South Dakota

Buffalo County South Dakota


Transcribed by Dawn Conway, May 11, 2009

Name Birth Date Birthplace Race Occupation Next of kin
Peter Different Horse Dec 1873   Indian Stockman Black Wompan
Stephen Eagle Shield 28 Nov 1873   Indian Carpenter Emma Eagle Shield
Taska Red Hail 1873   Indian Farmer Maude Red Hail
Frank Male Hawk 1875   Indian Farmer Lucy Male Hawk
Edward Red Crow Sep 1876   Indian Butcher Catherine Red Crow
Frank Bighawk 25 Dec 1877   Indian Farmer Abraham Bighawk
James Phillip Fire Cloud 12 Apr 1877   Indian Policeman Emily Fire Cloud
Joe Round Head 1878   Indian Farmer Bertha Round Head
Thomas Fire Cloud Dec 1879   Indian Farmer Mary Torgan Fire Cloud
Peter Like Him 1881   Indian Farmer Mary Nimrod Like Him
Charls Oldest Child 1882   Indian Farming and stock raising Louisa Oldest Child
Joseph Short Bear Nov 1883   Indian Laborer Susan Short Bear
Peter Wounded Knee Mar 1883   Indian Farmer Alice Wounded Knee
Joseph Red Moccason Oct 1884   Indian Stock Raising [unreadable]
Arthur Call Him Jul 1886 South Dakota Indian Farmer wife
Eugene Catching Bear 1886   Indian none White Corn Eagle
Highmore Plays With Iron 1887 South Dakota Indian Farmer wife
Edward Red Hail 11 Feb 1888 South Dakota Indian Stock Raiser wife
Gregory See King Land 1888 South Dakota Indian Farmer wife
John Round Head 1889 South Dakota Indian Farmer wife
Cook Bad Moccasin 9 Jan 1893 South Dakota Indian Farmer  
Rabbit Grey Owl 18 Jan 1896 South Dakota Indian Farmer  
Lee Little Eagle 17 Aug 1899   Indian Running Stock Henry Little Eagle
John W Abernathy 21 Aug 1879 South Dakota Caucasian Stock Raising  
Franklin M Abernathy 11 Apr 1889 Illinois Caucasian Stock Raiser  
Joseph M Abernathy 27 Aug 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Chester Aikins 5 Mar 1890 Kansas White Farmer wife
Warren Aikins 11 Oct 1892 Kansas Caucasian Farmer  
Benjamin Sheridan Aikins 25 Jun 1900   White Farming Chester Aikins
John Richard Alderson 27 Dec 1885   White Farmer John Francis Addyman
Louis Andel 20 Jun 1896 Slovenia;Austria     John Andel
Harry Thomas Anderson 24 Aug 1893 South Dakota Caucasian Farming wife
John Quincy Anderson 8 Nov 1898   White Farming Mrs. C B Anderson
Arthur Daniel Andison 21 Aug 1892 Nebraska Caucasian Farmer  
Richard Ashley 5 Mar 1897 South Dakota     Wallace Ashley
John Badger Jan 1876   Indian Farmer Pearl Badger
Daniel Vernon Bailey 30 Sep 1884   White Ranch hand John P Bailey
Jesse G Baker 6 Aug 1886 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
Norman P Baumann 2 Jan 1874   White Farmer Jennie Baumann
Carl Robert Beals 26 Dec 1875   White Farming & Stock Raising Mabel B Beals
Smith K Bear 26 Apr 1881   Indian Blacksmith Dora Lee Moons
John Oscar Berg 27 Mar 1887 Norway Caucasian Farm hand  
Fred Earl Berlman 12 Feb 1883   White Adjuster of Deeds (?) Mrs. F E Berlman
William Rudolph Beyer 29 Aug 1885   White Clerk for Comm of Indian Affairs Mrs. R Beyer
Frank Peter Bleha 13 Mar 1890 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Len Bliss 1875   Indian Farmer Ida Bliss
Charlie Edward Boldt 8 Feb 1882   White Farm hand Charlie Boldt (father)
