South Dakota

Brule County, South Dakota



from "Dakota", Compiled by O. H. Holt, 1885

This reservation occupies more than twenty-two per cent, of the entire area of Dakota, containing 34,125 square miles. It covers a tract embracing twenty-five entire counties, west of the Missouri river, extending north above the forty-sixth parallel, west to the eastern boundaries of the first tier of counties east of the Montana and Wyoming line, and south to the southern boundary of the Territory. The Reservation also includes portions of Hughes, Buffalo, Brule and Charles Mix counties, east of the Missouri, but aside from these strips this river forms its eastern boundary. The Reservation was created by a treaty with the various tribes of Sioux Indians in 1868. and was originally much larger, but was reduced in 1870 by the Government withdrawing the Black Hills. The Reservation, which contains much of the finest agricultural and grazing land in the Territory, is occupied by about 25 000 Indians. It was proposed by a commission appointed in 1888 to reduce this Reservation by purchasing about 14,000 square miles of the southern portion, and a bill for this purpose passed the Senate and is now pending in the House of Representatives. It is highly probable that this bill will become a law during the present year, thus opening up for occupation and settlement an extensive area of choice lands.


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