Beadle County Cemeteries

Data from The Evening Huronite, Huron, S.D. Monday, June 30, 1941

Cemetery listing comes from the above-cited newspaper story and GNIS.  If you can help with any additional information, please email me.

Every effort has been made to assure accuracy in cemetery locations, but no guarantees can be made. Use only as a guide.


Cemetery Name No. of Burials in 1941 Township/Notes Map
Ackerman Cemetery   See Buckley Cemetery  
Altoona Cemetery 506 Altoona - Sec. 9 map
Atfield Cemetery/Hatfield 17 Iowa - Sec. 17, 402 ave bet 198/199 St. map
Bethel Cemetery 59 Milford - Sec. 29, 408th Ave bet 194/195 St.  
Bonilla Cemetery 46 Bonilla - Sec 23 map

Broadland Catholic Cemetery

(same as Broadland Protestant)

52 Broadland map

Broadland Protestant Cemetery 

(Same as Broadland Catholic)

171 Broadland map
Brock Cemetery   Pleasant View Township, abandoned  
Buckley Cemetery   Cavour Township, NW 1/4 of Sec. 5  

Carlyle Cemetery

5 Carlyle map
Cavour Protestant Cemetery 72 Cavour - Sec. 33 map
Danish Cemetery   Banner township, on the homestead of Louis Dickson, abandoned  
Dixon Cemetery 64 Banner - 406th Ave & 205th, NW of intersection map
Earlville Cemetery   Burr Oak - Sec. 26, 219th St bet 378/379 Ave map
Hatfield Cemetery/Atfield 17 Iowa map
Hutterthal Cemetery 147    
Hutterthal Mennonite Cemetery   Milford - Sec. 6, Rd. 28 bet 406/407th map
Hutterthal Society Cemetery 22    
Ideal Cemetery 119 Custer - Sec. 18, "behind" Riverside Cemetery map
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 59 Belle Prairie - Sec. 19, 413th Ave bet 217.218 St.  
Iowa Township Cemetery   in central Iowa township  
Liberty Valley Cemetery   Liberty township; established 1882, Section 10.  No longer used.  
McCord Cemetery 21 Wessington township, 4 m. south of Wessington, SE 1/4 Sec. 20.  
McNair Cemetery (Sand Creek Cemetery) 25 Sand Creek township, abandoned map
Mennonite Colony Cemetery 12    
Molvig Cemetery 15 Burr Oak - Sec. 11, 216th St bet 378/379 Ave.  
Oak Ridge Cemetery     map
Odd Fellows Cemetery   Dearborn township, near Virgil  
Pearl Creek Colony Cemetery     map
Petrodie/Pitrodie Cemetery 104 Barrett township - Sec. 2, 417th Ave near 191 St. map
Restlawn Memory Garden   Grant - Sec. 1, Hway 37 bet 214/215 St. map
Riverside Cemetery 3325 Custer - Sec. 18 map
Riverside Colony Cemetery     map
Sand Creek Cemetery (see McNair) 25 Sand Creek map
St. John Cemetery/Wolsey Lutheran 158/122 Wolsey - E side Sec 27, 386th Av bet 206/207 St map
St. Joseph Cemetery      
St. Lawrence Cemetery 28    
St. Martin Cemetery 276 Custer - north edge Sec. 17 map
St. Patrick Cemetery 164 Cavour map
St. William Cemetery 81 Liberty map
Schultz Cemetery 6    
Shue Creek Cemetery 22 Cavour - Sec. 5, West side bet 202 & 203 St. map
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 90 Foster township, central part of Sec. 30 map
Virgil I. O. O. F. Cemetery 131 Dearborn - Sec. 32 map
Winthrop Cemetery 12    
Wolsey Cemetery     map
Zion Cemetery   Carlyle - Sec. 31 map

Special thanks to Michael Bonnes for his assistance with cemetery locations.

Some of this information is from "A Place-Name Study of Beadle County, South Dakota" by Leta May James


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