James Belford Boss 19 Jun 1879   White    
Lon Bradshaw 1 Oct 1892 Kansas White Farmer wife
George Bren 20 Oct 1885   White Clerk Mary Bren
George W Bridge 10 Aug 1894 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Frank Brothanek 11 Oct 1890 Bohemia Caucasian Farmer  
Joseph Fredrick Buckle 15 Apr 1885   White Farming Allis D H Taylor
John Ulyses Budy 29 Dec 1883   White Farming Mrs. John Budy
Cecil Burns 9 Oct 1893 Iowa White Rancher wife
Joseph Burysek 1 Mar 1900   White Farmer Flecher Alan Burysek
James Michael Cain 27 Mar 1894 South Dakota      
Charles Ambros Cain 16 Nov 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farming  
Ansel Carpenter 14 Aug 1896 South Dakota   U S Government  
Joseph Chopskie 29 May 1890 Illinois Caucasian Farmer  
Andrew Chopskie 4 Feb 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farm hand mother
Anton Chopskie 25 Dec 1896 South Dakota      
Martin Chose 25 Mar 1892 South Dakota Indian Farmer wife
Daniel Clark 21 Jun 1897 South Dakota      
Wayne W Clay 25 Feb 1894 South Dakota Caucasian Farming wife
George Clover 2 Jan 1873   White Farming Mrs. Nillie Clover
Harold M Cobbs 31 Jan 1893 Iowa White Ranching & Farming  
S Earl Cobbs 22 Dec 1894 Iowa White Indian agency  
David Lionel Conklin 23 May 1879   White Truck driver D. L. Conklin
Archie Connett 22 Feb 1895 Iowa Caucasian Farm hand father, mother, brother
Owen Leroy Cook 7 Sep 1879   White Stock Raising Ethel Cook
William Otis Crockett 22 Nov 1872   White Farming Mrs. W O Crockett
William Cruson 12 Oct 1887 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Arthur A Cruson 9 Jul 1890 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Relph Learoy Cruson 4 Jul 1896 South Dakota Caucasian    
James Floyd Curson 11 Feb 1891 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Percy Melvin Curson 29 Sep 1893 South Dakota Caucasian Farm laborer  
John Czapski 7 Jan 1876   White Farmer Agnes Czapski
Rufus Day Dec 1874   Indian Farmer Rosa Carpenter Day
William Day 1878   Indian Farmer Mary Litte Cloud
John Deloria 1889 South Dakota Indian Farmer wife
Lyle Henry Dewitte 3 Sep 1895 South Dakota White Farmer  
Bute H Dooley 26 Jun 1887 Kansas White U S Government Indian Dept wife
Joseph Henry Drips 4 Dec 1873   White Postmaster J V Drips
Victor Dewey Drips 27 Sep 1899   White Pringer Mrs. J V Drips
John F Dunn 19 Jul 1888 South Dakota Caucasian Builder wife
Alonza Miller Duzan 20 Sep 1886 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
Edwin C Dye 25 Jun 1890 South Dakota Caucasian Assistant Cashier wife
Emmett C Dye 11 Aug 1897 South Dakota   Ride herds C L Dye (father)
John Ear 12 Jun 1873   Indian Farming Julia Ear
William J Ebert 9 Jun 1889 Iowa Caucasian Farming wife
Floyd Hackett Edmonds 13 Aug 1899   White Farming Mrs. A C Edmonds
John Engel 4 Mar 1893 New Jersey Caucasian Farmer wife
August Engel 28 Feb 1897 South Dakota     Chrint. Engle
William J Etbawer 16 Mar 1888 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
Thomas Francis Evans 21 May 1881   Indian Laborer William Evans
Luther Clay Everett 1 Dec 1880   White Farmer - Stock raiser Mrs. L C Everett
