Abstracts of Moore Records of South Carolina, 1694 - 1865
York County, South Carolina
by Janie Revill, 1931
transcribed by Transcription Team Member Chris


In gathering the data contained in this book no effort was made to preserve or note the various ways of spelling names. The name "Moore" sometimes appears in one record spelled in several different ways, as "M-o-r-e," "M-o-a-r," or "M-o-o-r" but in most instances the correct spelling is clearly shown as

Dates, given names, names of executors, witnesses, etc., are given as being as nearly correct as is practical. In many instances the records are faded, worn or soiled so that the figures or names could not be well deciphered.

The data was all taken from original records, and publication of book and page, or box and package reference would make the expense prohibitive. Such information may be obtained by addressing the author, enclosing 25c each for postage and clerical expense (NOTE: unfortunately at this date, 2011, the writer may no longer be living, thus a shame the reference information was not given).

Marriages, Revolutionary service, and other information on the Moores of South Carolina may be found in the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine and in the publications of the South Carolina Historical Commission.

Columbia, SC
August 1, 1931


NOTE: There were four Moore families living in York district, each getting original grants from North Carolina, supposing the territory to be in that state, but by resurvey it was found to be in South Carolina.

James Moore settled on Allison's Creek, branch of Catawba River, about five miles north of Yorkville, on a smaller stream called Moor's Branch. Grant issued May 17, 1754. Memorial in the Office of S. C. Historical Commission shows: Memorial by William Moore covering 300 acres supposed when run out in Anson County, N. C, "granted 17th. May, 1754 to James Moore, since deceased, and descended to the memoralist, his eldest son and heir." Memorial dated Jan. 9, 1768.

John Moore also got several grants in the same locality in 1754, and memorials show that his lands joined the lands of James Moore, although lower down on Gum Log Branch of South Fork of Fishing Creek, a branch of Catawba River.

Moses Moore settled on Camp Creek and Cane Creek, small branches of Broad River, in the extreme northwest section of the District.  Several grants issued 1763-1768, by N. C.

Geyan Moore (also erroneously called "Goin", "Gregyan" and "Greggan") settled on Broad River, between Bullock's Creek and King's Creek, on small stream shown on Mills Atlas as "Goin Moor's Creek," (and just across the Broad River from this point, George Moore settled in Union District.) Several grants were issued to Geyan Moore, 1752-1753. Memorial by James Moore for 600 acres, supposed when run out to be in Anson County, N. C., granted to Geyan Moore, April 3, 1752, known as "Beauty Spot", and became vested in his son, James Moore, as heir. (See will of James Moore, of Sandy River, Chester County, in which he bequeaths "Beauty Spot.")

Ealeanor Moore Will dated Nov. 19, 1813. sons, Edward Moore, John Moore, Thomas Moore, James Mooire, William Moore; daughter, Betsy Patrick; granddaughter, Francis Davis, daughter of Amy Davis; wit. Joseph Clinton, Mary Clinton, John Teary.   Prov. June 2, 1814.

Alexander MooreŚWill dated Dec. 8, 1813Śwife Catharine; sons, William, Alfred, Maurice A., James; daughters, Rachel, and Dorchus A. Moore; Exors. sons, William and James; wit. Mary Irwin. John Moore and Andrew Springs. Prov. Feb. 18, 1814.

Samuel MooreŚWill dated May 22, 1820. Wife, Mary; sons Samuel and John S. Moore; daughter, Elizabeth Moore. Exors. two sons; wit. Thomas, John and Eli Moore.  Prov. July 4, 1820.

John Moore, Sr.Will dated July 23,1821. Wife, Isbel;  sons Henry and John; daughters, Nancy and Elizabeth Moore; granddaughter, Casendare. Exor. John Wright; wit. Wm. Wright, John English, Andrew Wright.   Prov. Jan. 7, 1822.

