and elsewhere as recorded by John Glass 1859-1877 
Columbia, SC, USA: SCMAR, 1986.
Submitted to South Carolina Genealogy Trails By Friends for Free Genealogy, BZ


Record of deaths, in Columbia So. Ca. 1859; - and a few elsewhere of note by John Glass

Dr. S. Blanding, died near Columbia So. Ca, on the 24th Jan'y 1859. Lingering Consumption.

Mr. John McMahon, died very suddenly in the City of Columbia So. Ca, on the 30th Jan'y 1859. Disease of the heart.

Alfred H. Preston, son of John S. Preston, died in Rome, Italy, on the 16th January 1859. Consumption, it is said.

A. B. Hendrix, died in the City of Columbia So. Ca, on the 19th February 1859, of Consumption.

Wm. P. McCully, died in Cola, So. Ca, Feby 21st, 1859, from Consumption.

Daniel W. Johnston, died in Columbia So. Ca, Feby 25th 1859, at the residence of James P. Adams
H. P. Dougal, died March 3d 1859 in Newark N. J., of Pneumonia, and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Cola. So. Ca, March 13th 1859.

James Ewart, died from his own hand, March 7th 1859, in Cola So. Ca.

Wm. B. McCreight (once with E. H. Britton, as local editor of the Carolina Times), was found drowned, in the creek near Rock Hill, on the line of the Charlotte Rail Road, on the 4th March 1859.

A. V. Brown, Post Master General of the U. S, died in the City of Washington D. C. 4th March 1859, of Pneumonia.


John Roche, died in Cola So. Ca. March 16, 1859.

James Goins, died (was executed) March 18th, 1859, for murder on the body of Bryan Medlin. Had he, have had money' would he have been hanged– Witness, the case of Campbell R. Bryce, Sharpe, Luther Caldwell and others–worse cases by far.

Wm. Mathis Belser, died at Kingstree So. Ca, March 9th 1859, from an over dose of Morphine, administered by himself.

Charles Henry, eldest son of J. C. Miott, died in Columbia So. Ca. Mar. 26, 1859. Scarlet Fever.

Mrs. Jane Edwards (sister of Mrs Adam Edgar) died March 27, 1859, of Consumption.

George Garbe, of Hanover Germany, died in Cola So. Ca, March 24th 1859, of Consumption.

Edward U[?]. Dent, son of Jesse Dent sheriff, died Mar. 31, 1859, of Delirium Tremens.

Mrs. Mike Walsh, (Ireland) died Ap'l 3, 1859, in Col'a. So. Ca.

Dr. Abner Landrum, died near Columbia Ap'l 3, 1859, of Consumption.

Mrs. Bollinger, wife of Wm. Bollinger, died Ap'l 5th 1859, in Cola. So. Ca. of Consumption.

Billy Bowlegs, a renowned Indian Chief in Florida, died in the “Far West,” on the 11th Mar. 1859.

Gambill, Cropps; Corrie, and the negro Cyphus, were executed for murder, in Baltimore M'd. Ap'l 18th, 1859. (Never were men more justly punished, and still Baltimore, is a murderous City.)


Alfred B. Turpin, died at Cokesbury, So. Ca, Apl. 17th, 1859, of Consumption.

________ Britton, infant son of E. H. Britton, died May 2d 1859, in Cola. So. Ca.

Joel Adams Senr., died in the Fork of Richland District, May 1st 1859, aged 76 years.

Mrs. Robt. Russell, died on the 11th May, 1859, in Cola. So. Ca.

L. J. Rosenburg, Gunsmith, died in Cola. So. Ca. May 17th, 1859.

Dr. Jas. B. Davis, died near Monticello, So. Ca, May 6th, 1859.

Archer Gifford, an old friend of John Glass, when in Newark N. J. in the year 1809, died in that city on the 6th, of May 1859, aged about 65 years. (My own age).

Mrs. Tho's. Beard, died in Cola. So. Ca. May 12th 1859, of Consumption.

Mrs. O. Bryan, (Ireland) died in Cola. So. Ca, May 12th 1859, from an excess of Ice Cream.

John H. Brown, son of Mrs. Sarah Brown, Gervais Street, died in Cola. So. Ca, May 25th 1859.

Miss Ida Latta, died in Cola. So. Ca. May 26th 1859, of Consumption. Daughter of Robert Latta deceased.

Judge Francis H. Cone, died in Georgia May 10, 1859, of Consumption.

