History of Williamsburg, From 1705 - 1923
By William Willis Boddie
Columbia, SC; The State Company, 1923
Transcribed by Dena W. for Williamsburg County, South Carolina Genealogy Trails


Preparing what I have called the History of Williamsburg has given me great pleasure. It was designed to give statements of fact to one who cares simply for such, as well as to lure the student who wants to learn something of Williamsburg's place in the world. Practically everything herein contained is based on ancient documents or official records.

I am very grateful to Mr. A. S. Salley, Jr., Secretary of the Historical Commission of South Carolina, for his sympathetic patience with me while gathering material from his office and for much aid given me; and, likewise, to the authorities in the office of the Secretary of State and the Charleston Library. Miss Mabel L. Webber, Secretary of the South Carolina Historical Society, gave me many helpful suggestions. Judge of Probate W. E. Snowden and Clerk of the Court John IX Britton, of Williamsburg, Judge of Probate Frank M. Bryan, of Charleston, and Judge of Probate Thomas E. Richardson, of Sumter, were always very kind and helpful when I worked in their offices.

Mr. B. E. Clarkson allowed me the use of the Confederate War Diary of his late father, William J. Clarkson; Mr. E. C. Epps furnished me a copy of the Retaliation War Prison Diary of his father, the venerable William Epps; and Mrs. J. B. Morrison, Jr., permitted me to gather much material from "Ervins and Their Kin" manuscript of her late father, Reverend E. E. Ervin. Nothing helped me with the early history of this County more than Colonel J. G. Wardlaw's "Genealogy of the Witherspoon Family." Mr. Louis W. Gilland allowed me to make a copy of the old Session Record "Book of Williamsburg Presbyterian Church, and Mr. D. E. McCutchen one of the Indian town Presbyterian Church. I have used freely "The Register Book for the Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw," edited by the late Mrs. Elizabeth W. A. Pringle. I have drawn at will from all the published histories of South Carolina, the biographies of men of "Williamsburg, and the newspaper files in the Charleston Library.

Mrs. D. C. Scott, during many years, collected historical material in connection with her work in the patriotic societies of Williamsburg and the Pee Dee Historical Society. I been me heir to all this. It was she who first told me the story of the people of Williamsburg and influenced me to undertake this delightful labor. Dr. D. C. Scott, out of his more than seventy years of comprehensive understanding of Williamsburg, and Mrs. Boddie, from her naturally beautiful enthusiasm for my work, have both been continuously helpful. They have been most generous in avoiding even an attempt to color my scheme and I desire that no questionable opinion herein be charged to them.

Mr. Samuel R. Mouzon, Mr. Harvey J. Brown, Mr. William M. McKnight, and Mr. Alonzo W. Flagler, all Confederate Veterans of more than four score years of age, whose minds are clear and whose memories are vivid, gave me invaluable information. Mr. J. J. B. Montgomery told me a thousand good stories that he would not allow me to publish and helped me to understand many things. Peter G. Gourdin, C. E., contributed for use in this volume his excellent map of Williamsburg, 1923. Mrs. John A. Scott allowed me to copy the Robert Frierson map of Williamsburg (Blingstree) 1801, which greatly adds to the value of this History.

Miss Ann Fulton (now Mrs. Glenn E. Scott, Sarasota, Florida,) used her good judgment, both in including and excluding material, in copying for me thousands of pages from old manuscripts. Miss Adeline Shuler prepared from dictation the manuscript for this book. Out of her keenly intelligent interest, she made many helpful suggestions, both as to form and content, that have been incorporated in the work.

Kings tree, South Carolina,
June 22, 1923.


I. Before Williamsburg Had a Name… 1-7
II. The King's Tree and Williamsburg Township … 8-20
III. Original Settlers …21-26
IV. The People Who Settled Williamsburg…27-37
V. Economic Conditions … 38-43
VI. Churches and Churchmen…44-58
VII. Growing Pains and Petitions … 59-72
VIII. Colonial Wills … 73-86
IX. Political and Social Matters …87-93
X. The War of the Revolution …94-113
XI. Williamsburg Soldiers in the Revolution …114-130
XII. Government By the People … 131-136
XIII. The Town of Williamsburg, 1788 … 137-153
XIV. Williamsburg Census, 1790 … 154-170
XV. Presbyterianism Regnant  … 171-198
XVI. Williamsburg Taxpayers, 1811…  199-206
XVII. Roads and Ferries from 1788 to 1830 … 207-212
XVIII. Government and Officials, 1783-1830… 213-219
XIX. Old Wills and Notes on Them …220-246
XX. Economic and Social Life, 1783-1830… 247-257
XXI. Indiantown Church, 1819-1830 … 258-265
XXII. The Nullification Movement, 1832 … 266-270
XXIII. Puritanism, Calvinism, and Arminianism … 271-303
XXIV. Things, Political and Social, 1830-1860 … 304-322
XXV. Transportation, 1830 to 1860 … 323-328
XXVI. Slavery and Secession… 329-342
XXVII. Williamsburg, C. S. A. 1861 … 343-378
XXVIII. Williamsburg, C. S. A., 1862 … 379-396
XXIX Williamsburg, C. S. A., 1863… 397-402
XXX. Williamsburg, C. S. A., 1864 … 403-412
XXXI. Williamsburg, C.S.A., 1865 … 413-432
XXXII. Williamsburg, U.S.A., 1865… 433-439
XXXIII. Reconstruction… 440-457
XXXIV. Another Williamsburg…458-466
XXXV. Public Education since 1880… 467-479
XXXVI. Religious Denominations, 1865-1923… 480-495
XXXVII. Banking in Williamsburg…496-502
XXXVIII. Throbbing War Drums Call…503-516
XXXIX Many Things…517-532
XL. General Progress…533-548

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