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Brookings County South Dakota

Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list of all cemeteries

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A Prairie Cemetery 441658N 0964753W  
Arlington Cemetery 442104N 0970738W  
Bangor Cemetery 441843N 0970729W  
Bethania Cemetery 441605N 0965611W  
Bethel Cemetery 442958N 0970600W  
Calvary Cemetery 441745N 0964851W  
Deer Creek Cemetery 442449N 0965208W  
East Lake Campbell Cemetery 441301N 0965158W  
East Sinai Cemetery 441348N 0970145W  
Elkton City Cemetery 441304N 0962913W  
Elmwood Cemetery 442614N 0965303W  
Fair View Cemetery 442601N 0963742W  
Fairlawn Cemetery 441659N 0964005W  
First Lutheran Cemetery 441850N 0965545W  
First Lutheran Cemetery 441755N 0964928W  
Fountain Cemetery 442157N 0964003W  
Greenwood Cemetery 441748N 0964900W  
Hillside Cemetery 442001N 0965641W  
Kirby Cemetery 441843N 0965318W

Intersection of 212th St. and 466th Ave. in Volga.  
Recently restored by Eagle Scout, William Egeberg.

Oakwood Zion Cemetery 442536N 0970044W  
Oslo Lutheran Cemetery 441327N 0965540W  
Pioneer Lutheran Cemetery 442733N 0964335W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 443212N 0964822W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 441403N 0962759W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 442813N 0964149W  
Saint Petri Cemetery 442817N 0965127W  
Saint Wiliams Catholic Cemetery 441708N 0964114W  
Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery 442056N 0965055W  
Sinai Cemetery 441444N 0970330W  
Sterling Lutheran Cemetery 442305N 0965116W  
Sterling Methodist Cemetery 442721N 0964707W  
Trasta Cemetery 442907N 0970408W  
Trinity Cemetery 441935N 0965633W  
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 441300N 0962913W  
Trulock Cemetery 442925N 0962731W  



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