Abstracts of Moore Records of South Carolina, 1694 - 1865
Spartanburg County, South Carolina
by Janie Revill, 1931
transcribed by Transcription Team Member Chris


In gathering the data contained in this book no effort was made to preserve or note the various ways of spelling names. The name "Moore" sometimes appears in one record spelled in several different ways, as "M-o-r-e," "M-o-a-r," or "M-o-o-r" but in most instances the correct spelling is clearly shown as

Dates, given names, names of executors, witnesses, etc., are given as being as nearly correct as is practical. In many instances the records are faded, worn or soiled so that the figures or names could not be well deciphered.

The data was all taken from original records, and publication of book and page, or box and package reference would make the expense prohibitive. Such information may be obtained by addressing the author, enclosing 25c each for postage and clerical expense (NOTE: unfortunately at this date, 2011, the writer may no longer be living, thus a shame the reference information was not given).

Marriages, Revolutionary service, and other information on the Moores of South Carolina may be found in the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine and in the publications of the South Carolina Historical Commission.

Columbia, SC
August 1, 1931


Abraham Moore Will dated Feb. 23, 1802,wife, Mary  mentions "Abraham, my youngest son," (other children not named in will); Exors. James Hare and James H. Moore. Sale, 1802 shows purchasers, Ebsworth, James, Zachariah, Samuel, Jonathan and James W. Moore; settlement shows children, James, Diadema (daughter) Rosannah and Aaron (probably others not named.)

Ezekiel Moore Est. Admr. Jesse Cooper; Appraisers aptd. 1811.

Aaron Moore Est. Citation March 12, 1812; admr. William Moore; Sale, 1812, purchaser, Hannah Moore; among assets, copy of "Blackstone" indicating legal profession.

General Thomas Moore Will dated Oct. 26,1817, wife, Mary; sons, Andrew Barry, Thos. Jefferson, Charles Hamilton; daughters, Anna Maria Moore, Margaret Roddy, wife of John Roddy (left them "tools in Maj. John Roddy's possession"), Violet Barry, Patsy Benson, Rachel and Betsy. Directs tombstones be placed to graves of first wife, deceased daughter, Polly Smith, deceased son, John Price Moore, and to Mr. (or Mrs.) John Price. (Note: one of his wives was daughter of John Price); Brother, Dr. Andrew Barry Moore appointed guardian of minor children; Exors. wife, Dr. Andrew B. and Charles Moore. Prov. Aug. 2, 1822.

Michael Moore, "merchant" Will dated Feb. 23, 1827—wife, Winifred S.; "my four children," Adeline, John, Mary B. and Alfred L. Moore; mentions "my aged and infirm brother." Legacy to Polly McHugh;  Exors. uncle, John Moore, of Rutherford Co., N. C. Will states he was member firm of Dillard, Love & Co.

Zachariah Moore Est. Citation March 4, 1829.wife, Nancy; son, Zachariah M., a minor; daughter, Mary, wife of John C. Crow, and Esther, wife of Joseph Smith.

Hugh Moore Est. Admr. Patrick Moore; Bond dated March 12, 1835; John Moore, attorney for admr. Sale May 13, 1837, Purchaser, Elizabeth Moore.

Andrew Barry Moore Will dated Aug. 1, 1846—wife Nancy M.; sons, Andrew Charles and Thomas John; daughter Margaret Ann Moore; (shows all children); Legacy to Miss Rosa Duncan, friend; Appoints Samuel N. Evans as guardian for sons. Wit. Andrew Barry, et al.  Prov. Feb. 1848.

Sarah Moore Will dated Nov. 8, 1853 sons, Nimrod Moore, Franklin Smith, David D. Moore, Simeon Moore, Gabriel Moore; daughters, Barbara Compton, Elizabeth Beardin, Lucinda Hanna; Exors. sons, Nimrod, Simeon and Gabriel.  Prov. Dec. 5, 1864.

Ebsworth Moore  Will dated April, 1854, wife, Elizabeth, (died prior to husband, and he made codicil) ; sons, William, John, Solomon, Levi, Isaac; daughters, Mary Edwards, Letty Vise, and Caroline Matilda Moore; grandson, Ebsworth, son of John Moore; granddaughter, Caroline Matilda, daughter of John. Prov. June, 1857.

Dr. David Moore Est. Letters granted May, 1854.

