Sioux Indians of South Dakota
"South Dakota Historical Collections
Compiled by the State Historical Society
Vol. 1, 1902

Divisions of Sioux

1. Mdewakanttons

(People of Spirit Lake).
Lived on Mississippi River near St Paul.

These four bands were called collectively Isanties

(Santees),meaning people who use knives, or people who once lived on Knife Lake. They all roamed info South Dakota time out of mind.

2. Wakpekutes

(Leaf Shooters).
Lived on Minnesota River in vicinity of Mankato.

3. Wahpetons

(People of the Leaves)
Lived on upper Minnesota near Lac qui Parle.

4. Sissetons

(People of the Swamp).
Lived in vicinity of Big Stone Lake.

5. Yanktona

(People at the End, referring to the position they occupied in the great tribal councils). Lived on Missouri River near Yankton.


6. Yanktonaise

(People Near the End). Lived on upper James River from Redfield to Devil's Lake. The Assiniboines are an offshoot of this band.


7. Tetons
(People of the Prairie)

This division includes all of the
Sioux living west of the Missouri.

*These three divisions were closely allied and lived near Grand River

1. *Uncpapas

(People Who Camp by Themselves).

2. *Sihasapas


3. *Itazipchos

(People Without Bows; French, Sans Arcs).

4. Minneconjous

(People Who Plant by the Water). They lived between the Black Hills and Platte River.

5. Oglalas

They lived along the Niobrara.

6. Sichanques

(Burnt Thighs; French, Brules). They lived on White River.

7. Oohenonpaas

(Two Kettles, from circumstance that at one time two kettles of meat saved the band from starving). Lived near Fort Pierre.

Prominent Sioux Native Americans

Sitting Bull

Red Cloud

John Grass

Strike-the-Ree, age 92

Two Lance, a Brule






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