Mrs. Rob't. Bryce, died in Cola. S. C. May 30th 1859, of Pneumonia.


David Witherspoon, died June 1st 1859, on Cola. So. Ca. Exhaustion.

Chancellor Dargan, died in Cola. So. Ca. June 13th 1859 of Consumption.

Old Mr. Sanders, from Newberry, died in Col'a. So. Ca. March 13, 1859, from Consumption.

G. M. Thomson, died in Cola. So. Ca. June 16th, 1859, of Dysentery.

Ann Thornwell, daughter of Dr. Thornwell, died in Cola. So. Ca. on June 17th 1859 of Dyssentery.

John Morris, workman on New State House, fell from a window in Mrs. Cathcart's Boarding House, and was Killed, instanter, on the 20th June 1859.

Geo. Cathcart, (husband of the above Mrs. Catharcart) died in Col'a. So. Ca. June 25th 1859. Exhaustion.

Mrs. Hannah Frean, wife of Thos. Frean, died June 29, 1859, of Consumption.

Sally Goins, (daughter of Gilvary Goins) died July 3d, 1859, in Cola., So. Ca, of Typhoid Fever.

Mrs. Frances S. Dunsford, wife of Wm. D. Dunsford, died in Cola. So. Ca. June 7th 1859, of Consumption.

John, son of P. M. Johnson, was drowned at Smith's Creek, near Columbia, July 5th 1859. Mrs. Dorothes Lever, died in Cola. So. Ca. July 6th 1859, wife of Geo. Lever.

_______ Cullum, of Muller & Senn, died July 8th 1859 in Cola. So. Ca, of Exhaustion.


Felix Meetze, formerly of Cola. So. Ca, died in Charleston, So. Ca, on the 25th June 1859. Consumption.

Z. Herndon, died July 11th, 1859 at Glenn Springs So. Ca, of Dyspepsia &c. &c.

Col. Robt. Cunningham, died in Laurens District, July 6th, 1859, of Consumption.

Wm. Bull Pringle (Known as a Reporter for the Press) died in Charleston, July 7th 1859, of Exhaustion.

Water [Walter] McCartha, (a dear little boy) son of Mr. J. McCartha, died very suddenly and rather mysteriously, from an imprudent administration of Morphine, by Dr. J. W. Parker (no mistake), on the 17th July 1859, on Cola. So. Ca. (The mother was sllenced at the time, but 'tis not the less true.) The latin adage, “Qui non negat, fatetur” is very appropriate in this melancholly and sad death; to wit “He who does not deny, virtually confesses.”

Mrs. Britton, wife of E. H. Britton, died in Charlotte No. Ca, July 16, 1859, of Dropsy in the chest.

________ McDowall, (for many years the Clerk and Slave of Barrett Hill) died in Cola. So. Ca, on the 20th July 1859. Exhaustion.

_______ Quirk, an Irishman, died in Cola. So. Cal. Jul 20th 1859. Disease of the Heart.

Jacob Bond I'On, a distinguished citizen of So. Ca, died in Charleston So. Ca, on the 17th July 1859, at an advanced age.

Thos. Gleave, died in Cola. So. Ca, July 21st, 1859. Exhaustion.


M. Dor' Villiers Sen'r, died in Cola. So. Ca, July 22, 1859, of Cholera Morbus.

Mrs. Carroll, wife of J. L. Carroll of Central House Columbia, died in Cola. So. Ca, July 26, 1859.

Jalico, (Irish laborer on Charlotte Rail Road) was killed by a train on said road near Winnsboro' July 25th 1859.

H. H. Southall, died Aug. 20 1859, in Cola. So. Ca.

Carrie, daughter of Dr. Thos. Starke, died in Cola. So. Ca, Aug. 7th, 1859, of Consumption.

John W. Lee Jr., son of J. W. Lee of Lexington, So. Ca, died in Cola. So. Ca, Aug 7th 1859, of Consumption.

Major John Smart, died in Fairfield District So. Ca, Aug 20th 1859 of Consumption.

Mary Agatha, daughter of Mrs. M. A. Thorne, died in Cola. So. Ca, Aug. 26, 1859.

Eugenia, daughter of John W. Cark, died in Cola. So. Ca, Aug. 30, 1859. Convulsions.

Mrs. Elizabeth Green, formerly a Miss Fleming, died in Cola. So. Ca, 1859, of Consumption.