William Wesley Everett 15 Feb 1883   White Farmer Mrs. W W Everett
Clarence Harper Farrington 2 Mar 1873   White Farming Mrs. C H Farrington
Willis Marion Feagins 12 Oct 1897   White Ranching Lorina C Feagins
Tim Ferguson 18 Nov 1885   White Stockman Eve L Ferguson
Louis Fire Dec 1878   Indian Farming Minnie Fire
Samuel Fleury Mar 1873   Indian   Rose Fleury
William Fleury 1875   Indian Farmer Lillie Fleury
Joseph Fleury Sep 1884   Indian    
Harvey Fleury 1887 South Dakota Indian    
Fred Fleury 27 Jan 1897 South Dakota      
William James Foreman 24 Apr 1892 Nebraska Caucasian Farmer wife
Marion Forrester 12 Jul 1881   White Farming Susan G Forrester
William C Franck 28 Sep 1886 New York Caucasian Farmer Father, Mother, wife
John Fuegen 28 May 1880   White Farmer Cynthia G Fuegen, wife
William Garner 19 Nov 1882 Ky White Farmer John Garner
Amos F Gaulke 24 Sep 1875   White Farmer May Gaulke, wife
Richard W Gaulke 15 Mar 1878   White Farmer Rose, Gaulke, wife
Gus A Gaulke 29 Sep 1886 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
Herman J Geppert 15 Sep 1886 South Dakota White Rancher  
Carl Charles Gerth 9 Jul 1885   White Farming Mrs. C Gerth
Matt Getzan Sep 1891 Slovenia Caucasian Farm hand  
Claude Wallace Gillett 17 Feb 1881   White Principal- school Mrs. C Gilbert
George Goodwin 21 Mar 1894 Iowa Caucasian Farmer  
Fred John Grace 24 Jun 1877   White Farmer Mrs. F J Grance
Roy Gravatt 29 Apr 1893 Iowa White Ranching  
Merril B Gregg 30 Nov 1888 South Dakota White Rancher wife
Bernard A Gregg 12 Sep 1893 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
William Wesley Haire 31 Jan 1883   White working on farm  
Martin Hall 6 Mar 1877   White Farming Mrs. Martin Hall
Elias Hall 27 Apr 1896 Norway Caucasian Farner  
Daniel Hall 11 Apr 1897 South Dakota     Frank Hall
John Dewey Hall 21 Aug 1899   White Farmer Frank Hall
Walter Le Roy Hamel 4 Oct 1885   White Stockman Lisa Hemsley
John F Hamer 5 Jul 1891 Illinois Caucasian Farming Mrs. Martin Hall
Charles Christian Hansen 10 Jul 1874   White Carpenter N C Hnsen
Lewis H Hanson 14 Jun 1879   White    
Fred Hare 16 Mar 1891 Minnesota Caucasian Farmer  
William Cyrus Harelson 29 May 1877   White    
Russell Harrison 8 Oct 1879   Indian Farming Bessie Harrison
Francis Vicent Hart 28 Jun 1894 South Dakota Caucasian Farming wife
Albert Daniel Hartwig 8 Dec 1874   White Farming Mrs. Fred Hartwig
Joe Hassett 27 Dec 1892 Illinois Caucasian Farm hand  
James Havlik 21 Nov 1891 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Edward Havlik 18 Mar 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Joseph Havlik 10 Jan 1898   White Farmer Warren Havlik, father
David Hawk 1874   Indian Farmer Sarah Hawk
Daniel Hayes Jul 1880   Indian Farmer Susan Hayes
Sampson Hayes 10 Feb 1890 South Dakota Indian Herding cattle  
William Patrick Hayes 24 Mar 1894 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer Lela H Hasleson
Maurice Head Oct 1875   Indian Farmer Agnes Head
Alva Martin Henderson 10 Mar 1893 Illinois White Farmer  
Frank Hennchsen 18 Feb 1883   White Farmer wife Mae Hennchsen
