Those Killed in Dakota Territory in the Great Blizzard of January, 1888

From History of Dakota Territory, Vol. 2, by George Washington Kingsbury & George Martin Smith

Transcribed by Karen Seeman


Stutsman County, M. A. Ryan, one;

McCook County, Henry Bliss, one;

Ransom County, two sons of B. Cleveland, unknown man, Cora Curtis, four;

Pembina County, Miss Jacobson, Mrs. Grande, Miss Brandee, unknown boy, four;

Codington County, Miss Sarah Doland, Rev. Mr. Springer, Mrs. J. M. Westfall, three;

Ward County, James Smith, two sons of James Smith, Mr. Davis and son, five;

Clark County, Wm. Drivers, two sons of Wm. Drivers, Charles Heath, four;

Edmunds County, Mr. Paine, Peter Terhune, two;

Hamlin County, Mr. Tittloff, one;

Brule County, Annie Anderson, Joseph Bieyers, two;

Deuel County, Hugo Sheaf, Joseph Hutchinson's two children, three;

Day County, Harrison Smootz, one;

Brown County, Wm. Love, Judson Westgate, Miss Stoneburger, Wm. Morrill, four; 

Spink County, W. G. Carthwaite, Charles Osman, Bessie Stansfield, Mr. Buethen, Emil Gilbertson, Lewis Merriman, and his son, seven;

Faulk County, Emma Lamar, Carrie Auman, Joseph Metz, Mr. Clamp, Mr. May, five;

Hand County, W. Gassler, William Bowman, Jerry Bowman, Alex Thompson, farmer name unknown, Mrs. Holtz, Maggie Dan, seven;

Beadle County, T. E. Gilkerson, Robert Chambers, Emil Gilman, Thomas Nelson, William Nelson, J. W. Goslee, Mrs. Devine, Adam Gerner. John Newcomber, Frank Frierson, William Frierson, J. F. Wilson,  Wm. Norton, Frank Norton, Mrs. Phillips, and her grandson named Bardel, Burdette Scofield, Katherine Drue, eighteen;

Lake County, Mrs. T. O. Owens, one;

Sanborn County, Miss Lizzie Ashton, Miss Fisher, an unknown boy, Mr. Davis and wife, five;

Minnehaha County, Miss Jacobson, Miss Grinde, Ole Gunderson's hired man, P. Grandstrom, John Bessler, Mrs. James Kennedy, and Mrs. Kennedy's son, Eric Ericsson, eight;

Bon Homme County, J. O. Robinson, A. J. Winters, Nels Hullibarton, Mrs. F. Bambas, son of Michael Huff, Mrs. Bose, Joseph Kocorek, two children of John Bonza, Mrs. A. J. Wilson, child of Matthew Weisse, three children of Christian Kaul, five children of George Gishert, nineteen;

Yankton County, Jacob Kurtz, Mrs. Elizabeth Neth, Frederick Milbeyer, Frank Weisner, four;

Turner County, four children of Peter Wrenza, Lizzie Dwyer, five;

Clay County, Miss Shoefeldt, Miss Annie Shoefeldt, two;

Hutchinson County, W. B. Hadley, three children of John Kaufman, child of John Albrecht, child of Peter Graber, Mrs. John Gunn, Joshua Saylor, son of Joshua Saylor, Wm. Reiswig, and his hired man, daughter of P. H. Sweet, George Lang, George Verlhauer, son of Jacob Brunt, fifteen;

Douglas County, Jacob McBreame, Charles Rhodes, two;

Davison County, George Allen, Walter Munger, Allen Munger, three;

Lincoln County, John Bessler, four children of Peter Weinenger, Edward Kylling, L. Seibert's hired man, three children of Mr. Hemes, ten;

Hyde County, Sister Wilhelmain, Mrs. Anthony Haby, two.



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