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The Sioux Falls stone question is again atsracting attention in the Queen city. This time the insurgents of that place are wondering where they are going to get off at, now that there seems to be no chance for the Sioux Falls stone to be used in the capitol building.

The Dakota Huronite, Huron South Dakota
April 25, 1907, page 6

The Sioux Falls quarries are putting on a large force of men to furnish stone for the capitol building. Sioux Falls voters are beginning to think this is not the stone age after all. Their opinion seems to have changed in this respect since the primaries of last year.

The Dakota Huronite, Huron South Dakota
June 20, 1907, page 6

Perhaps Cassill Can Tell

The last legislature had a bill before it, a bill introduced by Representative Bratrud of Sioux Falls, providing that interests on state funds should be paid into the state for the benefit of the state. This bill was defeated in a legislature where a majority were professed ‘reformers.’ The legislature of Illinois also has failed to pass such a law, but the people elected an honest man for state treasurer and without any law he has already turned into the state treasury since January 1, 1907, $173,000 received by him as interest on state funds.
Our State Treasurer Cassill is a reformer (we should say a professed reformer.) Has he turned over any interest to the state for the benefit of the people? We can find no record of any beneficient act of this kind.
The report of the condition of the state treasury for September 30, shows at that date there was $161,772 in the capitol building fund, which will be sufficient for the needs of the present and most of the coming year for construction purposes. The total amount on hand was $33,898.00 of which less than three thousand dollars was credited to the state general fund, this condition being caused by a recent call for outstanding warrants. The funds have all been withdrawn from outside banks and deposited in the banks of the state. The Pierre banks carry $116,429.68, and Sioux Falls Savings Bank (in which Cassill is also interested) carries $141,000. The rest of the fund is deposited in some other banks of the state in smaller sums. The above statement contains two important facts: Its, the balance for September was a little over $388,000. Interest at 2 per cent per annum on an average balance of like amounts would amount to a saving to the people of $7,760 per annum; at 3 per cent. $11,640 per annum. Is not this worth saving?—Sioux Falls Forum

The Dakota Huronite, Huron South Dakota
November 7, 1907, page 6

Still the Facts Remain

While Crawford is going about the state campaigning for the United States senate and trying to explain away what “my legislature” did and what it did not do, still the facts remain that we have
Same freight rates.
Same passenger fare.
Same express rates.
Same favoriteism to Standard oil.
Same and higher telephone rates.
More public offices.
No interest to state on its funds.
Capitol building delayed and records open to fire.
No state stone in capitol building or even the heating plant building, a separate structure.
Greater waste in public expenses.
Neglect of duty by public officers.
These are some things Mr. Crawford and his satalites promised changes in. But they did not attempt to bring about the changes, but worked to defeat the enactment of some laws that would have resulted beneficially to the people.

The Dakota Huronite, Huron South Dakota
March 5, 1908, page 6

To Lay Corner Stone

Aberdeen Man Invited to Lay Corner Stone of New State Capitol Building.
Governor Crawford has extended an invitation to W.E. Milligan, of Aberdeen, grand master of the Grand Lodge of Masons of South Dakota, to lay the corner stone of the new capitol building with Masonic ceremonies and the invitation has been accepted.
The corner stone is a four foot cube of Ortonville, not Sioux Falls, granite and is engraved on one side with the coat of arms of the state and on the other side with the figures 1908.
The ceremonies will take place some time during the latter part of May, the exact date not having yet been determined upon.

The Dakota Huronite, Huron South Dakota
April 30, 1908, page 9

In the box buried beneath the corner stone of the state capitol the governor failed to place a piece of the Sioux Falls granite. This would have been a proper place to have buried the stone issue.

The Dakota Huronite, Huron South Dakota
July 9, 1908, page 6.

In providing for the funds necessary to complete the new capitol building the legislature has acted wisely. No doubt a mistake was made in commencing the building until the money was provided for its completion, but an unfinished building would not be economy. The state will suffer some by the appropriation but it would have suffered more without it.

The Dakota Huronite, Huron South Dakota
February 18, 1909, page 6.

Dispatches from Pierre announce the work on the capitol building is beginning to show. We sincerely hope so as the work has been going on nearly a year and a half million dollars has been expended. Nearly any one could make a showing in this time with this amount of money.

The Dakota Huronite, Huron South Dakota
June 10, 1909, page 6



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