Bernard F Hilligoss 3 Nov 1894 South Dakota Caucasian Clerk  
J C William Hilton 16 Mar 1891 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
David D Hofer Jr. 7 Apr 1891 South Dakota Caucasian FArmer Engineer  
James W Homer 28 Mar 1887 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
Guy Madison Howe 7 Apr 1879   Indian Carpenter Ann S Howe
Jay B Howe 4 Jul 1887 Wisconsin Indian Engineer wife
Lucius Adelbert Hubbard 17 Dec 1873   White Farming Mrs. L A Hubbard
William Wendell Huckins 27 Mar 1891 Iowa Caucasian Farmer  
Tyler Ickyll 19 Mar 1889 Iowa White Stock raising  
John Jacob Irey 22 Feb 1877   White Farmer Bernice Johnson (sister)
John Jennesse Jun 1886   Indian Laborer Armenesa Jenness
Peter Lonzo Jennyss 26 Dec 1881   Indian Farmer Vernie madel and Algis Jenneyss
Alfred Jenson 7 Jul 1890 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
William George Jobgen 20 Oct 1875   White Farming Mary A Jobgen
Harvey Simpson Johnson 2 Apr 1880   White Ranchman H S Johnson
Charles J Johnson 10 Sep 1892 South Dakota Caucasian Clerk  
Eldor Jay Johnson 16 Sep 1893 Illinois Caucasian Farming wife
Claude Ivan Jones 8 Apr 1878   White Farming Mrs. C I Jones
John Kelley 22 Jun 1882   White Farming Charlie Kelley, brother
Lee M Kingrey 24 May 1893 Iowa Caucasian    
George B Kissinger 18 Feb 1889 Tennessee Caucasian    
August Klindt 25 Mar 1894 South Dakota Caucasian    
Henery F Klindt 11 Sep 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Bennard Fredrick Knippling 23 Feb 1895 Iowa Caucasian Farmer  
Lambert John Knippling 17 Feb 1898   White Ranchman John Knippling
Joseph August Knippling 9 Sep 1900   White Ranchman John Knippling
Thomas Knoll 27 Nov 1890 Iowa Caucasian Farmer  
Klace Koch 25 May 1887 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Webb Koch 1 Aug 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Henry Koch 13 Nov 1898   White Farmer Miller Hand Koch
Dedrick Koch 10 Apr 1900   White Farmer Miller Hand Koch
Herman H Koch Jr. 8 Apr 1893 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
William Charles Kohlenberg 16 Apr 1873   White Merchant; postmaster Mray H Kohlenberg
Frank Kotilinek 15 Aug 1896 South Dakota     Gladis Klotinek
Charles Ambrose Krick 2 Apr 1880   White Farmer Eona Krick
Christian H Krog 18 May 1890 Denmark Caucasian County Treasurer  
Peter Krog 8 Jan 1893 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Eaner Krog 9 Dec 1895 South Dakota Caucasian    
Siebelt Johannes Kruse 18 Aug 1896 Germany      
John Lamonte 18 Nov 1892 South Dakota Indian Farmer wife
Charles Philip Lane 31 Oct 1898   White Framer Charles L White
Edward Jay Lawver 25 May 1890 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
Clarence W Lawver 2 Jun 1897 South Dakota      
Peter William Lightfoot 10 Mar 1879   Indian Lease Clerk Mollie J Lightfoot
Samuel Benjamin Lincoln 24 Oct 1873   Indian Teacher Lucy K Lincoln
J H Lingscheit 5 May 1897 Iowa     M J Lingscheit
Webster White Lloyd 20 Sep 1898   White Farmer William W Lloyd
Melvin Lodge Jun 1873   Indian Farming Mabel Lodge
Fredrick W Longenucker 31 Dec 1892 South Dakota Caucasian Farming  