Wm. Clarkson Pringle, son of Rev'd Mr. Pringle, died in Cola. So. Ca, Aug. 28, 1859. Cholera Infantum.

A. W. Rosborough (Charlotte R. Road) died in Cola. So. Ca, Septr. 18 1859. Consumption.

James Palmer, son of A. Palmer, was Killed by a fall from the College Chapel, Sept'r 17, 1859.

Dr. E. H. Barton, son in law of Andrew Wallace, died suddenly in Cola. So. Ca, of congestion of the heart, [p.7] Septr 19, 1859.

Mrs. Mary Hillegas, died in Cola. So. Ca, Sep'r 26, 1859, old age being ninety years.

Miss Mary Jane Keenan, daughter of Alexander Keenan, died in Cola. So. Ca, Sep'r 18th, 1859, of Consumption.

Mrs. Barbara Griffiths, wife of Wm. Griffiths, died in Cola. So. Ca. Sept'r 28, 1859.

John Thomas, son of P. H. Keough, died in Cola. So. Ca, Oct. 6, 1859.

Mr. Radock, died in Col'a So. Ca, Oct'r. 7th, 1859.

Mr. Charles McCullock, Mrs. J. T. Southern and Edmund Bellinger, died in Col'a. So. Ca, while the writer was in Mississippi, and he has no note of date.

Sam'l Murtishaw, was killed at Alston, on the Greenville Rail Road by the cars, passing over him, Dec'r 22d, 1859.

Rev'd J. P. Cook (Minister of Methodist Church) died 6th of Jan'y 1860. Consumption. Aged about 70 years.

Robt. A. Young, formerly merchant of Columbia (Watches and Jewelry) was found drowned in a creek on the North Eastern Rail Road, eight Miles from Charleston, on Saturday 4th February 1860. Supposed accidental.

A son of Dr. Thos. H. Wells, died in Columbia on the 10th Feby 1860. Named Carl.

Mrs. Commerford, wife of John Commerford, died on the 7th February 1860. Consumption.


Old Mr. Friday died very suddenly Feby 14th 1860 in Columbia So. Ca. Supposed apoplexy.

James Collins died on the 16th Feby 1860 in Columbia So. Ca.

Joseph W. Fitch died in Col'a So. Ca. Feby 9th 1860, aged 40 years.

Howard H. Caldwell died Feb'y 21st 1860 in Columbia So. Ca. Consumption.

Dr. Wm. Irby, died at Laurens Ct. House, Feby 4th 1860, of Paralysis.

Genl John A. Alston died in Fairfield District Feby 6th 1860. Consumption.

Jas. H. Irby died at Laurens Ct. House Feby 14, 1860. Apoplexy.

Dr. Keitt (Brother L. M. Keitt) was murdered by his negroes, Feby 21st 1860 in Florida.

Jno. G. Bowman died Mar. 3 1860, in Columbia So. Ca, of Consumption.

______ Goins (son of Gadberry, who was himself killed) was shot by Osgood H. Mood, March 24th 1860.

Walter J. Scott (son of Edwin J.) died in Columbia, So. Ca. Mar. 28th 1860. Consumption.

Mrs Cullen (wife of Mr. Cullen at the Asylum) died in Cola. So. Ca Ap'l 12th 1860. Consumptino.

Patrick Mulcahey cut his throat Apl 24 1860 in Columbia, and by which act he died the same day.


A daughter of Mr. Rich'd Davis died in Columbia So. Ca May 8th, 1860. (Infant)

A daughter of Mr. John A. G. Gruber, died in Columbia May 10th 1860. (Infant)

Albert Rhett son of Mrs. Albert Rhett, died in Col'a May 12th 1860 of Consumption.

Margaret Ann, daughter of Mr. Thos. F. Purse, died in Columbia May 12th 1860. (Infant)

Mrs. Elizabeth Bell, died at her Sand Hill residence, near Columbia So. Ca. on the 17th May 1860, in the ninety seventh year of her age. She went as it were to sleep, and her earthly light was only put out. Her life was one of cheerfulness and she will long be remembered by all who knew her. The voice which St. John heard on the Island of Patmos, will truly and well apply, to this dear, venerated and venerable lady. “And I heard a voice from Heaven, saying: “Write from henceforth, blessed are the dead who died in the Lord; Yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.” Like unto a full shock of corn, ripened, matured, examined and accepted, she has been gathered for the granary of Heaven.