Nathan Moore Will dated Oct. 3, 1829. Sons, Thomas, Zenos, Robert, Eli, Jesse, John, and Stanhope, (a minor) ; daughters, Elza (or Eliza), Peggy and Jincy; grandson, Dan, the son of Eli. Exors. Samuel Rainey, Allison Hope, and son Zenos Moore; wit. George Straight, John Latta and Samuel Moore. Prov. Jan. 4, 1830.

John Moore Will dated May 7, 1831. Heirs, Rachel Coulter and her children; brother, James Moore, and John Alexander Moore, a minor. Exor. James Moore, Jr. Prov. 1831.

Ruth Moore, "widow of John Moore" Will dated June 27, 1835. Sons, John Moore, Jacob B. Moore and Gordon Moore; daughter, Peggy Clark, wife of William Clark. Prov. June 13, 1844.

William Moore, Sr. Will dated Jan. 13, 1838. Wife, Mary; sons, James O. Moore, Walter W. Moore (land where he lived in Lincoln Co., N. C.), William Moore, Jr. (land on Crowder's Creek, adj. Edward Moore, Sr.); daughter, Nancy Suggs, wife of Thomas E. Suggs. Exors. son, James O. and son-in-law, Thomas E. Suggs; wit. Reubin Dulem, Lemuel Eakes and Wm. Campbell. Prov. Feb. 28, 1843.

Gordon Moore Will dated Nov. 9, 1839. Sons, Jacob Alexander, John Gordon and William Thompson; daughters, Minerva Moore, Temandra Moore, Dianna Moore and Coleene Moore (last two minors). Mentions "my aged mother." Wit. James Shegan, Chas. T. Murphy; also James B. and Wm. B. Meek, who moved to Winston County, Miss. Prov. Feb. 7, 1840.

John Moore  Will dated Aug. 8, 1841. Brothers, Eli, Zenos, Robert, Thomas and Stanhope; sister, Jane. Legacies to Zekiel Neely and Leonard Estes (or Eakes). Exor. "friend, John S. Moore." Wit. R. S. Hope, Samuel Rainey, Samuel Moore. Prov. Oct. 12, 1841.

James MooreŚWill dated July 17,1845. Niece, Sarah Adicks; Nephew, William Moore; grand-niece, Dorcas Antionette Adicks;

niece, Maria Erwin (or Evans), wife of Thomas Erwin. Exor. Dr. William Moore; wit. E. A. Crenshaw, S. E. Moore, W. B. Byers.  Prov. Aug. 30, 1847.

Elizabeth Moore Will dated May 5, 1849. Sister, Nancy Craig; brothers, John and Henry Moore; legacy to Alex. Fuller. Exor. Clark Moore; wit. A. S. Wallace, Casenda Moore, Cyrus Moore.  Prov. July 4, 1849.

James Moore "of Indian Land" (refers to the Allison Creek section of York County, being the Catawba Indian reservation). Will dated Sept. 15, 1849. Wife, mentioned, not named; sons, Richard S., James L., William A., Maurice A., Albert A., and Eli P. Moore; daughters, Dorcas E. Murphy, Jane A. Campbell, and Cynthia L. Bynum; legacy to the children of "my son, Alexander A. Moore." Prov. Nov. 6, 1849.

Alfred Moore Estate, Edward Moore aptd. Admr. Dec. 12, 1851; Adm. Bond signed by John S. Moore, Francis H. Lemuel, Wm. Moore and Richard S. Moore. Settlement dated April 17, 1855, shows a widow and the following children: M. A. Moore, Alfred Moore, Sarah J. Moore, J. L. Moore, William A. Moore and Susan Moore.

Samuel Moore Estate, Samuel E. Moore  aptd. Admr. July, 1852; Adm. bond signed by Eli Meek and J. S. Moore. Settlement shows a widow and seven other heirs, but does not name any except Cornelia J. Moore, who died before the estate was finally settled.