Fred Loudner 19 May 1891 South Dakota Indian Farmer wife
Even Lovaas 16 Feb 1891 Norway Caucasian Automobile Machinist  
Ignas Luke 22 Aug 1833   White Farmer John Ottenpahl
Charley A Lyon 12 Feb 1891 Missouri Caucasian Farmer wife
Joseph MacHamul 10 Apr 1900   White Ranch hand Max MacHamul
Joseph James Machovec 18 Apr 1878   White Farming; stock raising Frances Machovec
Anton Joseph Machovec 13 Jun 1882   White Farmer Mrs. Frances Machovec
Peter F Machovec 1 Feb 1890 South Dakota Caucasian Farming  
Thomas L Matthews 20 Sep 1882   White Farmer wife, Jane Matthews
Richard Mayer 24 Feb 1894 South Dakota White Farmer  
Moses McBride 24 Jul 1888 South Dakota Indian    
Harry Edward McLaughin 26 Sep 1892 Nebraska Caucasian    
James William McLaughlin 30 Dec 1884   White    
Thomas C McLee 9 Apr 1874   White    
John Meier 12 Feb 1892 Iowa Caucasian Farmer wife
Charlie Mentzer 25 May 1880   White Farming and stock raising Anna H Mentzer
Leon Stickle Miles 15 Nov 1880   White forighter Mrs. Leon S Miles
Ora Miller 15 Apr 1896 Iowa Caucasian Farmer  
Fred Henderson Minnich 20 Mar 1885   White Farmer Mrs. S R Minnich
Edward Whitfield Mitchell 17 Oct 1885   White Farmer Atta H Mitchell
William Sanford Moore 1 May 1885   White Farmer Mrs. W S Moore
Henry H Moore 27 Aug 1888 Nebraska Caucasian Farmer wife
Frank William Morgan 24 Apr 1875   White Farming Mrs. Moore
Henry E Mundfron 9 Aug 1892 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer wife
Francis P Murley 30 Sep 1886 Illinois Caucasian Farmer  
Luke Mark Murray 22 Dec 1872   White Farmer Robert Murray
William Joseph Murray 1 May 1875   White Farming Robert Murray
John Marner Nelson 15 Jan 1880   White    
Otto Rongvald Nelson 10 Oct 1882   White blacksmith Mrs. Otto Nelson
John S Nelson 20 Aug 1885 South Dakota Caucasian Engineer Mrs. John Nelson
Frank Olof Nelson 16 Nov 1887 Sweden Caucasian Stock raising; farming  
Morris Nelson 30 Jul 1892 South Dakota White    
William F Nieland 30 Mar 1888 South Dakota Caucasian Stock raising; farming wife
Robert Nietert 31 Aug 1889 Iowa White Ranching  
Charles Edward Oates 12 Jan 1874   White Farmer Mrs. C. E. Oates
William Charles Oates 22 Sep 1897   White Farmer Mrs. C. E. Oates
Aksel Olson 19 Feb 1887 Norway;Europe White Farmer wife
Wilber Lee Orr 20 Dec 1880   White Farming Mrs. W L Orr
Eugene Packhurst 1 Jan 1878   Indian Farming Josephine Packhurst
Harry Perry Parsons 22 Mar 1898   White Farm Laborer Elizabeth Parsons
Elmer Alfred Penhale 1 May 1882   White Farming W J Penhale
Henry G Petersen 4 Mar 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farming  
William J Peterson 19 Dec 1896 South Dakota      
Lucius Edgar Phifer 21 Mar 1875   White Blacksmith Mrs. L E Phifer
William Thomas Phipps 19 Mar 1895 Missouri Caucasian Farming  
Harlan J Pierce 6 Sep 1896 South Dakota   Laborer A J Pierce
Albert Miles Pierce 6 Feb 1899   White   A J Pierce
Millard B Pippin 24 Mar 1891 Wisconsin Caucasian    
Clifford Pippin 20 Dec 1898   White Farming Mrs. F J Pippin
Adolph Piskule 30 Mar 1895 New York Caucasian Farming  
Peter Rae 20 Oct 1872   White Farming Mrs. Peter Rae
