Slave Narratives
South Carolina

Source:  Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 1
       A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From
              Interviews with Former Slaves. Contributed to South Carolina, Genealogy Trails by Kim Paterson.

Abrams, M. E.

Cannon, Sylvia

Farrow, Caroline

Harris, Abe

Scott, Mary

Adams, Ezra

Caroline, Albert

Feaster, Gus

Harrison, Eli

Scott, Nina

Adams, Mary

Chisolm, Silvia

Ferguson, Ann

Harvey, Charlie Jeff

Scurry, Morgan

Adams, Victoria

Chisolm, Tom

Ford, Aaron

Hasty, Eliza

Simmons, Ransom

Adamson, Frank

Cleland, Maria

Foster, Charlotte

Haynes, Dolly

Sligh, Alfred

Andrews, Frances

Clifton, Peter

Franklin, John

Henderson, Liney

Smith, Dan

Arthur, Pete

Coleman, Henry

Fraser, Emma

Henry, Jim

Smith, Hector

Bacchus, Josephine

Coleman, Rev. Tuff

Frost, Adele

Herndon, Zack

Smith, Jane

Ballard, William

Collier, Louisa

Gadsden, Amos

Heyward, Lavinia

Smith, Mary

Barber, Charley

Collins, John

Gallman, Janie

Heyward, Lucretia

Smith, Prince

Barber, Ed

Corry, Bouregard

Gallman, Lucy

Heywood, Mariah

Smith, Silas

Barber, Millie

Craig, Caleb

Gallman, Simon

Hill, Jerry

Sparrow, Jessie

Bates, Anderson

Cunningham, Dinah

Gary, Laurence

Hollins, Jane

Starke, Rosa

Bates, Millie

Daniels, Lucy

Gause, Louisa

Holmes, Cornelius

Stewart, Josephine

Bees, Welcome

Davenport, John N.

Gibson, Gracie

Horry, Ben

Suber, Bettie

Bell, Anne

Davenport, Moses

Giles, Charlie

Hughes, Margaret

Swindler, Ellen

Bevis, Caroline

Davis, Charlie

Gillison, Willis

Hunter, Hester
Magwood, Frank

Taylor, Mack

Black, Maggie

Davis, Charlie

Gilmore, Brawley

Raines, Mary

Thompson, Delia

Bluford, Gordon

Davis, Heddie

Gladdeny, Pick

Range, Frank

Toatley, Robert

Boulware, Samuel

Davis, Henry

Gladney, Henry

Rawls, Sam

Veals, Mary

Boyd, John

Davis, Jesse

Glasgow, Emoline

Renwick, Ellen

Walker, Manda

Bradley, Jane

Davis, Lizzie

Glenn, Silas

Rice, Anne

Walker, Med

Brice, Andy

Davis, Louisa

Glover, John

Rice, Jessie

Waring, Daniel

Briggs, George

Davis, Wallace

Godbold, Hector

Rice, Phillip

Washington, Nancy

Bristow, Josephine

Davis, William Henry

Goddard, Daniel

Richardson, Martha

Watson, Charley

Broome, Anne

Dawkins, Elias

Godfrey, Ellen

Riley, Mamie

White, Dave

Brown, Hagar

Dill, Will

Goodwater, Thomas

Riser, Susie

White, Tena

Brown, Henry

Dixon, Thomas

Grant, Charlie

Roberts, Isom

Williams, Bill

Brown, John C.

Dorroh, Isabella

Grant, Rebecca Jane

Robertson, Alexander

Williams, Jesse

Brown, Mary Frances

Downing, Laurence

Graves, John (Uncle Brack)

Robinson, Charlie

Williams, Mary

Brown, Sara

Dozier, Washington

Greely, Sim

Rosboro, Al

Williams, Willis

Bryant, Margaret

Duke, Alice

Green, Elijah

Rosboro, Tom

Wilson, Emoline

Burrell, Savilla

Durant, Silva (Sylvia)

Green, W. M.

Rosborough, Reuben

Wilson, Jane

Burton, C. B.

Eddington, Harriet

Grey, Adeline

Rose, William

Woodberry, Genia

Butler, George Ann

Edwards, Mary

Griffin, Fannie

Russell, Benjamin

Woodberry, Julia

Butler, Isaiah

Elliott, Rev. John B.

Griffin, Madison

Rutherford, Joe

Woods, George

Butler, Solbert

Elmore, Emanuel

Grigsby, Peggy

Rutherford, Lila

Woodward, Aleck

Cain, Granny

Emmanuel, Ryer

Guntharpe, Violet

Rutledge, Sabe

Woodward, Mary

Caldwell, Laura

Eubanks, Pen

Hamilton, John

Ryan, Henry

Worth, Pauline

Caldwell, Solomon

Evans, Lewis

Hamlin, (Hamilton) Susan

Satterwhite, Emoline

Wright, Daphney

Cameron, Nelson

Evans, Phillip

Harp, Anson

Scaife, Alexander

Young, Bill

Campbell, Thomas

Fair, Eugenia

Harper, Thomas

Scantling, Eliza

Young, Bob

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