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There are 479 Honorees from eight wars and campaigns:
WW I - 27; Nicaraguan Campaign - 1; WW II - 378; Korean War -18; Cuban Missile Crisis - 1; Viet Nam War - 29; The Cold War - 22; Global War on Terrorism - 3

The Scroll of Honor Website ( includes a web page for each Honoree.  Each hero has his own story.

James B. McHugh, '23, Nicaraguan Campaign, LT, Marine Corps pilot, killed in a plane crash Apr 1929 while making an aerial map of the proposed Nicaraguan Canal

Ben F. Robertson, '23, WWII, War Correspondent, Killed in a plane crash in Lisbon, Portugal Feb 1943

Joseph H. Brown, '35, WWII, CPT, Non Battle Death

David H. Henry Jr. '36 LT, WWII, 4th Inf, KIA Jul 1944 in France - Bronze Star

Almo D. Chapman '39, WWII, LT, KIA in the Battle of the Philippines, Jul 1945

Raymond D. Davis '40, WWII, LT, Copilot B-17 Shot down by German fighters Feb 1944 returning from a mission

Graham G. Guyton, '40, WWII, LT, B-24 Pilot 448th Bomber Group, Aircraft shot down Jan 1944 over Kiel, Germany.  Eight of ten crew members were killed.

Rufus E. S. Henry, '41, LT, WWII, 444th Bomber Group, Died Nov 1944 when his B-29 bomber crash landed near Chengtau, China following a bombing mission

Kennon S. Breazeale, '42, LT, WWII, 4th Inf Div, KIA Feb 1945 in Belgium - Silver Star; He was Cadet Colonel at Clemson - Widow still lives in Clemson

William C. Dillard, '43, WWII, LT, 3rd Armor Div, KIA Dec 1944 Germany - Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge

Alfred D. Folger, '44 WWII, CPT, Infantry Company Commander, 3rd Armor, KIA July 1944 Normandy France - Silver Star

Henry R. Peebles, '45, WWII, LT, 21st Fighter Group P-51, MIA following an attack on Chichi Jima Island, May 1946

Frank K. Fendley, '46 WWII, SFC, 34th Inf, KIA Sep 1944 - Silver Star for action at Cassno Italy Jan 1944; Buried Old Stone Church Cemetery

Lee H Welborne, '46, WWII, TEC 5, Non Battle Death, Nov 1943
Samuel T. McDowell, Jr, 65, Viet Nam, LT, KIA Feb 1968 leading his platoon while engaging NVA regulars in Da Nang Province. Killed by mortar

Gary L. Pace, '69, LT, Viet Nam, 20th Eng Bde, KIA Mar 1970, in Tay Ninh, Province, Bronze Star, Silver Star - All ACC Soccer Second Team 1969

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Used with permission of Clemson College/Alumni, Scroll of Honor.  More information on their website

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