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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

List of Pensioners on the Roll, Jan. 1, 1883; GIVING THE NAME OF EACH PENSIONER, THE CAUSE FOR WHICH PENSIONED, THE POST-OFFICE ADDRESS, THE RATE OF PENSION PER MONTH, AND THE DATE OF ORIGINAL ALLOWANCE, As Called For By Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1883.

Contributed by: Kim Mohler


No. of CertificateName of PensionerPost OfficeCause of which pensionedMonthly rateDate of original allowance
204,262Williams, John alias Geo. Cole.Avonasthma and lung dis$6.00 Mar, 1882
2,810Farrell, RogerAvonloss sight r. eye and imp. left$15.00 Feb, 1880
Nichols, Edward RBon Hommesunstroke and results$18.00 Sept, 1880
130,951Spangler, JamesRunning Waterg.s.w. lt. leg$6.00 Dec, 1874
194,308Christeance, James MScotlandinj. rt. ankle$8.00 Aug, 1861
92,444Dollard, RobtScotlandwd. head$20.00
61,050Campbell, Chas TScotlandwd rt. arm, leg and body$30.00 Apr, 1866
210,523Van Slyke, Chas HSpringfieldg.s.w.r.thigh, inj. to back and rheum$15.00 June, 1882
77,047Wagner, Benj RSpringfieldwd. rt. thigh$17.00 Feb, 1867
144,576Foster, Eleazar BSpringfieldchr. diarr.$6.00 Apr, 1877
150,073Perkins, Anson ASpringfieldchr. diarr.$4.00 Dec, 1877
205,301Benedict, Wm WSpringfieldchr. rheum$4.00 Mar, 1882
22,845Litchfield, GalenSpringfielddiarrh$5.33 1/3Jan, 1864
128,146James, Hiram ASpringfieldinjury to abdomen$4.00 May, 1874
60,303Ewing, Jeremiah SSpringfieldg.s.w. rt. leg$8.00 Mar, 1866
Campbell, JeremiahSpringfieldlss. lt. arm$18.00
122,611Russell, James ESpringfieldg.s.w. lt. shoulder$10.00 Apr, 1873
157,344Wood, Lester ESpringfieldchr. diarr.$12.00 Jan, 1879
145,387Smith, Orlando ESpringfieldg.s.w. lt. knee$4.00 May, 1877
63,546Dawson, John HSpringfieldg.s.w. rt. arm$8.00 May, 1866
33,340Spraker, GeoTyndallwd. rt. hand$6.00 Oct, 1864
200,451Kniflin, Robt JTyndallchr. diarr. and dis. heart$8.00 Jan, 1882
66,382Galligan, Edward WTyndallg.s.w. lt. thigh$10.00 June, 1866
217,797Williams, JosephTyndallinjury to abdomen$4.00 Sept, 1882
130,579Warling, Anna MTyndallmother$8.00
181,080Tinkham, GeoTyndallinj. to back$2.00 Jan, 1881
49,965Moser, JohnWanariwd. lt. leg$6.00 Sept, 1865



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