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Thursday, January 8, 1885

The following is an account of the number of prisoners who have occupied our county jail since it has been completed, together with the offenses committed by them:

John Cook, selling liquor without license; out on bail.
C. H. Bentley, Spink county, for larceny; since sentenced to Sioux Falls for six months.
James McCroskey, for murder, still in jail;
Rufus O. McCroskey, murder, out on bail;
W. A. Livingstone, murder, out on writ of habeas corpus;
Obed Bowden, adultery, Hand county, out on bail;
Albert Phillips, selling liquor, Clark county, out on bail;
James Dixon, larceny, Hand county, out on bail;
Clarence Tonn for larceny, Hand county, out on bail;
Levi Ketchum, obtaining property under false pretenses, out on bail;
James B. Thomas, murder, Spink county, discharged by grand jury;
George Curry, drunkenness, paid fine;
John Johnson, indecent exposure, released on habeas corpus;
Alva Henderson, murder, Brookings county, still in jail;
Edward Pugh, disturbing the peace, Hand county, gave bail;
Frank Fields, larceny, Hand county, out on bail;
Oliver Houston, obtaining money under false pretenses, Hand county, still in jail;
Carl Trinkh.., highway robbery, out on bonds;
W. W. Beck, complaining witness, out on bonds;
Joseph Kasler for larceny, out on bonds;
Frank Stewart, assault with intent to rob, Hand county, still in jail;
James Burns, drunkeness, served fourteen days' sentence;
Enoch Ashworth, larceny, released on habeas corpus;
Frank Underhill, larceny, out on bail;
Peter DeLong, threatening bodily harm, was judged insane and taken to Asylum at Yankton;
B. T. King, drunkenness [sic], served fourteen days sentence.


Beadle County SD

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