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Campbell County, South Dakota


Clapp, Dr. Louis

Hauck, Albina

Johnson, C. W.

Johnson, Christ

Locke, William

Martin, Jacob

Vroman, Cora

Aberdeen Daily News (8 Dec. 1911) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Albina Hauck, the 7-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hauck, who reside near Mound City, died at St. Luke's hospital this morning at 5 o'clock from peritonitis due to a violent attack of appendicitis. The child was brought to this city last night and taken to St. Luke's, where an operation was to have been performed, but the little girl was too far gone, and medical aid was of no avail.

The body will be shipped to Selby tomorrow morning for burial, but the arrangements for the funeral have not yet been arranged.

Aberdeen Daily News (10 Oct. 1895) transcribed by FoFG MZ

MOUND CITY, S.D., Oct. 10. - Christ Johnson, a banker of Mound City, died last night.

Aberdeen Daily News (10 Oct. 1895) transcribed by FoFG MZ

MOUND CITY, S.D., Oct. 10. - William Locke, a leading farmer of Campbell county, shot himself, accidentally, and died yesterday.

Aberdeen Daily News (24 Apr. 1896) transcribed by FoFG MZ

It was learned last night from passengers from the west that Dr. Louis Clapp, of Mound City, died yesterday morning of consumption and hemorrhage of the lungs, aged about 51 years. The doctor had been in feeble health for a long period, and his death occasioned little surprise. He left a widow and one son. The funeral services will be held at Mound City on Saturday.

Aberdeen Weekly News (17 Oct. 1895) transcribed by FoFG MZ

MOUND CITY, S.D., Oct. 10. - C. W. Johnson, president of the Campbell County State Bank, died on Tuesday, October 8th, of entric fever, after an illness of four weeks. His remains will be taken for internment in a sealed casket to Litchfield, Minnesota, his former home. It is not known what will be done with the banking concern here, though it is probable his wife may continue doing business, with W. O. Irwin as cashier.

Aberdeen Daily News (3 Oct. 1919) transcribed by FoFG MZ

Mrs. Cora Vroman, wife of E. E. Vroman of Mound City, died last evening at a local hospital at 7:30 following a very short sickness. The deceased woman was 65 years of age, but had been in good health until a week ago when she became ill and was removed to Aberdeen for medical attention.

Mr. and Mrs. Vroman came to South Dakota in 1912 from Rome, N. Y. and had made their home in Mound City for several years. Mrs. Vroman is survived by her husband and a host of friends but has not living relatives or children.

The body accompanied by Mr. Vroman, will be shipped tomorrow to Selby, where funeral services and internment will be made tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock.

Aberdeen American (28 Jan. 1914) transcribed by FoFG MZ

The body of Jacob Martin, who died here last evening at 6 o'clock, was shipped this morning to his parents home in Mound City, where funeral services will be held. Jacob Martin was 14 years of age and had been ill for about nine days. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin.



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