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Additional records may be obtained through National Archives and Records Administration

History of the Military Pension

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) - information on the GAR.

"C" Pensioners - List presented in The State - July 11, 1896. Counties included are: Newberry, Marlboro, Marian, Lexington, Horry, Kershaw, Hampton and Georgetown.

General Information in Regard to the Congressional Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross

Medal of Honor Recipients from 1901 ~ 1972

Some Medal of Honor Recipients

War of 1812

South Carolina Graduation Merit Roll - 1956

Camp Sevier - 1918 - List of men who completed training and proceeded to Camp Jackson, SC

Officers of the South Carolina Regiment in the Cherokee War, 1760-61

Officers during the War with Mexico

List of Forts, Batteries, Camps, Redoubts, Reservations, General Hospitals, National Cemeteries

Abstracts of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian Wars, Volume No. 7

Abstracts of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian Wars, Volume No. 9

1813 Revolutionary Pensioners

Revolutionary War Conflicts

Records of the Regiments of the South Carolina Line, Continental Establishment

Sons of the American Revolution [1899-1911]

Misc. Revolutionary Pensioners

1869 Milita Registration by county Sketch of Company K., 23rd South Carolina Volunteersfrom 1862-1865
The First Shot of the Civil War - an account of the first shot fired at Fort Sumter 1861 Company K, 14th SC Volunteers
Civil War Battlefield Sites - list of South Carolina battlefield sites with map included. Company K., 23rd Regiment Roll
List of South Carolina Confederate Civil War Units History of Kershaw's Brigade
List of South Carolina Union Civil War Units Roll of Kershaw's Brigade
South Carolina Civil War Pardons, 1865-67 - Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers") South Carolina Women in the Confederacy
Blacks in the Civil War - Pensioners Applications for Admission of Female Relatives of Veterans 1925 - 1955
1907 Confederate Census Applications for Admission of Veterans 1909 - 1939
4th through 16th Battalions and Regiments First South Carolina Volunteers, Afterwards Thirty-Third United States Colored Troops.
South Carolina 'Legions' Civil War Facts
Tentative Roster Of The Third Regiment,South Carolina Volunteers South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service, Volume II
Palmetto Riflemen, Co B 4th Regiment Soldiers from Elbert Co., GA with SC ties
Confederate Veterans and Their War Records  Camp Aslyum, Columbia
10th Regiment Butler and his Cavalry, 1861-1865

Officers during the Spanish American War

Korean War/Conflict Casualties - listing of South Carolina soldiers who died.

World War I Casualties- listing of South Carolina soldiers who died during WWI.  Database includes name, cause of death, hometown and pictures of the soldier (as their available).

The Distinguished Service Cross - list of men who received this honor during WWI (county unknown).

The Distinguished Service Medal - list of men who received this honor during WWI (county unknown).

World War I Soldiers Buried on Foreign Soil

South Carolina Officer's Honorary Retired List

South Carolina Army Casualty List, Oct. 1918

World War II - general data about the war . . . link will take you to our Genealogy Trails main site

World War II Honor List of Dead & Missing of South Carolina - this is the explaination of the process taken in compling this data.  Check the SC counties for actual names of those entered onto this list.

World War II Prisoners of War - listing of South Carolina soldiers who were held as prisoners of war in Germany and Japan.

World War II Navy & Marine Casualties/Prisoners of War - list of SC soldiers who died while POW.

World War II Soldiers Buried on Foreign Soil

Pearl Harbor Muster Roll

Missing Air Crew During WWII

Vietnam War Casualties- listing of South Carolina soldiers who died during this war.

Iraq War Casualties from South Carolina - list of servicemen/servicewoman who have lost their lives in this war from 2003-2007.

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