STONE, CATHERINE: LWT17 Sep 1862 - Legatee: Daniel D Stone (husband?). Witnesses: John Cook, Thomas Ellisor,. T P Richardson.

SUBER, ELI.ZABETH: LWT 1849 Updated 20 Feb 1855 - Marriage contract with husband Peter Suber. Everything to children. Executor: John W Long. Witnesses: Jacob Kibler, I M Shealy, G A Counts.

SUBER, HENRY U: LWT 16 Jan 1864 - estate of his father, John Suber had never been divided, was to be shared equally between Henry and brother David C Suber. Henry's legatees are a cousin John W Suber and John Suber's children. Estate on boundary of Newberry-Laurens county lines, bounded by lands of Dr Rook, Major Samuel Rook, William Metz, Dr Rush Gary, William Speaks, Dorsey Gary & others. Executor: John W Suber. Witnesses: John Coate, E P Lake, James F Harrington.

THOMPSON, ELIZA K: LWT 27 Aug 1856 - Widow, Legatees, minor son and daughter, John R L Thompson & Mary B Thompson. Guardian to be (in case of her death) David F Hadden, James W Duckett or G T Scott. Executor: James H Williams. Witnesses: Duckett, Loveland, Glymph.

TODD, JAMES F: LWT. 07 Jan 1898 - legatees: Wife Martha A Todd. Children Estele, Minnie Bernice, Grover Todd. Executrix: wife Martha Todd. Witnesses: MA Carlisle, J W Coppock, William Kibler.

TRIBBLE,. A K: LWT 10 Dec 1864 - Legatees: wife and children; his mother supported by his estate long as she lives.

WALKER, SILAS: LWT 03 Dec 1861 - Legatee: wife Martha Ann Walker. Witnesses: E R Kingsman, Daniel Dendy, Daniel Glen and James Payne.

WARD, JOSEPH M: LWT 26 Jun 1863 - legatees: wife Helen O'N. Ward. In case of her death or marriage, everything to children. Exec: James F Harrington. Witnesses: W A Williams, William G Mayes, James E ???

WIGGINS, BRITTON: LWT 24 Nov 1863 - Legatee: wife Derusa Wiggins. Executor: Ralph Goree. Witnesses: F Wilson, D C Davis, A M Reeder.

WILLIAMS, Mrs ELIZABETH ANN: LWT 08 Mar 1888 - Legatees: husband James P Williams; son Douglas Williams & daughter Connie B Crisp & all her other children by previous husband. A portion of her estate given her under a certain tract deed executed 1866 by John D Pitts. Ex: Daniel Wheeler (son-in-Iaw) & son Douglas Williams.

WILLIAMS, JAMES P: first LWT 17 Nov1862 - Legatees: wife, son John N Williams, other children, daughters, grandson James B Neel (son of deceased daughter). Executors: Henry Burton, Jefferson Floyd, Thomas N Neel (son-in-Iaw?). Witnesses: John L Peterson, F B Chalmers, John C Stewart. Revised LWT. Wife evidently deceased.
Legatees: daughter Mary G Williams, son Emmett H Williams. No date. Nieces: Eliza Buist, Octavia Williams, etc. situation changed (remarried). Declares will null and void 14 Apr 1879.

WILLINGHAM, JOHN H: LWT 10 Feb 1913 - Legatees: Nathan C Chaney and his heirs. If Nathan Chaney dies first, Mrs Nora Chaney to inherit. Estate: 404 acres bounded by lands of H H Kinard, Frank Kelly place, John Lyles land; also 1 acres plus dwelling house on Harris St in Newberry, bounded by lot of Mrs Cline and Monroe Harris.

WILSON, MALVINA: LWT 28 Nov 1859 - Legatees: husband Franklin Wilson, all her lands in SC and in Florida. Daughters: Clementine Ann, Emma Frances, Elizla McCarty Wilson; also Daughters Malvina Henrietta Richey and Martha C Wheeler wife of Martin Wheeler. Ex: David Sligh. Witnesses: Wm T Hunter, Spencer Glasgow, Richard P Clarke.

WILSON, HUGH: LWT 28 May 1862 - Legatees: wife and children. Lands not to be sold for any reason, so children can inherit. Executor: John C Spence, Lemuel Oxner. Witnesses: Daniel Buzard, Henry J Brooks, Jacob Cromer.

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