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Aurora County History - 1885

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History of South Dakota, Volume 1
by Doane Robinson 1904
B. F. Bowen & Co., Publishers
Contributed by Vicki Hartman


Aurora county was created by the legislature in 1879. on February 22nd. It was organized by Governor Ordway on August 8, 1881. Its first recorded exploration was by George Catlin, while enroute from a stranded steamboat near Yankton, to Fort Pierre, in June, 1832. It was first settled in 1879 by Oliver R. Ames and J. Briedenbach, on Firesteel creek. E. H. McIntosh. J. B. Smart and Charles Briedenbach were the commissioners appointed to effect the organization. They located the county seat at Plankinton, where it still remains. Plankinton dates from August 10, 1880. Besides being the county seat, it is the location of the state reform school, founded in 1887. White Lake is the only other town of importance. B, H. Sullivan, of this county, was United States surveyor general for South Dakota during the Harrison administration. W. M. Smith was state railway commissioner. 1802-3. The county is drained into the James by Firesteel creek, contains seven hundred and twenty-four square miles and had a population of four thousand and eleven in 1900. Its chief industry is stock growing and general agriculture.


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