George Alvin Rainy 30 Apr 1894 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Bennie Rank 24 Nov 1896 Iowa     Charles Rank
William Seymour Ransford 7 Aug 1874   White Farmer William L Ransford
Charles B Reber 15 Feb 1876   White Farmer Belle Reber
Charles Emmet Renshaw 14 Sep 1876   White Farming Charles E Renshaw
George William Renshaw 30 Nov 1897   White Farming Mrs. G W Renshaw
Garrett Elsworth Richardson 3 Apr 1885   White Farming Mattie Richardson
Sverre Richelieu 11 Jul 1894 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer and rancher  
Joseph Roatch 25 Nov 1895 Wisconsin White Farmer  
Myron Nathaniel Rood 22 Dec 1885   White Farming and Stock Raising Florence Mabel Rood
Forba Rose 26 May 1895 Iowa Caucasian Farming  
Floyd Ambrose Rose 11 Jan 1899   White teamster Mrs. D W Rose
Thomas Ross Dec 1874   Indian Supervisor of Land Stock Jean Ross
Oliver Santee 19 Sep 1889 South Dakota Indian Farmer  
Louis Santee 25 Mar 1895 South Dakota Indian Farmer  
Corporal Sargeant 1888 South Dakota Indian    
Stephen Sargeant 1891 South Dakota Indian Stock raising  
John Saul Mar 1879   Indian Blacksmith Burdha Saul
John F Schenegge 1 May 1887 Iowa Caucasian Farming  
Louis Schenegge 23 Feb 1892 Iowa White Rancher  
Walter H Schenegge 27 Feb 1895 Iowa Caucasian Farmer  
Walter Schmidt 17 Aug 1892 South Dakota Caucasian Laborer  
Cader Eugene Schooley 15 Feb 1885   White Farming Martha M Schooley
Levi Sidney Sedgwick 7 Dec 1884   White Farming Mrs. L S Sedgwick
Walter W Sedgwick 8 Jul 1886 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Charles G Seger 25 Mar 1881   White Farmer  
Domick Sherlock 9 Dec 1879   White Laborer Mrs. D Sherlock
George Louis Shields 8 Feb 1889 South Dakota Indian Farmer  
John Garfield Shierly 4 Aug 1880   White Farming Emma Shirley
Harry L Simmons 23 Oct 1891 Iowa Caucasian Farmer wife
Earnest Henry Sinkie 20 Sep 1882   White    
Rudolph Ludwing Sinkie 19 Aug 1889 South Dakota Caucasian Farming  
George Herbert Sinkie 6 Oct 1891 South Dakota Caucasian Farming and stock raising Minnie Sinkie
William Ambrose Skunk Dec 1883   Indian Farming Angelia Skunk
Harry Slow Sep 1879   Indian laborer Elna Hand Slow
John Snouffer 14 Jun 1889 Iowa Caucasian Farmer  
Ferdenand Sobek 27 Nov 1875   White Farmer CArrie Sobek, wife
Adolph Frederick Sodergren 22 May 1880   White Farming Anna Josephine Sodergren
August Wesley Speck 20 Jun 1898   White Farming  
Myles James Spruce 15 Mar 1878   Indian Engineer Mary Elizabeth Spruce
Otto A Stensbol 1 May 1894 Minnesota Caucasian Farmer  
Jens M Stensbol 23 Jan 1897 Minnesota      
Richard Walter Stephenson 14 Oct 1891 Minnesota Caucasian Farmer  
Archibald T Stewart 14 Nov 1888 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Fredrick M Stewart 16 Sep 1889 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Grover Boltler St John 26 Aug 1878   Indian Farmer Josephine St John
Benjamin Stjohn Mar 1887 South Dakota Indian Farmer  
John Stoll 5 Jun 1897 South Dakota      
Ole Stormo 22 May 1890 South Dakota White Farmer and Rancher  
Effner E Sullivan 6 Feb 1891 Wisconsin Caucasian State attorney lawyer  