Rev'd Henry Bass of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, died in Cokesbury, So. Ca, on the 12th May 1860, from lingering cancer. There are occurrencies in human life, which cause retrospect and reflection, to such, as by the peculiar Providences of Almighty God, have been brought into contact with each other, no matter what may have been the dissimilarity of profession, moral worth, or position in Society.

How truly does the above apply to he, who writes, and this deceased man of God. In the year 1817, in the month of June, a most destructive epidemic commenced [p.10] in the city of Savannah Geo. Its type was that of yellow fever, & increased in virulence, as the season advanced. Decimating the population, by its extreme contagion and fatality, the very Clergy took alarm and left the city. The medical roll of numbers, was reduced from twelve to four, eight having themselves become victims, to the alarming scourge. Surely fright, woe and mental desolation reigned supreme! It seemed as if utter destruction was the fiat of Heaven, against the devoted city.

The dead were carried (hurriedly) to the receptacle for them, and the living Knew not, who would be next in the order of extermination. It was indeed a season of the most intense anxiety and alarm. A few days, and in very many instances, a few hours sufficed to decide the fate of the subjects of the disease. The clergy, all, had left the city, save and except this one good man, Rev'd Henry Bass. As a Christian minister, on the embattlements of Zion, he had done his duty, in warning sinners. He followed in the footsteps of the lamented James Russell, (in the very church which was reared and built by the exertions of that devoted man of God); and from his duties in the sanctuary, his presence was seen and felt, among the sick and dying, all over the city.

The writer has often found him at the midnight hour, administering the consolations of religion, where consciousness was left to the suffering and dying patients. He has often, often seen him, by day and by night, with arms extended, and tears chasing each other, o'er his pallid cheeks, wrestling with a fervor impassioned, pure and holy, for those whom no earthly arm could save.

The writer at that time, had not in view, that he would survive this good man. But so is it. at that time, the writer had some two hundred co-temporaries in the City of Savannah. Now after a lapse of Forty Three years, there are but five living, the writer is informed. What [p.11] a commentary on life! What a prestige of death!

In recollection of this good man of Old School Methodism: (not the Methodism of 1860) how strong is the contrast. He has however passed through all the phases and improvements of the Church, he so dearly loved; but God be praised, the he did not witness the latitude and longitude of Methodism in Columbia So. Ca. How his pure spirit would have been wounded, at the pride, fashion, folly and extravagance, of those who profess to worship Almighty God, in the temples erected for such purpose. But enough!

The good man has gone home. Nothing disturbs him now. Safe in the bosom of his father and his God, he has an eternity before him. The writer has not seen him since 1819, when he married Miss Amelia Love in the city of Augusta, in that year. But the memory of this good man, is dear to the writer, from the position laid down in the beginning of these very desultory remarks and by a quotation from the “Night Thoughts” of Dr. Young, must close, although he could say much more. “The Chamber where the good man Meets his fate, is privileged Above the common walks of life; Just on the verge of Heaven.” May the memory of this good man be blessed.

Wm. C. Preston (well known in every section of the U. S. personally and from reputatin) died in Cola. So. Ca, May 22, 1860. Disease. The “light” was “put out.” “Bonum virum facile diseris. magnum liberater” which translated, is, “You would readily pronounce him a good man, and willingly a great one” but, but, “Contra malum mortis, non est medicamen in hortis”: there is no remedy in the Apothecary's shop against the diease of death.”

A daughter (infant) of Mr. A. G. Goodwin, died in Col'a May 20, 1860. Cholera Infantum.


Jesse Debruhl, a citizen of Columbia So. Ca, died in Columbia County, Florida, on the 20th May 1860, from injuries received by the falling of a limb from a tree. & was buried in Columbia So. Ca May 24, 1860.

Thus have been entombed on the same day, two citizens of about the same age, sixty five years. They both entered on their career in life (in Columbia) at about the same time; with unbounded ambition: the one for the world's honor, fame and distinction; the other for wealth, at all, and every hazard. Both toiled, were distinguished in their avocations. And were both successful, aye to the utter end. Preston, honored, admired, beloved, has passed to the tomb, amid public lamentation. Debruhl too, sleeps beneath the clods of the valley, leaving as the success and fruit of his ambition, a large estate, to be enjoyed by those who claim as heirs and representatives.

