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Brookings County South Dakota

Pensioners on the Rolls as of January 1, 1883

Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll, Jan. 1, 1883;
THE RATE OF PENSION PER MONTH, AND THE DATE OF ORIGINAL ALLOWANCE, As Called For By Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882.
Washington: Government Printing Office. 1883.

Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team


No. of Certificate

Name of Pensioner

Post Office

Cause for which pensioned

Monthly rate

201,609 Sweazey, Joseph Argo sunstroke and results 6.00
134,976 Montgomery, Geo Argo g.s.w. both hip 10.00
212,962 Westover, Job Aurora dis. lungs 8.00
21,375 Whichor, Wiley Aurora g.s.w. rt. thigh 11.00
9,943 Partch, Ambrose E Barton wd. lt. arm and shoulder 8.00
181,538 Smith, Wm. D Brookings dis. lungs and result 4.00
40,408 Salisbury, Isaac W Brookings wd. lt. hand 14.00
Smith, Geo. H Brookings loss lt. leg 18.00
180,455 Howard, Henry Harri'n Brookings g.s.w. rt. knee 2.00
185,070 Wellman, Ariel H Brookings chr. diarr. and g.s.w. lt. ear 6.00
167,834 Williams, Calvin W Brookings inj. back and lt. knee 4.00
103,577 Mortensen, Gertrude Brookings widow 8.00
158,348 Wright, Byron Brookings minor 12.00
22,002 Smith, Allen Elkton dis. of heart 12.00
217,845 Lovell, David K Elkton chr. diarr 4.00
181,279 Mattice, Emeline Elkton widow 10.00
172,175 Garrison, Fred'ck Fountain part'l blind's lt. eye 2.00
89,192 Davis, Hannah F Fountain widow 8.00
164,971 Chapman, Chas. L Grant loss sight rt. eye 4.00
204,050 Parsley, Thomas Ivanhoe chr. rheum 4.00
Devan, Ralph P Oakwood loss lt. leg 18.00
74,454 Pay, Byron E Oakwood wd. lt. shoulder 5.33⅓
150,767 Mahoney, Michael Oakwood injury to abdomen 4.00
209,520 Beardsley, Jerome Oakwood injury to abdomen 4.00
Eves, Charles. E Oakwood inj. spine 24.00
142,037 Carnahan, Archibald Oakwood g.s.w. lt. hand 3.00
190,903 Crummins, Chase Oakwood g.s.w. lt. hip, dis. of adb. vis. 2.00
154,013 Crandall, David Oakwood g.s.w. lt. ankle 6.00
140,669 Crosby, Edward T Oakwood father 8.00
69,496 Clark, Emry Oakwood wd. face 12.00
166,071 Shaff, Elijah Oakwood chr. diarr. and dis. kidneys 8.00
194,191 Hendrickson, Anna Prairie Farm mother 8.00
Bell, Richard Sherman affection of spine 18.00
172,969 Hartwell, Mary J Sherman widow 10.00
104,210 Delany, Wm. H Sherman dis. eyes 8.00
212,616 Wright, Warren M Volga chr. diarr 4.00
155,009 Thompson, Henry Volga g.s.w. rt. arm 2.00
186,705 Stewart, Chas. P Volga g.s.w. rt. side 4.00
Gill, Joseph W Volga inj. lt. side 24.00
170,675 Heath Priscilla Volga mother 8.00


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