John G. Moore Estate, Dr. Samuel Wright and Wm. S. Beard, aptd. Admrs. Dec. 20, 1852; Adm. bond signed by H. F. Adicks and William G. Erwin. Petition for partition of lands, dated Aug. 5, 1853, shows heirs: William T. Moore; Dr. Jacob A. Moore; Rev. James Welborne and wife, Minerva; Temandra Moore; William S. Beard and wife, Diana N. Beard. Petition states that Dr. John Gordon Moore has been absent so long as to be supposed dead, and therefore his estate should be partitioned. Power of Attorney shows James Welborne and wife living in Lawrence County, Miss.

Eli Moore Estate, D. D. and J. L. Moore aptd. Admrs. April, 1854; Adm. bond signed by C. P. Sandifer and J. L. Moore.

William Moore appointed guardian of Ruth B. Smith and James M. Smith, Feb. 13,1854; Gdn. bond signed by John Moore and Francis Moore.

William Moore, Sr. Will. Children, John Moore, Orson Moore, William Moore, Jr., Welborne Bridges, wife of William Bridges, Isaac W. Moore, Jonathan Moore; grandchildren, the children of deceased son, Francis G. Moore; legacy to "the daughČter of my wife, Ruth B. Moore, by her first husband, Abraham G. Smith." Step-sons, James M. Smith, a minor (land on Goin Moore Creek), Abraham G. Smith, John M. Smith and Joseph W. Smith. Mentions wife's grandmother, Ruth B. Moore, deČceased.  Prov. Oct. 24, 1859.

James Stanhope MooreŚWill proven in State of Mississippi, County of Manhall, at Town of Holly Springs, on May 22, 1854, (will not in file at York.)

Margaret P. Moore Estate, Eli Meek, aptd. Admr. Jan. 29, 1856. Settlement March 26, 1856 shows four shares, names of heirs not shown.

Jane M. MooreŚEstate, Edward Moore aptd. Admr. Nov. 29, 1854; Settlement March 7, 1857, shows heirs: Susan W. Moore; James L. Moore; Dorcas A. Moore; Alfred Moore; Sarah J. Moore; M. A. Moore; W. A. Moore; J. S. Moore; E. J. and E. D. Murphy, children of G. A. Murphy, deceased. D. E. Murphy appointed guardian.

Zenus L. MooreŚEstate, D. D. Moore aptd. Admr. Settlement Feb. 1857, shows heirs: Robert J. Moore; E. Estes and wife Margaret; J. Stanhope Moore; children of Thomas Moore, deČceased, (eight, not named); children of Eliza Neely, deceased (five, not named); Daniel D. Moore; J. L. Moore; Jesse N. Moore; E. R. Mills and wife.

Catherine MooreŚWill dated Sept. 1,1858. Son, Peter Marion; Grandsons, Francis E. Moore, Joseph P. Moore, Nathaniel M. Sandifer; deceased daughter, Elizabeth A. Moore mentioned; Legacies to Calvin P. Sandifer and Wm. L. Sandifer; granddaughters, Emma K. Hemphill, Jane A. Williams and Eliza C. Lindsey. Exors. grandson, Joseph P. Moore and James M. Williams.  Prov. Aug. 26, 1859.

William Moore Will dated Aug. 16,1860. (Dr. Wm. Moore's will) Sons, William P. Moore, H. Baxter Moore, Frederick E. Moore; daughter, Dorcus E. Moore.  Prov. Dec. 1861.

Edward Moore Will dated July 24, 1861, wife, Emily; infant son, Martin Kirk Moore; brother, Alfred Moore aptd. Exor. Prov. Aug. 11, 1864.

Edward MooreŚWill dated July 24,1861Śmentions "deceased wife, Phoebe D. Moore." Sisters, Dorcus Antionette Moore and Sarah Jane Moore; brother, Alfred Moore. Legacy to daughters of Rev. J. D. McCullough, (leaves them the piano and bureau which had belonged to his deceased wife); brothers, William A. Moore, Maurice A. Moore, (File shows he was in the Confederate Army). Prov. Aug. 11,1864.

James O. Moore Will dated May 3, 1867. Wife, Drucilla; sons, Walter Leander and William Robert; daughters, Rebecca Amanda Farris and Mary Lucinda Patrick. Prov. May 13, 1867.

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