Beadle County Business Advertisements


Bell Bakery (June 1910, newspaper ad)

Betts, Dr. Laurence (Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat) (Huron, 1938)

Bijou Theater (Huron, June, 1919)

Bryant & Dickinson, Abstracts of Title (June 1910 newspaper ad)

Burton's Barber Shop (Huron, 1938)

Cash-Way Groceries (Huron, 1938)

Chrystal Cafe (Huron, 1938)

Dave, Frank, Shoe Builder (Huron, 1938)

Ellis Pharmacy (Huron, 1938)

Geiger Clothing Co. (Huron, 1938)

Grosvenor, Dr. L. H. (Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat) (Huron, 1938)

Howes & Temmey, Attorneys at Law (Huron, 1938)

Huron Cafe (Huron, 1938)

Huron Clinic - Drs. Shirley, Sewell, Saxton, Saylor, Griffith, Lenz.  Nurse Gloege, Mgr. Mattson) (Huron, 1938)

Johnson, Dr. Sherman L., Optometrist (Huron, 1938)

Kiel Bros., Inc. (Office/Printers) (Huron, 1938)

Kinyon, F. D., Mortician (Huron, 1938)

McIlvaine Insurance Co. (Huron, 1950s)

Northwest Security National Bank - Geo. Fullinweider, Carl Voigt, H. C. Whaley, L. H. Cornell (Huron, 1938)

Perriton's (Huron, 1938)

Perry Floral (Huron, 1938)

Presto Cafe (Huron, 1938)

Royal Barber and Beauty Shop (Huron, 1938)

Senate, The (June 1910 newspaper ad)

Service Shoe Shop (Huron, 1938)

Spink, Jay, Dentist (Huron, 1938)

Smithy Cleaners (Huron, 1938)

Smithy, The Tailor (June 1910 newspaper ad)

Stiver, J. M. Hardware (Huron, 1938)

Swaney's Cafe (Huron, 1938)

Toy's Cafe (Huron, 1938)

United States Vacuum Cleaning Company (June 1910 newspaper ad)

Walker Flower Shop (Huron, 1938)

Walsh, J. P. Mortuary (Huron, 1938)

Welter Funeral Home (1938)

Youel, Dr. George A., Dentist (Huron, 1938)



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