South Dakota Military Data

List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa

From Dakota

by William L. Alexander, 1886

Transcribed by Tammy Clark


NameRankRegiment CompanyPresent Post-office Address
Anderson, MichaelPrivateFirst InfantryAForest City
Armstrong, Thos. HPrivateFirst CavalryBHolly Springs
Bacon, Jas. MFirst LieutenantFirst CavalryASioux City
Bellows, B.F.PrivateFirst CavalryAOto
Cowan, MilesPrivateFirst CavalryBWoodbine
Crooks, S.M.SergeantFirst CavalryBClarinda
Hall, John SCorporalFirst CavalryBWoodbine
Herrington, EzriahPrivateSully's ExpeditionBradford
Kelly, DanielPrivateFirst CavalryBSioux City
Ludwig, JacobPrivateFirst CavalryAToledo
McNamara, CorneliusPrivateFirst CavalryISioux City
Metcalf, Wm.PrivateFirst CavalryBClimbing Hill
Munson, HalvorPrivateFirst CavalryALourdes
Oleson, ChristianPrivateFirst CavalryANew Hampton
Patteck, FormanPrivateFirst CavalryBMt. Etna
Wilson, ThosPrivateFirst CavalryBLoveland
Yates, Lewis RPrivateFirst CavalryBWoodbine
Young, Wm.PrivateFirst CavalryANorthwood


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