Floyd Emanuel Swartout 15 Apr 1873   White Banker Mrs. F E Swarout
Clarence Conway Swartout 10 Dec 1875   White Farming Mrs. C C Swartout
Lee Melvin Swartout 25 Jan 1884   White Farming Mrs. L M Swartout
Edward David Tatayopa 27 Feb 1879   Indian Gardening & poultry raising Nellie Tatayopa
Hobart Truth Teller Aug 1893 South Dakota Indian Rancher  
Saves Thern 5 Mar 1890 South Dakota Indian stock raising  
Benjamin Anders Thompson 16 May 1877   White Farmer Mrs. B A Thompson
Bert F Thompson 2 Sep 1887 Wisconsin Caucasian Farmer  
Walter Thompson 20 Oct 1887 Kentucky Caucasian Farmer  
Lewis Thompson 8 Mar 1894 Nebraska White Farmer & Stock raising  
January Matthew Touched 11 Jan 1900   Indian Engineer Mr and Mrs. Joseph Touched
Harvey J Trainer 22 Apr 1882   White Farmer Edna Trainer, wife
Charles D Trainer 31 Jul 1886 Iowa Caucasian Freighter  
Leroy Elwood Trayler 21 Nov 1879   White Farming Lonie Trayler
Gregory Turner Dec 1873   Indian Farming Mattie Turner
James Tusa 2 Jan 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farming  
Andrew O Twedt 5 Mar 1894 Norway Caucasian Farmer  
Charles Christ Uecker 7 Sep 1883   White Farmer Mrs. C C Uecker
Frank Urban 12 Nov 1889 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
William Edgar Vaughan 3 Feb 1879   White Farming Mrs W E Vaughan
Earnest Eugene Vaughan 1 Dec 1884   White Farming & Ranching Jessie E Vaughan
Roy Vaughan 10 Mar 1892 Iowa White Farmer and stock raising  
Calvin Vaughan 19 Feb 1896 Iowa White Farmer  
Floyd Leonard Vaughan 20 Sep 1898   White Farming Abe Vaughan
Paul C Viereck 17 Jul 1878   White Farmer  
Herman Viereck 11 Nov 1891 Iowa Caucasian Farmer  
John Good Voice 24 Dec 1892 South Dakota Indian Asst. Carpenter  
George Walker 24 Dec 1893 South Dakota Indian Farmer  
Charlie Logan Walter 23 Jan 1886   White Hay baler W G Walter
Clarence Lauren Warren 25 Nov 1878   White Farming  
Clem C Wedmore 2 Nov 1886 Iowa Caucasian merchant and sheriff  
John Sumner Wells 27 Mar 1877   Indian Stockman Vera Wells
William O Wells 23 Sep 1881   White Farmer Minnie Wells
Louis Aaron Wells 15 Apr 1887 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer  
Alfred H Wells 14 Nov 1895 South Dakota Caucasian farm hand  
August George Wendt 11 May 1884   White Indian Trader Eleane M Wendt
John Whipper Nov 1884   Indian Farmer Jesse Whipper
John Whipporwill 1890 South Dakota Indian Farmer  
Sterl A Whittecar 10 Jan 1877   White Farmer Blanche Whittecar
Fred H Wilhelmy 27 Dec 1887 Iowa Caucasian Barber  
Lester Kyle Will 13 Nov 1892 South Dakota Caucasian Farmer & Stock raiser  
Charles Alfred Willey 7 May 1880   White Farming Bessie Willey
Glen Hunter Willman 17 Apr 1881   White Farmer S D Willman
Robert Le Roy Wooledge 24 Nov 1884   White Farmer Mrs. R L Wooledge
Alfred D Wooledge 12 Sep 1895 South Dakota Caucasian Farming Mrs. W R Wooledge
Desmond Denver Wooledge 4 Dec 1899   White    
Clair Wright 27 Mar 1897 Iowa      
Fred W Wulff 24 Oct 1877   White Farmer Marie Wulff, wife
Virgil Yates 6 Apr 1899   White Farmer Mrs. Ida Yates
Paul Younie 3 Apr 1899   White Farmer Mrs. jac. Younie

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