Wesley Moore Will dated June 20, 1854,wife, Vianna; sons, Elihu, Mansel; daughters, Louisa, Mary, Sarah, Susan; mentions an unborn child. Exors. John H. Walker and John S. Rogers. Prov. June, 1854.

William P. Moore Will dated 1862 wife, Frances Ellinore; brothers, John, Peter, David W., Matthew S. Moore; other heirs, Mrs. Excy Foster, wife of Moses Foster, and their granddaughter, Francis Ellinore Foster; Mrs. Mason; Elias J. Wingo; Francis Marion (or Mason) Wood, wife of John Wood, and nephew, John Moore.

Matthew S. Moore Will dated Aug. 8, 1865. wife, Frances; sons, William and John; daughters, Mary, Frances, Jane, Elizabeth, Rachel, Ann; Exors. daughter Mary and son William. Prov. Feb. 21, 1868.

Deed 1785 Charles Moore, "yeoman" to his son Thomas Moore, "yeoman" 450 acres north side Tyger River, being two grants to Charles Moore, one of May 30, 1763 and the other of Aug. 11, 1784; bounded by Richard Barry and Andrew Barry; wit. Thomas Moore, William Ford and Richard Barry.

Deed 1786 Jeremiah Moore from Robert Simms, 200 acres granted William Simms July 10, 1769, on Dillins Branch, north side of Enoree River. Wit. Thos. Moore, Joseph Lyon and Thos. Sumter.

Deed 1790, Jason Moore from William and Mary Paden "of Camden District, Chester County" 100 acres in Spartanburg on Wards Br.

Deed 1790, Jason Moore from Alexander and Rebeckah Paden "of Greenville County" 100 acres on Wards Br. of Tyger River.

Deed 1792, Charles Moore to his son, Andrew Moore, 385 acres east side of Tyger River, granted to Charles Moore by several grants.

Deed 1793, William Moore from John Hamby land on Enoree River, originally granted to Zachariah Gibbes in 1769.

Deed 1794, Thomas Moore "of Spartanburg, Pinckney Dist." from Samuel and Patience Elder "of Pinckney Dist." 35 acres on Vice's Spring, Wards Branch of Tyger River.

Deed 1795, Jason Moore to his son, James Moore, 263 acres on Wards Branch of Tyger River, bounded by Thomas Moore, William Ford, Daniel Barnett and Robert Morrow.

Deed 1795, Jason Moore, Sr. to his son, Jason Moore, Jr., 100 acres on Ward's Br. of Tyger River.

Deed 1795, James Moore from Samuel Elder, 50 acres west side of Creek formerly called Ward's Creek, granted to Thomas Moore, Aug. 11, 1774, and conv. by him to Samuel Elder.

Deed 1796, David Moore and wife Margaret from James Wofford, land on Ferguson's Creek, Tyger River, where Aaron Arnold formerly lived. (Note: Margaret was heir of James Wofford.)

Deed 1796, Jason Moore, Sr. to James Moore, 72 acres both sides Ward's Cr., Tyger River, bounded by Thomas Moore, Charles Moore, William Ford and said Jason Moore.

Deed 1797, Abraham Moore to James Moore, 50 acres on Dutchman's Cr. part of grant to Abraham Moore of June 20, 1770; dower by Mary Moore.

Deed 1797, William Moore from Elizabeth Williams, 150 acres, part of land laid out for William White.

Deed 1797, William Moore to James Hadden, 100 acres bounded by John McDale, John Durham; "including the planta¬tion where James Hadden now lives.

Deed 1798, Charles Moore, Jr. "of Pinckney District" from John Wright "of Pinckney District."—slave.

Deed 1798, Thomas Moore "merchant of Rutherford County, N. C." from Obadiah Watson, "of Spartanburg County, S. C." mtg. on 50 acres, bond securing mtg. signed by Obadiah Trimmier.

Deed 1798, William Moore "of Spartanburg Dist." to Barnett W. Sweaney, 150 acres, part of land laid out for William White, and conv. by Elizabeth Williams to William Moore.

Deed 1799, Hugh Moore from William Pinson, land on Bullocks Fork of Thickety Creek; bounded, Ann Moore, and land laid out to John Wooten.

Mills Statistics, Page 734, "Maj. General Thomas Moore, though very young when the Revolution broke out, was very active in the glorious struggle  died at his residence on Tyger River in 1822."

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