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Charles Mix County, South Dakota

County History


from "Dakota", Compiled by O. H. Holt, 1885


This county lies in the southern part of the Territory, and is bounded on the west and south by the Missouri river. It contains, including the Yankton Indian Reservation, about 720,000 acres.

The general surface is undulating and gently rolling prairie, except in the neighborhood of streams, and especially along the Missouri river. Abont one-half of this county (the eastern part) is composed of the Yankton Indian Reservation, the Agency for which was established in 1858. There are on this Reservation about 2,000 Indians.

The western part is watered by the Platte, Snake and other smaller creeks. The bluffs alone the river are high and precipitous.

The soil on the Missouri bottoms, which is about one mile in width, is a rich, black loam, and very productive. The prairie soil is generally a black, vegetable loam, and equally fertile. The subsoil throughout is clay.

No failures of crops, from either moisture or drough, have been reported since the settlement of the county in 1879.

Wheeler, the county seat, has a court house, jail and newspaper, and contains in all about thirty buildings.

Castalia is quite an important town, situated near Platte creek, about eight miles from the Missouri. It contains a postoffice, a newspaper, a good school and several stores.


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