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World War 2 Casualties
Source:  War Department Records stored at the National Archives

Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel

FOD = "Finding of Death", determined to be dead under Public Law 490.

DOW = "Died of Wounds"

KIA = "Killed in Action"

DNB = "Died, Not Battle"

(This may or may not be a complete listing, but we will not change these official war dept. records)

Name Serial Number Grade Casualty Type
Allstot, Clarence E. 37322699 PFC KIA
Anderson, Leon C. 0-444146 1 LT KIA
Blair, Terrace W. 3757813 S SG DNB
Blount, Charles C. 37038913 PVT KIA
Brugman, Peter J. 37775059 PVT KIA
Cassidy, William L. 37542606 CPL DNB
Eachen, Arthur A. 0-819775 2 LT KIA
Eclov, Claire W. 17113343 S SG KIA
Erickson, Herbert L. 01016914 1 LT KIA
Eikum, Oscar A. 37322431 TEC 5 KIA
Gebhart, John H. 37775057 PFC KIA
Haley, George W. 20717488 TEC 5 KIA
Hanson, Theodore O. 0-525009 2 LT KIA
Harvey, Gilbert G. 37280753 PFC KIA
Henry, Alton V. 0-450250 CAPT KIA
Himrichs, Irwin L. 37275167 PFC DOW
Holdridge, Carrol D. 39289842 PVT KIA
Kinsey, Wayne M. 37542613 PFC DNB
Kjelden, Philbert O. 37772940 PVT DNB
Kleinjan, Leonard E. 37322719 S SG KIA
Kracke, William A. 37550052 PFC KIA
Kroch, Donald A. 37772926 PVT DNB
Lakeman, Walter R. 37032904 PFC KIA
Lakman, Raymond W. 37590893 PFC KIA
Landon, Earl E. 37565586 PFC DOW
Lang, Rolland F. 0-355001 2 LT KIA
Langland, George Jr. 37149579 TEC5 KIA
Larson, Carol V. 0-795777 1 LT KIA
Lee, Walter S. 0-792039 1 LT DNB
Mangan, Donald E. 37449949 PFC KIA
Minier, Gene F. 20717466 TEC5 KIA
Minier, Mark A. 17155565 TEC5 KIA
Morrison, Donald S. 0-691403 2 LT KIA
Poss, Joseph J. 37585883 PFC KIA
Prussman, Quentin H. 37280764 PFC KIA
Rasmussen, Robert 37542607 PFC KIA
Risch, Emery F. 6865080 T SG KIA
Risch, Marvin D. 37772921 PFC KIA
Sayre, Vinal F. 0-375736 CAPT KIA
Schultz, Matthew J. 37322436 PFC KIA
Severson, Robert A. 0-444163 CAPT KIA
Skovlund, Harry L. 20719275 PFC DOW
Smith, Richard C. 6913957 SGT DNB
Stackhouse, Laverne R. 6864209 S SG KIA
Sundal, Arleen W. 0-708611 2 LT FOD
Tofte, Orval 0-738947 2 LT KIA
Volkers, Hendrikus M. 37144228 PFC KIA
Walker, Floyd J. 37313832 PFC KIA
Watson, James C. 0-343338 CAPT KIA
Willey, Don R. 0-664357 1LT KIA



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