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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

List of Pensioners on the Roll, Jan. 1, 1883; GIVING THE NAME OF EACH PENSIONER, THE CAUSE FOR WHICH PENSIONED, THE POST-OFFICE ADDRESS, THE RATE OF PENSION PER MONTH, AND THE DATE OF ORIGINAL ALLOWANCE, As Called For By Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1883.

Contributed by: Sally Masteller


No. of CertificateName of PensionerPost OfficeCause of which pensionedMonthly rate
201,609Sweazey, JosephArgosunstroke and results6.00
134,976Montgomery, GeoArgog.s.w. both hip10.00
212,962Westover, JobAuroradis. lungs8.00
21,375Whichor, WileyAurorag.s.w. rt. thigh11.00
9,943Partch, Ambrose EBartonwd. lt. arm and shoulder8.00
181,538Smith, Wm. DBrookingsdis. lungs and result4.00
40,408Salisbury, Isaac WBrookingswd. lt. hand14.00
Smith, Geo. HBrookingsloss lt. leg18.00
180,455Howard, Henry Harri'nBrookingsg.s.w. rt. knee2.00
185,070Wellman, Ariel HBrookingschr. diarr. and g.s.w. lt. ear6.00
167,834Williams, Calvin WBrookingsinj. back and lt. knee4.00
103,577Mortensen, GertrudeBrookingswidow8.00
158,348Wright, ByronBrookingsminor12.00
22,002Smith, AllenElktondis. of heart12.00
217,845Lovell, David KElktonchr. diarr 4.00
181,279Mattice, EmelineElktonwidow10.00
172,175Garrison, Fred'ckFountainpart'l blind's lt. eye2.00
89,192Davis, Hannah FFountainwidow8.00
164,971Chapman, Chas. LGrantloss sight rt. eye4.00
204,050Parsley, ThomasIvanhoechr. rheum4.00
Devan, Ralph POakwoodloss lt. leg18.00
74,454Pay, Byron EOakwoodwd. lt. shoulder5.33⅓
150,767Mahoney, MichaelOakwoodinjury to abdomen4.00
209,520Beardsley, JeromeOakwoodinjury to abdomen4.00
Eves, Charles. EOakwoodinj. spine24.00
142,037Carnahan, ArchibaldOakwoodg.s.w. lt. hand3.00
190,903Crummins, ChaseOakwoodg.s.w. lt. hip, dis. of adb. vis.2.00
154,013Crandall, DavidOakwoodg.s.w. lt. ankle6.00
140,669Crosby, Edward TOakwoodfather8.00
69,496Clark, EmryOakwoodwd. face12.00
166,071Shaff, ElijahOakwoodchr. diarr. and dis. kidneys8.00
194,191Hendrickson, AnnaPrairie Farmmother8.00
Bell, RichardShermanaffection of spine18.00
172,969Hartwell, Mary JShermanwidow10.00
104,210Delany, Wm. HShermandis. eyes8.00
212,616Wright, Warren MVolgachr. diarr4.00
155,009Thompson, HenryVolgag.s.w. rt. arm2.00
186,705Stewart, Chas. PVolgag.s.w. rt. side4.00
Gill, Joseph WVolgainj. lt. side24.00
170,675Heath PriscillaVolgamother8.00



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