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Becker, Alvin Clarambeau, Emma Charlotte 24 Dec 1954 Cavour Karen Seeman
Carey, John Barnet Christensen, Edna 04 Sep 1937 Beadle County Karen Seeman
Christensen, Peter Christian Monsen, Ella Alfhilde 06 May 1911 Huron Karen Seeman
Day, Clyde J. Wyman Thurston, Ida May 21 Jan 1904   Daniel Dillman
Dillman, Estel Elmer Day, Alta May 12 Feb 1931   Daniel Dillman
Hammer, Adolph L. Klungseth, Lisa Barbara 03 Aug 1952 Huron Karen Seeman

Huddleston, Eli J.

Addis, Bertha M.

23 Apr 1930


Karen Seeman

Joyce, Truman C. McCormack, Nora Maye 01 Sep 1925 Huron Karen Seeman
Knutz, Howard Vernon Scotter, Alma Mae 01 Nov 1938 Huron Karen Seeman
Knutz, Richard Leroy Clarambeau, Helen Jean 25 Aug 1937 Huron Karen Seeman

Knutz, William F.

Graves, Elvirta M.

10 Mar 1910


Karen Seeman

Scotter, Elmer Fred Holforty, Flora 05 Mar 1938 Huron Karen Seeman

Siegenthaler, Erwin E.

Vance, Myrtle B.

19 Jul 1923


Karen Seeman

Rounds, Marion Mather Engabus, Mary Josephine Sep. 13, 1914   Karen Seeman
Wipf, Floyd Pullman, Adena June 5, 1949 Huron Robert Newman


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