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Practice Law - index to those who wanted to practice law within the Charleston area. To practice, you must submit a petition of admittance to the courts.

List of Lawyers 1851 - the law register

Reports of Cases Heard & Determined by the Supreme Court - April & November Terms, 1887

Negro Law - by John Belton O'Neall, 1848

Land/Probate Records

Warrants for lands in South Carolina, 1672-1679

Sales of Land - 1821
     Land Grants - 1737
     Land Grants - 1738

Plat of Forfeited Estates 1782-1785

Mortgages, 1786-1815

Cemetery and Burial Information

Passenger Ships to South Carolina

South Carolina 'Bad Guys'

Trails of South Carolina's Blacksheep - criminal's of all sorts listed here with news articles related to their demise.

Atlanta U.S. Federal Penitentiary Records - Inmates Tried in South Carolina Courts from  1902-1922

Alcatraz Inmates - South Carolina residents who served time in Alcatraz

South Carolina's Executions -1718 - 1962

Something to Consider

Emily Geiger - Myth Or Legend

Legend of Kate Fowler


Colleges and Universites in South Carolina - here you find a list of old and new colleges, yearbookswith a list of students and photos as well as some general data.

South Carolina Military Academy -

South Carolina Military Academy, 1853

South Carolina Miiltary Academy, 1854 Cadets

Early Graduates of the Military Academy

Old College Photo [of unknown school]

School Directory's - List of schools, superintendents and teachers

List of County School Commissioners, January 1, 1873

South Carolina College Commencement Ball invitation - 1848, 1857

Misc. Pamphlets from the University of South Carolina

Deaths, Obituaries and News

South Carolina Death NoticesThe South-Carolina Gazette was published from 1732-1775.  The death notices given here are from the files from the begin­ning of the paper to its first suspension and change of name.

South Carolina Obituaries

News from around South Carolina

Capt Benjamin Ryan Tillman

Death Notices from the City Gazette, 1793-4

Death Notices from The South Carolina and American General Gazette, and Its Continuation The Royal Gazette, May 1766-June 1782


Marriage & Death Notices 1838-1850

Marriage Notice - Charleston Courier, 1803--1808

Marriages Notices - from several news sources

South Carolina Marriage Announcements -1762-1782

South Carolina Marriage Announcements - 1867-1878

Marriage Notices from the City Gazette, 1793-4 

Marriages from the South-Carolina Gazette & its Successors, 1732-1801

South Carolina Marriages

Marriages 1732-1770

Marriages 1600-1820

Marriages 1688-1799 

Marriages 1732-1883 

Marriages 1766-1929

South Carolina Passports Applicants  for 1795-1925.  Database includes: Name, birthdate/birthplace and current place of residence.

South Carolina Certificate of Naturalization

Almshouse Register - here you will find those who were born in South Carolina, living elsewhere in a poor house

The Pen of Charlie Senn - short sketches

Certificate of Registration  - of Widow or Divorced Woman Who Acquired American Citizenship by Marriage

Lineage - Daughters of the American Revolution

The 1854 Southern Business Dirctory - Part I
The 1854 Southern Business Dirctory - Part II
The 1854 Southern Business Dirctory - Part III

The 1854 Southern Business Dirctory - Part IV

South Carolina Historical Society

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Federal Officers of the Judicial District of South Carolina 1871-1884

1778-1779 Jury List

South Carolina Historical Markers

South Carolina Rivers

 Famous South Carolinians

Revolutionary Battles Places

Colonial and Revolutionary History of Upper South Carolina

Cotton Mills

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Timeline of the History of South Carolina 1525 - 1975


Churches and Religion

South Carolina Quakers, An Introduction

Baptist Convention - 43d & 44th  Held At Darlington, July 1863, & Greenville, July1864.

South Carolina Churches - History of the OLD churches.  Additional links will take you to the South Carolina counties of which the churches are shown with more detailed information

South Carolina Baptists, 1670-1805

Slavery & African -American Topics 

African-American History in South Carolina

Slave Ad's - In 1807 slaves were brought into South Carolina through Slave Ships.  The Charleston Courier announced their arrivals and also ran ad's when slaves ran away.

Slave Ships - a descriptive list of some slave ships used to transport slaves

Slave Narratives

South Carolina Slave Owners - this link will take you to our National Site...hit you back button to get back here.

The Experience of a Slave in South Carolina

Slaves and their Masters

Prairies & Pioneers

Government Topics

People, Places and Things

Epidemics - this link will take you to our main Genealogy Trails site. Hit your back button to get back to this page


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Aiken 1919 - from Automobile Blue Book 

Camden 1919 -  from Automobile Blue Book 

Charleston 1671 - from Report on the Social Statistics of Cities, Compiled by George E. Waring, Jr., United States. Census Office, Part II, 1887. 

Charleston 1704 "Plan of Charles Town" - from Report on the Social Statistics of Cities, Compiled by George E. Waring, Jr., United States. Census Office, Part II, 1887. 

Charleston 1849 Appletons' Hand - from Book of American Travel. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1869

Charleston 1885 Appletons' General Guide to the United States and Canada. Part II. Western and Southern States. New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1885 

Columbia 1920 - from Automobile Blue Book

Newberry County 1911 County Map

South Carolina state county map

South Carolina Representation of counties in 1710

South Carolina Circuit Court District - 1769 map

South Carolina Parish Map


Census Extract Forms - downloadable in WORD format

1790 - 1850 (on two pages)
1860 -1870 (on one page)
1880 -1900 (on one page)

Old Handwriting - An introduction to old handwriting and examples that may help you decipher old records

Cemetery Adventure Safety Tips

How To Read Land Records

South Carolina Dictionary - a glossery of SC terms you may not be familiar with

Old Time Medical Terms and Diseases - this link will take you to our main Genealogy Trails site.

Citizenship Requirements - information needed for application  for United States Citizenship

South Carolina Vital Statistic - helpful data on how to obtain vital records, address/phone numbers for county locations 

Links to websites with online data and great info:

South Carolina Department of Archives and History

South Carolina Historical Society

Civil War Era National Cemeteries - United States Department of Veteran Affairs

Genealogy Resources Directory - South Carolina Genealogy

SC Cemetery Project

National Cemeteries in South Carolina
[off-site links]

Beaufort National Cemetery
1601 Boundary Street
Beaufort, SC 29902
(843) 524-3925

Listing of interments

Florence National Cemetery
803 E. National Cemetery Rd
Florence, SC 29501
(843) 669-8783

Burials from the Florence Morning News

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