Well be it so! How very mysterious are the dispensations of Divine Providence and in these instances specially so. Two men so opposite in their characters and lives, citizens of the same place, the one (Preston) a sufferer for years; the other, in the midst of health, strong still in the pursuit of his ambitious desire for wealth, cut down, bruised, mangled, and summoned hence, in a few days. The two, separated in their places of abode, but gatehred to their graves on the Same day, in the same city. Alas! Alas! Well might we exclaim with the inspired pensman, “what is your life” Let another write the epitaphs of these two citizens, for the writer desires not to praise the one, or disparage the other. They were both mortal and there is not any perfection on earth. “Honesta mors turpl vita potior” “An honorable death is preferable to a degrade life.”

Andrew McConnell, infant son of Jacob H. Wells, died in Cola. So. Ca. May 25, 1860. Cholera Infantum.


J. B. McCall (father in law of R. L. Bryan) died in Winnsboro So. Ca. June 3d 1860, aged 65 years. Consumption.

Mrs. Louis Herzog died in Columbia, S. C. June 4, 1860.

Caroline Annis, daughter of Jos. A. C. Gruber, died in Columbia S. C. May 4th 1860.

Starr H. Bailey died in Col'a So. Ca., June 12th 1860. Consumption.

Lizzie, of Daniel Comray, died in Columbia, So. Ca, June 12th 1860.

Louis Victor, son of Mrs. Jas. T. Ogilvie died in Columbia So. Ca. June 13th 1860.

Henry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan McFie, died in Col'a So. Ca June 17, 1860.

John, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. Robinson died in Columbia So. Ca. June 21, 1860.

Dr. O. M. Roberts, Dental Surgeon, was buried in Cola. S. C. on July 2d 1860. Died elsewhere.

M. D. Hogan (of Exchange) died in Cola. So. Ca July 2d 1860.

Wm. Marshall, was found dead in his bed July 3d 1860, in Columbia So. Ca. Supposed from Convulsions.

(The weather is exceedingly and most oppressively hot. Who next on this record?)

P. J. Ferguson, native of Ireland died in the car of So. Ca. R R., July 3d 1860, and was buried in Cola. So. Ca. July 4th 1860. Congestions of the brain.


Mrs. Rebecca, wife of A. Starne[?], and daughter of Sam'l Pearse, died in Columbia, So. Ca, July 3d 1860. Consumption and child bed.

Mrs. Miles, an aged lady, and mother in law of Thos. Gleave, died in Columbia July 4th 1860.

A workman at the New State House, died in Columbia, July 5th 1860.

James Witherspoon Wardlaw, of Abbeville, died in Columbia, So. Ca April 6th 1860, aged twenty years, of Typhoid Fever.

Pritchard Gibbes, son of Mr. Henry McGowan, died in Columbia So. Ca, July 11th 1860.

B. F. Perry Jr., son of B. F. Perry, Greenville So. Ca, died in that place July 3d 1860.

Capt. W. D. Gaillard, one of the Principals of the Military Academy, at Hillsboro, N. C. died July 3d 1860 at that place.

A workman, on the New State House died in Cola. So. Ca on the 16th July 1860.

Phillip Graddick, was killed in Cola. So. Ca. on the 20th July 1860, by the falling of a bucket full of mud on his head, in a well, which he was cleaning out.

Mrs. H. R. Hatch, daughter of E. R. Stokes, died in Cola. So. Ca, July 23, 1860. Disease of the womb.

Mrs. J. S. Creber, (relative of Captn. Henry) died in Columbia So. Ca, July 28th, 1860. Pneumonia.

Pryon, a faithful servant of G. M. Thomson deceased, died on the premises of Mrs. Glass, July 29th, 1860. Consumption.


 _____________________ of A. G. Baskins, died in Col'a So. Ca. July 29, 1860, Scarlatina.

Redmond, son of Mrs. Maria Roche, died in Cola. Aug. 1st, 1860.

Rev'd Reddick Pierce, died at the residence of Cap't. John Stroman, in Orangeburgh Dis, So. Ca, July 24th 1860, aged 78 Yrs. He was the oldest member of the So. Ca. Conference, having entered that body in 1805. So. Chrisn. Adv.

Dawson, infant son of T. B. Clarkson, died in Columbia So. Ca, Aug. 8, 1860.

Wm. Henry Byron, infant son of Henry McGowan, died on the 16th Aug. 1860. Scarlatina.

Gen'l. J. W. Cantey, a distinguished citizen of So. Ca, died in Camden, So. Ca, Aug. 21st 1860.

Miton O, (son of Dr. J. E. B. Evans) was buried in Col. So. Ca, Sep. 1st, 1860. Died in Charleston from fever.

