Wise Family

Annals of Newberry, Part Two by John A. Chapman, page 641-42

John Wise moved from Lexington District to Newberry Dis­trict, on Saluda River, about the year 1800. He married Bet­sey Kelly, by whom he had six sons and six daughters, viz.: George, David, Jesse, Jeremiah, Joel, Levi, Elizabeth, who married, first, John Derrick, then Jacob Caughman; Christiana, who married Frederick Kinard; Margaret, who married Michael Shealy; Jemima, who married George Addy; Nancy, who mar­ried John McNeary, and Sallie, who married Jacob Singley. George Wise married, first, Mary Roberts, the issue of this union being Solomon, Charlotte, who died young; Betsy, who married Michael Shealy; Margaret, who married Henry Jen­nings; John A. and Patrick E. His first wife having died, he married Mary Shealy, and their children were WaIter, Jacob. Pickens, James and Lemuel. The last four died without families. P. E. Wise married Christiana Aun, by whom he had five sons, George, Lawson, Allen, James and Bachman, and two daughters, Elizabeth, who married John B. Lathan, and Sallie, who married F. N. Calmes, all of whom are living. John A. Wise married Martha Schumpert, the fruits of their
union being James, Pickens, Mary Shealy, Savannah Epting and Della. These are all living. John A. Wise was killed at the second battle of Manassas, in 1862. Walter M. Wise married Martha Roberts, by whom were born five sons, John, Lemuel, James, William and Eddie, and one daughter, who died young.