Mrs. Sims (Formerly Mrs. Pinchback and wife of C. W. Sims) died in Cola. So. Ca, Sepr 16th, 1860, of Typhold Fever.

An infant son of J. D. Tradewell, was buried in Columbia Sep 1, 1860. Died previous day from Croup.

Capt. M. P. Landrum (son of Dr. Abner Landrum Dec'd) died in the Sand Hills, near Columbia So. Ca, Sep. 18, 1860. Consumption.

An infant son of H. C. Frank died in Cola. So. Ca, Sep. 23d, 1860.

Wm. O. Kane, died in Columbia So. Ca, Sepr. 24th 1860.


Maxcy Gregg, son of J. D. Tradewell, some two years of age, died in Col'a So. Ca, 29th Sepr. 1860.

A daughter of R. B. Morrison, died in Cola. So. Ca, Oct. 1st 1860.

Rowland, infant son of Henry & Ellen Wilcox, died in Col'a, So. Ca, Oct. 4th, 1860. Croup.

Cha's. L. Wing, died in Cola. So. Ca, Oct 8th 1860. Dysentery.

Mitchell Smith. This man was found dead on the morning of the 8th Oct. 1860, in a house in Columbia So. Ca, used for the time being as a Bull Pen, in which to place certain (uncertain voters), preperatory to an election held in Richland District on the 8th and 9th Oct. 1860, for members of the Legislature an Ordinary, and clerk of the Court, and also for a member of Congress. This practice of confining certain characters, to secure their votes, is a truism in Richland District, when elections are supposed to be strongly contested. If is very republican, nay democratic, and popular, for no man opposes it publicly, and money is found to support the nefarious practice. Smith was employed on the work of erecting a telegraph line, between Columbia and Charlotte N. C, was not entitled to vote, but never the less, he was placed in the “Bull Pen,” for the benefit of some one, or more candidates, for public trust and honor. He there died from excessive eating and drinking.

Kate, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John McKenzie died in Col'a So. Ca. Oct. 12, 1860. Croup.

Ellen, Infant daughter of Mr. Setsford, died in Cola. So. Ca, Oct 14, 1860. Croup.

Mrs. Dr. R. Wilson, daughter of Mrs. Susan Gibbes, was buried in Columbia So. Ca, Oct. 22, 1860.


Mrs. Le Fort, died in Columbia, So. Ca. Oct. 22, 1860.

Mrs. G. Kelly, died in Columbia, So. Ca, Nov 6th, 1860.

William Scott (son of Jno. S. Scott) died in Col'a S. C. Nov 18, 1860, aged some 22 Yrs. Consumption.

Jno. J. Gracey, an old merchant of Cola. died in Cola. So. Novr. 21st, 1860. Constipation of Bowells.

Mrs. Susan Capers, widow of Bishop Wm. Capers, was buried in Columbia So. Ca. Dec. 2, 1860, having died in Charleston Novr. 30th 1860, very suddenly.

Frank, son of Dr. Chas. Taylor, died in Col'a. So. Ca. Nov. 10, 1860. Dyptheria.

A son of Mr. John Seegars, died in Cola So. Ca, Nov. 10. Dyptheria.

Two cases, name not known of small pox, died in Cola South Carolina, Nov. 5 & 7th 1860.

E. Passaillaigue, died in Cola. S. C., Nov 14, 1860, supposed small pox.

Miss ____ McMahon, daughter of Mr. Jas. McMahon deceased died in Cola. So. Ca, Decr. 16, 1860. Dyptheria.

____ Lorick, died of Small Pox, in Col'a So. Ca, Dec. 13, 1860.

Martin Hindsdale (a native of Connecticut) but for 20 years a citizen of Columbia, So. Ca, died in this City (Col. So. Ca) Dec'r 27th 1860, of Small Pox. He was buried by four negroes, without ceremony and with perhaps less sympathy; as it is said, outside the receptacle for the dead of Elmwood Cemetery. Well! Old friend, you were a purer, better man; more honest, [p.18] more temperate, and far, far, superior in morals and honesty to many others, who have been trumpeted to to their graves, within the enclosure; and altho' you have been taken to your resting place, “Unwept, unhonored and unsung,” Your humble grave has as much, about it, as the Columbia Generals, Colonels, Captains, and all others, id homne genus may ever hope to obtain. you have not an iron railing around you, and yet you are as safe, as those within the enclosure, with locks and names, to designate their putrid and putrefying mortality.

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